Travel technology: 6 Popular Gadgets for Travelers

If you love both travelling and gadgets, then these days you need never go away without a whole host of digital accessories to keep you up to date. More importantly, you can ensure that those at home can see all the amazing adventures you’re having. It’s not just about travelling for pleasure either. Business travel, when you can be going from country to country in just a few days, makes having a range of gadgets to keep you connected a complete necessity.

Travelling light is one of the main concerns of any gadget enthusiast on the go. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad and iPhone is one of the best solutions to this conundrum. Its laser projects a keyboard on to almost any flat surface, providing you with a keyboard is actually made from light. Of course, if you have a laptop then the keyboard problem is already solved, but many travellers prefer iPads because of their small size and portability, so this virtual keyboard is an excellent solution. It has the added advantage of looking great.

Whatever mobile device you are taking with you, whether it’s a laptop or tablet, you are going to need to charge it at some point in your travels. This is where the 150-Country Travel Adapter and Converter really come into its own. It’s certainly one of the most indispensible travel gadgets you can get. It automatically detects the incoming voltage and adapts itself to it and will fit every kind of plug socket you might encounter on your travels.

For charging on the go, the Voltaic Off-Grid Solar Backpack is an ingenious little gadget. As long as there’s daylight it will charge every one of your gadgets with the exception of your laptop (which is why you might need the above-mentioned 150-country travel gadget listed) It also has 1500 cubic inches of space, so you can carry not just your gadgets, including your laptop, but all the other travel essentials you will need while on the move.

Of course, if you are using unsecured wi-fi connections, you want to make sure that your personal data is kept safe, especially if you are transferring money from abroad. ETrade’s SecurID® Two-Factor Authentication token uses advanced-encryption technology to generate a new password every 60 seconds, ensuring that your details are safe wherever you are.

To store vast amounts of data when you’re on the move, you will find that the PQI U510 is another invaluable tool. It can hold a massive 8G of data in a sleek and compact credit-card-sized device. This will allow you to take and store unlimited photos, carry an enormous library of music and whatever other data you need, such as work presentations and video files. All of these can be held in a compact and self-powering portable-storage device.

The final gadget of our top six is an absolutely beautiful little device which actually plots your travels and is fully integrated with Google Earth, so you can see exactly where you have been. Simply wear Travel Valet Service Trackstick II wherever you go and then plug it into your computer. Once connected, you will be able to see a satellite scrapbook of each and every place you’ve been. You can then upload it to Flickr to share with your friends.

This is just a small selection of the best travel gadgets on the market, but it features some of the most practical and innovative available for staying connected on the go. High-tech travelling has never been so easy.


About the guest author: The above article is composed and edited by Roxanne P. She is associated with many Technologies communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to mobile applications, social media, cell phones related articles etc.

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Augmented Reality and Its Commercial Uses

Before getting into the details of how augmented reality can be used for commercial uses it is important to understand what augmented reality is. Augmented reality has made it possible for users to view graphics from television screens or computer displays in real life. Augmented technology has literally made the line between real and virtual world disappear.

Johnny Huntington Managing Director at traffic the Middle East’s largest online Marketing and Web Development Company says “Augmented reality has changed the perception of users of this technology about how they see the world. Augmented reality takes real objects or space and makes use of technologies to add the appropriate data for users to see something unusual. Augmented reality has inspired many well-known businesses to create applications that will interest users and in turn will increase their sales”.

Augmented reality has several commercial uses; right from the medical field to media it has created several helpful and innovative ways.

  • Augmented reality has been put into use in medical imaging. Doctors can make use of augmented reality by superimposing imaging data onto a patient’s body; this will help doctors pinpoint the exact place of the problem. In such cases along with technology, doctors have to use a headgear that combines a computer interface and maps data on the patient.
  • Augmented reality has become a very popular marketing tool these days. Business owners are using AR applications to promote their products. Key players in the automotive industry have made use webcam based AR to connect with 3D models that are associated with printed content.
  • One of the main commercial uses of augmented reality is navigation. Outdoor navigation can be used for augmenting disaster management and military operations. Head-up displays in automobiles can be used for navigation and for gaining traffic information. These displays are currently being used in fighter jets. This technology is also being used by automobile manufacturers like BMW, Corvette and GM in car windshields to display meter and traffic information.
  • Augmented reality can help create art in real time by integrating real paintings, models and drawings. AR can also mimic planned projects.
  • AR is also being used to provide subtitles in the user’s language.
  • Augmented reality is also being used to in the field of education and entertainment. It can create virtual objects for the better understanding of users. AR can also enhance concert and theater performances.
  • Augmented reality can also be used to add historic content, audio and location data to a business or location so that it makes the experience more meaningful for users.

With the appearance of augmented reality on mobiles, life has become simpler and interesting for users. For using augmented reality on a mobile, it should have a camera, GPS, compass and mobile internet. Once an image is clicked by the camera of the mobile, the location can be determined by the GPS and with the help of mobile internet relevant information about the desired business or location is displayed on the mobile screen.

Businesses looking to develop an augmented reality application for their business should take the help of professionals. Traffic Web Services specializes in developing augmented reality application and has helped numerous businesses. Some of the clients that have benefited from their services include Dubai Marina Mall, Gold & Diamond Park, Downtown Dubai, Halcon (real estate developers), Better Homes, Yadig, etc.


About the guest author: Johnny Huntington is a Managing Director at TRAFFIC, one of the leading Dubai web design, development, SEO and online marketing companies of the Middle East. He is designer by profession and has designed numerous award winning sites during his career.

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Review of Levant Digital

levantdigitalWith the passage of time businessmen, industrialists, and even the average webmaster have come to learn that the art and skill of SEO and online marketing which in the past used to survive on the outskirts of the virtual world now plays a central role in shaping the name and image of any company.

Search engine optimization is the art of optimizing a website such that it will rank best on major search engines but at the same time carry on performing its primary purpose.  This is precisely what a Middle Eastern search engine marketing firm like Levant digital does. They specialize in the fields of SEO, social media, online marketing and website design. Headquartered in Beirut, they control the online marketing playing field in the Middle East.

Their main strength in all fields of online marketing is their sublime combination of skilled human resources and evolving technology. They are the first ever entirely virtual online solutions company in Africa and the Middle East. As they have a skilled in-house design department and great management, they certainly can be trusted to give you the “best bang for your buck”

Their services include:

  • PPC management services – giving you the best possible return on your investment
  • SEO optimization – for organic SERP listings
  • Social media  management – with the power of viral marketing and always evolving tools
  • Conversion optimization – with special tools and tests to ensure that no stone is left unturned.
  • Media buying – where each aspect of a successful campaign is taken into picture.
  • Crisis communication – customizing each solution to each client’s problem.

If you have a company in the Middle East or are looking to enter the Middle Eastern market a good company to handle your online solutions would be none other than Levant digital. They understand a company as a colleague first and not as a client. Thus, instead of working for you, they work with you to get the task done with the best possible return on investment.


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How Social Media Has Changed the Expectations of Searchers in Terms of SEO

When social media changed the way we use the Internet, it changed the expectations that searchers have for what search engines will return when they fill out a query. These days searchers want more content, fresher content, more varied or blended content and more content that is directly relevant to them.

This last assertion is particularly important. Social media information is used within the social network to target everything that is thrown at a person – and that same person wants the same targeting when he or she types in a search query. He or she wants search results tailored to his or her social graph.

How the Search Engine are Rising to the Challenge

Google and co are starting to include hot topics and their associated pages or conversation streams in results Pages. Google is capable of analysing social media trends and hot topics to find items with relevance to your search query, which means that SEO professionals have to be capable of doing the same thing.

Optimising with social media in mind is a matter of creativity and know how combined. Keywords and phrases are still the bedrock of your optimisation game – it is how you get those keywords out to the search engines that is changing.

Links and Keywords

You’re looking to create long lasting links by engaging actively in the social media streams. You can encourage a habit of people linking to your home page using your keywords, by ensuring that the links you post in your own distributed content (your blogs, your conversations and your proprietary articles) have your brand name as the active text. By always referring people to your own site using a hyperlink that contains your brand name, you will encourage others to do the same. In this way your brand will start getting talked about naturally in content all over your area of the social media sphere.

The Social Media Stream and Breaking News

Breaking news is a big part of involvement in social media – whether that’s worldwide news or news specific to an interest or industry. Given the segmented nature of the social stream most enclaves are primarily concerned with consuming and responding to news that comes from their part of the galaxy.

A great way for you to retain your SEO chops in a world where search engines are starting to include breaking news feeds and Tweets in their results Pages is to make sure you are seen as an authoritative resource for new relevant to your industry. You don’t have to generate or heavily research that news – you just need to create a news feed site that sifts through news tagged with the right signifiers, and collate it all in one place.

To make sure that users want to come to you for their industry news you then need to become the definitive source – a place where comment is interesting and lively, and where the news you have chosen to display is the most important or off the wall. Your users are not interested in mundane and they don’t want to hear the same stuff they’ve already seen on three other Walls (it’s like listening to the radio all day and learning the world news off by heart: boring). So keep it fresh, find a slant that no one else has – and watch your page start popping up in Page results.

Search Engines and Freshness

While search engines have always gone on about how content needs to be fresh in order to achieve consistent SEO, the reality has always been that the sites users want to find routinely make it to the top of the list. Google and co.’s new insistence on the kind of spontaneity inherent in social media news streams comes not from an internal desire to be up to the minute, bit from a shift in public attitudes towards the internet. With social media at the heart of everything, Google has had to reinvent itself as a fresher place to keep supplying the core products its users want: links to sites they like browsing.


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Writing Articles For Fun And Profit

If you can write, you can make money. The secret is that you don’t have to be an English major to write a good article. All you have to do is write a very informative and compelling article and leave a link as a reference. If people click on the link and buy a product or service that you are promoting, than you make money. This has got to be one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet.

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s say that you found a great product or service that you would like to promote. Let’s also assume that there is an affiliate program offered for that product or service. The easiest way to promote this product is to simply write about it. When you write an article, make sure that it is educational in nature and provides benefits and uses of the product or a service.

It is also important to give unbiased opinion in the form of the review. People love to have the freedom to choose what they want to buy. Therefore, comparing and contrasting different features would help people make an educated buying decision. Here is a good part! After reading benefits and features of the product or service, make sure to leave an affiliate link pointing to the vendor’s website.

In essence what you are doing is referring people to the site. When the person buys, you collect the commission. This is extremely simple way to make money from writing an article and including an affiliate link in the resource box.

Adsense Advertising

Another way to make money from writing an article is to use Google’s Adsesne platform to place relevant ads in your content. Let’s say that you are writing a review of a product or a service. All you need to do is to write a simple article and embed the code that Google provides. When people click on those ads, you get paid.

Many times Google will share as much as 60% of the ad cost with people who display those ads. This is an incredibly easy way to make money with articles because you have no inventory or product to manage. You are simply getting paid when people click on the ads. Thousands of people have made hundred of thousand of dollars with Google adsese, and now it is your turn to start making money.

Sponsored Ads

Another way to make money with your writing is sponsored ads. Let’s say that you wrote an article about Local plumbers. Let’s also assume that this article is widely read and comes up high in the search engine results for a particular keyword. You can actually contact local plumbing services and ask them if they want to advertise on your article.

You can show potential prospects analytical data and let them know that people are reading this article on a daily basis. You can outsource ad design to web sites such as or and charge customer every month for displaying this ad in your article. This works similar to billboards where you article is a highly traveled highway and the ad placed in your article acts as a billboard.

Writing article is a lot of fun and can actually make you money through affiliate links, adsense ads, and sponsored ads.


Find out more about Article Marketing and Article Syndication by claiming your Free Guide at:

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DSL Internet Providers Speak of How DSL Works and its Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone nowadays is accustomed with the term Internet and Internet service providers. Everyone knows how to use the Internet, but there are just a handful of us who actually try to go deep into the matter and try to find out how the process works. At the same time, many of us who are the consumers often don’t try to gauge the advantages or disadvantages of the process before investing in it. Take for example if you use DSL internet connection, as the consumer how much do you really know about it? Some DSL internet providers however choose to be transparent with their consumers and can easily provide the details for customer satisfaction.

They start off with a very basic understanding of DSL, which stands for Digital subscriber line. The mode of operation for this is simple. DSL internet connection is provided through regular telephone lines. It is a very high speed internet connection and is available to users without disrupting their monthly budget.

Start counting the advantages of a DSL internet connection. The very first point which attracts attention is the fact that the user can leave the Internet connection open while at the same time uses the phone line for making voice calls. The speed is the second highlight which is guaranteed to be higher than any regular modem.

A DSL connection is money saving from the very initial point. This is to say as it uses the existing telephone lines for the transmission and does not require any major installation; there are no overhead charges that are to be included within the package. The user does not require to arrange for any modem. The DSL internet provider will take care of it as it is the responsibility of the company from where you are taking the connection to provide the modem as well.

Once the advantages are known, the next step is to have a little understanding of how the transmission takes place. It is unique to see how DSL connection squeezes information through regular telephone lines even when it is in use. It is simple. DSL uses copper lines which have the strength to handle more bandwidth or range of frequencies that is required for voice calls. What DSL internet providers do is to take advantage of the excess bandwidth without hampering the abilities to make voice calls.

Dive a little in the details to clear up the picture more. For this a slight knowledge of the regular telephone line will help. The telephone company makes the best of their equipment by limiting the carrying capacity of the switches and telephones. Normally, the maximum frequency range that is utilized ranges between 0 –3400 Hertz for normal conversations and a maximum of 20 – 20000 Hertz for stereo speakers. There is a lot more capacity in the telephone wires to handle frequencies more than this. The limiting of the frequencies helps. By doing this, the telephone can accommodate large number of wires into a small space. The chances of interference are nil. DSL follows what most of the modern equipment does nowadays; that is sending digital data rather than analog data using much of the telephone lines capacity.

However, there are certain disadvantages of DSL connection as well. For example, the distance from the provider’s central office and your location is crucial. The more the distance, chances are bigger of the signal getting weak. DSL internet connection is good for data reception but not data transmission over the internet. The last minus point happens to be the absence of a large number of DSL internet providers. Since the providers are few; consumers have a limited number of choices in hand.


About the guest author: Shirley Jones is a freelancecontent writer and she writes articles and blogs on dsl internet providers and other internet service related technologies.

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Five Steps to Success – Points out SEO Companies

It is a true fact that a good SEO strategy can either make or break your business. SEO or search engine optimization has emerged full on as a part of Internet marketing to take online businesses to new heights. It helps to get your website seen- the clearer the picture, the better will be the traffic to your website. Hence, search engine optimization companies are registering a beeline of clients. But it does not always pay to go by the looks. It is necessary to choose a SEO company that follows a procedure.

Experts in the field have pointed out that there are mainly 5 levels that any good search engine optimization company requires to follow to achieve results for their clients. The five steps to success initiates with a Keyword Research which is then followed by setting the specific goals to be achieved, optimizing the pages and content development, link building and winding up with a final reporting and analysis.

Keyword Research is the very first concrete step in the SEO process. It is here that the keywords for which the website has to be optimized is decided. It is those keywords that are going to drive visitors to your site in turn bringing prospective leads which might culminate in long term business. What SEO experts generally do is study the keyword trends and put down the best keywords pertaining to your business. Generally the ones with a less competition and good search volume are the ones which are opted for.

Once the keywords are finalized, it is time for analyzing the current site traffic information. Search engine optimizers working in SEO companies studies the areas where the client’s website lacks and works on those.

The next step is to develop content as keyword rich, fresh content are search engines favorite as well as attracts readers. Content is the key to your website’s popularity and so it helps to add fresh content to the pages at regular intervals.

Business always thrives well on the word of the mouth. Links work in that way for your websites. Link Building is a new SEO strategy through which external websites agree to place a link to your site on theirs. The larger the number of high quality links to your site, the bigger is the credibility of your site in the eyes of the search engines.

The last stage winds up with a post SEO optimization analysis. Site rankings, visitor traffic, conversions are all studied, compared and put down in a report format and presented to the client. There is transparency but there is no strict commitment as guarantee and SEO do not go hand in hand. What search engine optimization companies sows in the initial stages of the SEO campaigns, is what they reap for their clients at the end of the campaign.


About the guest author: Tamara Matthews is the editor of a renowned Internet Marketing company. Tamara likes to share her knowledge and ideas on SEO tips. You can check her latest articles: seo canada, vancouver website design etc.

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Web Design – Guidelines for Using Photos and Images

Websites which have colorful and bright images are usually easier to read. Therefore, it is advisable to include a few graphics in your site. However, if you use images which belong to someone else, you might get into trouble.

The laws regarding sharing and using images and photos online can be very confusing. Without delving into those laws, the following are some tips which will help you stay out of trouble.

Use your own photos

When using images on your website, the best way to avoid problems is by only using images which are originally yours. However, the problem is that you might not have the ability to create high quality images and photos. Unless you are a professional photographer, you might find it difficult to produce quality images. This is the main reason why many people opt to download photos from the internet. Therefore, to create good photos, you might have to invest in a good camera or even take a photography class. Using my own photos has been worth it in the long run for my blog which promotes jupiter images discounts and istock photo coupons.

Join a pay site

There are a number of sites which sell stock photos. However, when you buy photos from such sites, your site may end up looking like many other sites which use the same photos. Therefore, if you opt to get photos from a pay site, it is advisable to select one which has thousands of photos. This will minimize the chances of using the same images that hundreds of other sites are using.

Find free images

Finding free images online is not very easy. Google image search has become increasingly popular with many people. However, this can easily get someone in trouble. Though you might be able to find great images using Google, you cannot be sure that those images can be used for free. Furthermore, free images offer very limited options. This means that your site might end up looking very common.

Things to avoid

Even if you come across a very attractive image online, you should never use it without permission. At times, people change the images’ file name and hope that no one will discover them. Others try to avoid detection be altering the file sizes. All this work is not worth it, since you might still end up getting in trouble. Though it may be inconveniencing, you should do your best to ensure your site only uses legitimate images. Using an image or photo without permission could result in legal action.

Therefore, the best option could be to work with a skillful graphic designer to create custom made images for your site. It should not be very difficult to find good designers who charge reasonable rates. Just take time to shop around until you find the right person. If your site is not about graphic design or photography, it might not be very necessary to include too many images. Therefore, you could get by without having to regularly change the images.


About the guest author: Charles loves photography. In his website you can find a review of iStockphoto. He also provides a coupon for Jupiter Images. iStockphoto is an online international company of royalty free, microstock  images. Jupiter images is a library of over 2.5 million stock pictures from creative photographers.

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Tips for Promoting Your Organization through Twitter

Every social media site has its own character and unique strengths. There’s no denying that Twitter is perhaps the most efficient social media in terms of rapid distribution and dissemination of information. That’s the entire focus of the site, after all, and the manner in which user interaction is intended to occur on Twitter supports that process. As such, many organizations – including political, civil, non-profit social services and for-profit businesses – use Twitter with varying degrees of success, largely depend upon the methods they employ on the site. Following are some ways in which to successfully promote your organization through Twitter.

Capture a Range of Content Types

There are a number of different content types related to your organization that can be shared on Twitter. These can include blog posts, white papers, news articles, press releases, public appearance schedules, informational presentations, and case studies, to name just a few. Take advantage of each and every opportunity to share relevant content, no matter what form it may take. Every relevant tweet helps strengthen your organizational presence on the internet and build your online reputation.

Break Up Content for Maximum Exposure

In most cases, there are multiple approaches you can take for sharing details contained in the different tweetable content types. For instance, a case study may contain text and data charts, as well as other graphic representations of findings. Consider tweeting those different elements of the case study separately in order to catch the attention of different followers you may have. By doing so, you can also capitalize on the timing of your various tweets, spreading them out in order to keep your Twitter account active and alive with new and interesting information.

Recognize the Importance of Timing

Twitter is, for most users, considered a real-time social media utility. In other words, most who use the site watch for tweets in the here and now. Unlike many other social media users, Twitter’s users very seldom scan through the older tweets from members they follow. That means you need to catch their attention right now. To successfully use Twitter in promoting your organization means you must have a strong and consistent presence on the site. Tweet during peak hours and ensure that the information contained in those Tweets is relevant and engaging for your audience.

Tweet Formatting Plays a Role in Retweeting

It’s critical that your tweets are formatted in such a way that they can easily be retweeted by followers and shared through other social media sites like Facebook. Take the time to learn best methods for structuring your tweets for optimum retweetability. Encourage your followers to retweet all, or even parts of your information by offering user-friendly formats, captivating headlines, and interesting link illustrations. The better the retweeting format is, the more likely Twitter users are to share that information with others.

The Importance of Tweet Length

Shorter tweets have higher retweet rations. People are much more likely to share these valuable tidbits than they are to bog down their own Twitter or other social media pages with huge postings or overwhelming stories. Catchy, amusing or intriguing messages are also retweeted more often. For the best results, keep these facts in mind with each and every Tweet you share.


About the guest author: This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate. You can checkout the blog of website here.

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How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Browsing

The mobile web market continues its explosive growth as smart phones and tablets become both convenient and reliable ways to access content online. A 2011 Nielson report states that “The majority of 25-34 and 18-24 year olds now own smartphones (64% and 53% respectively).” Mobile-optimized websites are now essential for any business or blogger who wants to capture the attention of this growing market.

In fact, creating a captivating mobile website is critically important investment for the future. Jolie O’Dell offers the following analysis of a Morgan Stanley report on internet trends: “The mobile wealth creation/destruction cycle is in its earliest stages. The proliferation of better devices and the availability of better data coverage are two trends driving growth; having better services and smaller, cheaper devices has led to a huge explosion in mobile technology that far outpaces the growth of any other computing cycle.” Though opportunities on the mobile web abound, there are plenty of challenges that arise when setting up a mobile version of your website. Here are some tips for optimizing your website.

Use CSS for the Mobile Web

If you’re interested in developing an online version of your website, CSS will be an ideal route to explore. According to the Mobile Web Standards at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), “The cascading model of CSS is completed with the possibility of customizing the applied rules to the characteristics of the device through CSS Media Queries, a mechanism particularly useful on mobile devices to cater for the variation among screen sizes.”

W3C also provides a series of best practices : that will save time for developers as they delve into mobile web development. However, the length of these documents and the number of problems ( see Dominique Hazaël-Massieux) that arise with CSS may convince many website owners to use mobile web conversion services or a plug in for their sites.

Creating Your Mobile Website

There are plenty of great services out there to help you convert your website into a simple mobile version, but one place you may want to start is MoFuse if you run a blog-based website. MoFuse offers free and premium options where you can build a simple mobile site through your RSS feed. It also offers a WYSIWYG editor, image resizing, and Google Checkout. Mippin is another service that uses your RSS feed, while mobiSiteGalore converts your existing website into a mobile version.

There are a variety of WordPress and Drupal plug ins, as well as several developer tools listed in at Mashable Christina Warren’s article. Mobify will certainly intrigue designers because it works with existing HTML and CSS code.

Guidelines for Creating Your Mobile Website

Mobile web designers face some unique challenges, especially the short attention span of website visitors. In an article for Mashable, “Byrne Hobart, founder of investment research firm Digital Due Diligence, observes that mobile marketers are ‘writing for an audience that’s in the middle of something else.’ They might be waiting for their subway stop, their floor on an elevator, their line to be called at Whole Foods, a friend to show up at a restaurant.”

While simplicity is usually the rule for mobile websites, there are certain features you can include that will help your site stand out. For example, video is ideal for a mobile website, especially since it will hold the attention of your visits better than even the most concise and engaging copy. According to Brian Casel, it’s also best to limit your design to one column and to use collapsible menus. As tablets and iPhones continue to proliferate, touch navigation will continue to be important.

How to Test Your Mobile Website

If you want to test your mobile website on every screen size and browser on the market, your best bet is to use an emulator that will show you what your website will look like on a variety of devices. Depending on the needs of your user base, consider using iBBDemo2, which will emulate how your website will look on an iPhone or iPad, and Android SDK , which emulates the display on an Android phone.

A mobile website opens new avenues for connecting customers when they have time to kill or when they are on the go. As mobile browsing continues to grow and tablets become more common, a mobile website will become a critical avenue for commerce and marketing promotions.


About the guest author: This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a company that offers a to do list application, and who also consultants for a company that works with physicians and patients to evaluate the likely effectiveness of new cancer treatments.

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