4 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Everyday new blogs are created under different niches to provide information about products and product reviews, online services, marketing and so on, to their valuable readers.

However, no matter how good your blog content is, no one will find you if you don’t send tons of people to your site.

In this article, I will show you 4 ways to increase your blog traffic without you spending a dime.

1. Submit your articles to Social bookmarking sites.

Once you have written and uploaded your article to your blog, you can submit the article URL to social bookmarking sites.

Those sites help the search engines to find your site quickly and index your blog and pages faster.

To make the process simple and easy, you can use social monkey, socialadr or Hootsuite to submit to 50 social bookmarking sites in less than five minute.

2. Network with other blogs.

Look for authority blogs under your niche and network with them in terms of making blog comments and submitting guest posts.

Making blog comments

When it comes to making comments in blogs, make sure you have something important to say, not just for the sake of the back link.

Before making comments read the blog post and after that you can add your own comment. Start your comments by commenting on the writer of the post, then continue your comment by either criticizing about a point you do not agree in the post or make an addition to the post.

Make it a duty to make at least 5 blog comments daily.

Guest posts

Look for high traffic blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, read the rules for submitting a guest post. When you’re convinced and are sure you can abide by the rules then start submitting your guest posts.

Normally, when you submit a guest post, you will get a link back to your site and people will follow your link back to your site.

When submitting a guest you must submit your best post, because you’re submitting it to an authority site and you might be recommended by the site owner.

3. Submit articles to article directories.

It’s still amazing when I do a search on Google, I mostly find articles written 6 years ago making the top ten search, some from article directories.

That is to tell you that one article you write and post today can still send you traffic over and over again as long as it is online.

When you start distributing articles you stand the chance to not only appear in the article directory alone, but to also appear in the search engines. Good articles are highly informative, not over crowded with keywords and most importantly, have a powerful article title.

Each article directory has a resource box where you can write a summary and link to your site. When writing your resource box, you should write something that will make the prospect click the link back to your site.

4. Forum marketing

This is where people think it is slow, but in reality it’s not. Forum marketing not only send traffic to your site, it is also a means to build credibility.

Just look for forums under your niche and build your signature file (which is a link to your blog). If you don’t know any forum under your niche, type “your Niche market + forum” and hit search. Whenever you post a thread, your signature file appears under your thread.

When you make forum posts on a daily basis, you’ll have at least 300 back links to your blog.

Sending traffic to your site is not a one term phenomenon: you should continue repeating the process to have success.


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  1. Blogs are good source of collecting information about anything & also marketing of products, online services, new features. Blogs help in increasing networking & getting good backlinks from other sources. These ways are authentic in increasing blog traffic. Thanks for giving this info as i m an employee in internet marketing company & working as seo, so , these tips will really assist me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI Bako,
    Somewhere i have read in Post, that your topic should be interested for others and it should be informatics for others, and same thing i have found here, your topic is very very Interested as it contain very well information which helps beginners as well as person who is in same Business.
    About your article you should include one more thing that is Content accuracy, clarity etc.

  3. Hi Bako Yila,
    This is really a informative blog .I appreciate it as it contain relevant information to increase Blog Traffic .Your 4 points are very illustrative and helpful

  4. I liked 4 ways to increase your blog traffic. Especially the article referring to visiting forums. I usually find something new that I did not know when visiting new forums. They are not only useful for getting back links but also for finding information. Great blog, interesting articles and I will return

  5. Hi
    Thanks for sharing these nice tips.
    Submitting blogs in Social bookmarking site will be useful.Besides,using tags,links and trackbacks will be helpful.

    Thanks again

  6. It is a very profitable post for me. I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is very informative and useful post. I would like to visit the post once more its valuable content.

  7. Thank you for this nice topic. I would like to share my method but now i changed it and based to what you have posted above.

    First I will write an article about my site or something then post it to my blog from a high PR blogging platform and then RSS plus bookmark and then ping through ping’omatic.

  8. Manual social bookmarking really works to improve your site’s ranking. Some of its benefits are:

    1. Social signals from quality social bookmarks. Google LOVES it!
    2. Get your site/url indexed in a short time.

    You can outsource social bookmarking tasks at Fiverr, as there are plenty gigs that will bookmark your URL to 15-25 social bookmarking sites for $5. I would recommend one express gig from a seller named “norbwinslow” who manually bookmarks your URL to 21 PR4-PR8 social bookmarking sites. He also pings your site and share it on Facebook and Twitter (great to index and gain variety of backlinks).

    There are few great sellers too, such as ecnarret and fvchamp, but norbwinslow has provide more extras and bonuses, which makes a difference for me. You can also do it yourself by creating 20 accounts from high PR social bookmarking websites, and bookmark all your sites and backlinks.

  9. Don’t forget the old favourite, email marketing. Of course you do need a list, but that can be built easily with a simple opt-in on your blog offering some free content. Worked yesterday, works today, and despite all those pesky penguins and pandas, will surely be working tomorrow and beyond!

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