7 Smart Tips for Your Domain Searches

Domain searches for your online venture can be a daunting task to you. Whether you are a prospered Internet marketer or a beginner level, you may at times feel the task of having a unique niche rich domain name a most stressful job.

It is important to run domain searches in the first place because of the fact that most people do not think it is important and later on get caught in unnecessary domain name dispute imposing it was their name. No matter you are into a small business and need to start a business online or you just want to start a blog and are finding a good domain for yourself, it’s very important that you do proper research before you pickup anyone.

So before you go crazy over the task on how to find the domain name, let’s find out some simple, basic steps to avoid those stressing things to take over the mind.

How to Find the Domain Name That Perfectly Suits your Business

Below mentioned are some useful tips that might help you with the short listing of domain.

1- Before short listing to a few domain names, it is good to do a thorough research. Obviously, you will expect your online venture to be easily found on the web. Having niche keywords in your domain name is the great way to accomplish it.

2- Pick those keywords that can compete well, select the keywords that are a good fit for the nature of the business you are conducting. And for this purpose doing a research at Google Adwords Tool may help a lot.

3- Having a brainstorming session with somebody else (two heads are better than one) is a good idea. The ideas which will pop out are surely going to be helpful in one or the other way.

4- As it is nearly impossible to get one or two words good niche domain, you may consider having good expanding names for your domain keywords which suit well for your business.

5- During your domain searches also make a list of names that are available and are quite appealing in alluring your desired audiences to your website.

6- If you are bit confused and not sure, you may review your shortlisted list with someone of the relevant stream who has more knowledge and experience. This would certainly help you out with finalizing. Make sure that you want people to find it easy to find it on the web.

7- Last but not the least you need to pick a reputable domain registration company. Along with this also see that prices of domains are competitive and not too high. Searching over the net will let you get an affordable pricing along with a good trusted registration company.

By carrying on domain search, you would be able to get the detailed domain information just in case if it is taken, or else you will end up having a great domain name for your website for your online venture success. Hope you will find this article useful when you are registering your new domain name.


About the guest author: Prav is an online article writer and freelancer who write about various topics including SEO and blogging on his blog Prav-talks.com. He has written on a wide variety of topics including health, business,, fashion, money making and much more. You may look at the high quality article writing service he provide for worldwide clients.

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Keep Your Website Alive – Keep Up With All the Latest SEO Changes

There aren’t any guarantees in this world, and the internet is not an exception. In fact, a lot of people say that if you want to succeed in making a living through the internet, you need to be on the go and ready to embrace changes anytime.

So, when Google made some updates and changes on their search engine earlier this year, thousands of websites went down the drain. The update had such significant effects that several online marketers had to make a decision: make changes on their view about SEO or find a new job.

Online businesses depend on Google for traffic for the most part thus it is important to be wary of the changes that are happening and observe trends to be able to make the right move. Here are some of the SEO tips for your website to look at taking into account the trends that Google are focusing this year:

Focus on Giving Useful Information Rather Than on Keywords

A lot of online marketers dwell so much on keyword research and rightfully so it has been a very important part of SEO in the past years. The big difference this year with all the updates is that it’s the content with more information instead of keyword density that does well. The premise that content is king is still very much applicable; the difference is the switch in focus to providing useful information rather than on dwelling with keywords. So, if you’d like to rank highly this year, make the necessary changes in your content and see if they have any effect. There is nothing wrong with providing more value for your target market.

Put Up A Blog and Socialize

If you haven’t done so with your website, put up a blog and socialize. Blogging allows you to create an avenue in which you can interact with your target market. By socializing, you are building your name, authority and reputation. Creating relationships online can be helpful for your business in the long run so never hesitate to socialize and reach out. Experts are also saying that with the new updates in Google Panda and Penguin, a lot of weight is placed on how you socialize through different social networks using your blog. Try this and I’m sure that you’ll get to see the power of socialization for your business.

Make Your Site Available to All Platforms

Traffic these days do not only come from standard web browsers. Last year, a lot of growth has been seen in terms of people using mobile phones, tablets, Android devices, and Apple devices to browse the web. Thus, it is imperative that you make your website available to all these traffic sources. Make the necessary changes and let your website administrator do the work.

Stay Away from Article Spinning, Copying or Farming

With the new Penguin update of Google which is designed to efficiently eliminate spam, a lot of websites still doing these content creation methods have taken a huge hit. Therefore, you need to stay away from these strategies and focus on creating 100% unique and high quality content. It’s not just about numbers now.

Changes are inevitable especially in a field where information flows like a breeze. So it is up to you to keep up and make sure that your efforts stay afloat. Online success is not an end but a continuous process you should pursue endlessly.


About the guest author: Piux Antone is the Marketing Director of Pro Sulum, a WordPress product development agency that makes premium plugins like Magic Action Box. He also spends time learning and writing about online marketing in general.

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Use Social Media to your Advantage

Whether you are trying to get your name out there and be the very best Web Design Windsor has to offer or the greatest known Insurance Company Glasgow has ever seen, you should really utilise the terrific SEO tricks employed by all the best known companies online.  Whether you have found some great tips from SEO companies worldwide or localised your search to SEO Berkshire, you will find invaluable advice on how to get yourself or your company ranked highly via blogging and so on.  But SEO isn’t the only way to get your name out there – you can take a leaf out of the books of the Greek political parties and utilise the massively growing popularity of social media sites to get yourself noticed.

I’m sure you couldn’t possibly have failed to notice the media storm surrounding the economic crisis in Greece at the moment.  The political parties of Greece though well aware that public feeling was extremely low; have to press on because there’s a national election coming up which means that the parties have to grab the waning attention of the voters more than ever.  With cash being as tight as it is and with no hopes of generating millions of fliers and TV or Radio campaigns, the Greek political parties had no other choice than to grab the take advantage of the social media and networking sites to get their policies heard and distinguish themselves in the eyes of the public.

Over 40 percent of Greeks regularly use the internet so the parties hit their Facebook and Twitter pages harder than ever, with the manager for Social Media for one particular candidate stating, “People have made it (Facebook and Twitter) a habit and we have to be present.  Previously, politics on Facebook was for show, the main interest was to show off how many ’friends’ you had. Now it is used as a channel to express anger or doubt.”  Of course this also opened up the chance for opposing parties to mud-sling, as some of them even Tweeted insults back and forth!  The majority took the more grown up approach and used social media to simply generate their names and policies whilst also getting their names out there via blogging.

The economic crisis in Greece has hit the parties as hard as it has hit the public, with everyone in a lot of debt.  Naturally this meant that they could nearly afford the spectacles of the rallies seen in the run up to past elections and they too have been employing the help of their own local SEO and social media companies.  So if you want to be the very first name to pop up when Web Design Windsor – for instance – is typed into Google, don’t just use SEO Berkshire companies.  Make sure you utilise the amazing popularity of Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr to get the interest circulating.  From unknown comedians or unknown singers to the politicians, it would seem that social media campaigns are definitely the way forward!


Attribute to: Jag Ture, Cayenne Red.
Jag is a member of the digital marketing team at London based PPC Agency Cayenne Red. She is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.

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Tips for Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the latest social media platforms. It is a great place for brands to market their products and a fun place for consumers to share the things they love. Pinterest allows you to share and organize all the nice things you find on the internet. You can use your pin board to decorate your home, plan your wedding and organize recipes. One of the most enjoyable features is being able to browse other people s pin boards. It is a great way of finding new things and getting inspired. Pinterest is a useful platform for new businesses looking to create awareness in the market. Here are a few tips for using Pinterest:

Use the space appropriately

Like all other social media platforms, it is critical to understand that etiquette is important. To get attention and avoid any sort of ban, be sure to act correctly within the space. Pinterest even offers etiquette guidance, which will improve your chances of getting a positive response and participation.

Research and start pinning

It is important not to jump into things. You should do your research and make sure you understand Pinterest’s terms and conditions. Once you figure out the basics of using this platform, start using it. In the beginning, it might feel new and a little confusing, but it is important to spend some time and get used to it.

Add value

Do not expect to effectively market your products by just pining their images and linking them to buying details. Remember that Pinterest is a community, which shares advice, tips and other valuable information. So ensure your board adds such value as well.


Linking your various platforms is essential. Do not forget to add the Pinterest icon to your blog and business website. Encourage interaction among various social communities on Pinterest on your brand. Use the hash tags and ‘@’ tags to link your page to keyword searches and potential shares. The idea is to engage and to optimize. Tagging helps in SEO and brings increased attention to your page.

Keep learning

Pinterest is being developed continually, so make sure you constantly research and learn about the new features it offers. It is a great way to build visibility, brand loyalty and revenue. Use Pinterest’s features to take your creativity to a level higher in selling your brand.

Be organized

If you do not organize your boards well, they can be very confusing for the user. Your boards should have concise and clear purposes and make sure you pin strategically. Be careful not to go over board by pinning many things simultaneously. Chalk out a strategy and stick to it. Remember that community is the key, so it is your job to simplify browsing for them.

Pin interesting images

An interesting image is more likely to get repined by other users. The number of repins directly relates to your brand’s visibility. Use images that are of high quality, interesting and add value to your brand.


About the guest author: Penny Cooper is an article writer with Godot Media, web content and copywriting service provider. Her interests range from copywriting and social media to the latest internet technologies and trends.

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Best URL Shortener Service on gg.gg

Keeping things we read short and sweet is always good on the eyes. Many times in emails from friends, etc there are several URLs which occupy majority of the email and interrupt the reading process. On other occasions such as posting links in micro blogging sites or on social media sites, it will always be better to post a small URL which looks neat compared to a long one which leaves the user with little or no space to write a few word of his own.

The services offered by the URL Shortener website gg.gg does exactly this.  A long and complex URL like that found on the instances of a Google search and Google map locations are extremely long and irritating to see. Such long URLs can simple be pasted into a simple, large and obvious text field and within a moment you are presented with a simple and very short url which can be pasted as plain text anywhere you wish to.

This tiny url can be customized as well. On selecting a checkbox the site gives you the option of customizing the name the URL. This makes it easy for the person opening the URL to get a basic idea of what awaits him or her. URLS tend to be long and detailed as this helps in the indexing and Search engine optimization of a site. Such small URLs pose no threat to the SEO of a site if they are 301 permanent redirects. The search engine will still consider the hidden link within the shortened URL while indexing.

In the end it comes down to a simple question. If you were given the chance to click on one of two links pointing to the same landmark, of these two which would you pick? http://onlinemarketingforum.org/content.php/121-Can-Over-Optimizing-a-Site-Lead-to-a-Google-Penalty or http://gg.gg/wd ?


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Tips for Beginners in the Blogging World

Blogging online can be a very useful way of earning money. Though it takes time you can earn handsome amount of money: all you need is to remain consistent. Initially you cannot expect big results, but with the passage of time you can become an established blogger. Once your business establishes then blogging can be considered as a regular source of income. In this article I will talk about some of the important tips on how you can start blogging. I hope it would be really beneficial for the beginners.

Pick your Niche/Role:

In blogging, you should select a topic of your interest (which you are familiar with). If you select a topic that is not of your taste and you are not passionate about, then you may face some difficulties. Your ideas should be attractive, so that many people may be attracted to your blog. Your main aim should be to provide others with knowledgeable and interesting topics.

Keep Your Content fresh and Up to date:

The ranking of your blog totally depends upon the way you contribute your blog. Your content should be decent, fresh, free of plagiarism and well revised. I am not saying that you should post a new content everyday, but it should be authentic and genuine content. If you update your blog on a regular basis, then there will be a great chance that people will visit your blog. By updating the blog on a regular basis, you can also get better rankings with search engines.

Always write solid content:

Always try to write solid content. The content should be easy to read and coherent, otherwise no one will read your post. Try to make use of keywords in your content.

Know your audience:

You should be well aware of your audience (whom you are writing the content for). For example, if you are running a blog related to sports then your audience will be people who like sports.

So, those are some of the basic tips for the beginners, who want to do blogging or blog writing. If you follow those rules, then you can become a professional blogger.


About the guest author: This article was written by Lisa Britne, the marketing manager for Classic PDF Editor, which specializes as PDF conversion and PDF Editing features.

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Sleeping with the Enemy – Is it Google I am Talking About?

If you observe closely, Google is both an enemy and a friend. On the one hand, Google has got rid of pirates and black hatters. On other hand it has eliminated competition. A monopolistic, overbearing and arrogant organization is the last thing we want. But there is no other option than to sleep with the enemy. Here are some unique ideas on how to sleep with Google without being queasy.

Opting for Google AdSense

sleeping with the enemyTo understand how opting for Google AdSense will help you in gaining better search ranking , you must first know how Google guys earn their living.

The primary earnings of Google come from AdSense. This is a program in which website and blog owners display advertisements. Google has designed a unique algorithm by which they can put contextual advertisements on a site. For example if a blog post talks about your travel to Vladivostok, the advertisements will also be related to the city.

Google claims that their contextual ads make better sense and both advertisers and those carrying the ads benefit from the program. From a blog owners perspective, if you join AdSense program you are adding to the Kitty of Google. Obviously you are a valuable client of Google. As a result you are likely to get better exposure on search results. When another blog or website doesn’t carry AdSense ads, it has no value as far as Google is concerned.

You get preference when you join AdSense program

The conclusion from above arguments is that even if you don’t care for the revenue which you might get from carrying ads from AdSense program, you better opt for it. You may not jump to the first position in search results but you will definitely gain from it.

Google makes money from your content

Again, it’s you who earns for Google by providing content on your blog. More the content, more chances of someone clicking on relevant contextual ad and this means more money for Google. Here is the hitch – if someone clicks on a link while searching for a particular keyword and finds specific, cogent and clear content from the link, he is going to use Google search in future. If time and again, the searcher finds irrelevant content, he is going to avoid Google search. This situation would be suicidal for Google. This is the reason why Google puts so much emphasis on relevance.

By providing relevant content, by which I mean content related to keywords, you will be helping Google make money. This would result in you doing well in search ranking.


The first step you must take is to join AdSense program – even if you don’t see any money in it. If visitors to your blog click on AdSense ads, you will benefit in other ways than making money. Simply provide a bit of real estate on your blog for AdSense – it makes sense.

Content is the key. Provide relevant content which relates to your keywords. This strategy will work without fail.


About the guest author:  Sarah lamb is an avid blogger and likes to talk about blogging,  SEO and other related issues. In addition to writing she   is presently promoting   GetSTDtested Review  and TestClear Review , two useful reviews on testing methods.

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4 Major SEO benefits for Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the best ways of content marketing strategies to market or promote your website, blog or business. It has now become an inseparable part of online promotion and also incorporated as a link building technique in off page SEO. Guest blogging does not contribute to build links only but it also helps to build your brand online presence and brand reputation. By using this method, industry also get an opportunity to reach to their potential customers through their brand’s online content and hence increase their business.

There are huge SEO benefits for your website while doing Guest Blogging. Following are four major SEO benefits for guest blogging that I wish to share with online users:

1.) Creating Links for your Website

Guest blogging is one of the best ways of building links for any website. Write a fresh, unique, useful and impressive content of any topic relevant to your website or any topic of your interest or any hot topic that you feel will attract more and more readers. Writing a fresh content does not mean that you forget the quality of the content. Content should be of high Quality. Research on the topic and collect the appropriate information before writing. Your content must be easily readable and useful for their readers. At the end of this post, put the desired link of your website with desired keyword. Most of the Guest post sites allow giving links in the “Author bio” field. So, this is a good way of building links.

2.) Increase your Online Presence

Through Guest Blogging one can show their online existence. Blogs are the great way to show your online presence. Though there are lots of other ways also but the special thing of showing your online presence through guest blogging is that your online presence will show by your author name or industry name and not only by building links. This will also build your online reputation and also establishes you as an author in content market.

3.) Building Relationships with Various Bloggers

Guest Blogging is the best way to establish online relationships with other bloggers as well as potential readers. Guest blogging allows you to interact with others about your or other’s published posts by giving comments or feedbacks. The regular discussion on different blog posts and different topics will build good relations with other regular bloggers and readers. So it proves a great way to promote your website along with interacting and building good relations with others.

4.) Increase your website’s credibility, Potential Traffic and Rankings

Though Guest Blogging has many benefits but the major benefit is that it increases your website’s credibility and drives huge traffic to your site. Generally the guest blogging drives the traffic of other’s blog to your site through the placed links on the post. It helps to improve the various rankings of your website like page rank, domain authority, page authority, alexa rank etc.

On the whole, Guest blogging is full of various SEO benefits. The need is only to just start doing it.


About the guest author: Roberta Smith is a well known content writer. Currently, she is writing for her best project VoIP. For more information, please visit, business hosted VoIP and hosted VoIP solution.

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All Good Things Come to an End: Has Facebook Reached its Peak?

Since 2006 Facebook has reigned supreme as the unofficial king of social networks; it has ruthlessly dispatched the would-be challengers in the shape of MySpace and Bebo. And with over 900 million users around the world Facebook’s domination seems unstoppable; but as we all know, nothing lasts for ever.

I’ve mentioned before the massive amount of users Facebook has, to put it into context that means that you can ‘Facebook’ just under a seventh of the world’s population -considering it’s banned in China where a seventh of the world’s population live – that’s pretty impressive eh? Perhaps, but consider that in May 2011 Facebook lost 7 million active users in Canada and the USA. That’s quite a hefty chunk lost in a month out of the 171 million strong North American user base. Then also consider that in April 2012 its global monthly growth had slowed to 1.7% compared to a rate of 3.7% in September the previous year (they only release the figures every six months). Then round that all off with Facebook’s own admission that they “…anticipate that [their] active user growth rate will decline over time…” Now the title isn’t so crazy is it?

Some of you are probably sitting there thinking, he’s taken these figures out of context or that I’m focusing on an anomaly. So let’s take a look at this in some more detail, firstly there are signs that market saturation has been reached in much of the western world. As well as the aforementioned example in Canada and the USA there is evidence to suggest that Facebook is losing users in the UK, Norway and Russia. So yes while Facebook is still growing (slowly – 1.7% remember) in a global sense, it is starting to lose users in some of the world’s more developed countries. So in terms of global users Facebook has probably only started to peak but there are signs that on a national scale it has, indeed, started to decline.

So that makes me half right. Facebook is not growing everywhere anymore; in fact its growth is starting to decline in a few places. A scenario that they themselves have admitted will happen and is almost inevitable.

I’m not suggesting that in a few months Mr Zuckerberg will be hosting a Saturday night TV show (give that a few years) but what I am saying is that there are a finite amount of users available. Facebook is aware of this and so it is turning its attention to ensuring the users they already have continue to use the service; however, the more they do this the more they are likely to push them away, thus causing a decline. An example of one of these attempts is the privacy concerns that have been raised because Facebook used user’s details in order to ensure that only ‘relevant ads’ appear. Although the intent may have been to improve users experience it ended up damaging Facebook’s reputation and pushing users away. In fact you could even argue that the almost monthly updates that Facebook forces upon its users have contributed to taking some of the gloss of Facebook’s image.

Now I just wanted to challenge an argument that I came across whilst researching for this piece, in this article the author argues that even if Facebook never gains another user it will still continue to grow because it will cultivate the users it already has. I’m not sure that I can accept this argument; I can’t accept that there is a better way of measuring the success or decline of a social network without using the amount of active users it attracts. If Facebook never added another user then the steady decline that I’m suggesting would be fast-tracked into a steep one.

So there we have it, one man’s opinion on the rise and fall of Facebook.


About the guest author: Josh Hansen works for Electric Dialogue, an SEO agency in London. Amongst their clients are xxpress pcr an innovative biotech company based in the UK.

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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for your Online Business

Pinterest is a newly emerged website in the social media domain and is gaining a large amount of popularity around the world. Millions of users have started exploring pinterest and people are trying to use it to satisfy their social media needs to some extent.

Online business owners are always in search of new trends in social media through which they can promote their business or gain leads through connections & Pinterest is also becoming one of the hot favorites for business owners.

Here is how Pinterest can be beneficial:

  1. Pinterest can be used to identify and partition the target audience, then serve them information that can be useful to them. It can be used by businesses to engage audience in a visual manner to depict the influence of any brand or a specific persona. Just take an example that you own a flower store then you can pin them as a great gift offer
  2. Posting pins that are only a kind of sales pitch is not a good idea often and you should pin things that are related to the products you sell i.e. something like features of the product, recommended products which are of the domain of your own product that you sell. Pinterest users can loose interest in you if you keep on pinning sales pitch rather than something informative.
  3. Building a online relationship always helps you in your online business, so it is always a good idea to follow other pinners who have a previous record of pinning quality stuffs. You can use the pinterest link to find out the other pinners who had pinned your products earlier, In this way you can interact with then to build connections.
  4. Try to be creative in raising brand awareness. For example if you own a ecommerce store then you can create pins that shows all the sold items on your store just like in the form of featured products or something similar. Or if any business is promoting their campaigns for tours to countries like Africa, then they can pin something about bird watching as some parts of Africa are a dream for every bird watcher.
  5. Connect your physical location with your online identity. People are increasingly using search and social media to access local services that they have find out online. If you create a buzz on pinterest and also including your physical location, conversations can spread locally that generates physical customers and thereby increasing your sales to some extent


About the guest author: Anita is an online SEO and marketing specialist who writes on Seo/Sem and business marketing strategies regularly. She is also a part of workmonk.com which is an Outsourcing Freelancing Project Management and Quality Control platform.

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