8 Ways to Attract More Returning Visitors to Your Website

It is important to have as much returning visitors to your website as possible. Why? That’s because there is huge difference between returning visitors and first-time visitors. Generally, returning visitors will convert better for your website because they already like and trust your website in some way. Here are 8 ways to attract more returning visitors to your website:

1. Build a discussion forum

Encourage people to come again to your website by building forum that will nurture healthy discussion among members related to your website topic. This will attract more and more people to come again to your website. Sometimes, articles alone will not attract enough attention for your visitors to come back to your website.

2. Fresh updates

Content in your websites should be regularly updated in order to engage your visitors. They will come back to your website every day if you have something new to offer them. Fresh news is the best content you should keep updating.

3. Special articles

Aside from publishing ordinary articles, it is good for you to publish special articles as well. For these special articles, you will make it in series so that it will help you to encourage people’s interest to come back for more. Writing articles in parts will naturally attract people’s interest and curiosity and therefore they will come back to your website to learn the complete information.

4. Newsletter

The most effective way to encourage people to visit your website over and over is to create newsletter for your website and build a list for your newsletter. In this way, you are constantly reminding people to get back to your website every time you send your newsletter.

5. RSS Feeds

Why it is important to have RSS feeds? It’s because RSS feeds will help people to find your website updates easily through their RSS software. It is important to keep reminding your visitors to subscribe to your website’s RSS feeds, especially for new visitors. You can remind them to subscribe in the end of your articles or in your website’s sidebar.

6. Twitter and Facebook fan page

Many websites are using Twitter and Facebook fan page as their main social media marketing campaign. It can be understood because those are the most popular social media platform today. To attract more returning visitors, you should use those two channels. Post about your website updates in your Twitter and Facebook fan page.

7. Write clues for next article

Every time you write articles for your website, it is good for you to provide some clues about the next article that you will write. This will keep your visitors in anticipation of waiting your next website update. And don’t forget to deliver what you’ve promised to your visitors.

8. Q and A sessions

In your website, offer your visitors a chance to ask you about anything related to your website topic that you will answer in your website. It is good for you to create a dedicated questions and answers section. This will be a useful resource in your website. Don’t forget to update this section regularly by writing articles as answers to your visitors’ questions.

Those are 8 ways to attract more people to visit your website repeatedly. Those are basic techniques that you should apply to your website immediately.


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  1. Thank you for these great tips! I agree with this post, it’s important that you allow your visitors to leave comments or messages. It’s for you to know what are they’re insights and for your improvement as well.

  2. I think offering then something new daily or regularly will make your visitors come back to your website. People wants to read fresh stuff.

  3. Thanks for you for this fresh content and tips. People will love to read this post. Backlinks are indeed, essential in off page optimization.

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