10 Ways to Make A Little Extra Money Online

Lately, job stability has not been what it used to be, and in hard times, people are starting more and more to search for ways to make a little extra money online. So for of you who are searching, here are 10 quick ideas to do so:

1. Affiliate marketing
This certainly not a short term money spinner, it takes an awful lot of effort. The model is simple enough though. If you can create a website and drive traffic to it, then you can advertise other people’s products and make a commission on each sale.

2. Selling Photographs
If you are a talented photographer, you might be able to make money by selling your work to stock photography sites. The key is to learn what types of images sell and focus on those.

3. Online Surveys
This is a labour intensive way to make money, but there really are sites out there that will pay you for your opinions and there are more still which will enter you into prize draws and free competitions you can enter. This is by no means a way to make a lot of money, but if you have a lot of spare time it could be worth looking into.

4. Call Centre
Many companies will employ work from home call centre staff as a way to save on overheads. You work between an assigned time slot and any calls will be routed to your personal phone so that you can provide customer service.

5. Be A VA
Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular amongst all types of busy people and the best can be surprisingly well paid. Your duties might include anything (legal) that can be done online – research, restaurant bookings, arranging meetings etc.

6. Data Processing
There are plenty of companies out there who have old data that needs converting into a new format or putting into digital format. If you are a fast typist and don’t get bored easily this could be a job for you.

7. eBay
You could set up a fully-fledged business, but if you just want to bring in a little short term cash; start with your own stuff, you can also ask friends and family if they have any stuff they don’t want any more that you can sell on – sometimes you might even find that you can get free stuff to sell online, simply because people can’t be bothered to do it themselves.

8. Be a freelancer
Look at sites such as oDesk, elance and freelancer for a wealth of freelancing opportunities. If you have a skill in the digital arena there is an opportunity here.

9. Ghost Writing
Similar to the above; if your skills lie more in writing than programming, there are plenty of content writing opportunities, although when starting out you may find the pay is very low.

10. Free money
This is more of a risky strategy, but why not look out for online casinos that are offering a signup bonus to newcomers? If you can gamble with free money, you can actually make a profit. Just remember to leave as soon as the free money is available to cash out.


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