The Best OnPage SEO WordPress Plugins

There are several Plugins that can help you enhance the appearance and applications of your website or blog. Provided are top OnPage SEO wordpress plugins that can be incorporated into your website or blog to help your maintain a site that will be highly ranked and maintained.

The Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin creates a XML sitemap of your site which assists the search engine spiders to index your wordpress site.

This plugin usually works under the main interface of the site and does not need any exceptional tool panels. The plugin works automatically after you have activated it. Therefore, every time you make any changes on your site or post content to it, the software will update the site map and then notify yahoo, Bing, Google and other search engines about the update that you have encountered on the site. In addition, the plugin supports custom URL’s and the various WordPress generated pages.

Google XML Sitemap Generator

The W3 Total Cache plugin. This is a backend plugin that is quite beneficial because it increases the page ranking of any WordPress blogsor website. Speed is an essential issue for any website; therefore every website developer wants to create a fast loading site. However, this can only be achieved through intelligent cache management.This plugin maintains the cache expertly and as a result, it helps create a better satisfaction for visitors and enhances the crawling expediency of the website or Blog.

W3 Total Cache

All In One SEO plugin. This plugin does several SEO activities for the user. It will automatically enhance add titles to the available search engines, your web page, create the Meta tags and evade any duplicate content that is usually found on the WordPress sites. This plugin is ideal for beginners because of its numerous activities.

All in One SEO Pack

The SEO Smart Links. Links are fundamental in each and every SEO project. This is the major reason why any developer should always maintain their links profile. This should be done for both internal and external links. The SEO Smart Links control and adjusts the links to make the SEO procedure smooth. This plugin assists developers to completely manage their link profiles and also generate an improved SEO impact in search crawling.

SEO Smart Links

SEOPressor Plugin is a one of the highly held SEO Onpage Plugins. This plugin generally makes the on-page optimization task very easy for the user. The plugin regulates everything that is within the page starting from the HTML tags to the font decorations. In addition, the software directs you to place the keywords with suitable highlighting decorations such as bold, italics or underline and regulate the keyword density. The plugins can also be used to regulate the blog pages and blog posts to maintain the required SEO Strategies. The SEOProcessor Plugin offers a detailed and interactive control alternative and handles the SEO procedure short of any external software or tool.

The SEO SearchTerms Tagging. This type of wordpress plugin enables you to increase the websites SERP by focusing on your on-page SEO. For example, if your website is programmed for a specified search term such as ‘WordPress SEO Plugins’, this plugin will automatically generate a link for thisparticularkeyword and then present it in the sidebar. Therefore, the software interlinks your page and reinforces your on-page SEO.

You can also use A Sitemap Generator. This is not similar to the XML sitemap generator; however it can create sitemaps on whichever page you specify. You can always customize this plugin depending on your requirements. The Sitemap Generator supports multi-level pages and categories. Therefore, it enables you to select what you want to display and your preferred order of display. Furthermore, the plugin also aids permalink.

The Broken Link Checker. This is an essential plugin for checking out broken links in the blog or website. A broken link is extremely destructive for your SEO. This is because it interferes with the crawling process and therefore the website may be ranked lower than usual. This is the key reason why you have to closely monitor the links and manage them seriously to maintain the smooth administration of the SEO process.

In addition, you should write quality contents. The articles should be optimized with the keywords and make sure that the keyword density is below four percent so that you can get full optimization. Your articles must be free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. In order to have your blog ranking higher in the search engines, you should always provide valuable contents for your visitors. This will enhance your ranking on the search engines and put you above your competitors.


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  1. I have seen infographic of site map the one called as Google XML sitemaps and i have learned that incorporates list of web-pages which is accessible to users or crawlers. It might be a document in any form employed as a tool for planning either a web page or web design that enables them to appear on a website as well as typically placed in a hierarchical style. This helps search engine bots and users to find out the pages on a website. The site map renders our website more search engine friendly as well enhances the probability for frequent indexing.

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