Can I Get Away with Free WordPress Hosting for Business

There are plenty of WordPress web hosting companies out there that offer free packages. In fact, the official WordPress site itself offers free hosting for blogs. If you’re running a personal site, these are always good deals. If your site is only designed to share information with a specific audience, such as your family, there’s no reason that you have to bother with search engine optimization, domain name purchasing and the other aspects of running a commercial site. If you’re running a commercial site, however, there are some things you’ll want to consider about free hosting that may make it inappropriate for your purposes.

Bandwidth Restrictions

A lot of free accounts have pretty restrictive bandwidth limits placed upon them. There are two problems with this. One, a business site could easily go way over the amount of bandwidth allotted. Two, if it’s a free server, you probably don’t have any control over how bandwidth overages are handled. This might mean that your site simply gets shut down, which is bad for business.

Bandwidth allotments are a big factor in determining whether professional accounts are suitable for any given business or not. You may want to consider the consequences of your website running out of bandwidth.

Domain Names

Most of the time, free accounts can only be used with the account provider’s domain name. For instance, if you are going with a free account provider named, you’re website address would likely be something along the lines of This isn’t good for search engine optimization and, for a business, it’s really not acceptable. Any legitimate website business should have what’s called a masthead domain, which means that your domain name more or less matches the name under which you do business.

Copyright Issues

The terms of service on some free Internet hosting providers are a bit sketchy for businesses. In some cases, they allow the hosting provider to use any content hosted on their server free of charge for whatever purpose they see fit. This may be a big problem for you, depending upon what type of site you operate. Make sure you read the terms of service for any free hosting provider before you determine whether they are appropriate for your business. You don’t have to worry about these issues with paid hosting providers, but you should read their terms of service, as well.


Just about every paid hosting provider out there offers an uptime guarantee of over 99 percent. You can’t be sure of this with a free hosting provider. If a hosting provider offers a mix of free and paid accounts, you can bet which ones are going to be brought back online more quickly if there is a network outage. This is a good reason to consider whether you really want to deal with the free hosting provider. If you have a paid hosting provider and your site goes down, you’ll have a tech support number that you can call and complain to so you can get the issue resolved and get back to business.


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