5 Top Link Building Strategies

The popularity of any site is not just determined by the number of incoming links pointing to it, but also by the quality of those links. Link building helps increase the popularity of your site/webpage, and so your rankings on the search engines. A link building strategy needs careful planning and implementation, so you can reap slow yet steady results. I’ve put together a list of my favorite link building strategies to help you increase your rankings:

1. Content Submissions – A well-written press release can generate links. You tend to get quality backlinks from news sources, plus you stay in the news – and Google shows news results in the SERPs. A well-written article can also help popularise your website – when sent to reputable directories. Make sure your content is original and does not appear in your website. Doing so may also lead to your article being referenced in other articles and posts. One or two press releases and a few article submissions a month should push your ranking up.

2. Link Baiting – Link baiting is nothing but the creation of incoming links through engaging content, video and tools – otherwise known as viral marketing. Remember – your content must be worthy/engaging enough so your audience will share it with others, and it needs to have an association with the keyword you want ranked. This reliable long-term strategy also makes you visible on social networking sites and blogs.

3. Social Communities – True, it is easy to spread your links through Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and other such channels – but these links may not be followed. Those links have a huge benefit, though, as one power-packed tweet/blog can generate a good number of backlinks that pass PageRank across the blogosphere. You could also make use of networking sites like LinkedIn, comment on blogs, participate in forums and add a wiki page.

4. Paid/Traded Links – This effective and common form of link building involves offering potential link partners cash in exchange for a dofollow link with an anchor text of your choice. Do ensure that it does not look like an obvious paid link though. Trading reciprocal linking ensures that both parties are benefited.

5. Cherry Picking Links – Ensuring that reputed and high-ranking sites have links pointing to you will increase your ranking. In order to make sure you have the right sites linking to you, choose carefully from sites that have your keyword ranked high on Google, sites that link to your competitor’s, and sites that feature as backlinks on the sites that have your keyword and are ranked high on Google.


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  1. OK, I would say getting links from content submission is good in the eyes of search engines, so article submission, press release these are good for link building purposes.

  2. Hello, I love reading through your link baiting content, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wish you best of luck for all your best efforts

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