9 Great Ways to Make Money From Home

Those who work from home can have the best of both worlds; a flexible schedule that allows for more family time, plus the adult interaction and income of a working parent. There are a lot of opportunities available, but there are also a lot of scams. Choose carefully, and you’ll find a job that suits your abilities and your life. Here are nine of the best ways to make money from home:

  1. Sell advertising via telecommute: Ad space on top sites costs a pretty penny; get in on the action! Choose an advertising area that interests you, and start making contacts. Some temp agencies can provide training on Internet advertising basics, and B2B jobs usually run on regular office hours- but you’ll have the flexibility to choose which days you work.
  2. Become a distributor for health and wellness products. If fitness and nutrition are already part of your life, this will be a natural fit for you. Most companies provide sales training, and you can work as much or as little as you choose.
  3. Become a journalist or a writer. Good writers are ALWAYS in demand, especially if they can write competently on a variety of topics. Good grammar and spelling are a must, as is an enthusiasm for your subject matter. You’ll need to be able to meet deadlines, so only take on as much work as you can handle.
  4. Become a paid reviewer or blogger. If you like to shop, you probably know that most people search for product reviews online before making a purchase. There’s extensive information available online on how to build and maintain a blog; you’ll have your work cut out for you as you’re building your audience, but once you have a following, your blog will just about write itself.
  5. Get web development training. If you’re technically inclined and have a good eye, becoming a web dev is a high-paying option. Most online and local colleges can give you the basic knowledge you need; you will need to be able to meet deadlines, but you’ll have some flexibility to set your own hours.
  6. Sell on eBay. There is real money to be made in online selling; you can make a nice side income just by selling items found at garage sales and in thrift stores. You’ll need the ability to find things that sell well, but it’s best that you start with things you’re well versed in. You can sell as much or as little as you wish, but be prepared to make a lot of runs to the post office.
  7. Be a translator. If you are fluent in two or three languages, the sales and clerical markets are always looking for people like you. You can also make money translating instruction manuals and other literature.
  8. Become a personal assistant.Are you well-organized? Do you know your way around an office? There are plentiful opportunities for PAs to manage email and other matters for busy executives. You’ll need knowledge of office equipment, as well as a good phone speaking voice and typing skills.
  9. Try your hand at IM (internet marketing). Do you know the difference between PPC and SEO, and how search engines work? If so, then you can build a nice career as an internet marketer. There are companies looking to boost their ranking in search engine results, and agencies are looking for freelancers to do just that. Not much is needed, except a willingness to learn (an affiliate forum is a great source of information) and an internet connection.

Working from home will allow you to spend more time with your family, while still contributing financially to the household. Don’t fall for a scam- use any of these tried and true ways to boost your bank account without spending hours upon hours at the office.


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  1. Excellent tips!! From these several tips I love Sell advertising via telecommute most. I think this one is very creative idea to earn money through ad selling. Some temp agencies can provide training on Internet advertising basics, and B2B jobs usually run on regular office hours- but you’ll have the flexibility to choose which days you work. Thanks to you for attaching this nice topic.

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