5 Ways Rich Media Can Boost Your SEO

When it comes to optimizing a business website for search engines, most people only think of text content and links; however, if you’re not leveraging rich media on your site to attract search engines, you may be missing out. The fact is, rich media, when used properly, can help to boost rankings rather quickly, and using rich media is easier than you might think. Here are five examples of how you can use rich content to get your site ranked higher quickly:

1) Videos

Because search engines can only recognize data that a webmaster gives them, most people believe that videos won’t help their SEO efforts. What these people are missing, however, is that video SEO isn’t about what’s in the video content, but rather, what’s around it. By creating a channel page for your videos on major video sharing sites and then including keyword-rich text links in descriptions and titles, you’ve suddenly created more places for search engines and visitors to find your site. Additionally, you should take advantage of any special embedding tools that video sharing sites offer and then embed all videos into your own site or sites.

2) Photos

Just like with videos, photo SEO isn’t about what’s actually in a photo, but rather what is around the photo. This means that you should include as much information as possible about each photo on your site, including titles and descriptions. As well, try to find other places on the web, such as photo sharing sites, to which you can upload your photos and keyword-rich text, as doing so will give search engines more places to find your site.

3) Presentations

If you have presentations that have been created using programs such as PowerPoint, feel free to upload them to the web as well. When doing so, reminds our optimization adviser at Quality Tech, don’t forget to link back to your site, and include descriptive information that includes keywords. In some cases, you can even include links within your presentations that search engines can index and visitors can use to access your site or sites.

4) Scanned Documents

Using OCR technology, you can also scan documents into your computer and translate printed text into digital text. This means that you can take documents that your business has already created and re-purpose them for SEO. Once you’ve scanned and uploaded your documents, link relevant keywords. Just like with other rich content, feel free to share your scanned documents via file sharing sites and social media.

5) Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are another form of rich media that can help your SEO efforts. When creating or uploading spreadsheets, make sure that they contain relevant data, and then consider distributing them through file sharing services such as Google Drive. You should always look for SEO opportunities within your spreadsheet data as well.

Once again, always keep in mind that search engines only see what you show them, so never forget to include keyword-rich information in and around all media content. Failing to do so may mean wasted time for you and your business and a lower ranking for your site.


About the guest author: Owner of a small business website, Ann Bailey offers these tips for web owners looking for greater ease and security.  Businesses like Quality Tech provide all aspects of support for growing web-based commercial sites, assisting infrastructure and complex environments of their clients’ IT needs.

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