6 Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with prospective buyers. Whatever it is that is to be sold, email marketing has proved to be an effective way to convert prospects to buyers. For newbies to internet marketing, this is difficult to do rightly. Many newbies start off on the wrong foot and so get very little results. To save every newbie a lot of headaches, here are 6 email marketing tips for beginners.

1. Allow Your Members Freedom To Join, Stay or Leave

Nobody loves imprisonment. Customers want to know that they can make a decision whenever they want. Do not start sending unsolicited emails to people who did not join your mailing list. They will see you as a spammer. They can even report you to their ISP and this will get you blacklisted. If that happens, every email you send will never be delivered to emails associated with that ISP. To avoid this always give your members freedom. Let them willingly opt in to your mailing list. When you are sending messages to your list, ensure that the unsubscribe link is added to all your messages. When you have good content in your message, your subscribers will remain. If you do not add the unsubscribe link to your emails, your subscribers will automatically build resistance to you because they will see it as you are bombarding them with messages without the option to stop it if they choose.

2. Choose A Good Email Marketing Solution

A good email marketing solution is one of the keys to the success of your email marketing campaign. A good email marketing solution must have a high deliverability rate. What good is it if you send out 1000 messages and only 400 delivers? A good email marketing solution must have over 90% deliverability. A good email marketing solution should have good support that responds well to customers’ inquiries. An example of a good email marketing solution is FlutterMail. They have very low rates and offer a 30 days free signup. No credit card is needed during the 30 days free signup. You can check them on www.fluttermail.com. They have full features to help you start your email marketing campaigns successfully.

3. Make It Easy For Your Members To Join Your List

To gather a good list you have to make it easy for new subscribers to sign up. One good and effective option is to create a squeeze page. On the squeeze page, clearly explain what the prospective subscriber stand to get when they sign up to your list. On some other pages of your website, you can also put a newsletter sign up form. When doing this, place the sign up form in a position on the web page that will be visible. Preferably, do not use images to make the form obscure. Place the form where first time visitors to your website or blog can easily see it. In case you want to know the best position for this, it is the right hand side of your web page.

4. Maintain A Theme

When people joined your list, they did for a reason. For example if you promised to give them something related to weight loss, stick with the weight lost niche. Maintain that theme. All your emails should be related to weight loss. When you want to sell any product, let it be related to weight loss. Even if you want to wander to something else, do not wander too far. Your list is a targeted list. The people who joined your list have similar interest. Your messages should focus on that interest. This will help in reducing the number of opt outs. Like the example above, your list has people interested in weight loss. If you start sending messages to them on parenting, you will find many people opting out. Why? Simply because some of your subscribers will not be interested in parenting issues and they will see you as sending irrelevant messages that just fills up their email box. Stick to a theme.

5. Use Good Subject Lines

The subject line is the invitation to your message. A good and catchy subject line will ensure that your messages get read. Do not write your subject line in all caps. It will look unprofessional. Your subject lines should contain more of single syllable words. The human brain easily recognizes short sentences and short words. One way to choose good subject lines is to study the subjects in your inbox that draws your attention.

6. Call For Action

At the end of your email, make a call for action. The call for action can be a request for the reader to click and they will be directed to your website, blog or sales page. A call for action is usually one sentence for example “For more information on how your Body Mass Index relates to your health, visit www.bbbbbbb.com” The reader will easily click and you will be achieving the goal of your email marketing campaign.


About the guest author: Daniel Erhabor is an internet and email marketing consultant. He shares his knowledge and ideas through enlightening articles.

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