8 Ways to Attract More Returning Visitors to Your Website

It is important to have as much returning visitors to your website as possible. Why? That’s because there is huge difference between returning visitors and first-time visitors. Generally, returning visitors will convert better for your website because they already like and trust your website in some way. Here are 8 ways to attract more returning visitors to your website:

1. Build a discussion forum

Encourage people to come again to your website by building forum that will nurture healthy discussion among members related to your website topic. This will attract more and more people to come again to your website. Sometimes, articles alone will not attract enough attention for your visitors to come back to your website.

2. Fresh updates

Content in your websites should be regularly updated in order to engage your visitors. They will come back to your website every day if you have something new to offer them. Fresh news is the best content you should keep updating.

3. Special articles

Aside from publishing ordinary articles, it is good for you to publish special articles as well. For these special articles, you will make it in series so that it will help you to encourage people’s interest to come back for more. Writing articles in parts will naturally attract people’s interest and curiosity and therefore they will come back to your website to learn the complete information.

4. Newsletter

The most effective way to encourage people to visit your website over and over is to create newsletter for your website and build a list for your newsletter. In this way, you are constantly reminding people to get back to your website every time you send your newsletter.

5. RSS Feeds

Why it is important to have RSS feeds? It’s because RSS feeds will help people to find your website updates easily through their RSS software. It is important to keep reminding your visitors to subscribe to your website’s RSS feeds, especially for new visitors. You can remind them to subscribe in the end of your articles or in your website’s sidebar.

6. Twitter and Facebook fan page

Many websites are using Twitter and Facebook fan page as their main social media marketing campaign. It can be understood because those are the most popular social media platform today. To attract more returning visitors, you should use those two channels. Post about your website updates in your Twitter and Facebook fan page.

7. Write clues for next article

Every time you write articles for your website, it is good for you to provide some clues about the next article that you will write. This will keep your visitors in anticipation of waiting your next website update. And don’t forget to deliver what you’ve promised to your visitors.

8. Q and A sessions

In your website, offer your visitors a chance to ask you about anything related to your website topic that you will answer in your website. It is good for you to create a dedicated questions and answers section. This will be a useful resource in your website. Don’t forget to update this section regularly by writing articles as answers to your visitors’ questions.

Those are 8 ways to attract more people to visit your website repeatedly. Those are basic techniques that you should apply to your website immediately.


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5 Google + Marketing Tips You Can Use for Your Business Today

If you have set up a Google + profile as a business owner, you may be scratching your head and wondering where to begin. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to break down the mystery of social media marketing through Google + for you with these five simple tips:

  1. Start with your bio. If you put thought into what you write in the “employer” field on Google +, you can create a captivating, attractive mini-bio. This information will appear on your hovercard to provide people with a quick blurb about you as they decide whether or not to add you to their circle. The best way to approach this bio is with the same information that you have on your Twitter profile. It should be concise, compelling, and descriptive about what you do.
  2. Complete your profile in detail. As a business owner, the best way to make a great first impression is to fill out all details on your Google + a profile. In many cases, this will be the first and only contact point that you will have with a potential client. Make sure that all of your contact details are correct, that you have a solid description of what you do, and that you include links to your external websites.
  3. Now it’s time to promote. Promoting your Google + page will make it easier for other business owners in your industry to find you. Make sure that you have a Google + a badge on your own website or blog, which will allow visitors to follow your business and add it to their own circles. If you don’t make your social presence on Google + known, then the odds are that your customers and clients won’t take the time to find you.
  4. Establish yourself as a leader. Even though Google + is still up-and-coming, it is important to put yourself out there and establish yourself as an expert in your industry as you wait for your audience to follow you. Look for opportunities to answer questions, start conversations, and provide relevant information about your industry.
  5. Use Google + search to establish your presence. Take the time to search through Google + for mentions of your company and niche-specific keywords. When you save these searches, they will be automatically saved to your profile sidebar as a quick reference. Keep tabs on your searches daily to respond to mentions of your business and form relationships with new customers.


About the guest author: Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer that co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump. The Coffee Bump specializes in a wide variety of coffee makers Bunn and assorted coffee and espresso products.

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Some of the Best Facebook Applications

Facebook is a networking site which is operated by Facebook, Inc. To use the features of these site users must get registered at this site. After successfully creating an account, one can create their personal profile and add other users as their friends.

The benefits of using Facebook are – sharing messages, upload photos and videos, and get connected with people regularly by various automatic notifications. The users can change their privacy settings and can make the profile visible to selected users.

There are hundreds of Facebook applications available to the users and these applications come in unique flavors. One can use a lot of cool and excellent Facebook applications like fun, utilities, games productivity and many more which are very useful and interesting. These applications are very flexible and users can take their profile to high level using these applications. Some of the best Facebook applications are :

Wishing cards: This application helps you in sharing your thoughts, feelings and wishing your friends on special occasions. Not only this, these cards promote charities. Whenever somebody purchases a wishing card, a portion of the amount goes to some charity organizations.

Causes: This is one of the important applications where you can take part in supporting a cause or you become a part of a non-profit organization. This application enables you to promote your thoughts by seeking support from other users. There are a number of causes including animals, religion and environment. This is actively used application and is used by millions of people.

Facebook for iPhone: This application enables you to get access to Facebook on your iPhone. There are a number of active users and is the favorite application of most of the users.

Twitter: One can link their twitter account to their Facebook profile. In other words, one is getting the benefits of two social networks at the price of one. One can use the twitter application to follow the friends on Facebook who are also using twitter.

Birthday calendar: This application is used by the users to remember birthdays, occasions and special events of their family and friends. The user will receive an e-mail alert as birthday remainders and one can send greetings and wishes by visiting the link.

Farmville: This is one of the popular games on Facebook. This can be played by the user with different players and acquire a land to do farming and own a ranch.

Picnik: The picnic application enables the user to get access to online photo-editing. In other words, the user can edit the pictures and images i.e. can crop, re size, rotate and can add some creative effects and frames to their photos. If the user is tagged in a photo of other user it can also be edited using this application.

Market place: Using market place application, one can sell their second-hand items by advertising them to the people you know. Users can also find items for sale near their place or can even find tickets to films, events etc.

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How a Buyer’s Database Can Help Your Business Thrive

If you want to open an online business, then there are a lot of models you can turn to for help. However, one very lucrative way to make money would be to sell businesses.

As complicated as this may sound, the idea is actually very simple. Basically, you have to conceptualize and build online websites that focus on certain topics, services or products and then promote them. Once they begin to show signs of profit, you can then sell them for top prices.

Now, although the idea is very basic, you should know that it will require some effort and time before you can actually succeed with it. The good news is, though, that your potential returns of investment can be so high that you won’t regret making the investment in the first place.

Naturally, there are a lot of secrets to building profitable websites. One major secret to the success of an online business, for example, would be the creation of a buyers’ database. In a nutshell, this database will record or list the people who have already paid you subscription membership fees or service and product fees to be on your website. Once you have a longer list of clients, your websites will then start to look more appealing and attractive to potential buyers – remember that.

So, how can you get more people onto your database? Well, the easiest way to do this would be to come up with a valuable service or product and then promote it the right way and then get your visitors to buy it. Of course, this could take a lot of work, so you might want to turn to a faster alternative instead, which is to make smaller valuable things at a more affordable price.

Once you have a good database up and running, you can start showing it to brokers to prove that your website is actually earning good money and that potential buyers are actually attracted to it. Remember: you will have a much easier time selling websites when you can claim that thousands of customers have bought something from you instead of having millions of visitors who merely visited your websites but didn’t buy anything.

Naturally, things can’t just fall into place unless you ensure that you only use white hat methods, though. This means that you have to use proper website development, marketing methods and product creation methods to get your website working.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind would still be to provide value at all times. Basically, whenever potential buyers and visitors visit your website, they will have to get valuable tips, insights, help, products and inputs from you, so a client database would probably be the most vital element for you to ensure that you achieve online business success. Try it!


Guest Post by Spencer Sy, a business educator and a web enthusiast. He also works for Toledo web design, a firm that provides web design / SEO services for small businesses.

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SearchGBY: A Browser Plugin to Rock Search

As an SEO practitioner, it is routine for me to switch between the search engines and try to find out how the website I’m working on ranks with certain keywords. I usually start with Google search; type the keyword on either the URL bar (I’m sometimes lazy to even open the Google.com website) or the search box (at the Google page) then perform the search.

After this, I’d usually open a new tab and write Bing.com or yahoo.com and perform the same search again – taking notes on how well my website performs.

It is a tedious process but it is fine with me – it is part of the job. Then comes along: searchGBY – an application that is intended for the ordinary man weaving his way in the internet but also found its way to my SEO toolbox. This application became my tool of choice in simplifying search and I’m glad I found it.

The searchGBY application is a plugin for Chrome, Firefox or Opera. It combines all search results from the different search engines into one. Meaning, if I search from Google, results from Bing and Yahoo are printed as well. If I use Bing or Yahoo on the other hand, search results from Google are shown as well.

I don’t have to open a new tab on my browser anymore and perform the same search on it. It is available also in the most used browsers (except Internet Explorer) and I would say searchGBY really rocks on this aspect.

But what does the GBY in the name stands for? Ah, well after some research I found out that it stands for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Simply put, the name searchGBY stands for Search Google Bing and Yahoo at the same time and it does more than that.

A very outstanding feature of the searchGBY plugin is that I can switch between search engines when I like to get an in-depth search. For example, while searching using Google I’d like to view results from Bing. All I have to do is click on the quick links located at the upper part of the search results and voila I’ll be viewing results from Bing. Actually, I can switch searches between Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com.

Automatic preview – ah well, that’s another outstanding feature. Aside from having a thumbnail showing how the website looks like located at the left part of each search result, I can view the top results screenshots also using a gallery. All I need to do is click on the Fast Preview button at the quick links bar.

This plugin really rocks. I’m sure a lot of internet surfing people are going to use the searchGBY plugin as well and fall in love with it.

SEO: Understanding its Importance for Your Online Business

When it comes to online advertising channels, nothing beats the value that SEO brings. A lot of people can attest to its effectiveness when used to help any online business grow. The fact is, there are several advantages your website can have by applying SEO strategies.

Listing all of the advantages SEO brings in one article might take forever. So here is a narrowed list of the most crucial ones your online business needs:

Enhanced Search Engine Visibility

If you want your website get to the top of search engine result pages, website optimization for search engines does the trick. Searchers in the web will be able to quickly discover you and land on your website to check out your products or services. To have a good search engine visibility is a serious advantage in the online business world.

Crawl-ability Boost

Turning your website into a search engine friendly one and being eventually loved by search engines is easy. Your website just needs to follow SEO guidelines and the requirements it sets. This makes your websites pages and contents be easily crawled by search engine spiders. The easier spiders can crawl through your pages, the faster it gets indexed. Getting your pages indexed faster is valuable for your search engine rankings improvement.

Attract Relevant Traffic

Having a user friendly, interesting, and attractive website may attract a lot of traffic on its own. But saying that all that traffic is relevant or really interested in your business is not for certain. The fact is, without SEO most of that traffic may just probably coming from visitors out if your prospected audience. SEO works by first having selected keywords, optimize your website pages for these keywords, and acquire relevant links to these pages. This acts as a filter that ensures only business relevant visitors come to view your pages.

Attract Top Search Engine Users

A significant number of people who go online in search for information about a business and the product or services they offer use search engines. There may be some that use web directories and social media but still, search engines are the majority choice. With SEO, your website will be able to tap this very rich source of visitors.

Successful Organic Results

Building trust in people is essential for any business, off or online. The critical first step would be to make your web pages appear naturally on SERPs with the help of SEO. When a certain website is allowed by search engines to be on the first results page, it only means that it is a reliable source of information. Visitors see this as a trustworthy website and will be visiting it, recommend it, and even be a part of its community.

Not All Websites Use SEO

Of all the benefits SEO presents, this may be the most significant one. Though there are thousands of websites existing in cyberspace, only a handful uses SEO or even knows of the power it possesses. Those who use it however are the ones that enjoy success.


These are all the tremendous advantages available for your online business by applying SEO tactics. If you are finding SEO to be a valuable addition to your marketing schemes yet can be a difficult undertaking, visit Project Assistant right now. All of your SEO needs will be well covered as you chill and wait for the wonderful results.

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Reasons Why Webmasters should Emphasis on Quality Rather than Quantity of Articles

Out of all the ways of driving traffic towards your website, article writing is the most effective method of doing so. There is no debate among webmasters, about the importance of the article writing, it’s the quantity and quality of the content that raises discussion. Some marketers give importance to quality, and by conducting a simple keyword search, start targeting their keywords with full throttle, whereas, there are some, who believe in quality of the article.

There was a time when you could build a content farm by producing mediocre quality articles. This is no more the case; now low quality articles frustrate the visitor and make the authenticity of a website questionable; whereas, quality articles create value in the eyes of reader.

Constituents of Quality Article:

A quality article has the following characteristics:

  • It is written by keeping the reader in mind.
  • The content of the article is unique.
  • The article is well written, supported by background research.

The lines below will give you four reasons, why quality article writing is preferred over quantity writing.

1. Value:

Every web marketing firm knows that the online world is all about creating value. A value driven article is one that offers following to the reader:

  • Usefulness
  • Is Interesting
  • Thought provoking
  • Entertaining

These features provided by quality article create a good well in the reader, and make one a regular follower of yours. The benefits provided by quality article in terms of value are:

  • A quality article generates links.
  • People share a quality content, which gives you an increase in your back links.
  • A quality article when shared on social media generates more links compared to other sources; all this helps you in achieving a better search engine ranking.

2. Trust:

The other reason for writing a quality article is the trust it builds with the reader. However, trust is not an overnight thing, it requires constant hard work, you will need to write quality article on daily basis, to build trust with the user. The benefits trust can bring you are:

  • The obvious benefit of reader trusting you is the back links and frequent visits you receive from the reader.
  • When trust is build, the reader will be more inclined to listening to your recommendations.
  • Your trustees are more inclined to buy your product or click on an affiliate link.

3. Longevity:

The other reason why you should write quality article is their long life. Quality articles have more long life on web compared to mediocre articles. If you write a guide about something, the article will go on appearing in search and keep on living, until the topic lives. The advantages of a long lasting article are:

  • The long lasting article sticks in the search engine for a longer period of time, meaning your ranking can be sustained by writing quality articles.
  • A quality article by living long has the ability to generate more back links over the period of time.
  • In case you avail the services of any social media marketing firm, if it is backed by quality articles, then the results will be substantially beneficial compared to a quantity based campaign.

4. Google Not Rewarding Content Farms:

With Panda update, Google has made itself clear that it won’t reward any kind of content farms, and only quality content will be rewarded. If Google pays such importance to quality, then the message is obvious.


In a nutshell, quality is what creates value for a reader, lives long, builds trust, and is rewarded. Therefore, whenever you write article, emphasis on the quality aspect, rather than just going for quantity.


About the guest author: Alexandra Brian, and online marketer and blogger working In USA Internet marketing firm from last 3 years. USA internet marketing providing different services like, link building, PPC management, SEO services and Social media optimization services.

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Skoda Rises from the Ashes to Dominate the Market with Rebranding

History of Skoda

When the “Velvet Revolution” hit in 1989, Skoda was the biggest company to suffer. It had a monopoly in manufacturing vehicles from 1905 when the two partners started the company with motorcycles and then on to military supply. The Czech government searched for a commercial interest to help rejuvenate the companies factories.

Volkswagen stepped up and saved the company by taking a 30% stake in the Skoda brand. Volkswagen started training and expanding the knowledge base of the assembly workers to the quality and standards of its Western competitors. A startling 2 billion was invested in the Skoda brand. The main plant, research facilities, and development of new model concepts were initiated by Volkswagen. Within 10 years, Volkswagen assumed control of the recovering company. In 2011, 2 new designs were presented to the automotive press. The Skoda Felicia in 1994 was reminiscent of the older style Skoda’s, but carried VW updates making it a more current model. The well received Skoda Octavia in 1991 was perhaps the star of the year in anticipation. The VW group platform was used to build the 1998 model. These 2 new designs bumped up Skoda prices to validate the new VW flavored price structuring. That is where some criticize Skoda, they needed to convince or persuade the skeptical public that the new price had improvements worth the high jump into a different price bracket. Skoda defended itself by saying they wanted to shake off the moniker off a “cheap” brand and evolve into being known for value. They wanted to establish themselves as individuals, rather than an acquisition of VW. Skoda strove to revitalize their branding, rather than mundane and safe under the VW umbrella.

Enter Octavia

Skoda Octavia really broke into the market with big expectations placed on it. Its debut was the most expensive campaign to date for Skoda and the first car that VW backed. A startling disappoint ensued with the low number of 154 being the year’s sales following the launch. What was puzzling was the model received accolades in reviews despite market reports that 60% of buyers and the current marketplace admitted they would never purchase a Skoda. It seemed older owners were willing to give the car a try, as they remembered Skoda as a solid brand name. This was reflected in 4/5’s of the buyers over the advanced age of 46. Rumors circulated that VW was going to throw in the towel with Skoda all together. The respect in Eastern European countries changed their mind. This marketing hotbed was targeted when VW relaunched Skoda’s brand with its new entry: the Skoda Fabia. Vw spent only a fraction of the budgeting they had spent with Octavia, and seemed to ride the in cheek logo, “The Fabia is a car so good that you won’t believe it’s a Skoda.”

An aggressive marketing strategy was implemented with the Skoda Fabia, the most clever being a contest profiling the entrants being used to profile them. It must have worked: 11,000 Fabias were sold the next year!


The post is authored by Peter Smith. Peter is blogger, designer and tech geek and he likes to blogs on anything related to business, freelancing and technology. Visit his site for brand support.

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5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Using Social Media

Most businesses notice an immediate boom in sales around the holiday season. The holidays are a busy time of year where more customers are prone to buy from retail businesses and are likely to spend more time at restaurants and coffee shops with friends and family.

You may have already noticed that many local businesses in your area are taking advantage of social media on a regular basis. Fast food chains, independent restaurants, and retail shops now encourage customers to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out about exclusive deals and discounts.

With the holidays upon us, it’s important to merge the best of both worlds as a small business owner. Here are several holiday marketing tips that you can use through social media to create a solid presence in your local community.

  1. Advertise holiday events. If you’re selling gift cards, hosting a holiday dinner at your restaurant, or running a product special, make sure that it’s advertised on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. This is the time to get creative. You can advertise holiday parties, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, and any other event that may spark the interest of your followers in social media.
  2. Post holiday pictures. This may seem like a small step, but posting holiday pictures of a window display in your retail store or the decorations in your restaurant on Facebook and Twitter will get customers interested in your business.
  3. Promote holiday packages. If you’re offering any type of holiday special whatsoever, post this information to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Google + account. Make sure to link back to your website so that customers can find out more about your local business and take advantage of the special. This will help to increase traffic both on and off-line to bring awareness to your business.
  4. Encourage customers to check in on Facebook and Foursquare when dining or shopping at your business. Customer should be reminded to check in on Facebook when having a holiday party at your restaurant or when shopping in your store. This will help to subtly spread the word throughout numerous Facebook circles about Christmas shopping in your store or eating a holiday meal at your restaurant.
  5. Post how-to holiday videos. If you run a restaurant, take this opportunity to post how-to holiday videos for how to cook a Christmas ham or Thanksgiving turkey. This is the type of content that Internet users are searching for online, and you can use your expertise to build your credibility and attract customers to your restaurant. If you own a local coffee shop, post how-to videos of simple holiday coffee recipes that customers can make at home.


About the guest author: Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer that co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump. The Coffee Bump specializes in a wide variety of Bunn coffee makers and assorted coffee and espresso products.

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Ways to Improve Your Small Business Web Design

The idea of sailing across the Mediterranean might fascinate you if you are watching a movie, but doing so in real life conceals too many dangers to risk your life for that. Same is the case with your survival and growth with a small business; unless of course, you have something as powerful as online marketing under your sleeve.

As far as marketing (be if online or conventional) is concerned, one of its absolute basic concerns is being visible to your audience, and for online marketing nothing is more helpful in that as compared to a well designed and well developed website. In fact, this is the prime reason behind unprecedented success of web designing field.

In this article, you will get to know some very helpful information on Small Business Web Design, starting with:


Well, there must be hundreds of business on internet like the one you want to make a living off. To stand apart from the crowd, strong branding is what you need the most. You need to find a website design firm that is able to present your business with a logo and theme that speaks for itself in the bluntest manner to catch immediate attention from the relevant target market.

The Simple the Better

In the longer run, it is simplicity that comes out victorious. People never feel much comfortable on sites where there is too much of buzz and color. It almost always serves to attract initially and leaves you perplexed later on. Simplicity in design, colors, theme, font, graphics, textual content, and overall presentation would ensure you a longer lasting online presence in your niche, so you better look for that.


The more visible your relevant credentials are the better are your chances of getting positive response from your clients. In this case it includes:

  • Contact Information: Relevant and correct contact information is a must in this case, and that includes everything like phone numbers, email address, physical address, fax number, etc. It is very important to have it clearly mentioned on a prominent place on your home page, or you can make sure easy access by adding them in the header or footer on every single web page of your site.
  • Business Information: Make sure you furnish all relevant information about your business that can help a person clearly identify the exact nature of your business.

Navigational Assistance

All the innovation and creativity of a web designed project is marred if it lacks convenient navigational features like:

  • Site Map: Make sure the provision of a site map comprising of accurate listing of all the web pages on your site. You have to be very particular in updating any changes in your site structure, if you want it to serve its purpose.
  • Search Features:Navigational features simply lack the essence devoid of highly convenient search features, because people find it more feasible to land on the particular piece of information they need through precise searching.


It only clicks if you fit in all the ingredients aptly where they are needed the most. By taking care of these aspects of your designing skills, you are surely going to earn a respectable place among renowned web designers much sooner than you ever expected. Best of luck for your future!


About the guest author: My name is Conroy James and I am a Professional Content Writer, Currently I am working in a Web Design Company as a Expert Content Writer. I have Expertise in Writing related Website Designer, Ecommerce Web Design, Website Redesign, Custom Web Design, Bidding Website, Link Building and Social Media Content.

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