Branding Vs Exact Match Domain

On World Wide Web, there is lot of hurry and worry for forthcoming end of Exact Match Domains.  When it comes to the point of creating Brand and building keyword-based website, many internet marketers and SEO would not give advice to spend time trying creating brand. Rather they would for building keyword-based website. Obviously, there are reasons why SEO’s do not prefer branding. Google is pretty clear with the direction they are going to follow with their search algorithms. Brand names create lot of trust with prospective customer base. However, Google would rather not go for giving trust to brand name than giving trust to unknowing small business.

With this fact, many SEO are not recommending keyword domains. There are some other compelling reasons that support this logic. Search engine giant Google gives more and more space on their Search Pages for Adwords (the huge Adword box visually appeared in the right of the box), Product Pictures and local search results. You will notice that on the Search Result Page, the actual organic search occupy 30-50% of the page and remaining part of the page is dominated by Google Ads and other stuff. Quite few results are owned by major brand players.

Brand names tend to dominate wide field of search results, however small business can still compete in competitive niche with their focused websites. In combination of Exact Match Keyword Domain with keyword based content, even small players can get top ranking in major search engines.

Now, consider brand giants like Google and Yahoo if we again think whether to build BRAND or reply on Exact Match Domain. Both of these BRANDS are associated with Search. Does anybody think about these days? BRANDs are also reinvented depending on the current market need. Hence, from above example brand can be associated with search but when it comes to marketing the same can be associated with cars.

If you have decent EMD for your market/niche where there is already market leader one who is brand then remember that you are going to face touch competition. Again consider above example of You are not going to win online market against well known brand name like Google and Yahoo with something that you have like which is associated with cars.

Hence, when you are at the position where you need to choose to make use of catchy brand name to get rid of paying expensive EMD for your niche, it would be really business regime. At this point you really need to decide whether spending $30k is worth or whether you just spend 10 bucks on simple registration and spend $30k on marketing. However, spending $30k to market your brand will allow you to gain far more benefits than that EMD would give you. And of course if you have good EMD and brand and market it then you will get best reap out of both worlds Branding and EMD.

Truly, Branding v/s. keyword is interesting issue which makes you think to plan out perfect strategy on how to reap maximum benefits from both.


About the guest author: Pritam Nagrale is a blogger and online business owner from Mumbai. He writes about SEO, technology, online jobs & internet marketing. Learn about ways of making money on his blog.

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  1. The branding v kw debate is a very interesting one. I’ve read alot about niche marketing lately and they are all seriously focused on getting an EMD for websites. I didn’t do that way with my own business and am hopeful that branding will win through long-term, especially as the the SE algo’s bring in more of the social stuff, as in this respect I think people talk more in terms of company names than they do keywords. I often wonder if I made a bad decision though when I search for inkjet related searches and most of the results are EMD/partial EMD matches.

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