Michael Fertik: a Great Internet Entrepreneur

Consider yourself walking down a crowded street and suddenly out of nowhere grey paint is poured all over you. Imagine the feeling of embarrassment and imagine how people avoid you throughout the day all the while taking stabs at you behind your back. Most of us will have that one individual in our lives who will get your back on anything and won’t let others spoil you name spreading gossip and rumors. Michael Fertik is the CEO of reputation.com and does this for a living. In reality, our world has become increasingly internet based and people love to ride the waves in all sorts of social media.

A person’s online privacy is a very important agenda today as anything and everything can be used against that person. A person’s name, face, home address, school address, office address, email ids, information about friends, relatives, personal information about family members etc are all freely available online when searched for by others. Repuation.com was Michael Fertik’s brain child formed due to the study of internet law which he had undertaken during his early years at Harvard Law School.

While still in Law school Michael Fertik came out with his first start up – Truexchange incorporated in the year 1999. This site dealt with creating a liquid, free trading floor online to be used by both the private and public sectors. For this start up he received seven million dollars as venture capital and when he graduated he already had 30 employees under him at Truexchange inc, all while expanding his client base to international levels.

After a yearlong service as a clerk in the court of appeals Michael Fertik founded Reputation.com. This site acts as your personal publicity manager in suppressing anything negative about the customer that may be found online. At the same time they also make sure that your reputation as a professional will be sustained online and will not be affected by any negativity in the future.

Reputation.com offers many great services to all customers, some of which are free of cost like their facebook applications, privacy defender and the Upotect.it. However the main products they are famous for are – Reputation defender, My reputation Discovery, My privacy and My reputation

Recently Michael Fertik has quoted data to be the new oil. Running a company which specializes in data management, he has firsthand experience on how valuable data has become over time along with the knowledge that there is always a potential for a deadly fire if this data isn’t handled with care.

Michael Fertik is a great example of how even today people continue to unlock the potential of earning a great livelihood through the internet and start-ups. We should take the hint and understand how our data is being used by third parties and how our privacy and reputation is openly abused if we don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening.


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Secure VPN play huge role in organizations’ efficiency and productivity

In a tech savvy and highly technology oriented era, a business needs to have support of services which play their part in efficiency and productivity. Businesses face real difficulties when they start thinking of expanding. Many times SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) collapse trying to be  corporate giants only because they don’t have or they don’t use up to dated technologies. Here the service in discussion is Secure VPN.  It is obvious that as a business grows, it opens offices in different locations or it expands the existing office. Whatever the scenario is, they need a speedy, dependable and of course secure way to share information.  Here comes VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Let’s see how VPN plays its part in increasing efficiency and productivity but before going in to the core topic it is important to understand how VPN works. VPN is a private network which uses mainly public telecommunication infrastructures such as the Internet.  It connects the remote offices and traveling users such as salespeople to a central organization. It is vital for an organization to have reliable source to share information through computer networks – VPN addresses these issues.

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, Selection of VPN Providers is imperative. Lets first focus on efficiency.  Efficiency is not a default ingredient in employees; a company needs to apply scientific management methodologies to increase the level of efficiency in employees or for that matter in an organization. VPN is one way an organization can ensure high efficiency levels. The remote access VPN is tailor made for individual users who keeps changing their location. These employees are usually salespeople or technical teams who work in field area.

The very need of sharing data, access to network resources, printers and databases can be ensured by VPN.  Employees’ efficiency levels are increased by VPN strong monitoring and reporting structure whereas overall company’s efficiency level is increased by a central VPN network.

VPN saves cost; it saves an organization from the hassle of expensive dedicated leased-line telecommunication circuits. The installation of these services is a cost itself. Yes, VPN has its cost too but it’s far less than dedicated leased-line telecommunication circuits.  VPN does not need physical leased lines to connect with remote employees through internet.

Nowadays, the Internet is more easy to get to than ever before, and Internet service providers (ISPs) keep on coming up with fast and dependable services at low cost. The wise decision is to replace the leased lines with new technologies. This way a company does not have to compromise its performance and it is a far secure solution. Businesses have started switching to this technology and they use the benefits of Intranet. VPN enables long distant employees to work together through desktop sharing. The VPN has eased down the problem of outsourced employees as generally it is considered that outsourced employees are low in efficiency. All in all VPN has increased the level of efficiency and productivity of organizations.


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How to Monetize a Soccer Themed Blog?

Well, internet marketing gurus are present all over the web world and they pretend to tell you secrets all the time. Obviously, this “amazing” advice does not come for free and more importantly, these are often pretty well known crap and hardly a well-kept secret to internet marketing success. Well, all the gurus are not same and some of them are pretty helpful, so there is no attempt to generalize things here. However, we will start with one of the most popular comments that are often made by those self-proclaimed gurus and try to prove that how big the misconception is.

It is often said that a sports blog cannot make money. Sports niche has very little CPC (The Adwords term Cost per Click if you are not aware) & hence such a niche should be avoided. Now, I will narrow the niche down to soccer as undoubtedly, this is the most popular sports in the entire world and certainly it’s profitable.

Before getting into details, I must say that look beyond Google Adsense. Well, undoubtedly, Adsense is a wonderful company to start off making money, but, as you grow with your blog, it’s important to try out other revenue channels. As it is said, “Never put all your eggs in the same basket.”

Start with Adsense

Though it may sound a bit contradictory, but when your soccer blog is in its starting days, Google Adsense undoubtedly is the best revenue earner. Just good content, added with proper color blending and advertisement placement, you will be earning good amount right from Adsense, does not matter how small the CPC may be.

Create a Product & Sell it

Well, who says you can only create products when you are into Internet Marketing niche! Soccer niche also has numerous potential products that can be sold and made money of. Well, now you need some product ideas right? All right, I am ready to help.

Think what product will create interest among the visitors of your blog? If most of the visitors of your blog are from 14-18 years age group, then they might not only be interested in soccer news but they might like to learn soccer as well. What about creating a video course teaching them to play soccer and sell it to them?

Again, if the general age group is a bit older (24-35 age group), they might be more interested in videos detailing the history of the game or best 100 goals, videography of some famous footballers etc. You see, the ideas are really unlimited. Just think and you’ll probably come up with far better ideas than these. Keep one thing in mind, for soccer enthusiasts, videos sell way better than plain eBooks. So, if you are not that good in creating videos, hire a professional. Good videos will sell well and for a nice price, thus earning you a fat paycheck.

Affiliate Programs

Endless are opportunities when you have a soccer blog! You can possibly promote anything via a soccer blog. For example, along with all the English Premier League news and updates in your blog, you can pass on some london pass coupon code as well. People often travel to watch soccer matches and thus, if they order something from the link of London Pass in your blog, you are ought to earn.

Similarly, you can sell merchandize of the specific clubs in your blog if those have some sort of affiliate programs. You can even join companies such as world soccer shop and sell their items as an affiliate.

Soccer lovers are not bound to be fitness freaks but health & fitness still is a niche that’s distantly related to soccer. Should I say more what kind of products can you sell?

Paid posts are awesome

This is possible only when your blog enjoys high visitors each and every day. There are numerous upcoming players who would love to get a paid interview published in your blog in that case and you can charge them as much as $500 for each publication advertising the player (It’s not exploitation, it’s plain business, many famous soccer blogs do the same).

Another good idea will be to contact lesser known clubs and offer them a paid post spot in your blog. Many will jump in looking at the high traffic of your blog if you charge a reasonable amount. Who doesn’t want extra visibility for a decent price!

Most of the money making methods are pretty common; however in this post, they come up with a soccer twist. So, be it london pass coupon code, world soccer shop promo codes or some amazing video product created by yourself, options are plenty when you try to earn via a soccer blog. Just get started, put your passion for soccer in the right direction and you are bound to taste success out of the blog.


About the guest author: Christofer loves to write about latest internet marketing tips & tricks. He loves to share his thoughts with his viewers and he will love it when visitors do the same. So, what are you waiting for? Use the comment feature and air your thoughts. It’s great when we exchange our views and learn new things.

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Top Facebook Apps to Market your Business and Brand

Facebook has proven its worth in business also. Business and brands of all size try to approach their users via Facebook business or brand page. An effective Facebook page is used to attract users towards it. To do that, the business or brand need a well thought out Facebook page which consist of some great applications supported by relevant and good contents. Here are some essential apps for brand’s Facebook page.

1. Facebook Notes
This app is sponsored and maintained by Facebook only. By setting this app on Facebook page you can pull the RSS feeds from the blog of Facebook page. This app will help in fetching feeds from content source that are present on Facebook page and shows it to users that they have written this.

2. Twitter App
If business or brand have a Twitter account, and if they want to connect Facebook page with Twitter page then this app is helpful for them. This app will automatically pull all the tweets from Twitter account into Facebook status. The app puts a cute little Twitter-themed box on the Facebook profile, so everyone knows that business or brand also present on Twitter. This app also helps in saving time in updating relevant accounts. 

3. Extended Info
Using the Extended Info app, you can use HTML to customize any type of contents and helps in creating new fields beyond the standard Information categories. You can also change the name of the box. This app works similar like Static FBML app but is simple to use.

4. Flash Player
This Flash Player application, which is developed by Facebook, adds a new box to business page, by means of which you can upload flash video, widget or game on the Facebook profile. The box can be renamed to make consistency of the look and feel of the business page.

5. Posted Items Pro
With the help of Posted Items Pro app you can embed multiple Yahoo, YouTube and Google Videos, sites, files, music mp3 files and much more onto business Facebook pages. This app is helpful in making Facebook page a complete press center and media center.

6. Static FBML
Neither Facebook profile nor Facebook page will allow HTML customization, but with the help of FBML you can add HTML applications into Facebook page for more stylized elements to a Page, e.g clickable images, interactive content and anchor text. This app adds a box in page which uses FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for customization of Facebook page.

While being relevant with Facebook, the most important thing is to update Facebook page regularly. The more actions a person do on Facebook page more they will appear of fan’s feed. But updating contents will do more than just feeding new contents. It also helps users in connecting with the brand’s Facebook page. One of the best ways to keep user more interactive is providing them access to exclusive content before non-fans.


About the guest author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of cars and fancy accessories. Recently an article on Diyhealth attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on nicki minaj costume.

6 Reasons why small businesses switch to Internet Telephony

Communication plays an important role behind the growth of any business. Most of the business users use traditional landline phones for the communication purposes before few years. After some advancement in technology, this communication has been shifted over the mobile phones and also on the internet as data communication or through mails. But this also takes a lot of time and also very expensive. Moreover, people used to wait for the replies on the mail. That seems very time taken process. Also, the person is unable to see the reaction of the client on mails.

So to overcome this, a new technology developed named as VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” which also refers to as Internet Telephony. After this technology, most of the small businesses switch their communication over to this technology because of the various benefits incorporated into it.

Following are some of the points which describe the reasons behind the small businesses switch to Internet telephony:

Low Call Cost

One of the major reasons of switching over this mode of communication is its cost effective nature. By using internet telephone, one can communicate with anyone at any place of the world at very low call cost or sometimes even free of cost by depending on the location. Although the traditional landline generate a big amount on the monthly bills which could be easy to bear for some small companies. In a survey, it has been researched that by using internet telephone one can cut 80% – 90% on their regular monthly phone bills.

Portable in Nature

The second most important reason of switching is its portability nature. One can use this telephone at any place of the world at any time. The condition of using this phone is only that you should have internet connection. Just login your account and you will be able to use it anywhere by using your headphones. Even while travelling you can keep your laptop with you and can use this by using internet and headphones.


This is the most important feature and is very useful for the growing companies. One can expand the communication functions along with the expansion of the company. You can create as many extensions and numbers for the internal use of your company.

Wireless Technology

This is a wireless technology. Wireless internet is now easily available, so one can access this technology also without any heavy hardware equipments or wires like landline phones.

Free Communication within the Office premises

The best and useful feature of using this communication is the ability of communicating in any branch or any number within the office premises is absolutely free of cost. This feature provides many benefits to the employees regarding office work or general chatting.

Advanced Call Handling Features

Beside all above, it has various advanced call handling features like Caller ID with name, auto attendant, call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer, voice mail, fax mail, customize message alerts, PC to Phone option, Travel Globally, do not disturb, number blocking and many more. All the calls record can be easily maintained on the computer.


About the guest author: Roberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. She also writes as a freelancer for a number of online communities and is writing this post for http://www.tustinautocenter.com

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Search Engine Ranking Factors: 2011 Results and 2012 Predictions

Each year, SEO Moz sends out email surveys to gather data about trends in search engine ranking factors. SEOs often follow these trends and fine-tune their strategies based on the report. The 2012 surveys have just been sent out, but the 2011 results are still worth reviewing as the new report is being tallied.

Social Media and User Experience the Top Trends

In 2011, two trends in search engine ranking saw tremendous growth in importance. These were the site’s perceived value to users and the social media signals at both the page level and the domain level. As Google and the other search engines continue to fine-tune their result algorithms, page authority and domain level are expected to continue to grow in importance.

This report led to a strong focus on website redesigns to make the user experience more valuable. SEOs were partnering with web designers and focusing on all of the on-site features that encourage interaction and improve the user experience. This is likely to continue as the trend increases in 2012.

Social media marketing is also growing significantly. SEOs are adding entire departments of their businesses to social media. They are taking over social media campaigns for their clients, focusing on driving traffic from popular social sites to their pages and thus increasing their search engine ranking.

User Experience and Social Media Not the Final Solution

These trends are important to know and should change some of the strategies that website owners and SEOs use to increase search engine ranking, but they should not be the only factors driving a social media campaign. As with all things relating to Google, a well-rounded approach is typically the most successful. Some old-school strategies that are still vital include:

  • Domain names
  • Link profiles
  • Keywords

In spite of recent changes, some factors still have a strong impact on search engine ranking. Take domain names for instance. According to Link-Assist.com, having keywords in the domain name is still a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. While this may or may not change; it’s still worth the effort to find and buy a domain name with keywords embedded. Combing through specialized domain sites like name.com to find a domain that incorporates both a website’s brand and a potential keyword is still an important part of optimizing a site.

Keywords also still play a role, in spite of the changes brought on by Panda. While the days of stuffing a page with keywords to improve ranking are, thankfully, over, their presence in Web copy, as well as their placement and centrality, still greatly impacts a site’s ranking. Without proper keywords, the page will not rank well. This means that quality content with keywords throughout the page is still a vital component of a well-ranked site.

Link profiles still matter as well. The quality of the links to your domain is going to impact how well it ranks in the search engines. Natural links from authoritative sources with anchor text that incorporate a keyword are the most valuable for SEO purposes. In fact, the SEO Moz report ranked page level link metrics and domain level link authority features as the top two components of the search ranking algorithm in 2011. While social media and user experience are growing in importance, they have not overtaken these older strategies yet.

These facts show that a generalist SEO needs to continue to focus on many different strategies to help sites rank well. Abandoning traditional onsite and offsite strategies in favor of social media networking or website redesigns to improve user experience is not going to be a successful plan. Incorporating these new trends with the old is the best strategy for building a successfully ranked page.


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WPromote: Best PPC Management Firm in LA

There are millions of potential customers for your business right now as you read. No matter what your niche is, there is always someone in the world online who will have a keen interest in your site. Unlike regular media and any other time sensitive method of promotion or advertising, the internet is timeless and thus is already known to be the best advertising medium in history.

This being said It is also an extremely, competitive field in which mistakes and lack of expertise could cost a company their future. One of the best ways to have a great advertisement and promote your product or service online is through very effective PPCs (pay per click advertisements).

A very professional and dependable a ppc management firm in la – Wpromote – will help anyone solve their online marketing problems. They custom build an ad campaign for each client and take it to new heights making sure their clients have the best exposure possible.

They approach PPC challenges head on with their “SCORE” method which consists of “strategize and set campaign goals”, “create new revenue opportunities”, “optimize keywords”, “research hypothesis” and “expand into new markets”.

Retargeting is something Wpromote is especially good at, when a potential customer leaves your site Wpromote uses its retargeting strategy using cookies to “hook” a user for a customizable time period and get them reeled back into your site as a customer.

Wpromote increases the punch of display advertising many folds through their excessive testing and optimizing in this field. Time and time again proven to bring in a higher ROI, display advertising is all about making your site’s brand famous.

The technology Wpromote uses for its PPC management is advanced compared to the various others which can be found in the market. But above all is the fact that this software is not left completely automated. Wpromote emphasizes on the collaboration between man and machine so that any sudden problem can be tackled immediately. You can rest assured that there will always be someone smart sitting behind the computer who makes sure everything stays in order and standards remain highly optimized.

If you need to boost your sales, ROI, and brand awareness regardless of the size or status of your site, then Wpromte is the site you must come to. Their interactive employees, safe, secure system of operations and their dedication to the work at hand makes them one of the best in the competitive world of online marketing along with PPC advertisements.


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Own a Weight Loss Site – You Don’t Always Need a Solid Product to Make Money

You can attain the attention of a lot many people around if you have something related to weight loss. Do you know that weight loss is among the biggest and the most flourishing niches on the internet? Weight loss solution providers and weight loss aspirants are gaining benefits out of the industry online. There is a third lesser-known category of people who are cashing on these benefits. The following sections will guide you in this direction:

Write and Sell Weight Loss E-books

Digital data has become the biggest source of information for the people across the globe. You can write a weight loss e-book providing useful tips and suggestions regarding weight loss diets, exercises, supplements and lifestyle habits. The weight loss experiences of people around you can help you prepare valuable content for your e-book. Finally, you will need a website or blog where you can sell the e-book. An important task would be to publicize your website and product using search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques.

Click on Weight Loss Advertisements   

Click on advertising is one of the surefire ways to earn money online and when you have a niche like that of weight loss products and solutions, you can expect substantial income from it. All you need to do is to have a website or blog and allow the weight loss product sellers place their advertisements on its pages. You will earn commission from the advertisers whenever the visitors to your website will click on the weight loss ads. There are numerous weight loss products available throughout online in case you are searching for one such as Bistromd or Weight Watchers. They even provide discount coupons so visitors may get enticed to click on the advertisements.

A great idea is to update your website or blog with content related to weight loss. Including the following keywords in the article will attract more number of visitors, thereby adding to the number of possible clicks:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight loss programs
  • Weight loss tips
  • Fast weight loss
  • Fat loss
  • Fast weight loss easily
  • Weight loss diet
  • Weight loss diet programs

Join Affiliate Programs

Clickbank.com and many other similar affiliate programs can increase the potential of earning from the weight loss niche. Sign-up with these programs and promote the weight loss products on various web platforms like:

  • Article directories
  • Social networking sites
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Blogs and forums
  • Video directories and so on

Along with your regular job, you can make some good efforts to earn extra cash using all these techniques. A good idea will be to put discount coupons of different weight loss products in your website to attract the visitors such as weight watchers voucher codes and Bistromd vouchers. No matter whether you have a weight loss product to sell or not, you can be a part of the third category and claim your share of online cash.


About the guest author: Christofer likes to write about internet marketing and its changing trends. If you have something to say about his write-ups, the best thing to do will be making a comment to share your thoughts. It’s always great to share knowledge and views, isn’t it?

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Brand Building in the Face of Declining Economy: Here are Some Tips

In recession, people check their spending to save money for the other day. This has a direct impact on business organizations. Organizations find it difficult to maintain their growth and existing market share. All effort is directed towards minimizing the damage that recession can cause to business.

Brand building is possible even during an economic slowdown if an organization knows how to go about it. A new product line that offers value for money can work much better than imposing a cut in marketing spends. Businesses need to innovate to get valued by consumers as the brand which they cannot afford to compromise.

1. Emphasize on product value

Consumers are attracted to value for money products that give quality at affordable costs. Highlight the product features which could present it as an alternative worthy of the consumer’s money. When it comes to product quality, consumers are willing to pay a premium for an established brand because of the trust factor.

2. Introduce a new line of products

There are consumers who are likely to stick to their preferred brands even in times of recession but for some recession comes as a time to search for products that fit in the budget while doing reasonably well on quality standards. Make an effort to cash in on this phenomenon. Introduce a new product line that falls in this price segment. Make your presence felt in market segment within your reach to expand your customer base. Capitalize on the opportunities available for expansion even during the times of recession.

3. Do not jump onto the price cut bandwagon

Cutting prices beyond profit levels is not a sound strategy. After all, what will an organization do with sales volumes if these only generate losses? There are better ways for customer retention. Priority on quality in customer services gives the organization an upper hand in all circumstances.

Make your brand synonymous with excellence in customer care. Do not compromise on this even during an economic slowdown to reap rich dividends. Avoid a price war that reduces the value of your products as consumers are likely to resist paying higher later if you slash the prices during recession.

4. Streamline but do not slash advertising spends

Many organizations make the mistake of holding back their proposed marketing campaigns. The emphasis is to look for the right opportunity, perhaps when the economy is recovering. This is certainly a wrong approach. Marketing efforts are required more when things are not going well.

If everything is going great, marketing initiatives of an organization will have little to achieve. Focus on your strengths in your marketing campaign. Make people understand the value of your products and what makes these to stand out. If you go into hibernation seeking to emerge from oblivion, when the situation is better, you would have lost precious market share to your competitors.

5. Make customer engagement a priority

Engage with consumers on social media, through e-mail marketing campaigns and other initiatives. Keep them in the know about new product launches and their significance during the recessionary times. Make the consumers feel that the organization values its customers and believes in offering quality to them. Focus on your product as an apt solution to balance the cost requirements with quality.

Marketing initiatives and brand building efforts are meant to work by taking a long term approach. You can tweak your marketing initiatives during an economic downturn but abandoning the plans or putting them on hold is not an option.

Businesses need to survive even the in tough times while making an attempt to register a growth in market share.

There are several instances of organizations having emerged stronger from the effects of an economic slowdown. It is their marketing and brand building initiatives in the face of adversity that win over the consumers. Products thrive on giving hope to consumers. Organizations need to believe in the same when it comes to managing their brands.


About the guest author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of games and gadgets. These days she is busy in writing articles on backyard design ideas and nikon d800 price.

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SEO Tips From the Source

It will always be helpful when you are designing a system around a set of rules, to hear advice from the people behind those rules on exactly how best to use them.   Google’s ‘Developer Programs Tech Lead’ Maile Ohye has been kind enough to share her tips on the common mistakes to avoid in SEO.  While her tips are mostly aimed at beginners to SEO, and will probably not teach anything new to top UK SEO consultancy firms, it can still be helpful to hear from the designers of the algorithm which the whole SEO consultancy business is based upon.

Her first tip is to ensure your website offers something to the user to get them to click on it before investing the time in SEO.  A value proposition is something which separates your site from the rest of Google’s links.  A website that produces no value to the consumer may rank highly, but with the user failing to click on the link when they are directed there provides no value for anyone.

The second tip is to make sure that all elements of the business are working towards the same goal.  A marketing campaign that leads users to search keywords that don’t lead them to the website is a wasted marketing campaign and a wasted SEO effort too.  Her third tip is to follow Googles advice and best practices rather than use time consuming work around, the easiest way to do this being to subscribe to the Webmaster Central blog.

Avoiding SEO trends is another pitfall for many, as many have spent hours editing website content for the latest optimal keyword density, rather than focusing on producing articles of quality, which is what Google wishes to focus on.

Finally it is recommended that SEO consultancy firms remain agile to the evolution of search.  Search has changed tremendously since the first iteration of Google.  For instance the introduction of Rich Snippets in 2009, video sitemaps, the use of Google Maps for geo marketing and even the development of searching using a picture, are all things that an SEO strategy has to be aware of, able to adapt to, and able to take advantage of.

Having told you the common mistakes to be aware of, Ohye then goes on to give some of her own tips.  Quite simply, do something cool, include relevant keywords and be smart about keyword tags and the design and architecture of your website.  She also recommends that you receive all the latest emails on Webmaster tools directly to your email to keep up with the latest from Google.

Moving away from SEO slightly, Ohye also talks about focusing on other forms of online promotion, obvious things such as social media and good online reviews.  She describes these as natural links, ones that are shared and promoted in a more natural fashion than from weight of articles pushing up links on search sites.  To do this it is essential to stay fresh and relevant.  With the increase in smartphone users it is becoming essential for every site, however relevant they are to users on the go, to design their website in a manner optimised for smartphone screens.  Smartphones have become a strong contender to the desktop or laptop computer even within the home for web browsing.  While a larger screen and keyboard provide an easier browsing experience, a smartphone is always on, and immediately accessible in a pocket.

There is a wealth of advice online on how to most effectively market using SEO; however the sources of this information can often be dubious.  There are few more reliable, than a woman who has worked in high positions at Google on the development of Search for 6 years.  Her advice is a great place to start for any strategies in SEO.


Attribute to: Jag Ture, Cayenne Red.

Jag is a member of the digital marketing team at London based PPC Agency Cayenne Red. She is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.

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