7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Sales Page

When you create a product, your sales page is very crucial when it comes to gaining new customers and making more sales. If you want a sales page that will actually sell your product, here are some quick and easy tips that all product creators just can’t refuse to use.

1. Attention-Grabbing Opening Statement

You want to grab everyone’s attention that comes to your sales page and a great way to do that is by having an opening statement that is exciting and gives a great idea of what your product is all about. Not only should you have a great opening statement at the beginning of your sales page, but you should start all paragraphs with something that will keep your readers attention.

Don’t leave your potential customers guessing about what your sales page is all about, let them know right away what your product is and why they’d need it.

2. Avoid Making Your Page Look Cluttered

Yes having graphics, photos and a lot of text is great! It shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into making your sales page look credible and appealing. However you don’t want your sales page to be an eye sore due to the amount of stuff on the page. No, you do not want your page to be boring but you don’t want it to be cluttered. Show off your creativity but don’t overdue it.

3. Why Did You Create Your Product?

Let your readers know why you decided to create your product.. This will help them connect with you on a deeper level while feeling that they can relate to you and a certain situation you were once in.

For example say that your product is a fitness product that you created and you got the motivation to create this product because you were once unhappy with your body weight and figure. Let your readers know how you overcame the struggle of weight loss with the help of your product. You’ll gain more readers trust and appeal by giving them a story they can connect with.

4. Say What’s Important

Do your best to not stray from the point and to keep your writing on your sales page to what is important. A good way to do this is by writing a draft sales page and than reading it over and over again and asking yourself if some of what you wrote actually NEEDS to be on there.
You don’t want potential customers to become bored while reading about your product and that can easily happen if you start to ramble about things that don’t need to be on there. Of course you want to catch the readers attention, but keeping their attention is just as important.

5. Offer Some Form of Proof

People don’t want to buy things unless they know that it’s going to beneficial to them in someway. Try your best to offer your potential customers proof that your product can and will work for them whether that’s by using statistics or by having two-three testimonials on the page.

Never fake your proof! This can’t be stressed enough. If you pay someone to write a positive review about what you are selling it can be very dangerous for your product and if it ever got out that you did that, you can kiss all customers and potential customers goodbye.

6. Prove Your Credibility

Why should anyone listen to you? Why would anyone on Earth want to buy something from you? Those are the type of questions that people will be asking themselves when it comes to purchasing your product and reading your information.

You need to show your customers that you know what you’re talking about and that they can trust you and the only way to do that is by proving that you are credible. A good way to do this is by writing that story I mentioned earlier. The story that shows you created this product for a reason, a reason that caused you to make a change in your life. If you have a degree in something that will has to do with your product, make it known.

You want your readers to believe that you are someone they can trust and do business with without regretting it later on.

7. A Powerful Closer

Your closer is just as important as your opener if not more important. Your final statement is what is going to make your readers decide on whether or not they are going to click that “BUY” button and make the purchase.

When closing, you should remind your readers why this product is a good product for them to try and how they will benefit from it. End with a line that they will not be able to forget and they can’t refuse.

All in all, create a sales page that delivers a message to your readers that says they need your product and it’s just too good of a deal to pass up on. Using the tips above will have your sales page selling more products in no time!


About the guest author: Rahul Makhija is the online manager for parts washer. Rahul consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior.

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  1. Great article. I usually end up seeing a lot of SEO-enabled company sites miss their mark because of a weak sales page. While conversion rates will indeed improve with the right SEO efforts, it’s all for naught if the actual product lacks impact.

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