25 Cool Ways to Promote your Website

Without traffic, your website is rather worthless, right?   Well, most people think that to get traffic, you need to just optimize for the search engines and let Google give you all the traffic necessary to survive.  Sadly, what many people don’t realize is that there are SO MANY ways to promote your website outside of Google.  As you probably already know, it’s always best to diversify so that your eggs aren’t all in one hat.  So with that being said, let’s take a quick look at 25 very easy and cool ways to promote your website:

#1 Niche Directories

Don’t just submit to the directories like DMOZ and Yahoo!  Sure, while these can bring you some traffic and link juice, focus on niche directories that can help you drive in targeted traffic.

#2 Social Media

Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.    These are great platforms with millions upon millions of people using it every day.  Be sure to update it a few times a week!

#3 Message Boards

Find a niche based message board and add your opinion.  Make sure that you don’t go there just to spam, but instead, add your link to your signature.  If people like what you say, they will probably click through.

#4 Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking isn’t dead yet.  Consider starting campaigns on websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. While the sites may seem like dinosaurs now, they still do send in traffic.

#5 PPC

If you have the money, start running ads on Facebook, Bing and Google.  PPC takes a while to learn and if you have the time, read up on Adwords, Adcenter and Facebook ads.  If you have the patience, this is a great way to bring in traffic now.

#6 Text Links

No, I’m not talking about buying text links to raise your ratings.  Instead, get text links that actually draw in traffic.  Focus more on the traffic factor rather than the SEO.

#7 Contests

Even if it’s a few dollars, hold a contest on your website.  Be sure to actively promote it through Twitter and Facebook.  A great contest is to have people like and follow you on Twitter and Facebook.

#8 Build a Tutorial

If you’re good at doing something, build a tutorial that is good.  Use videos, detailed instructions and post it on various tutorial sites.  When doing so, just make sure that you link back to your website.

#9 Exchange Links

There’s nothing wrong with exchanging links if you do it with sites that are authoritative.  Try your best to find websites that will send you the same amount of traffic.

#10 Email

If you don’t have an email capture form on your website, it’s time to add one.  This is a great way to capture emails and connect with people down the road.

#11 Video Marketing

Start creating good videos and actively promote them on websites such as YouTube.  Be sure to watermark your URL in the video and place it inside of the description.

#12 Podcast

A podcast is a great way to entertain your audience on your website.  Talk about what your website has to offer.

#13 Press Release

Press releases are an awesome way to reach out to massive media outlets.  Again, don’t be cheap with something like this.  It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re promoting something that is worth promoting.

#14 Write a Book

If you have the time, consider writing an eBook.  Either charge money on Amazon or consider giving it away to your audience.  When giving it away, make sure that you make them sign up with an email to receive it.

#15 Citations

This is a great way to promote your local business on places such as the Yellow Pages, Google Maps and more.  With over 200 websites you can get citated on, make sure that your business is listed on as many places as possible.

#16 Photo Sharing

For those who love to take pictures, you may want to consider adding them to some royalty free websites.  With your permissions, just make sure that people have to link to either your website to use your picture for credit.

#17 Commenting on Blogs

Like the forums, leave good comments on other blogs.  Don’t use your anchor text as your name, though.  Instead, use your regular name.

#18 Guest Blogging

Like I’m doing now, reach out to other bloggers in the blogsphere to see who wants to take your article piece.  Just make sure that you write something that people want to read and also make sure that you’re not promoting some spammy website.

#19 Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great way to brand your website.  While your click through rate may not be sky high, it’s a great way to get thousands of impressions for next to nothing.

#20 Old Fashioned Print Advertising

Don’t forget the old fashioned ways of advertising such as radio, magazines and the newspaper!

#21 Answer Questions

Popular websites such as Yahoo! Answers and Quora are great places to answer questions.  When answering them, make sure that you leave an informative response.  Like the blog comments and forum posts, no one wants to read spam.

#22 Link Out to Others

Surprisingly, by linking out to other people, you’re going to quickly find that these people may take notice if you send them enough traffic.  If they like you, they may link back.

#23 Classified Advertising

If you’re selling some sort of service, consider adding your ad to sites such as Craigslist.  Again, don’t spam here.  Instead, throw up an ad at least once a week. Make sure that you create something creative to draw in eye.

#24 Sponsorships

Consider sponsoring local baseball teams or even a contest online.  This doesn’t have to expensive and a few dollars can do.

#25 Donate!

As our last point, consider donating to local charities.  By doing so, you’re not only going to do good for the local community, they may also link back to you on their site!  Many charitable sites are more than happy to link out if you donate often.


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