SEO for Yahoo

Optimizing your sites help you rank them well in search engines. But did you know that you might have to optimize your sites in accordance with the search engine you are working for? You might have been used to the typical Google SEO, as the masters of SEO would have instructed you? But how about Bing, MSN, Yahoo and other popular search engines? Remember, these search engines are catching up with Google thick and fast.

Here is a guide to learning your SEO for Yahoo’s search engine.

Yahoo is one of the most popular search engine sites with an enormous network of websites. Its algorithm is attributed to Inktomi that Yahoo bought in 2002. This algorithm differs from Google and other search engine in a big way. By paying attention to these details or specific issues optimizing can be done effectively.

Factors effecting Yahoo SEO

In order to optimize and rank highly in Yahoo, there are certain areas one needs to address. The areas one needs to address are as follows :

  • The Keyword density
  • The structure of your site
  • The role of Backlink
  • Aging of the site

1)      Keyword Density

Though this is not a unique factor, it still differs with the kind of keyword density limits for Google and the keyword density limits for Yahoo. Although there are no defined percentages of keyword density with regards to the number of words you use, you can determine the best keyword density by studying your competitors. This will help you to determine the best keyword density with your website and area in view. Optimal densities are no more a determined, one-size call or calculation. The nature of your website and the industry will determine the optimal density of your keywords.

Moreover optimal keyword densities differ periodically and thus you will have to study them on a regular basis to ensure that you are within the optimal level. Tools like Total Optimizer Pro can determine the optimal level of your keyword density in the specific time set by you.

2)      The structure of your site

Yahoo is the strictest of search engines when it comes to the structure of your website. While having a website with the right structure is good for a number of reasons, Yahoo is one search engine that will reward you richly for your efforts. Google and MSN on the other hand paid fewer dividends for restructuring websites in the right manner.

The structure of your site is important for two major reasons. First of all, the structure instructs the order in which a search engine has to check your page contents. You can determine which contents have o be given the highest priority. Contents that are present higher up in the code are prioritized more than contents that are present below them. A well-structured website will be lower in code thanks to the use of CSS, reduced use of table etc. Reduction in code will further push the contents higher up in page ranking of a search engine, giving it more attention.

3)      The Role of Backlinks

As in the case of Google and other popular search engines backlinks play a big role in ranking you sites well. Boasting a solid set of backlinks from relevant sites by using decent anchor text is a great practice when you want to rank well in Yahoo’s search engines. Yahoo is very similar to Google when it comes to counting the backlink numbers. Mentioned below are few aspects with regards to backlinks that ought to be taken into consideration for optimizing sites in Yahoo.

  1. The quality of the site for which you are linking
  2. The position of your links (positioning them naturally)
  3. Anchor text and their relevancy to the content
  4. Non-reciprocal links or one way links via directories listings

Most of these factors are very similar to what you see in the algorithm of Google. After all, these algorithms are used in increase the value, meaning and genuine value of websites.

4)        The aging of a site

New websites and links are never going to get the same priority as sites that have existed for long periods. Yahoo’s site aging standards have been set strictly over the last couple of years, however they are not as strict as the ones imposed by Google. Even if you have everything in order, new websites can find it very challenging to rank competitively before six months from the time it is created. What adds more difficulty to this is the delay in analyzing the value of links. Naturally no new site will have links and links that appear later will take some time before its full weight is recognized.

Yet, things are easier in Yahoo than you would find in Google.

As other search engines are pulling up their socks, it is important to consider them rather than sticking to Google all the time. The above points will help you rank well in the Yahoo search engine.


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The Easy Way to Create a Great Looking Website

If you’re a newcomer to web design, you probably feel daunted by the prospect of creating a great looking site. You needn’t be. There are a number of fantastic tools that can help make your dream site – you don’t even need any coding knowledge!

In the past most web designers came from a programming or design background. In order to create something that both looked good and worked well – you probably needed years of HTML experience. Nowadays, you can create your own site – with ease! And we’re not just talking a simple block of text with a few links and pictures – you can build your own site that both looks and feels like it was made by a professional.

So how do you do it?

Unless you want to spend months of studying to learn the precise code you need to build your site from scratch, there are a few options. Software such as Dreamweaver allows you to create a fully functioning and attractive site with relative ease. The problem is, such software is normally expensive. There are free alternatives available, but they sometimes lack in features.

For those of you want a simple site, it’s not too hard to learn some basic HTML and get to work in Notepad. It won’t look flash but you can build something very basic in a couple of hours, teaching yourself as you go along. However, if you want something that looks professional and attractive yet you don’t want to stump up too much cash (on either web designers or expensive software) then WordPress is the answer.

How WordPress Makes it Easy

If you haven’t heard of it already, WordPress has revolutionalized the web design and publication industry. Although prominently a blog platform, it can be used to create fantastic and broad websites with a few simple clicks. All the hard work had been done for you. Thousands of coders and designers have contributed to the development of the platform in an open source nature.

There are hundreds of free themes available that offer the ability to fully customize your site. Chances are that you’ve probably been to hundreds of WordPress sites as you browse the internet, but you haven’t even noticed. That’s because they can be customized so extensively that each site can look completely unique. What’s great about the WordPress platform is that you can tweak as little or as much as you like in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

A wealth of plug-ins and add-ons can be utlized to offer an extensive range of options to your user. Whether you want a simple contact form, or a map of your location, there’ll be a WordPress plug-in that can be simply installed to improve your site.

If you want your WordPress site to look extra special – there are a range of exclusive premium themes and plug-ins available. These offer an extra level of design and functionality at reasonable prices. In reality, you can build a great site with ease simply by using the thousands of free alternatives that are available.

Whether you want a simple blog or a large company homepage, WordPress offers the ability to create a great looking site for next to no cost.


About the guest author: Tony Elton has years of experience in creating great website. You can read further fantastic tips at how to create a website.

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3 Exemplary Video Blogs that spread like virus

While you might have heard a lot about Vlogging and its manifold influence on the online traffic, you will certainly not believe a bit of it unless you get full-proof evidences of the same. Well, we have a couple of time-less Vlogs to refer that created viral effect in the cyber world! They will not only make you believe in the effectiveness of Vlogging, but can also be used as guides to create one. Let’s have a look at them and know what they exhibited?

The Hero

This online video campaign created a whirlpool in the world of advertising. You will be astonished to know that this exemplary Vlog witnessed as many as 65 million page views from over 230 countries within three months of its launch! The agency, Draftfcb adapted a tricky way to make it go viral – it initiated an open-ended search for the visitors to discover the actual ‘Hero’ in the video. Amusing enough, each of the visitors found the real hero in himself/herself! The ‘Hero virus’ was so strong that it led to the production of as many as 6 million hero films for even stronger campaigning on public demand!

Burger King Chicken

Can you ever imagine that a Wikipedia page can be created for a chicken? If you think that the idea is bizarre then do make it a point to have a look at the highly responsive Burger King video production. You will find a human-like big Chick, named Subservient Chicken, talking to you and walking about graciously! This funny video created by the agency CP+B amused all, irrespective of age.

Don’t take the knife

This Vlog was more than a promotional video – it was actually an awareness creating interactive blog that was meant for conscience arousal of US teenagers. Who doesn’t know that knife stabbing is a common practice of US teenagers? But what most of us remain unaware of is that mishandling this commonly available kitchen ‘weapon’ is another grave reason that causes lethal accidents. Thus, the sole purpose of this responsive Vlog was to exhibit how two youths had to pay the cost with their lives due to mishandling of this deadly kitchen tool.


Do watch these interactive Vlogs to know how you can create statements, make out-of-the-box promotional campaigns and even do a great deal of social work with skillfully made video productions. These videos got highlighted because they sought to engage the viewer. While creating video post, it is very necessary that you direct a video which is engaging. Like in the first instance, the hunt for hero, made people glue to the video, and the result is what made them share it and comment. In the second instance, the video tingled the laughing bone. Humorous videos are always appreciated, but they should be unique in their appeal. The second one was an awareness video, which is often shared, because if the video is really informative, then people feel as their social!


About the guest author: I am Francis Boyle, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often have to do a lot of research about various products and services. I write blog posts related to video production services.

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Tactics for demographic targeting on Google’s Display Network

Summary: Demographic targeting can be priceless in ensuring that you reach the right audience. Find out how you can use the GDN to your advantage.

It can be vitally important to make sure your message it being heard by the right people. You wouldn’t advertise the product you’d spent years developing with teenagers in mind in a print magazine aimed at pensioners. It doesn’t make sense. You want the people who will want your product to see your ad, not those who don’t. However, this has long been the case online, where your ads are shown indiscriminately to a whole range of people.

This is no longer the case. Through the GDN, demographic targeting is at your fingertips. So now that you can show ads based on several distinctions – including age and gender – it’s important that you get the most out of the feature.

There are now a number of different ways to break down and target your chosen demographic. A good option would be to utilise a variety of these when planning your ads, helping to ensure that you hit the right web users to ensure greater chances of success.

Google scans every webpage and places it under a different topic heading, meaning it is now easy to target ad placements based on Topic. Obviously this is a major advantage if you are providing a product or service that fits neatly within a particular, sought-after niche.

It is also worth aiming outside your own niche at other topics that the people within your demographic might enjoy. Think about else your demographic do their interests and other activities and choose related topics. This may not immediately apparent, but there will be common ground to exploit. You should then place ads accordingly. Spreading your topics like this will ensure you reach a wider audience, but be savvy. It’s no good if you are hitting people with no interest in your services.

Google takes information based on these topics to develop sets of Interests that apply to various demographics. While Topics look at pages, Interests look at people. Google analyses the backgrounds of the different people visiting websites and assigns these sites to different trends – they use cookies to determine what sites someone visits and assign them into a demographic category, male or female for example. So while the user contributes to the makeup of these demographics, they are also influenced and labelled with them, allowing you to include or exclude your ads from these groups through Interest targeting.

Unfortunately, this means you are relying on Google to accurately tag the various webpages and identify your audience. As usual, this will not be perfect and you are likely to miss out on potential customers, as well as advertising to customers who will have no interest in your product. It would have previously been too much work to select individual websites to advertise on, but now Ad Planner takes most of the work out of the equation. It allows you to more quickly identify specific types of website based on their Audience, Content and Placement segmentation.

Of course, this can all seem like too much to do yourself. Google’s targeting tools are never easy to get a handle on. Sometimes it makes more sense to leave this to a PPC agency or a digital marketing agency that is UK-based and has the knowledge to effectively manage your online campaign.


Attribute to: Jag Ture: Jag has been writing for over 5 years. Her sales and marketing background has helped her write informative articles in areas including digital marketing; specifically, PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media.

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Blogging: It’s More than Just Posting

Using social media to draw attention to your blog posts

Blogging isn’t exactly what it used to be. There was a time, not too many years ago, when you could search for a topic and find a handful of blogs discussing the issue or at least something similar. Today, however, search results can return hundreds, if not thousands, of blog sites with relevant articles. This is great news for information seekers, but what about those trying to get their information to stand out above the rest?

The answer is that simply blogging and waiting for visitors no longer works. You can easily become lost in the crowd. If no other websites are pointing to your site, your ranking on search engines is probably already pretty low; for example, your blog post about trends in smartphone case designs might fall on page seven or eight of a search result on exactly that topic. Instead, you need to start reaching out to your readers, and fortunately, social media is making it easier and easier for you to reach your target markets.

Using Pins to Stand Out

Keeping with the smartphone case design trends topic, let’s say you’re trying to reach the geek crowd online with your blog. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, now would be a great time to sign up. It’s easy to become lost on this website, which allows users to post images that they’ve found online or from their own websites. Each image links back to the original website and Pinterest users can like, comment about, or re-pin your image, giving it even more exposure. Once you become a member, you can post an image of a popularly trending smartphone cover design under the Pinterest category “geek” that links right back to your blog. Pinterest viewers who are browsing through geek images will see your image and many might click through to see what else you have to say on the topic; especially if it’s a really interesting cover design.

Get Readers to Stumble On It

Another way to reach a specific genre of readers is through StumbleUpon works by allowing its users to post stories that they find interesting onto the site. Users can categorize the stories, placing them under genres such as “art” and “geek,” and the site will be entered into the pool that StumbleUpon draws from. The site works by allowing users to specify their interests when they sign up and then every time they hit the button “stumble,” StumbleUpon gives them a new site that falls within their specific interests. If you really want to move up how often your page shows up in a given category, you can pay to have it circulated more often. But even if your story is added to the general pool, it will increase the number of people viewing it.

Punch It Up with Google Plus

Google Plus is actually a pretty valuable tool, though it may be a bit underrated. The features on Google+ work similar to a comprehensive social media site. You can follow people just as you would on Twitter, read streaming posts and status updates as you would on Facebook, and tag and post pictures as you would on Picasa or Facebook. In fact, you can even integrate extensions that allow you to streamline your posts with other social media services such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also create circles, which are essentially categories where you can place friends so that you can send posts specifically to them, and other people can follow your posts. It’s a way to reach out to the social media crowd in a more streamlined fashion and allows you to create groups and send specific information to targeted members.

Along with the growing number of posts concerning just about every topic under the sun, social media sites are also growing at a rapid pace. The best way to standing out in these increasingly crowded environments is to find those sites that reach your target audiences and utilize them as much as possible. Posting a good article is the first step but after that, generating readers requires a touch of marking flair and social media savvy.

What new social media sites have you found that work well for your business? What other ways have you found to reach out to your target audience?


About the guest author: Working with storage units users in 34 of the 50 the United States, Tim Eyre helps customers store their stuff in places like the Riverside storage units facility. Tim also contributes to the conversation at

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SEO Tips for Flex Websites

What’s your website’s page rank? – A common question in today’s world of technology. If you have a website or a blog, the very first thing you need to consider is the website’s SERP rank. It’s because you create a website and spend months together developing it just to get a high page rank. Sometimes you also pay for driving traffic to your website. But do you know, is the result you get is really worth the dollars? When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process, you need to understand how search engines work exactly, to get your website listed in the search engines. If you are aware of the basics of how the search engines work, then it’s pretty easy to effectively communicate your site’s information to the search engines.

‘How the search engines work’ – a very interesting question that has varied answers! With the constant change in SEO rules and practices, it’s quite hard for us to determine how exactly search engines work and what works out well to achieve a good page rank. Talking about the SEO techniques, now you have lots of strategies that you can rely upon to increase your SERP rankings. With very less effort, you can build high-quality backlinks and generate humungous traffic to your websites in just hours. But, what if you have a flex website? Will these strategies work out for flex website? The answer is always a ‘NO’!

Are you having a Flex website and are you striving hard to increase its page rank? Creating a Flex website is the most interesting job of the web developers and also the most satisfying for users and designers. With the Web 2.0 sites’ introduction, Flex has emerged as the most popular one among the different programming languages, but with a major flaw. Do you know the biggest problem with flex websites? The problem is flex websites are not search engine friendly for several reasons.

To explain the problem in simple words, the spiders don’t crawl for search texts, if it’s a pure flash/flex website. This is because the search engines will need to effectively decompile your SWF (your compiled program executed through Flash Player). There are various reasons for this problem like:

  • Google usually doesn’t decompile SWF.
  • Developers use the Flash solution as a means of obfuscation.
  • Whether the SWF should be decompiled or not is debatable since the SWF standard is owned by Adobe.

For solving this problem, you can consider using the Shadow site with Deep Linking functionality. But what exactly is the shadow site? Shadow site, also termed as HTML version or Text only, is a WordPress blog in which all the relevant HTML articles are stored by the content manager in the associated MySQL database. When it comes to creating shadow site, the most important is the JavaScript that displays the trailing HTML and redirects to the website’s Flex version. During this process, the JavaScript interprets the website’s current URL, turning it into a friendly format for deep linking. While using java scripts, you need to be familiar with the 2 most essential codes libraries: SWFObject and SWFAddress. If you add the capabilities of these two important libraries, then there will be a dramatic increase in the usability and SEO of your flex websites.

Usually creating a deep linking functionality is the only preferred SEO technique for flex websites. And also, it’s pretty easy to create a deep linking for your flex website as there are many ways to create deep links like BrowserManager, SWFAddress, URLKit, etc. Each way is different from the other and has unique benefits. It’s better to try our all the ways possible for your flex website and stick to the one that works best for your site. As when it comes to the question ‘Which is the best SEO technique for Flex website?’ you won’t know the answer until you personally experience the benefits from each technique.


About the guest author: Heather Protz, a freelance writer for – offers full home security to help protect your family, assets from burglary and other crimes. ADT Security Services

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How to Enhance Your Online Customer Messaging

Nowadays, most people go online when looking for different kinds of products and services. Therefore, a website is a very vital tool for any business or company. Besides its functionality and design, the other critical element of a site is its customer messaging. When potential consumers visit your site, they will want to know who you are, what you are promoting and what makes you stand out from the competition. Your website messaging should offer appropriate answers to these questions.

The following are some tips for improving your online customer messaging:

1. Focus on the customer

For a message to have an impact on customers, it needs to be personalized. Make frequent use of the pronoun ‘you’ to make readers feel like you are communicating with them directly. For instance, instead of saying ‘you will love our product’ is more effective and personal compared to ‘our customers love our products’. Taking time to understand your audience well will enable you to address them appropriately with the right information and buzzwords.

2. Establish credibility

Establishing credibility will enable you to win the trust of potential consumers. The following are some suggestions for building credibility:

  • Never exaggerate concerning the effectiveness of your services or products
  • Use legitimate testimonials and facts to support your claims
  • Don’t tarnish the name of competitors

3. Get to the point

Make sure your customer messages are as concise as possible. Many website owners make the mistake of communicating little information using excess words. You could consider hiring the services of a professional copywriter to rewrite the text on your site in a concise manner.

4. Use images/video

You need to keep in mind that customer messaging is not just about the written word. Nowadays, it is very affordable and easy to produce a short video demonstrating how a product is used or inviting customers to an event.  Images and videos are very powerful tools for engaging your current and potential customers.

5. Ask, don’t tell

Customers don’t like being coerced into doing anything. For instance, many customers would get put off if they go to a store where they are told ‘buy now’. Instead, they would prefer to receive an invitation. Therefore, when creating customer messages, make sure they are as friendly as possible. This will cause potential customer to warm up to you, as well as your business.


About the guest author: Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who likes sharing tips for internet marketers. He is currently writing articles about how to create a website.

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Review on Infinity Consulting Solutions

Employers have always found it difficult to get the right person for the right job, in the current market situation Human resources have become more of a nightmare. Today’s Market Scenario is such that skilled employees who have the potential to be major contributors to a company are stuck in dead end jobs and lower than deserved pay scales. However due to the unavailability of good jobs in the market, or the difficulty in reaching out to business owners or high level company executives, those people often tend to slog in their unsatisfying job. This has created problems for all parties involved. The Present employer of such skilled individuals is in a loss as these people have no or little interest working there. The Prospective employer is in a loss as he can’t get the skilled individuals he needs. The employees themselves are chained to their current jobs due to fear of unemployment as well as fear of the inability to meet day to day expenses.

A great service to solve the problems of all three parties is a company called Infinity Consulting Solutions. They provide one of kind solutions to employment problems faced by both the employers and the employees. They sort through hundred of potential employees with meticulous work to find the best suited for every particular employer. Employees on the other hand get a wide variety of employers who are looking for individuals with their own unique set of skills and experience to contribute to an organization. Crucial resources like time and money is saved in the thousands by both parties and the final goal is achieved in a short amount of time. Employers get an employee who is best suited to their job while employees get a job which suits them the best. The variety of jobs available are wide and large, everything from complex accounting to something like corporate receptionist jobs are available for grabs.

Apart from this they also provide services such as payroll services where employers no longer need to worry about the complex nature of managing the various payrolls in the company and the legislation to go along with it. The company keeps itself up to date with the new rules and laws passed by the IRS and makes sure you have no loopholes in your company’s account. Overall the company serves as a middleman between an employee and employer and finds the perfect pair among both through individual approaches for both as well as a personal human touch to make sure things move along smoothly.


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Top 5 Tips for Preventing Negative SEO

Negative SEO has become a controversial issue after recent emails sent out by Google Webmaster Tools warned users about their sites generating traffic from artificial and possibly unnatural links. Scores of users were alarmed and confused by these emails because they could not imagine their websites would be operating outside of guidelines in any way. As it turns out, a new trend in shady web tactics is to use search engine optimization against the webmaster. Help prevent negative SEO from becoming an issue on your website by following these 5 tips:

Stay Informed
Your website is your domain, in more ways than one. Consider yourself the king of your online territory and stay informed about everything that goes on within your land. Google Webmaster Tools and other services can provide you with regular scheduled email updates about your website’s status and traffic, making sure that you stay informed of both the positive and negative forces that may be at work in your domain.

Light the Beacons
When something suspicious is going on within your gates, you will want to know about it right away. Services like Google Analytics can provide immediate alerts to suspicious activity on your website, lighting the metaphorical beacons as your first line of defense. Set up a system of alerts so that you can be notified of problems right away, before they grow into more serious issues.

Deploy the Scouts
There is only so much you can see from inside your castle, so to speak. Search engines are influenced by other factors than websites’ search engine optimization features. You will want to periodically check your website on search engines using your SEO terms, but most search engines use your personal data and history to filter your search results. Enlist the help of outsiders to check on your site via popular search engines to be sure your search rankings are staying high.

Monitor the Borders
When you check up on your website’s state of affairs, pay special attention to the incoming traffic; this is one of the most reliable indicators that negative SEO could be at work. Your webmaster control panel should allow you to see where your website’s traffic is originating. If you start to see links that look suspicious or unusual, you may be at risk of negative SEO subterfuge. Check on your traffic regularly to identify trends and keep an eye open for anything that seems to deviate significantly from those trends.

Call in the Cavalry
If your negative SEO problem gets out of hand, contact professionals at services like SEO Dubai or other competent SEO specialists. Problems with your website should not be taken lightly. Your online presence can be an important aspect of your business, and a goldmine for malicious hackers. Your kingdom needs to be protected, and this is often too much for a single person to handle on their own. Have experts set up your site with a solid SEO foundation and help you sort out problems, should they ever arise.


This is a unique article written by Sarah Harris and published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

Why Using Microdata Is Essential For Your SEO And Can Help Bring More Traffic

Chances are that you may have overheard people talking about why using Microdata is essential for your SEO and can help bring more traffic. This of course all sounds great except what exactly is microdata ? Many folks get discouraged at pursing this subject any further because it all sounds so technical and complex. Actually it is much simpler than you think and it is all something extremely useful for any online entrepreneur to grasp and understand.

You may already be aware of the fact that there are at least three code languages whose work it is to provide search engine spider programs or crawlers with access to all the relevant information they require on a website. Microdata is one of them. It is actually a new HTML5 specification that is able to embed data in HTML documents that can then easily be read by search engine spiders or robots.

The result at the end of the day is that a web page much more search engine friendly because it becomes easier for the spiders to classify and understand what the page is about and everything about it. The result is that the information created by search engines to summarize the page will always appear more detailed than what is made available from a web page that does not have the microdata option. The outcome is a much richer browsing experience for the web user.

Here it is well worth noting the fact that various research programs that have been carried out have clearly established that web pages with micro data ended up being visited more from search engine results sometimes by as much as 15 per cent.

This is hardly surprising when you consider all the rich snippets that only microdata makes possible in search engine results. With more information about a particular search result you would expect that more people will be ale to identify the exact information they are looking for. Secondly when more information is provided in the summary the assumption by the user is that, the particular website has more information than the others and it is therefore easy to see why somebody would opt for the web result that appears to have more information. Everybody would appreciate being able to get all their information in one place without moving from one website to website to another getting bits and pieces. It is part of the user experience nightmare that search engines want to avoid at all costs.

Big advantage to small local businesses and businesses having trouble with visibility

Think for a minute about a small local business and users on the ground in the neighborhood using a search engine to find them and information about them. With microdata and increased detail localized searches are bound to rank much higher more so because searches for local business will tend to have more words in the keyword phrase sometimes mentioning specific locations.

Business that are not happy with their ranking in search engines also need to think seriously about the microdata option. A very common ailment amongst businesses that are unable to rank highly in searches is their sites not being indexed accurately enough for particular niches. Microdata is a wonderful solution to that precise problem and in all likelihood businesses that make use of this HTML5 specification will find that there is a huge difference and improvement.

Conversation rate is important

Imagine a situation where a website gets tons of visitors but ends up converting a very tiny and small percentage of them into paying clients. In the days when bandwidth was a huge issue this would be extremely upsetting and very costly without a return to show for it but even today no webmaster would be able to thrive in such a situation. With microdata where the information given is more detailed the quality of click throughs is usually a lot higher meaning that the conversion rate is bound to be extremely high.


Admittedly some skeptics may be able to point to the fact that microdata on its own without taking care of other critical SEO details may not have the desired impact. This is of course true. But it is also true that anybody who wants to optimize their site will usually want to ensure that every small detail in favor of their cause is made full use of and that should include Microdata.


About the guest author: Jason Smith is an online consultant for Maxwell systems that provides construction accounting software solutions . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.

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