What Is A “Bot” And How To Spot The Bad Ones?

Since the advent of the Internet, programmers have created all sorts of automated programs, also known as bots (robots). Some of these programs are useful. For example, Google uses bots to crawl the Internet and find new content to add to its indices. Any website owner who wants to be found via search engines will find Google’s bots helpful. However, bots may also be automated profiles in Internet chatrooms or social networks like Twitter. These automatic profiles can follow your account or reply to your posts with spam URLs and gibberish. When these bots use images of real people, it can be difficult to determine whether the account is genuine or not. However, with a little common sense, you can learn to detect bots.

Verifying Identities

If a Twitter bot uses a name or screenname that associates with a celebrity, you can check to see if that account is verified. Twitter will show a green checkmark next to profiles that have been verified, indicating that the actual celebrity or an associate of that celebrity is behind the account. While celebrities may not always verify their accounts, this is a good indicator of a bot.

Reverse Image Search

Although you might be familiar with using Google to perform a text search for images, did you know that you can also perform a reverse image search? This feature allows you to enter the image URL or upload a graphic from your computer to find related Web searches and other instances of the image online. Google reverse image search allows you to find more images of the same size and to track down the origins of the image.

How does this help you to determine a bot? If the reverse image search leads you to a reputable website and you determine that as the origin of the photo, you can check to see if that website is associated with the account. If it is, the account may not only be a bot, but the users behind it could also be stealing images from the actual owners.

In addition to verifying bots, Google’s reverse image search can be used for the following reasons:

  • See if others have uploaded your portraits or art to their websites and are claiming to own the copyrights for those images.
  • Find the origin of images you may want to use in graphic art to determine if you will be violating copyrights.
  • Determine if retailers are selling your product, with or without permission, or claiming that idea as theirs.
  • Locate the origin of a product or image on Pinterest so that you can purchase a product or give proper attribution to the owner.

Reporting Bots

When you’ve located fraud accounts, you might take the time to report the bot as spam from the profile page. Twitter also allows you to file reports about impersonation and brand or trademark infringement. Twitter’s help section contains more information for filing reports about each type of policy violation. Twitter will then investigate the account.


About the guest author @JulianaPayson: Juliana is a Social Media Analyst Specializing for small business and a web hosting provider @InMotionHosting based in southern California, Los Angeles.

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Review on Directory Maximizer

Having your website rank among the best SERP is the aim of every webmaster. Various SEO tools can be used to accomplish this; one of the best ways to get a good boost in your site’s ranking is building links from directories. These are links placed on various niche sites online which will link back to your website; this method is popularly known as “backlinking”.

Many people use directory submissions for building backlinks. When done properly and without automated submission tools, directory submission can truly play a great part in helping your site rank higher.

If you were to go about the process to submit to directories manually you will not only be wasting time but also be unaware about the authenticity of the directory and other such important details. Many directories go off the grid within a year and you lose all the effort you had previously put into the backlinking process.

To handle such a crucial stage in the improvement of the ranking of your website it is best to let professionals take the wheel. Directory Maximizer is a great company which provides a professional approach to make sure that efficiency in your submissions improves every single time.

They have excellent features to maximize the exposure of any website or blog:

Manual submissions:
Submissions done manually by people sitting at the other end is a guarantee from the company. It goes without saying that the submissions are made only on relevant directories that have long standing authority. Your website or blog will be submitted to more than 1000 web directories. The company also takes care of all the minor details such as following guidelines and submitting to relevant categories.

Regularly updated list of directories:
Many directories close down within a year or two; the company will list and choose only those directory sites which are strong and authoritative. Moreover, the list of the new directories which meet the strict criteria of the company are added on a regular basis.

Specialization in general, niche, paid and custom directory submissions:
Directory Maximizer ensures top quality in submissions to general directories and those which are targeted to a specific niche as well. They make sure that all submissions made are in line with the present SEO guidelines and this is checked on a regular basis.

Guaranteed links from high PR directories at discounted prices:
There are many premium SEO friendly directories online with high PageRank. These directories charge a fee for getting listed in them. You get guaranteed listings in these directories at discounted prices especially for the customers of directory Maximizer. These directories are special as they are of substantial quality with a strong market name as well as extremely SEO friendly. Approval for submission is received within a week and if not approved you may have your money refunded.

E-mail handling service to handle mails from directories for clients:
The site saves you time and frustration you would have if you were to sort through all your directory submissions manually and manage emails with the various directories. Directory maximizer provides an email handling service where email accounts are created for each client to manage directory submissions and send reports on them as well.

Submission reports:
The client is always kept in the loop; thanks to the detailed and accurate reports which the client will receive on a timely basis, which contains the various particulars of all submissions made on his or her behalf by the company. According to a recent survey,  ninety five percent of all clients till date have found this service satisfactory and useful.

Social bookmarking service:
This is another great service which is provided by this company and where articles can be placed on various social bookmarking sites where they can gain tons of popularity. Chances are that people who find your content interesting will spread your content through their site. These social bookmarking links will truly improve rankings on search engines and bring a lot of traffic to your site.

Placing all your directory submission problems on the strong shoulders of professionals will give you peace of mind, time to concentrate on what matters most to you and, most important, better rankings on search engines. Above all else, these features are available at surprisingly affordable rates on Directory Maximizer.


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Never Let Others Hack Your Website – Secure It First

If you are the owner of a vulnerable website, it’s time to wake up. The irony is around 80% of the webmasters are not aware of this fact that any hosting service with any un-updated anti-virus does not protect your website from the hands of numerous well-educated hackers. Yes, your site protection should not be handled by those traditional intrusion detection systems or firewalls; try to be proactive & take preventive measurements before it’s too late.

Get a secured password

The most overlooked part quite often! Both of your admin panel and FTP account passwords should be hard to crack. Out of ideas? Choose something that involves letters, alphabets (Both in small and caps) & some random special characters. Try to be creative with your password (Don’t be afraid to try out an absurd password, they are harder to crack) & give hackers a run for their money.

A reliable hosting company

Don’t go for any cheap hosting provider. Choose the ones with great reviews (You may search online) & the ones that are in business for long time frame (That ensures credibility of the business). When it comes to hosting, it may not be always possible to gauge the space or bandwidth they provide. Most of the webmasters all around the world are not really competent when it comes to technical knowledge and that’s where the customer service team of your hosting provider comes into place. If they are easily reachable and efficient enough, the tough tasks (Which actually are not that tough as you might think) like site transfer, CMS installations are handled by them. Not to mention, the security parameters of an established hosting provider (They generally use established anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, Norton etc. so security in other words is a guarantee) are tough nut to crack for a hacker. For the most reputed hosting providers, discount coupons are available throughout the internet and if you can get one of those, be happy as you will end up saving some bucks for sure.

Back up the data

This is an important pre-requisite particularly when your site gets hacked. You cannot afford to keep your visitors waiting, so the easier process will be to change your website server & password and upload the backup. Your website should be doing fine!

If you are looking for an online backup of your website, you should try the most popular ones such as Carbonite. If you search a bit, you will find discount coupons as well to try out Carbonite’s service at a less price. 

Keep the software up to date

Whatever CMS you are using (WordPress, PhpBB or SMF); make sure you update it on regular basis. With each and every update, these CMSs introduce new security features and why should we deprive ourselves from availing the advantages!

If you are using any third-party software, app or script, make sure you get them from a trusted source. Otherwise, it may well fall into the traps of a hacker quite easily.

Hackers will never stop, so even for your website; no security is enough with passing time. The list mentioned here is not final & you should be knowledgeable enough to keep the hackers stay away of your website. If you don’t have a big budget, you can try out the norton 360 coupon for anti-virus needs & carbonite coupon for online backup purpose. Use the working coupons; get a great deal of discount and save your website. Just before concluding, remember, hackers are always evolving with their hacking techniques, so even you need to strengthen your website security mechanism with time.


About the guest author: Christofer is an author with the passion of sharing his thoughts with his readers. He often writes about internet marketing, website optimization & internet security. If you wish to share your thoughts with Christofer as well, please don’t hesitate & publish your comment right now.

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Why Should You Fall In Love With Your Blog?

love your blogLove is not an emotion you would normally associate with blogs. Can you really fall in love with a non-living thing? Yes, of course. I can fall in love with a piece of candy, but then everyone is not me. Can anyone fall in love with a subject like catering trailers and mobile catering vans? Hmmm… looks difficult.  Coming back to the subject, it’s important to fall in love with your blog if you want others to do so. Here is why:

A blog is your personal diary

This is what blogs were meant to be – personal logs or diaries.  People used to write about interesting stuff happening in their lives. Slowly, blogs became inane and meaningless – like people writing about their stomach condition and bowel movement. Later blogs became a vehicle to express opinions on various subjects. This is the time when there was a disconnect between the person writing the blog and the blog itself. Instead of reflecting the personality of the blogger, blogs became impersonal and boring. But some have retained the original flavor and these are   blogs which have thrived. These bloggers have spent time and effort to create a lively and happening blog which is unique and distinctive. They have imbued their blog with their personality. Instead of looking like a restaurant menu, some blogs have managed to deliver substance. Unless you love your blog you are unlikely to deliver on this front.

Getting through to your audience

When you love your blog, you automatically think of ways to make it more attractive. You pay special attention to the content, not merely SEO. When such a thing happens, you reach a different plane of creativity. This feeling is unique and very much like falling in love. You no longer think or react to any other impulse other than being creative. This highly emotional attachment to your blog slowly seeps into the consciousness of your audience. Your words and content flow smoothly and you say the right thing at the right place. This feeling of déjà vu can only be realized through personal experience. It’s a runner’s high which just cannot be compared with any other feeling. Your audience responds to this spontaneously.

No need to bother about Google Panda

Google Panda recently put the cat among the pigeons. Many bloggers who had meticulously built backlinks and done their homework on the SEO front, found themselves dead overnight. But those who loved their blogs   had already gone beyond the Panda. Actually if you don’t bother about SEO, Google can never do any harm to you. Probably this is the most desirable result of loving your blog.


Loving your blog is not a fancy thing. If you want your blog to be successful in terms of audience loyalty, you must provide them with great content. This can only happen if you cherish and love your blog. Merely trying to turn your blog into money making machine will not work. Your audience can sense the difference – love can be infectious.


About the guest author: Sarah Lamb is an online marketer who likes to share her views and experiences with fellow bloggers. Besides she also writes reviews about catering trailers for sale and mobile catering vans for sale, among other products for a living.

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3 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic from Q&A Websites

There is one source of traffic that you shouldn’t overlook. It is question and answer websites. Those websites can be an effective source of traffic for your landing page. However, you can’t just put your link to those websites, because they are so strict with their linking rules. Although the traffic from Q&A websites is highly targeted, you have to drive traffic from them systematically. Here are 3 simple tips to drive traffic from Q&A websites:

1. Build your reputation first

You can’t just begin answering question and placing your link to your answer in the day when you sign up. That would be against the rules. The best method is to build your reputation first, before you begin to place your link to your answer. After you sign up, begin answering questions that you can answer, and do this to build good reputation and track record for your account. For example, on Yahoo Answers, there are points that you will get when you answer a question. You’ll get more points if your answer is chosen as best answer. Then, in order to increase your level, you have to collect certain points. During the first few weeks working with Yahoo Answers, you should dedicate your time to collect points in order to boost your level and reputation there.

2. Do not place your link in every answer

Once you’ve build a good reputation in Q&A websites, you can begin to insert your link in your answers. However, do this with caution as non-relevant links will be considered spam by the websites, and you will risk your account getting banned very quickly. So, the best method is not to place your link in every answer that you give. Moreover, once you decide to put your link, make sure that it is highly relevant with your answer and the link destination should not be filled with advertisement. So, here are the rules of placing your link:

  • Place your link occasionally.
  • Make sure that your link is highly relevant with your answer.
  • Make sure that the link contains high quality information, not advertisements.

3. Give detailed answer

When answering any question, make sure to give good information in your answer. You don’t want to post a one sentence answer to the questioner. This will hurt your reputation. Your answer must be helpful and detailed. You don’t need to answer with full article, either. But, your answer must be detailed enough so that the questioner can be satisfied with your answer. Answer that will only clutter the page will usually be regarded as spam, and if you are giving this kind of answer frequently, your reputation will go down quickly. People will not follow your link if you have bad reputation.

Those are 3 simple tips to drive traffic to Q&A websites. Question and answer websites such as Yahoo Answers and others are your goldmine to boost your website popularity. If you don’t use them properly, you are missing a good source of highly targeted traffic for your website.


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SEO in the Age of Smartphones

Over the past ten years, the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with one another, pursue education, and do business. Tasks that used to be performed over mail, telephone, or face-to-face meeting can now be completed using only a computer and an Internet connection. Shoppers who used to have no choice but to travel to a retail establishment can now shop for all of types of products from the comfort of their own homes. In response to these changes, both online and traditional businesses began focusing a large portion of their marketing efforts on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization

To market their products and services on the Internet, most companies created social media profiles and commercial websites that allow them to interact with potential consumers and previous customers. To attract more users to their websites, these companies typically utilize the strategy of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO typically involves the optimizing a website’s content so that the site garners high search engine rankings when users input relevant keywords. Because users are more likely to visit a website that ranks high on the results page, a high search engine ranking translates to more website traffic.

The Rise of Smartphones

More recently, however, a surge in smartphone usage changed the dynamics of the consumer market yet again. Instead of accessing websites using computers, more people are visiting these online destinations with their smartphones. People all over the world use their smartphones on a daily basis to read the news, interact with one another on social media platforms, and even shop for products and services. According to Comscore, a leading mobile researcher, there are more than 100 million smartphones currently active in the United States. In fact, as many as 234 million Americans use at least one smartphone on a regular basis, and as many as 29 percent of smartphone users are already making regular purchases on their phones.

Marketing for Smartphones

As a result of this change in consumer habits, businesses need to expand their marketing efforts to account for smartphones. Though SEO is an excellent strategy for increasing traffic to traditional websites, smartphone users experience the Internet in a different way. Smartphone screens are too small to easily view most traditional websites, so many smartphone users prefer surfing mobile websites or interacting with retailers via mobile applications. To accommodate smartphone users, businesses need to create optimized versions of their websites that are compatible with mobile phones. Businesses may also benefit from developing mobile retail applications.

The Importance of Multichannel Marketing

Smartphones are an important new marketing tool for retail businesses, but they are not the only channel that retailers can use to reach their target demographic. To gain the most benefit from their marketing efforts, businesses should create a multifaceted marketing campaign that incorporates brick and mortar retail locations, traditional websites, and mobile phones. By marketing their brands on all available media, businesses can ensure that they reach the maximum number of potential consumers.

Does Your Blog Really Need Banner Ads

When browsing different blogs available, one thing you find common in many blogs is that they are using 125 x 125 size banner ads placed on their blogs. Usually it is placed on the top right side of the blog in a side bar format.

Are these banners paid for by the company advertising on them?

Many bloggers have a tie up with the companies paying then a fixed amount of money for placing their banner in the sidebar of their blog. But the majority of the bloggers run affiliate programs on their blog or work on play per click system.

Tying up with a company for placing their banner ads on your blog and getting a fixed monthly fee for that is the best way to make money with your blog. If your blog is already a popular one, then attracting such offers is an easy and effective way to earn big money from your blog.

No clicks Also Increase The Brand Awareness

ComScore has done a study on blog visitors in which they have stated that the bloggers who try to monetize their blogs with banner advertisement are doing more good for the advertisers instead of themselves. Despite having clicks or not, they have positive effect on advertisers’ brand awareness.

  • Banner Ads provide at least 46% traffic to the advertiser’s site.
  • The possibility of consumers performing a search query using the advertiser’s branded terms increases by at least 38%.
  • Online sales of the advertised brand increase by at least 27%.

It states that banner advertising may not result effectively in bringing immediate clicks, but it impressively increases the brand awareness of the advertiser.

This means that you act as a medium in providing the awareness to the brand. But it is the brand which gets the popularity.

If there are benefits of using banners on your blog, then there are benefits in not using them also. Like not outing up banner ads on your blog gives it a more cleaner look, and the visitors also find it more user friendly to navigate here and there.

Once you start getting money through your ad spots, don’t let all your focus go towards this way of making money only, neglecting other hundreds of method to earn money from your blog, such as writing sponsored reviews or selling PLR products (eBooks for example).

How about affiliate marketing?

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate, you should also write reviews and recommendations of the products or services. Let’s try the following suggestions:

  • Endorse the brand by using it itself and recommend it in your blog posts. Let your readers know about it.
  • In your posts let your readers know about the brand in detail. Tell them how the and why they should use it.
  • Write reviews about it highlighting its positive features.
  • Write post guiding the readers in order to get the results from the brand what they want.


About the guest author: Jenny Simpson writes for http://www.marinadelreytoyota.com. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about topics like social media, latest technology trends and other general stuff.

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Internet Reputation Management: Review of Reputation.com

Someone is considering hiring you for a great job which has the potential to lead to a stable and fulfilling livelihood. Before they make the final phone call they search for your name on Google to see what comes up. Unfortunately they find an obscene photo of you in a party where you perhaps are behaving socially disruptive. When they look at this, your chance of getting that job just went from ninety five percent all the way down to ten percent.

Unlike friends and enemies who let short comings and mistakes fade always with time, the internet will always remember. Many times there could be false claims put up by others about you or your business which may not only lead you to a loss in social acceptability, but also harshly affect the profitability of your business. This goes for everything from doctorial practices to shop owners to an average webmaster.

To help in correcting this dilemma, came a company which specializes in internet reputation management and make sure that your name is nice as possible online. Reputaion.com makes sure that if your name or face comes up in matters such as news reports, legal proceedings and unsocial pictures, that they will be subtlety suppressed and only positive aspects of your reputation shall be highlighted.

All data online pertaining to you or your business will be found and monitored 24/7. Anything degrading is promptly removed and anything positive is polished to make it shine. The site will also create a completely customized profile for their clients and always keep their clients in the loop of control of their own personal image.

Reputation.com will monitor improvement in the client’s online reputation as time progresses and change that reputation for the better. As the client has complete control, he can track all sorts of articles, stories and any other parts where his or her name is mentioned. The client can also track how many people are searching for him or her and that person’s location. Along with this, the top results your name’s search brings along with increase its popularity over time. These great features are all accessible to the client from a customized online dashboard.

In the real world when someone says something degrading about you, it always feels nice when your friend “gets your back” and silences that negative claim and says something good about you. With Reputation.com you can now have that in the virtual world too.


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Grow Your Traffic Effortlessly With Pinterest

Few things have caught hold of the imagination of internet users like Pinterest has. This social media site is a collection of bulletin boards of favorite sites online. Users “pin” pictures from favorite spots onto their board, and other users look around and “repin” the same pictures to their own boards. This pinning and repinning can take a single site and pass it around to hundreds or even thousands of viewers in just a few days. Use the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or sales page with about five minutes’ work a day after the initial setup.

Pinterest is a members-only board, meaning you have to be invited to join. Do a search for Pinterest and you should be able to find a blog offering invitations in just a few moments, or ask friends on the site to send you an invitation. Once you’re invited, log on to the site and sign up. You’ll just need an email address and name, and your verification email will come in a matter of seconds. Log on to confirm your membership.

You will get an initial five boards with generic names such as For the Home and My Style. The key to marketing on Pinterest is to create a following for the type of item you’re selling. Create a board and name it something in the same general area as your website’s topic. Don’t be too specific; you want a more generalized audience now. If you’re writing about organic heirloom gardening, start with a Gardening board.

Look around online and find five sites with interesting articles related to gardening. Make sure each article has a bright and attractive photo. Click on the “Pin it” button at the top of your browser. You’ll see a page offering you a variety of photos from which to choose. Pick the best-looking one to pin to your board and click on it. Do this for all five articles. You now have the beginnings of a gardening board.

Go back to Pinterest and look around at all the other gardening boards you can find. Click on the “Follow” button on about a dozen of the boards. Each board owner will get an email informing them that you are following them. If they follow common Pinterest etiquette, they will follow you back. You now have an audience of 12 people.

Repeat this every day for a month, pinning five new items and following a dozen new boards. Pin things to your other boards once in a while, so it doesn’t look like you are strictly running a marketing campaign. By the end of the month, you should have a few hundred followers, with each of them having any number of followers themselves.

Now start pinning your own work. Post your best articles or an attractive sales page or the cover of your e-book. Make sure you use a very eye-catching photo and make a pertinent comment below to make it more personal. Your gardening audience should start repinning your post all day, and your traffic should increase dramatically.


About the guest author: Carole Waters specializes in copywriting and social media marketing, and still makes time to Pin every day.

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Use Long Tail Keywords to Bring Good Traffic

Having a blog or a website in place is no longer proof enough of a thumping online presence. You need to have search engine optimization strategies for ensuring optimum visibility. It all depends on achieving first page rankings on popular search engines. And this in turn is dependent on the frequency and placement of keywords. As per recent trends, the usage of long tail keywords has become immensely popular as they reportedly ensure better traffic inflow. Long tail keywords are nothing but a collection of smaller keywords that are used in sequence as phrases. However, before considering their usage, you need to have a fair idea of the ways in which they would seem beneficial over shorter versions.

How Are Long Tail Keywords Better?

The primary aim of using long tail keywords is to invite large amounts of targeted traffic into the website. This is because long tail keywords tend to explain the web content better. Considering the fact that search engine equations are becoming extremely complex, websites are being literally invaded by several search engines at once. Therefore, key phrases that are found in the indexable texts alone are the ones that are being taken into consideration. And, the frequency and the placement of words are the ones that are taken into consideration to decide upon the rankings.

This is where the advantages associated with long tail keywords come into play. First, they help in refining the search items and second, they help the searcher in arriving at something specific they might have been looking for. For instance, if someone is looking for ‘red leather boots”, he would certainly be using the entire phrase for his quest. Using fragments like “red boots” or “leather boots” would certainly yield inadequate results.

Usage of complete keywords can help in filtering through irrelevant trash, quite easily. Smaller terms would be much more general and would yield scores of results that you might have to sift through. When you use larger descriptive terms, the number of results generated would be fewer, but more targeted. Hence, it would be easier to track down your choices pretty easily. Naturally, when more and more net surfers are taking to long keyword searches, creating them in the right sequence and placing them wisely would certainly improve the traffic inflow.

However, what you need to remember is that long tail keywords would attract buyer specific traffic. So, if you are using them as a specific marketing ploy, you need to ensure that the content that is provided is just as specific and delivers on the expectations of the searcher. In order to convert surfers to buyers, it would be essential to plan riveting content. Using long keywords for diverting only bears fruit when you have something on your site to hold on to the attention of the surfer.

The advantages associated with long tail keywords also depend on how well you select your keywords and phrases. Availing of professional assistance is probably best suited.


About the guest author: Catherine Jones writes for www.ocnissangardengrove.com, She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.

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