3 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic from Q&A Websites

There is one source of traffic that you shouldn’t overlook. It is question and answer websites. Those websites can be an effective source of traffic for your landing page. However, you can’t just put your link to those websites, because they are so strict with their linking rules. Although the traffic from Q&A websites is highly targeted, you have to drive traffic from them systematically. Here are 3 simple tips to drive traffic from Q&A websites:

1. Build your reputation first

You can’t just begin answering question and placing your link to your answer in the day when you sign up. That would be against the rules. The best method is to build your reputation first, before you begin to place your link to your answer. After you sign up, begin answering questions that you can answer, and do this to build good reputation and track record for your account. For example, on Yahoo Answers, there are points that you will get when you answer a question. You’ll get more points if your answer is chosen as best answer. Then, in order to increase your level, you have to collect certain points. During the first few weeks working with Yahoo Answers, you should dedicate your time to collect points in order to boost your level and reputation there.

2. Do not place your link in every answer

Once you’ve build a good reputation in Q&A websites, you can begin to insert your link in your answers. However, do this with caution as non-relevant links will be considered spam by the websites, and you will risk your account getting banned very quickly. So, the best method is not to place your link in every answer that you give. Moreover, once you decide to put your link, make sure that it is highly relevant with your answer and the link destination should not be filled with advertisement. So, here are the rules of placing your link:

  • Place your link occasionally.
  • Make sure that your link is highly relevant with your answer.
  • Make sure that the link contains high quality information, not advertisements.

3. Give detailed answer

When answering any question, make sure to give good information in your answer. You don’t want to post a one sentence answer to the questioner. This will hurt your reputation. Your answer must be helpful and detailed. You don’t need to answer with full article, either. But, your answer must be detailed enough so that the questioner can be satisfied with your answer. Answer that will only clutter the page will usually be regarded as spam, and if you are giving this kind of answer frequently, your reputation will go down quickly. People will not follow your link if you have bad reputation.

Those are 3 simple tips to drive traffic to Q&A websites. Question and answer websites such as Yahoo Answers and others are your goldmine to boost your website popularity. If you don’t use them properly, you are missing a good source of highly targeted traffic for your website.


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3 thoughts on “3 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic from Q&A Websites”

  1. Questions and answers websites can be a great source of inspiration to write posts about subjects where demand for information already exists. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the majority of questions asked in Q&A websites are very similar, not to say identical, to exact keyword search terms that can be found in various keyword tools, for example Wordtracker, Google Keyword Tool, Wordstream to name a few. On top of that, questions asked in Q&A websites by their members or guests can be a good indication of what kind of information Internet users are looking for in general when they type their queries in search engine boxes. So, once you have done your own research on the topic, you are ready to give your own perspective and create great content for your readers.

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