Top 5 Directories to Submit Your Blog To

You’ve just created a business blog – great. You’ve optimised the title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and ALT tags – superb. Is that all?

Blogging is a fantastic traffic driver and has great SEO benefits for a business website, but the magic doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no magic wand. There’s just a lot of hard work. If you want to build some quick links to your domain and a kick start to online exposure, make sure you’ve checked out all the top blog directories in your niche.

Relevance is everything; if you have a travel website, submit your URL to travel directories; if you have a fashion website, submit your URL to fashion directories. But finding free, one way linking websites that have decent domain authority isn’t always easy for every industry.

Universal Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To

Yes, it’s true that relevance will get you far. But new blog owners want a quick link juice and domain authority boost – so where to turn? Many SEO experts will also recommend that you submit your blog to high authority directories. There are both paid and free directory listings available, and many websites will offer featured sections with deeplinks at an added cost, but so much choice could cause the ultimate blogger’s mind boggle.

Here are a few top quality directories, chosen by the blog-loving, search engine savvy SEOs at WMG:


You’ve probably heard this name since you’ve been spending time in the blogosphere. If not then you’ll be pleased to know that this is quite possibly the crème de la crème of the blog directory world. Technorati is the biggest and best of the blog web directories. Submissions are reviewed after you copy and paste a unique code into one of your blog posts so that ownership of your blog can be verified.


This is a very aesthetically pleasing website, with a sleek and unfussy design, and quality images. You need to have member access to submit your blog and you will also need to follow instructions for ownership verification (usually done by placing widgets/buttons on your site). With Blog Catalog, you can pay for featured positions on the homepage or on category pages.


Submitting your blog to is a quick and easy process, and a blog rating system allows you to build a following.


Much more than just a backlink generator, Paperblog allows you to submit your RSS feed so that your latest posts appear on your blog profile. This website very interactive and allows you to establish yourself in the blogosphere.

5. Submit-Link.Org

For a lifetime payment of just $19, you can be a part of a web directory with over 3,000 domains. The approval period is up to 2 hours, which is quite a short time for a listing that’s paid for upfront. But if for any reason, you are not accepted into this human edited directory, you will be completely refunded. They also have their own internet marketing blog section where you can get tips on how to improve your own blog.


We hope you find this information useful and happy blogging from WMG! Visit the WMG SEO blog for more internet marketing tips.

Linkbaiting or Linkbuilding?

Are you a website or a blog owner? Do you want to get your user’s attention? You might instantly give us that look which says, “How can someone even ask such a silly question when getting scanned under the target audience’s eye is all that we live for!” But, dear readers, we aren’t done yet! Are you doing what it takes to make your website reach out to your potential customers? If your website is an year old and it is not generating considerable traffic, chances are that you haven’t. And pardon us for saying this but it might be because you are not aware of the secret to having a popular website. The secret of linkbaiting!

The controversy

Although general perception is that link baiting is unethical, we say there is nothing really wrong with it. It is after all, some harmless free publicity for your website or blog. That people use it greedily for quick cash with wrong content and intent is not the fault of the process, which is actually a great technique to optimize your website or blog. All that one needs to do to achieve this is smart work. And if you are of the creative sort, it should be a cake walk for you!

What is link baiting or back linking?

Simply put, linkbaiting is content or any piece of information online that has the potential to go viral. This content can be engaging, funny, disturbing, entertaining or a combination of all the above that helps it be a piece of information that people would like to pass it amongst their friends. And what happens with that? With so many people sharing the information, it becomes bookmarked naturally in major social media sites, bringing in direct traffic and brand recognition. Going further it also encourages one-way incoming links- one of the vital reasons taken into account by Search Engines while deciding where to rank your website for specific keywords.

How can you linkbait

As already mentioned above, linkbait is nothing but creating content that attracts users and makes them comments, buzz, and share. But one needs to consider the legitimacy of the linkbait they are doing which can further be decided by seeing the blog’s main intent and purpose and of course the poster’s intent and target audience. A black hat linkbaiting with shady content can only put you through lawsuit and a major loss of audience once the obsession is over! The choice is yours.

Here are a few ideas to linkbait:

  • Interview significant people and publish it
  • Build a useful tool and talk about it.
  • Write an interesting article: it can be both positive and negative in essence. Any publicity is good publicity.
  • Run a contest
  • Write a controversial essay
  • Disagree with an authority
  • Write humor, sarcasms and pictorially represent it
  • Make a theme or a plugin or even a software that people can use
  • Coin a new acronym like CPP (cost per performance) or PPP (Pay per performance), which are both derivatives of PPC and nothing else, in your niche and talk about it
  • Write an outrageous article but prove it with logics.
  • Comment on other blogs and comment intellectually so that people see your comment and want to come and read more of you.
  • Become an expert in your niche and write valuable information

Clearly there’s nothing wrong in linkbaiting and it is everything else but unethical. The only thing that renders it unethical is the motif of the poster: a proper, white hat linkbaiting is actually quite advisable on the contrary to the general notion. So, go on and bait your link but don’t forget to wear the white hat first.


This article has been contributed by Arjun Khanna from Offshore Ally. Arjun is a dedicated virtual assistant and link builder in this company. If you are looking for a professional VA for real estate services, please visit the company’s website.

Profiting From Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook, over the last few years, has become the number one site for social networking and has many millions of members. With this ever-expanding social networking site finding its reach continually growing, it has become a major source of advertisement for individuals, companies, businesses, media and groups.  With million of users from across the world, it lets people share their likes and dislikes with others and cast influence upon them with their choices.

People like to join fan pages and share their fan pages with others just for fun, but this also helps the page owners to advertise their cause and make money too. Seeing the popularity of Facebook and its wide consumer base, companies now have made it an important source to use to market and advertise their business; people who they could never target are now in their reach and their brand or name is spread all over the world from a single platform.

On the other hand, for Facebook users, it has now become possible to interact directly with their favorite celebrities and brands. When users join, like or dislike a fan page, this fact gets posted on their own wall and their friends and family can see this and follow their link to join the same fan page.  This process can snowball and in a flash a fan page has hundreds of thousands of fans.

Making a fan page is a very simple task.  With very little knowledge of website layout, one can easily make his own fan page.  In many ways, a Facebook fan page is just like one’s own website and offers the liberty to place any type of content including videos, images, banners, links and logos to decorate your page according to your own needs.

Once the page is setup, now comes the phase of advertising it. For this purpose, one can start from his own friend list post on their walls and on friends of friends’ walls.  These are also known as nepotism links.  As soon as a few users become your fans, your user-base will start growing by itself as friends of friends and their friends will also visit and become a fan of your page.

In order to keep your page alive, you have to update with new posts on a regular basis to make sure that your page is current and people can see something new every day on their wall and keep visiting your page.

Most of world’s famous brands, companies, organizations, media groups, TV channels, celebrities and individuals now have their own fan pages and have millions of fans who visit their pages. This has helped them not only advertise their business but turn this advertisement into actual sales.

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web, who offer SEO in Bristol and Social Media Marketing

SEO Tips On How To Increase Link Popularity

Getting a website on the internet is really a difficult and time-consuming process. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of instant methods available in the internet today but a wise search engine optimizer knows that optimizing a website for highly-targeted keywords and increasing its ranking in search engines is like a Herculean task.

If you are new to this, the very first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the “do’s and don’ts” of search engine optimization. Remember that search engines hate deceptive.

A method that doesn’t comply with search engines guidelines is the spamdexing, which involves deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. Bear in mind that Google, Yahoo and other search engines today are using a variety of algorithms to determine the relevancy of websites ranking.

One of the spamdexing methods is known as keyword stuffing. This is a method of inserting a large amount of keywords in web pages to increase a site’s keyword density. Keyword plays a major role in SEO and anyone should use it wisely.

There are lots of Black Hat SEO strategies available on the internet and it’s totally up to you if you will use them or not. However, it is better to stay safe and legal. Below is the list of helpful methods you can use to increase your link popularity and your site’s ranking in search engines:

  1. Create content for your website that are reader-friendly and search engine-friendly.
    Any content that is displayed in a website should be written for both human and robots. Give your readers a good reason to trust you through the content displayed in your website. Use keywords appropriately and effectively and you will definitely get the attention of search engines. Don’t attempt to copy someone else’s content because it is against the rule. Although this is a daunting task, it will definitely give you good rewards in the long run.
  2. Write high-quality articles and publish them in article submission sites.
    This is part of your off-page optimization campaign. In this way, you can make use of the resource box to create a link that points back to your website. Again, make sure that your published articles are readable by both humans and search engine robots.
  3. Build link in forums.
    One best way to participate in a forum is to give a solution to a certain problem. Don’t try posting an answer to topics that you don’t know because you might give other participants misleading information.
  4. Exchange links with websites similar to yours.
    This is a method of getting reciprocal links for your site. Refrain from exchanging links with those unrelated sites. Additionally, don’t forget the importance of keyword-oriented TITLE and DESCRIPTION in the anchor text.
  5. Submit your website to millions of directories.
    There are directories that offer free listing and don’t ask for a reciprocal link. The key here is to find free directories that have high page rank.

Remember that there are two things you need to take care of when optimizing a site for search engines. These include the on-page optimization and off-page optimization. With tons and tons and loads and loads of information available in the World Wide Web today, it is really easy to keep yourself abreast of legal and safe methods when it comes to increasing link popularity.

To Blog or Not To Blog: That Is the Business Question of the Day

You know that the Internet can be a powerful business tool. Marketing, advertising and branding are all very important to your business’ bottom line. Communication to and from suppliers and vendors is considerably easier today than it was even a decade or two ago. Expanding and reinforcing that customer base, however, is always a top goal. How you reach new customers in the Information Age can almost make or break a business. One of the more solid ways to heighten your business profile is through a website. How to get traffic to it without breaking your budget can present a dilemma.

Businesses that own websites know well that the king of the rankings hill is Google. Google instituted major changes in their organic or natural—non-pay-per-click—

Search Engine Results formulas recently. Many sites that had high rankings before the Panda update were devastated by the new system. Others were rocketed into the top twenty from near the bottom of the pile.

One of the biggest changes Google made was how they credited sites regarding website content: Articles and blogs must provide content that must be relevant, coherent and original now. The more often content is changed or added on a website, the more times Google will evaluate it and bump it up in the formula rankings. Even incremental adjustments to the mathematical formulas can lead to a change from the 25th organic position to the 9th—a major improvement. So which way do you lean—toward articles or blogs?

Articles are often longer, though that’s not always the case. Articles can be presented on blog platforms just like this. There are two distinct advantage to blogging over solely publishing articles, and both are customer-oriented.

The first advantage is that blogs retain older content additions in the blog archives. You build a reliable and consistent history to which can be referred at any time by anyone or anything, meaning search engines. Rotating articles may provide the newness search engines like, but you lose the option of relevancy to new inquiries from older content if you remove the content. Blogs usually take less bandwidth as well.

The second advantage is a big one: Customers love blogs. More blogs are read on a daily basis around the world than any sales notice on websites. Your readers often return time and again just to see what is new. Most readers either respond directly on the posts, which adds additional new content, or they remember what they read and point someone else to your blog, adding traffic to your blog and site.

Article-writing can definitely heighten your business profile and cement your expertise. It shouldn’t be overlooked or neglected. Publishing articles is often very effective in business-to-business exposure, but to build traffic, expand your customer base and tickle the search engines, consistent, well-written, relevant blog entries might deserve top priority.

If you don’t have the time, inclination or ability to create quality posts yourself, consider outsourcing or assigning an employee with writing ability to create the entries. It’s far better to spend just a little for the quality in content that Google requires than it is to generate lots of free content that’s difficult to read or to comprehend by a casual reader or an expert.

Make your blog content relevant to the website. Don’t create a blog on dog training because dog training is a popular topic if your business is all about fixing cars.

Be consistent in posting. One blog entry per week, every week as more consistency and reliability than four in a row then show no activity for months.

Choose your blog platform for versatility, neat presentation and ease of use. “Cheap” isn’t always just inexpensive. Sometimes, it can cost thousands in lost opportunities.

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Google Real Time Search & Social Media

Today the information which matters the most is the most recent info. Little pieces of news and gossip are constantly shared over the internet on social networking and news sites 24 hours a day. Some of which will never reach websites and blogs.

Google has always been a search engine that wants to constantly improve. Indexing and storing information on all the possible sites out there wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to step into the “social” realm. Google has accomplished this by launching their “real time search”. The real time search gives you results from social sites like Facebook and twitter, the latest updates on these social sites which have your search word in them will be displayed as your results on the real time search.

Let us take the example of searching for the word “Ferrari”; any mention of Ferrari in an update on a social site will be displayed in the real time search. (Image below)

Google Real Time Search

Anything relevant to your search word, let it be a blog post, an eyewitness update or breaking news headline, will be displayed on the realtime search. This can enable you to stay updated with the latest info any social news which has taken place only seconds ago. Also launched along with real time is the “hot topics” feature. This feature shows the topics which have had the most hits and are talked about the most.

Google’s real time search is made possible due to its partnership with the social sites like twitter, facebook, friendfeed, Jaiku, and MySpace.

The real time search can be a very effective marketing tool for for users. On facebook and twitter many people market various things, but those tweets or updates can only be seen by people in your “followers” or “friends” list. But on google real time, when a search word is entered and that word is in your recent tweet, regardless of who the person is, your tweet or update will be visible to them.

Companies and businesses find real time very effective as they will get the latest info about their products and services and thus can improve on mistakes if any, and also plan advertising and marketing startegies. The most effecitive tool for this which real time has is the “conversation” feature, which allows you to see the back and forth converstaion people are having on the your search word.

You can filter your search by date, by relevance to your search word, by loaction and by images.

5 Tips to Help Your Site Rank High In Search Engines

It is the desire of all webmasters and website owners to have their websites ranked high in the search engines. To achieve these high results in the search engine rankings you can be guided by the following tips:

1. Ensure that the design of your website is compliant with the requirements of the search engines:

First you need to appreciate that this is a field with stiff competition. Remember that several of these competitors are in the same line of business that you are in. For example in affiliate marketing, the websites are similar. In order to give your competitors a head start, you will need to perfect your website and also improve its design.

Though you might think that your design is perfect, ensure that it is not adversely affecting your search engine rankings. If you doubt this, it is advisable to view your web page with the help of a text editor or even the html view of well-liked editors e.g. Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Find out on which line your initial line of copy starts. Remember that in case your copy appears way down the page, it may not be possible for the search engines to grasp any vital information which would have helped in improving the rank of your website.

In case you have an issue with this, you should above all else get rid of any unwanted spaces in the html code. In case you are dealing with long strings of java script, it is advisable to put them in external files. You should also put any style information in external Cascading Style Sheet files. It will be of great assistance to you if you make simpler your table layout, or better yet if you make your layout tableless (only CSS based). In case you encounter any difficulties along the way, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional in search engine ranking or consult your web designer.

2. Make sure your keywords are properly placed in your copy:

There is no way you can improve your web page ranking if the readable copy on your web page does not have the keywords that you want identified with. Do not be misguided in believing that putting your keywords in Meta tags is all there is. Remember that not all search engines make use of Meta tags but instead they concentrate more on the copy on the particular page. It is important to ensure that the vital copy comes in the first paragraph of the transcript, in the heading used (these should appear in H1, H2, H3 format) and also in the active or clickable part of link text on your particular page.

3. It is also advisable to make use of site maps and text link navigation on your pages:

In order for all the pages of your website to rank high in the search engines, it is advisable to have them indexed and also incorporated in the search engines. This process can be simplified with the use of a site map, and also a web page containing text links leading back to the sub pages of your website. It will also help you a great deal if you include a text link navigations system on all your web pages. All this is regardless of whether you have a graphics based navigation bar in another place on those particular pages. You should always bear in mind that search engines are easily guided by text links. Any robot that might visit your major pages or even your site map page will be guided by the text links and later on visit and then index any of your lower level pages.

4. Increase the number and value of your inbound links:

Where there is stiff competition it is not possible to move higher up the page ranking without the use of good number of links to your page coming from other websites. In case you own a perfect and worthy copy, it is possible to attract other sites since they will consider you an asset. In case you may wish to accelerate this procedure it is important to invite links from other websites. This you can do by exchanging links or by having your content (with links coming back to your site) put on other websites.

One of the most important rules that should guide you when it comes to links is not the number of links that is vital but rather their value. One link from popular sites like CNN or Wikipedia is much more valuable than several links from less popular sites. In order to get these very valuable links, you will definitely have to work for it by getting a site that give valuable information in return. Remember that it does not come easy.

5. Stay in line with search engine improvements:

The task of moving higher up in web page ranking and search engine listing is not easy because the search engines are not still. A number of the big search engines of several years ago no longer exist while others are insignificant today. It is advisable to move up with the times of search engines by participating in online forums or even purchasing of newsletters that deal with issues like search engine optimization, web positioning and other common issues in connection with webmasters.

In case you lack the experience and time to handle such issues on your own, it is advisable to use the services of qualified personnel who have the knowhow on how best they can improve your search engine ranking. Regardless of how you do it, the above 5 guidelines are worth a try as a guiding point.

Great Search Engine Optimization Tips

Looking for ways to implement SEO for your online business? Here are some tips to help you get started:


Here’s a really simple tip that many online businesses are trying to implement now in order to implement good search engine optimization (SEO): “Keep It Simple and Sweet,” or KISS. People are so busy nowadays, and there’s just so much web content to go through, that it’s a great relief for anyone to come across a website that has a very simple design, that doesn’t overwhelm visitors with content (although a little exploration may reveal that there is actually a lot of content behind a simple design and front page). Designing a simple and beautiful website is actually more challenging than what many may think, at it requires planning, layout, and proper execution, as well as constant evaluation and adjustment.

Have Relevant Content

To be ranked highly in search engines, a website or web page should have very relevant content. This means that SEO articles should be focused on topics that are directly related to the purpose of the site. For example, if your business is about movers, then all your articles should be about services that you offer, jobs you have accomplished, tips about moving, and the like. The titles of your articles should have relevant keywords that will get the search engines’ (and customers’) attention.

Have A Fair Amount of Content

It’s important that you have a lot of content behind an otherwise simple layout and front page. While you shouldn’t allow visitors to be smacked in the face with information at first, your website should have all the information that people will need to know about your business and the products or services that you offer.

Have Good Content

Although this may seem very simple, it is a rule that many people seem to be ignoring nowadays. Content should not only be informative, but also well written. An article, for example, should be entertaining, containing just the right amount of information, focusing on just one or at most two topics (so as not to confuse the reader and the search engine). Try to use images and videos, if you think that will help (it probably will).

Update Frequently

Having relevant content on your website is not enough for good SEO. You have to keep updating frequently, if you want the search engines to keep you high on their ranking list. Two or three new articles a week is a good pace. (Although some really dedicated web content managers write daily, or even several times a day!) If you can’t manage that, you should have at least a new entry every week.

Get the Encoding Right

Many people may not realize it, but there’s more to SEO than what people can see on the surface. Search engines also look at the encoding of websites and individual articles. For example, the metadata of web content should be tweaked so as to make it easy for search engines to understand what your content is all about, which will give you a better ranking.

About the guest author: George Peterson works for one of the leading search engine optimization (in Denmark, where he works the people commonly refer to this term as søgemaskineoptimering) companies in the world – Outrider. He recommends reading some of the articles his colleagues share in popular blogs such as Search Engine Journal. Markup Structure For SEO

Webmasters have been making their websites search engine optimized ever since the search engine went global. More visitors meant more money, so every website or blog owner in today’s age wishing to capitalize from their site has undertaken the appropriate SEO measures to get noticed by the major search engines.

In 2006 Google, Bing and Yahoo came together to create which would allow owners of new sites to inform search engines about the site being live and the search engines would send their bots to index and rank it.

Many times the site architects make mistakes in their markup and database management; even though the SEO on their site is appropriate they still find themselves not among the best in page rank. Markups are used to embed your HTML coding to let the search engines know what you are talking about. These markups or Schemas as they are called are the blue prints of your site which helps search engines index your site in an effective and efficient manner.

The search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing have come up with  having a large list of all the different types of schemas that a webmaster can use, and have also introduced new categories which have markups for songs, movies, TV shows, etc.

Adding markups to a large site is a difficult task as it is, and making them different for different websites becomes even more complicated. had resolved this issue by making uniformly accepted schemas in a common language for different search engines. will be beneficial to both the search engines and webmasters. The webmaster will get a wide variety of  better quality, free schemas and the search engines will better understand and index such sites, resulting in an overall better search experience for the average person online. It went live on 2nd June 2011 and with the feedback it receives, it will soon release even better Schemas after some “trial and error”

A very important feature that provides is microdata. Let’s take the example of a movie – Terminator. If simply placed in a heading tag [<h1> Terminator</h1>] it will confuse the search engine because it can represent a popular movie or can represent an insect removal agency. The microdata are the additional tags you can add to those which are already present; they will tell the search engines if a word represents a particular movie, song, person, place, company, etc.

Find out more here

Improve the Quality of Your Content to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Website owners have different options at their disposal of how they can drive traffic to their websites. There are a big number of companies that offer services to ensure targeted traffic to their sites at a fee. Those people who have proper internet knowledge are also better placed to attract traffic.

Above all else, improving the quality of your content is the best method for driving traffic to your website. This is what will make your visitors come back to your website after the first visit it, and this will at the end of the day result to an increase in sales. How is it possible to ensure that whatever content you post on your website is good enough to attract traffic?

  • Use easy to understand messages. Always ensure that the content has a particular target. When you attract a good flow of visitors to your website you are certainly going to improve your rankings, while on the other hand you could move down the rank if your content does not meet the expectations of your visitors. When this happens, the traffic coming to your website will be of no value. It is important to ensure that your visitors always get what they need. It would be unprofessional to attract traffic only to fail to give them what they expected.
  • Do not make use of long paragraphs. Website content does not have to be big like the one used in magazines and newspapers. Short and precise content is more popular with website readers as opposed to very long articles. It is not very easy to read very long articles on the computer and no one wants to spend all their time on one article. It is advisable to break your content into short paragraphs in order to engage your website readers. This is what will attract your targeted traffic.
  • It is important to make use of comprehensible and understandable images. Making use of well laid out illustrations will have more impact on the visitor’s mind and your message will sink down better. Remember that it might not always be possible to express everything in words. Different people can understand the same thing differently, but making use of images could make things more clear. It will also be possible to grasp all the intended details. Don’t forget to make use of alt tags with all the images in order to simplify things for those using the search engines, as well as the visually impaired.
  • It is a good idea to make use of tasks that are easy to understand. Always ensure that each visitor will find their visit to your website worthwhile. Also make sure that all your visitors are fully satisfied after visiting your website. Is it possible for the visitor to go through your website pages with ease? Have you made things easy for them with the use of buttons or links that will guide them through their moves?

If no one else apart from you is able to navigate through your pages, then a lot of action is necessary. Seek professional guidance on how you can improve on your website’s functionality. After doing that you will definitely reap the fruits of any traffic that comes to your website.