Can Webinars Drive Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty

If you are looking forward to growing your business or considering building deeper relationships with your existing clients, then just having a blog will not make this happen. You need to consider connecting with your clients as well as prospects live via the internet. This has the potential of taking your relationship with as many that come your way to another new level.

Now you may have noticed that there are a lot more webinars today, being marketed than they were in previous years. This is for a good reason – as these virtual training sessions offer a lucrative platform, but this is only when done correctly. There is a great difference between one having a webinar hosted and hosting a webinar that is profitable. Now a properly hosted webinar can lead to increase in customer loyalty and in turn more profit. So here are a number of ways to create a webinar that is great, which will lead to increase in customer loyalty.

1          Hook your audience by creating a strong statement

The very first thing that you need to tell your audience is what they need to hear. That is an expression that reminds them of what it is, they will gain from attending your webinar. Such expression is known as a “hook” statement. In order to create this strong statement, you should pay attention on the reward your webinar provides. Do not tell them about what they will learn, but what they will gain by implementing your pieces of advice.

2          Improve your ability to story-tell

Engage and retain your audience by knowing how to tell a story after making the hook statement. To be able to do this, you should improve your presentation skills. And, joining an organization or group such as Toastmasters can help you improve this skill.

3          Practice consistently out loud   

In order to be able to execute an efficient webinar involves planning as well as practice. Planning adequately without practicing can make one stumble through his/her presentation.

Now to practice involves saying the words of your presentation out loud in such a way that you can hear yourself adequately well. Doing this will help you in many ways than one. It can provide you with more ideas on how to deliver your presentation in a better way.  Also, you should give a lot of attention to the energy and attitude that you are projecting while practicing. Coming across as monotonous or boring can make you lose your audience very quickly.     

4.         Back-up plan is necessary

Having a back-up plan is not only important, it is necessary. This is because no matter the level of planning and preparing that you have put into hosting your webinar, things may surprisingly go the other way. Therefore, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I do if my computer doesn’t work again? (an additional laptop should be on standby)
  • What do I do if my guest is unable to take part? (Have an alternative presentation on his/her topic as a backup, plus a bonus free of charge for your audience that attended)

These are just two example questions. There are more that you can think of, which can lead to things going wrong with your presentation that you need to prepare for.

5.         Aim to sell your product with confidence, offering a bonus

When offering your product at the close of your presentation, make sure this is done with confidence. There is no reason you should feel embarrassed or insecure about presenting your service or product if this will help solve a problem.

To complete the package you should offer your audience a bonus. It should be offered in such a way that it makes them act immediately. In order words, it should be time-bound, inspiring your clients to take immediate action.


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