3 SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making

It doesn’t matter how long you have been blogging or working on websites, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, isn’t necessarily easy, and mistakes can easily be made. There are some mistakes that happen more than others, and even pros that get complacent can be responsible for these common snafus. Some of these often found SEO errors may, unfortunately, even show up on your blog or website.

This isn’t to say that you make SEO mistakes, but if you did, there are certain mistakes that are made far more commonly than others. This list is just three of the common SEO mistakes that you could be making. Do any of them look familiar?

1.) Bad Keywords.

Keywords are one of the biggest SEO components, and if you are picking bad keywords for your site, you are making a big mistake. Good keywords are keywords that real people would actually use in a natural search, and bad keywords are any that folk’s wouldn’t look for. Bad keywords could make plenty of sense for your site and its content, but if no one would Google them, they stink!

How can you remedy this? You can use one of the many keyword tools available on the internet to see if anyone is actually searching for the keywords you want to use.

Google AdWords has a great keyword tool that can help you with this. Simply enter the keywords you want to use, and this tool will give you a lot of information. You get to find out how many folks are actually searching for the keywords you suggest. It also tells you if you are planning on using a low, medium or high competition keyword. Finally, it gives you alternative keywords and stats so you can select a low competition keyword that is actually getting searched for.

2.) Keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is using far too many keywords. If you keyword density is too high, you have stuffed your page or post.

If there is keyword stuffing on your page, it may be a bit hard to read. Crawlers will definitely find your page, but people will most likely find the text unbearable to try to read such gibberish, probably clicking away from your page as soon as it finishes loading.

Search engines have caught on to keyword stuffing, and they frown on it. If it seems like stuffing is occurring, there is a good chance the search engines will relegate your page to the bottom of the search results.

Keyword stuffing can also happen by accident. It is easy to get carried away as you are writing and accidentally toss a couple keywords too many into an article or make the mistake of having several keywords clogging up a paragraph. If your keywords are natural, things you would normally say or write, this error is even easier to make. Make sure you check your work and edit to prevent this from happening.

3.) Free, hosted domains.

A bigger problem for bloggers, using a free blogging platform like Blogger and WordPress can be SEO killers. It is super easy to get started on sites like these, and they have simple interfaces for beginners to get started with.

If you want a professional and probably profitable blog, the .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com after your blog’s name in the URL could be the kiss of death for high search rankings. Some search engines may not even end up indexing your blog, as it is a subdomain of these other sites.

If you want to use Blogger or WordPress, but want to Search Engine Optimize too, don’t worry. Most free platforms have a paid option. For a low annual fee you still get to use their interface and tools, but you get your own easily indexed domain name.


This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for speedmycomputer.net, a site emphasizing on how to speed up computer.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

2 thoughts on “3 SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making”

  1. Thanks for the article Kevin! I am having a heck of a time finding info on the following question and wondering if you might know the answer to this: What if you have a web site about say, coffee, and you want to make a list of FAQ’s about coffee. Well it would be a legitimate & natural(and not confusing for the visitor)list containing the word coffee a potentially huge number of times on the page. I’m not sure how out of the way I should go to make sure I’m not keyword-stuffing if it is a legitimately put-together page… Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot! -Shana

  2. Bad keywords seems to be the most common mistake that people make. A lot of people don’t seem to understand the concept of going for keywords that have little competition by high traffic. Another thing that people don’t think much about is buying keywords.

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