How Direct Response Marketers Can Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic

A lot of us still refer to Pinterest as the “new” social network on the block, but it is time to put that kind of thinking to rest. Pinterest has proven itself. It has risen to be a major player, and its meteoric rise means that online marketing pros cannot afford to ignore or neglect it any longer. Pinterest has a huge, ever-expanding audience, which makes it an invaluable tool for driving traffic.

For the direct response marketer, in particular, Pinterest can be a tremendous way to drive traffic back to a blog. This is all contingent on using Pinterest strategically, though. Read on for some tips on how Pinterest can be used to drive traffic back to direct response blogs.

Pin Your Posts—Selectively

The temptation any direct response blogger will have is to pin each and every blog post, assuming that sheer volume will win the day. This is a rookie mistake. The truth is that Pinterest users are not interested in getting spammed, and if they wanted to see each and every one of your blog posts, they would subscribe to your blog.

Instead, get selective. Pin only your best blog posts—the ones you think will most resonate with Pinterest users. This, of course, requires a little bit of research. Use Pinterest’s search feature to find the keywords and topics that get the most re-pins. Pin your blog posts that most line up with those topics. By focusing on offering quality content, you are ultimately going to draw more Pinterest followers, and cultivate a deeper level of trust—which translates into more traffic for your blog.

Choose Your Image—Carefully

Next, you will need to choose the image that accompanies your post. Pinterest is an image-dominated social network—which makes this the most important decision you will make, when it comes to your Pinterest activity! You can simply choose to re-use the image from your original blog post, but be careful. Make sure that it tells users what the post is about, and that it makes sense even out of context.

You may also wish to pick a new image, or construct a custom image of your own. Do not hesitate to use something plain, simple, and text-oriented—a white backdrop with a few words explaining what the blog post is about. Ultimately, this kind of clarity can be more enticing to users than an image that is vague or misleading.

Make Good Use of Pin-It Buttons

Finally, remember that some folks may end up at your blog through Pinterest, but for others, the route might be reversed. Some users may end up at your blog and then wish to take what they find back to Pinterest with them. Help them out by adding “Pin-It” buttons to all of your blog posts. After all, if a blog reader wants to help you do your social marketing, why wouldn’t you want to make it easy for him?

Pinterest is not just a niche service any longer, but an invaluable platform for drawing and directing traffic—which makes it a great resource for anyone who thrives on getting blog hits.


This guest post was by blogger and direct response marketing expert, Rich Gorman.

3 Wise Ways To Make Your Mark Thorough Youtube

Do you know that the hot favorite Vlog, YouTube, is more than a personal entertainment blog?  It is being considered as the popular tool for online marketing, and the craze is growing every day! This makes it clear that the business owners and marketers are certainly gaining their desired outcome from this social media tool. So, it will be nothing wrong to remark that YouTube marketing is ‘in’ these days. But you need to know a couple of tricks to actually make it work for you. Check out!

A second website

Experts suggest that it is a bit more advantageous when you maintain an official website of yours and treat a YouTube site as your second one. You cannot deny that the applications in YouTube are a bit limited, especially in cases like size of content, provision of detailed information on your products and similar other things. But at the same time, YouTube allows your customers to go through the live demo of your product, educate themselves with live reviews of the satisfied customers, etc. – all of which add further to the trust building process. So, when you treat YouTube as your second website and integrate it with your main site, you get added advantages.

Decide upon your intentions

Different web marketers use YouTube for different reasons. Say for instance, while some use it to win more readerships, others think it as a greater way to capture boosted leads. Similarly, some try to establish their brands globally, while others prefer to team it up with direct sales offer and yet others consider it as a catalyst that will spur the salability of their affiliate products.  So, the first and foremost thing is that you need to be definite about your goal. If you are confused, so will the visiting traffic be and you will fall short of enjoying the benefits of YouTube marketing.

Make things match

If your official website has a serious looking interface, do stick to that when you amalgamate it with your YouTube site. The visitors who come to your website will not feel ‘shocked’ when they visit your second site, the YouTube website, if the aesthetics of both, such as fonts, color schemes and size of fonts, harmonize with each other.


About the guest author: Roman runs a Social Media Marketing Company. He offers Social Media services for artists, marketers, businessmen and for those who want to buy twitter followers.

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Are Viral Videos Really Viral?

You may recall that the first notable example of a viral video campaign was the advertising surrounding the indie film ‘The Blair Witch Project’ back in 1990 (yup, it was that long ago). The premise of the film, including the now ubiquitous “shaky cam” that has come to be associated with amateur filming, lent itself well to the viral idea, since the goal was to present the movie as something that really happened to a bunch of college students out in the woods. Do you remember watching the video clips online and discussing with your friends whether or not they could be for real? The ad campaign was so well done that even after the movie was released in theaters there was serious debate about whether or not it was all staged. Of course, we now know that it was more or less scripted. But at the time, the use of social media for viral marketing was virtually unheard of. And it launched a phenomenon that has since resulted in successful campaigns for Burger King, Old Spice, and a number of other brands.

But are viral videos really viral in this day and age? Were they ever truly an organic system, spread by the people rather than by the marketing machine? Is it possible to truly allow the public to make an ad campaign wildly successful simply by posting it and watching it grow? Well, here’s the thing about social media. There is definitely built-in incentive to share, as evidenced by the term “social”. So the interest of the public can definitely have an effect on how quickly or widely a viral campaign spreads. But the truth is that businesses launching viral campaigns can’t just sit on the sidelines and wait for the masses to do the work for them. Creating a successful viral campaign takes plenty of planning and hard work throughout the process.

Perhaps the hardest part of any marketing effort is gauging the public interest. But when it comes to viral videos and the campaigns that surround them, the real trick is creating content that hooks people so that they want to share it. Often, this involves humor, spectacle, mystery, or some combination thereof. People want to be entertained. They also want to be on top of the next big trend or pop culture phenomenon, gaining prestige amongst their peers for being the first to discover the latest and greatest items to hit the worldwide web and the mobile space. However, targeting this nebulous idea is more than a little difficult for companies wishing to capitalize on the penchant of modern social media users to share. As it is, consumers are bombarded by content, so finding a way to break through the white noise and make an impression is probably the toughest aspect of any viral campaign.

From there it’s just a matter of hitting the right platforms, following analytics, and making adjustments in order to afford a viral campaign the best opportunities to, well, go viral. There are, of course, other ways to push content; you could utilize SEO practices, buy YouTube views, and otherwise maximize your chances of being seen so that your campaign has a better shot at taking off. And creating a multi-platform campaign by implementing real-world strategies to promote (billboards, print ads, etc.) could help, as well. But as to the initial question of whether or not viral campaigns are really viral, the answer is both yes and no. While they still rely largely on viewers to share with their contacts, they get a lot of help from marketing strategy and optimization efforts.


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Google AdWords Packages for Small Businesses

AdWords is Google’s online advertisement solution and it is the company’s main source of income. AdWords can be used by both, businesses and website owners. If you own a website or a blog, you can subscribe to Google AdWords and allow the company to place ads. If you own a business, you can place ads through Google. The pay per click model is one of the biggest business models, where the revenue is generated only when a user clicks on the online advertisement.

If you own a business, it’s not enough if you have a website, you need to generate traffic and figure out potential leads. Google’s AdWords is a right platform because you don’t have to invest a lot to get started and as a matter of fact, you only have to pay as you go. If you own a small business, say for example, you are a photographer; you need to figure out your target audience and what their search string would be. Since Google AdWords offers ads in a lot of languages, you can pick the language in which ads will be displayed and the geographical reach. If you are a local photographer, a person in Australia is not going to benefit from the advertisement.

There are a lot of companies that offer advertisement and optimization services using Google AdWords. Depending on your budget and long run plans, you can either pick a self managed package or completely outsource it. If you have a limit on the budget, or if you have the time for online traffic analysis, then the self managed model is possibly the one that will best suit you. There are loads of analyses and insight tools available and you can figure out the common search strings that your website visitors use. You can use this data to customize your AdWords advertisements. It is also wise to use negative keywords, for example, if you are not shooting on a 35mm film, you can block ads shown on pages related to film photography.

If you have a good budget and if you feel that it is best when professionals take care of your online advertisement strategy, you can subscribe to one of those all in one packages. You might be spending a little extra money and in my opinion, it is money well spent as it is an investment in your business.  These professionals analyze the online traffic and tend to figure out the search patterns. The data generated is then used to devise a strategy to drive traffic to your site so that you can generate potential leads to develop your business. You will need to understand that driving traffic to your website is not going to happen overnight as a strategy has to be devised. Once this is in place, you can switch over to a more economical package that is self managed.

Although there are a lot of AdWords packages that internet analysts offer, it is always best to pick one that fits your budget.


About the guest author: Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for – The Lowest-Priced Satellite TV in America. Dish Network

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How to Retain and Encourage your Customers with Foursquare

When you think of Foursquare, you may think of it as simply a great check-in service that allows friends and family to see where you are at or have been. Yes, it is that but it is much, much more. It is an extremely effective and useful business tool as well. There is an entire marketing system in place behind the scenes. Businesses, retailers and even individual brands can all benefit from the marketing genius of Foursquare.

Retain your existing customers

Foursquare uses a simple marketing technique which places emphasis on retaining existing customers. Millions of dollars are spent on a daily basis by companies trying to bring in new customers but Foursquare’s approach is aimed at enticing customers to stay with the business they already know and love.

For small businesses, keeping customers happy and making them feel special is an easy task. Simply remembering customer’s names and interacting with them on a frequent basis will keep them coming back because it’s a place where they feel comfortable. Larger businesses are usually not able to attain this.

Social networking has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Of course television and radio advertising are still solid marketing plans but social networking has become a much more visited platform. With Foursquare, businesses get the best of both. They get a solid marketing plan through the badges program, plus a social network that allows friends and businesses to interact on the same level.

By offering discounts to customers who “check-in” often or become “mayors” of an establishment by having the most check-ins, businesses are reaching out and giving customers a kind of competition to compete for with prizes being the discounted or free products and services or other marketing choices.

Why is Foursquare advantageous

One more reason for Foursquare’s success is that the services they offer are mutually cost-efficient. It costs more to market for new customers and it is easier to retain the existing ones that a business already serves. The actual percentage cost is approximately 5-9 times as much to market new customers. Yet, a recent study by Harvard Business Review showed that approximately 91% of all small businesses do not bother attempting to retain their current customer base. Other studies have shown that a typical American business will lose 50% of its customers during every 5 year period.

The benefits are there for businesses to retain their customers as other studies have shown that current customers spend around 67% more on products and services than a new customer will spend. Approximately 68% of all customers leave because they don’t feel appreciated anymore.

Here are some quick tips to help integrate Foursquare into your business marketing plan:

  1. Start your company page and fill out your company profile. You want to be noticeable and easily searchable in the rankings so put as much info out there as possible.
  2. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social networking is the future of marketing and you want to be able to reach your customers no matter what social platform they are using, any time of day. Customers spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, whether it’s on their computer, laptop, tablet or phone. The old saying, “go where your customers are” rings true and the best and easiest to access location of your customers is through social networking.
  3. Keep it up. Don’t just post every few months and expect that to be enough. You should interact with your customers through social networking to gain a kind of “friendship” with them. If they see your posts online and notice you interacting with them through comments, posts or chats, they are more likely to feel comfortable continuing using your services or buying your products.


Foursquare has practically revolutionized the social networking as well as marketing industry. Foursquare’s bringing businesses together with their customers in ways never seen before.


About the guest author: This guest post was shared with you by D. Blackthorn. Dmitri does online marketing and SEO for Drm Removal software team. Click here to visit his current project.

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Visually Stunning Web Design Attracts New Customers

Attracting new customers can sometimes seem like a big chore. With all the different distractions available in today’s world, drawing customers in to a website or inside a physical shop can take a lot more effort than before. It can be important to take chances and try new things. Don’t be afraid to fail when it comes to advertising and attracting new customers. There are so many different ways to advertise and use different outlets in order to bring in a new wave of consumers.

Using the internet opens up a whole new variety of methods to advertise. One of the most effective ways has been the website, which can be extremely useful in spreading information about a company or product. In order to create the best website to accomplish your business goals, there are a few things that every website needs.


Every website needs to be organised. If a website becomes too cluttered or confusing, customers are less likely to try to figure it out and will leave to find the information they want somewhere else. This is the information age, where anything anyone wants to know is at their fingertips. If they can’t find something at the source, they will go elsewhere. Therefore, it’s extremely important to keep customers on your website. Having a well laid-out page with pertinent information easily viewable can make a huge difference.


Of the many options available on websites these days, there are many different extras that can be added. Some may be useful in creating a unique page, but others can take things overboard in a way that doesn’t help attract new customers. Flash animation can sometimes be a fun addition to a website as long as it’s done tastefully and usefully. Remember that not everyone has an internet connection that works well with flash or other animations. Music is sometimes an addition, but many people find music an annoying part of a website.

In order to ensure that you have the best website possible, it is sometimes best to employ a professional web design company. Professional web design companies know exactly how to design the website and can even help you translate your vision into something tangible. They can make suggestions of how best to market the website and how different layouts and functions will appeal to different demographics

Bringing in new customers is the lifeblood of a successful company, and keeping up with the trends of the internet and having a great website can take the guesswork out of some of that. Not everyone is as experienced with technology, but with a professional webdesign company, every website can turn out with a unique and visually stunning design in order to work to the purposes originally set out for its creation.


About the guest author: Tina is a freelance writer who spends her free time working on websites. For professional help, she always turns to web design Swansea.

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Top 3 Ranking And Traffic Driving Backlinks

When it comes to SEO and traffic generation there are a couple of techniques that have stranded the test of time. Most tactics come and go right back out after search engine algorithms adapt. The following are tactics that have been born over a decade ago but are still strong valid ways of driving traffic and ranking your website:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to grow your audience and establish yourself as an authority in the niche that you are targeting. No matter how narrow your niche is there are still other relevant places you can guest post on to drive traffic. You do not just have to find direct websites related to yours. Let’s say for example you are in the health and fitness market. You could go to an internet marketing websites and help internet marketers get more exercise because internet marketers are typically sitting for most of the day.

Guest Posting is a strong way to establish yourself as an authority in the marketplace you are currently in. This is by far one of the best ways to grab traffic and subscribers quickly. The trick is to find blogs that have lots of traffic that can be directed back to your website if your article is written well enough.

The main thing to focus on when searching for guest posts is relevance. Make sure you are targeting the right audience so you can get the most benefit possible from posting your article. Before writing your article you should also view the website you are posting on to see which articles get the most attention so you can pick a popular topic that the audience already likes. This will help prevent you from writing an article that flops.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another popular way to generating quality backlinks and driving additional traffic to your website. It is a good idea to answer people’s questions when you’re posting blog comments.  If you can hit reply to the first commenter you will also be benefiting yourself because the higher your link is on the page the higher the probability your links will be clicked by a potential customer who is interested is what you do!

Here is a quick video explaining exactly how to blog comment!

How to get backlinks – blog comments

The comment should be your own opinion of the article or if you are answering a question for someone. Make sure you over deliver so you can impress viewers and get them on your website!

Forum Posting

This is yet another great way to generating additional traffic and rankings. When you help people out in forums, you will position yourself as an expert in the field that you are in. When you register to a popular niche related forum you will want to make sure you fill your profile completely with as much information as possible so people know who you are.

Make sure you add an avatar and if you do not like to show pictures of yourself be sure to add a niche related image just to give your profile some personality. The next parts of your profile you will want to fill out are your bio, website url, or any other information the forum asks you to fill in. The more you can fill in the better you will look.

Here is an awesome tip: Mention that “if anyone has any questions that they can feel free to contact you by PM or email.” This is a great way to getting people to connect with you.

How to Proceed

There is a huge opportunity to post on high authority websites so you can drive additional traffic, rank higher in the search engines, and become a market leader. These tactics have been around for many years and will not be going away anytime soon. To get the best results I would recommend you post on blogs, forums and guest post at least once a week to start generating the traffic you are working to achieve!


About the guest author: Matthew Green is an Internet marketer who created Market Spark Pro. Software which does your entire niche related link prospecting for you so you can build high quality backlinks more efficiently!

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Secrets to Link Building Like A Professional

It’s probably a good idea to start with the things that you should never do in link building like a professional.

There are folks who are still very heavily involved in link exchanges. Not only do they not work but Google hates reciprocal links and their guidelines have always spelt this out. Spammy blog comments aimed only at linking back to a target site are also something you must avoid at all times. It is interesting how this is still a very common practice and yet all leading search engines have sealed this loophole by automatically classifying all such links as no follow links. Interestingly both these activities usually take up a huge amount of time not to mention that it is all very hard work. Why go into all the trouble if the links you generate will not work for you or benefit you in any way?

It makes a lot more sense to concentrate your valuable time on activities that will indeed generate valuable links and help you quickly climb up the search rankings.

Don’t produce content that people will not talk about

The easiest way to generate a high number of quality links pointing at your site is to produce quality content that people are bound to talk about and share. Content that is really not original just won’t cut it. Neither will recycling the same old information in a different way. What you need is brand new unique, original stuff that will wow your audience. This is one more reason why it does not make sense for anybody to build a website on a topic that they are not familiar with or have no special training or background. How else will they be able to guarantee that the site and all the content they produce will be valuable additions to the knowledge and information base on that topic? Because that is the only way to make an impact with search engines.

Search engines love social media and if your articles are always the kind that will get discussed then you can be sure that people will share and link back to your site like crazy for each post or article that you generate.

Make Sure You Brush Shoulders With Industry Leaders And Gurus

Every industry and profession has the people and organizations that everybody looks up to. A powerful strategy for link building like a professional is to make sure that you always find an excuse to talk to these folks and interact with them in whatever way possible. Get very interested in everything they do and say and in this way it will be fairly easy for you to do things that will attract their attention and cause them to discuss you and link to you. Always remember that a link from an authority site is more than pure gold when it comes to link juice.

Social Bookmarking sites still work

These days most people do not pay much attention to popular social networking sites like Delicious, Digg and Reddit. There was a time before social media took over that most webmasters used these sites to provoke viral promotion of their content and site. The truth is that these sites are still a great way to generate genuine back links.

What Kind of Content Do People Like To Link To?

The answer to this question is interesting stuff like videos and pictures. You need to remember that most people will find it difficult to read through an article but will have no problem sitting back to watch a lengthy video online. This is probably one of the reasons why stats show that videos are very popular when it comes to the generation of lots of links very quickly. Use this to your advantage.

Make it Easy For People To Link Back

Do everything in your power to make it easy for people to link to you. For instance you can make sure that you always include a widget in your posts and articles that contains HTML code to link to that specific page or article. So all somebody needs to do is cut and paste the code to link to you. This will definitely make a huge difference in the number of links your site will be generating on a regular basis.

If you make the right moves to link building like a professional and you do it consistently, then there is no reason why your site will not start rapidly climbing up the ranks which should mean more traffic and revenue for you.


About the guest author: Jason Smith is an online consultant for heavy duty trailer hitches. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.

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How The Right Webhost Can Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

For most bloggers and webmasters, choosing a webhost is simply about price, space, and bandwidth. They’re usually satisfied as long as their server is somewhat reasonably priced, they get plenty of space, the bandwidth cap is reasonable, and the server doesn’t go down all the time. But did you know that choosing the right web host can actually offer a significant boost to your search engine rankings? Here are 3 factors affected by your choice of webhost that have a significant impact on your site’s search engine rankings:

Load Speed

Perhaps the most significant way that your choice of webhost can affect your search engine rankings is the speed of your server and how it affects pageload times. Google has officially stated on their blog that a website’s loading speed can have an effect on the site’s search engine rankings. Google’s goal is to provide the best possible user experience for its users, and a slow loading webpage doesn’t meet that goal.

Depending on your traffic and bandwidth needs, your choice between shared hosting, VPS/dedicated server, or cloud hosting can not only have a dramatic impact on your site’s usability – it can have a significant effect on search engine rankings. Take a moment to test your website’s speed and seriously assess your hosting needs. Do you have significant multimedia requirements? Do you receive thousands of hits a day? While you might have to spend a little more to upgrade from shared hosting or to upgrade to a cloud hosting option, the boost in speed may be worth the added cost.

Server Downtime

It’s also important to ensure that your webhost has a reputation for solid reliability. While Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to understand that website’s occasionally go down for various reasons, if your website is consistently out-of-service when Google’s bots attempt to crawl, your site may suffer in the search engine rankings. As with page loading speed, Google’s goal is to provide a set of search engine results that offer relevant results and a good user experience. If your site is constantly down, then it doesn’t fit with Google’s stated goals and will consequently suffer in the search engine results.

Before you select a webhost, take the time to research its reviews and ensure that it has a strong reputation for reliability. Sites like or offer reliable, independent user reviews on virtually any webhost. A little research upfront can save you a lot of headaches and missed opportunities down the road.


In recent years, Google has been making great efforts to ensure that search engine results are optimized for each individual user. One of the ways they’ve pursued this goal is through geolocation – that is, personalizing certain serach results based on the user’s location. For certain search queries, Google may deem websites from certain countries more relevant than from others. This can be an important factor to consider if your website is meant for visitors from a specific country.

Because Google uses the location of a website’s server in order to personalize search, choosing a webhost in the wrong country can have a negative impact on your search engine results. If you’re targeting a market in a specific country, the best thing to do is take the time to find a webhost that is located in that country. Not only are there search engine benefits when it comes to geo-location, but the website should load faster for users in that country as well.

If for whatever reason you prefer to choose a webhost in a country other than the one you’re targeting, Google has given webmasters the ability to target specific countries through Google’s Webmaster Tools. If you’re targeting users from a specific country, strongly consider choosing a webhost from that country, or at the very least – use Google Webmaster Tools to inform Google that you want to target users from a specific country.


About the guest author: Nat is an SEO and blogger for – an Alexa top 10k web property. Nat is passionate about search engine and social media marketing.

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iPhone and Cloud Computing for Teaching

We are into the 21st century and advancement of technology has enhancedevery aspect of human life. This enhancement can also be seen in the world of teaching. Those days have gone when teachers used to carry all the stationary to their classrooms including attendance registers and text books. The integration of iPhone apps and cloud computing technology is serving almost every need of the modern teachers.There are lots of iPhone apps available in the market. Let us discuss some of the best iPhone apps for teaching.


TeacherPal, developed by ITWorx, allows you to take attendance and keep the grade-book with your iPhone. TeacherPal is a free, effective and easy-to-use iPhone app that every teacher must have. You can create separate profiles for all your students and include specific information about them. It allows you to send emails to the parents and students directly.This app can be linked to your Dropbox account for backup. With iCloud, you can synchronize all the information among your iDevices.


Keynote, developed by Apple, is a universal app for all teaching arsenals. Keynote allows you to import PowerPoint presentations and create keynote files on your iPhone. If you have got Keynote, you don’t need your laptop in the class. You can buy this app at a cost of $9.99 from the App Store.

eClicker Host

The eClicker Host, developed by Big Nerd Ranch, is an iPhone app that lets you interact and engage with the students.The iClickers have become common among secondary school and university classrooms. This technology allows teachers to take real-time assessment and survey through a set of devices distributed across the classroom. A teacher displays a query and students reply secretly via the given devices, giving the class with an immediate feedback.  The eClicker Host offers the same functionality from your iPhone without investing substantial amount on iClicker devices. The eClicker Host operates over Wi-Fi and any Wi-Fi device can be used by the student to respond to the class.  You can take surveys or surprise quizzes to make the class exciting and interactive. Its price is $9.99.

Stick Pick

Stick Pick, developed by Buzz Garwood, allows you to avoid the use of Popsicle sticks. Teachers use Popsicle sticks in a container to avoid unintentional bias while calling any student. With this app, you can put each student’s name on an individual “stick” and tap-shake-swipe to select a student at random. You may also include the Bloom’s Taxonomy to get some question sets appropriate to the level of each student. For instance, the Bloom’s mode allows you to select from 6 cognitive development levels: Knowledge, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Comprehension, and Evaluation. The Critical Thinking Rubric allows you to track the student responses. The performance of each student can be reviewed and the results can be emailed. It will cost you $2.99.


Edmodo iPhone app allows you to reinforce your taught lessons outside the classroom.  The social networking website,, allows you to interact with your students and colleagues in real time. This universal app is freely available. You can distribute, manage and check student assignments.  It is similar to Facebook, but specifically designed for educational purpose.


Dropbox is a universal and free cloud storage app for iPhone. It allows you to store the lesson plans, stuffs you wish to share with your class, and so on. There is no need to burn CDs and DVDs, bring your flash-drive to school, or email stuffs to yourself. Once you dropped the stuffs into Dropbox, you can access them from all the devices you use. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage, which is sufficient for storing stuffs related to teaching.

Spell Check

This app help you correct spelling errors. We often get confused while writing words on paper; this app appears handy in such situation. You just need to type in the word; no matter correct or incorrect, the app automatically suggests the possible correct words. This app also serves the purpose of a dictionary.

Mathematical Formulas

This app would be very handy if you are a mathematics teacher. You can access hard-to-remember formulae instantly. Even teachers may forget the formulae. If a student asks a particular formula that you can’t recall, it would be an embarrassing moment. Keep yourself on the safer side with Mathematical Formulas app for iPhone.


About the guest author: The post is shared by Davis Miller; he is a geek who likes to share articles on technology, iphone, bell and other consumer electronics. His penchant towards latest technology cannot be decribed in words.

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