5 Simple Tips to Create a Highly Targeted Opt-In Email List

In order to take your online business to the next level, you need to create a targeted “Opt-In Mailing List.” If you have that list, there is no doubt that you will increase your website’s repeat traffic. Creating a user-friendly website increases your chance of getting this, and in the end, increases your chance of generating more sales.

It is a fact that email marketing is an effective way of putting more money in your bank account because it gives you the power to follow-up with potential clients until they decide to purchase a product or use a service from you. However, problem pops up when you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating your targeted opt-in mailing list.

If you are new to the world of internet marketing, you probably don’t know what an “opt-in mailing list” is.

What is an “Opt-In Mailing List?”

An Opt-In Mailing List is merely a database of names and email addresses of those who want to be listed in your email list through a web form.

For an instance, I visit your website and I found its contents very interesting, if there is an Opt-in Form, I may want to list my e-mail address, name and contact number. In this way, I am giving you the permission to send me periodic emails, whether it is a free report, news or a coupon.

This is safest and the most ethical method of e-mail marketing because “you are getting your visitors’ permission.” You are not just like getting their email addresses from somewhere else, let’s say Facebook. If you will do this, unquestionably, your marketing efforts will come to nothing because your emails will definitely be placed in their spam folders.

Now that you have the idea about the opt-in email list, let me proceed to the steps that can help you create your own targeted and responsive Opt-In email list:

  1. Choose your target market or niche. Before going into business, you need to know your goals – and one part of these is your target market or niche. If you are offering web marketing-related services, then your target market is those people who are interested in web marketing.
  2. Keyword, keyword, keyword. This is the mantra when it comes to internet marketing. Keyword is your best tool that can lead you to your target market. Without it, a website is like a needle in a haystack. To get the best keywords, I recommend you to use the Google Keyword Tool.
  3. Know if your competitors are making money in your niche. You can simply do this by entering your targeted keyword in Google search box. After hitting the search button, Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) will show you the listing of web pages of your competitors. If there are paid search advertisements on the upper right corner of SERPs pages, it is an indication that someone is willing to pay to advertise to this particular niche. If that is the case, you have made a good decision; it’s good to go with that keyword!
  4. Create an attention-grabbing mini-site. This is your lead-generating website designed with an effective follow up system. This is the site where potential clients will come to, and opt-in to your email list to start receiving valuable contents that they need. You can also create a short yet attention-grabbing video of what your website has to offer. This will help you encourage them more to sign up to your email list.
  5. Set-up an auto-responder account. Generally, an auto-responder is used as an e-mail marketing tool, to instantly deliver information to potential customers and then follow-up with them at regular intervals. Opt-in form should be designed by the auto-responder. It would maintain the details in its record, and automatically send the ‘thank you letter’ to those filling in the form, along with any freebies offered for the address

There are various ways to build a highly targeted, responsive opt-in email list. In addition to the above-mentioned steps, you need to understand the basics of internet marketing. Years are passing by and internet technology is evolving, so you should keep yourself abreast of what’s new. Lastly, the key to success in any type of business is “doing your homework first.”

One thought on “5 Simple Tips to Create a Highly Targeted Opt-In Email List”

  1. ..The key to success in any type of business is “doing your homework first.”
    Like this last quote of yours.
    In addition, there are many marketing strategies that are proven and tested don’t hesitate to make your own one.Besides,there is no harm in experimenting things…

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