11 Ways to Get Up & Running Making Money from Your Blog

With the rapid expansion of all things web-related, discussions related to making money from blogging change from year to year. Sure, there are the tried and tested ways, but what of the slightly newer, more modern approaches, to monetizing a blog effectively? This article hopes to suggest eleven of these, all helping to get you up and running as fast as possible so you can start generating an income from what you publish digitally.

Teaching Programs

Thanks to sites like CreativeLive, Coursera and the myriad other online learning portals, creating courses and teaching programs around a theme is one of the more common ways to start monetising the expertise demonstrated on your blog.

Text Links and Guest Posts

Services like Blogness.net can help make the necessary connections to help you in this relatively newer form of income generation, whereby companies pay you to include a link to a page or resource in the hope of general promotion.

Live Workshops

Charging people for a ticket, gathering the audience and then teaching or discussing something live in real-time is another great way to share your knowledge and make an income doing so.


Being the host of a webinar, a live workshop online, you can use your blog as the portal for which people might access you as you talk about your specialist subject or niche.


Raising funds and giving back to people who help contribute, whether through sites like IndieGoGo or KickStarter is something that’s becoming increasingly common for bloggers to do in order to help monetize their blog and keep providing quality content.

Private Forums

Comparative to paid membership sites, private forums can be a good way to make an income, linking people together through your blog and charging an annual or monthly fee for access.

Sell Your Theme

Bloggers having spent time customizing a theme or template for their site can go one step further to launch it out to the masses for general purchase. Provide support for the themes use and you might even consider a subscription-based pricing model.

Audio Advertising

Use your blog content to launch a podcast, invite guests on to your program and launch great discussion and audio advertising, just like radio ad-spots, is another open strategy to you.


Becoming ever-more popular online, lightboxes, sometimes better known as ‘pop-ups’, when executed right and flying under the radar of a blocker, are another solid way to promote something and get some cash for it. Just be mindful of your users experience and use sparingly.


Writing an eBook and launching it on Amazon is becoming hugely effective for bloggers looking to diversify their income streams and get some cash flowing in. Package some of your content and add some extras and you might not even have to invest a huge amount of time into the product build and launch.


It’s now easy to integrate a PayPal donation button on your blog and begin taking cash deposits to help keep the content flowing and your audience satiated.

Google AdWords Packages for Small Businesses

AdWords is Google’s online advertisement solution and it is the company’s main source of income. AdWords can be used by both, businesses and website owners. If you own a website or a blog, you can subscribe to Google AdWords and allow the company to place ads. If you own a business, you can place ads through Google. The pay per click model is one of the biggest business models, where the revenue is generated only when a user clicks on the online advertisement.

If you own a business, it’s not enough if you have a website, you need to generate traffic and figure out potential leads. Google’s AdWords is a right platform because you don’t have to invest a lot to get started and as a matter of fact, you only have to pay as you go. If you own a small business, say for example, you are a photographer; you need to figure out your target audience and what their search string would be. Since Google AdWords offers ads in a lot of languages, you can pick the language in which ads will be displayed and the geographical reach. If you are a local photographer, a person in Australia is not going to benefit from the advertisement.

There are a lot of companies that offer advertisement and optimization services using Google AdWords. Depending on your budget and long run plans, you can either pick a self managed package or completely outsource it. If you have a limit on the budget, or if you have the time for online traffic analysis, then the self managed model is possibly the one that will best suit you. There are loads of analyses and insight tools available and you can figure out the common search strings that your website visitors use. You can use this data to customize your AdWords advertisements. It is also wise to use negative keywords, for example, if you are not shooting on a 35mm film, you can block ads shown on pages related to film photography.

If you have a good budget and if you feel that it is best when professionals take care of your online advertisement strategy, you can subscribe to one of those all in one packages. You might be spending a little extra money and in my opinion, it is money well spent as it is an investment in your business.  These professionals analyze the online traffic and tend to figure out the search patterns. The data generated is then used to devise a strategy to drive traffic to your site so that you can generate potential leads to develop your business. You will need to understand that driving traffic to your website is not going to happen overnight as a strategy has to be devised. Once this is in place, you can switch over to a more economical package that is self managed.

Although there are a lot of AdWords packages that internet analysts offer, it is always best to pick one that fits your budget.


About the guest author: Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for www.satellitesales.com – The Lowest-Priced Satellite TV in America. Dish Network

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How to Get Personal

The advertising world has seen a tremendous shift in strategy over the past decade, with the emergence and strong influence of the internet. While the traditional advertising and marketing strategies of treating the market as a numbers game are still effective on the ground, the terms have changed on the Internet. Web users have gotten accustomed to disregarding any ads that do not pertain to their interests or needs. As this trend has been noted, ads are becoming tailored specifically to the individual user.

Marketing and advertising agencies have acknowledged this shift, as well as search engines/ web browsers. Working together, these agencies are able to successfully deliver relevant content to all web users.

Why the shift in market? Why the need to personalize such a broad experience? While the Internet has granted users access to virtually everything they need in their personal lives or business, the feeling of authenticity decreased. The market had suddenly become one big conglomerate of sellers and buyers. If you aren’t making money, you are trying to.

In order to keep their target markets interested, companies needed to approach the sales side on a more personal level. Rather than mass marketing to the consumers, ads and marketing campaigns needed to be directed to people individually; offer them products and services that they would most likely be looking to purchase.

By utilizing ISP’s information databases, web browsers are able to track the types of searches performed and their content. Keeping track of the history and frequency of each search, the search engines are able to provide better, more relevant content and ads. A great example of incorporating this practice is the Phorm Open Internet Exchange. This and other companies alike have are able to leverage the anonymous data from an ISP.

In the big world, that is the Internet, users are now able to be more efficient with their time online and make better decisions when purchasing. These consumers are also more apt to save money and show an increase in overall satisfaction.

As the consumer market is being ever-increasingly littered with numerous brands and companies, the ability to effectively sift through the clutter is important on both the consumer and business ends. Keeping search queries relevant and efficient is going to be a key factor in the future of advertising. In the coming years, there may be an even bigger shift in the market toward online advertising, creating a higher demand for new, specialized companies to emerge.


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Will Mobile Ads Become as Overbearing as Telemarketers? Most Say No

Texting and surfing on a smartphone used to be one of the best ways to avoid those annoying and sometimes rude telemarketers, but smartphones might not be a safe haven any longer. Mobile ads are starting to make their way to smartphones and many people fear they might be the next telemarketer.

What are Mobile Ads?

mobile ads

Image via Raising Teens

Mobile ads are considered a specific type of marketing that focuses solely upon smartphone users. This form of marketing uses the smartphone web browser, mobile websites, text messaging and other features of a smartphone to market a product or service to smartphone users.

There are several types of mobile ads that can be used to advertise products and services. These forms of mobile ads include:

  • Advertisements in mobile games
  • Individual text messages sent to phones
  • Apps that deliver personalized ads
  • Banners on mobile websites

The Issue of Privacy and Mobile Ads

The common fear amongst smartphone users is that mobile ads could get out of control, almost like telemarketers. There is a fear that marketing companies could purchase lists of mobile numbers or use computer software to generate random numbers, which would then be used to send unwanted mobile ads to smartphones all across the globe. These mobile ads would not only be frustrating, but become a violation of the smartphone user’s privacy.

The Development of Organizations to Monitor and Control Mobile Ads

Yes, the fear that mobile ads might become overbearing is a very legitimate concern, but there are groups out there that can control and monitor how companies advertise in the mobile or online worlds. Groups such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association develop rules and standards companies must abide by when it comes to mobile advertisements. These rules prevent smartphone users from picking up their HD touchscreen LG Optimus phone one day and noticing 1,000 unwanted text messages from advertisers.

Will Mobile Advertisements Become Overbearing in the Future?

No one can predict the future but when it comes to mobile advertisements the future is pretty much set in stone. Mobile advertisements will not be able to become as overbearing as phone telemarketers, spam emails, or even the annoying junk mail that always seems to arrive on Tuesdays.

The reason mobile ads won’t become overbearing is because the only way to receive these ads, whether it is text messaging or mobile game advertisements is to invite the marketers onto your phone. Smartphone users will need to physically download or give their permission to allow advertisers to send ads to their phone.

The fear that mobile ads will become overbearing will always be in the back of people’s minds, but the truth is as long as there are agencies to monitor mobile marketing things will stay under control. And remember, you control the mobile ads you see or don’t see on your smartphone!







About the guest author: Shaun Chatman is a freelance writer by night and a gym trainer in the day. Happily married and a father of two gregarious kids, Shaun lives in Dunedin, FL, and spends his free time playing with his kids or watching or playing sports. You can connect with him here.

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The Importance of Professional PPC Management

It is well known that the competition on the internet between websites is immense. There are millions of sites out there many of whom with great content, have many who want to extend their business and many looking for a place in the lime light. This result in sites taking effective yet short lived illegal shortcuts to get themselves on a high listed page on search engines. It’s no surprise that companies have to put in allot of efforts to simply stay afloat in the online world. Customers have to not only remember your name but also what you do, your website, etc before they even consider leaving the site. With the hundreds of sites a single net user may visit in a day it if difficult to makes yours stand out and taken notice off.

PPC Management is a very powerful promotional tool which will not only get you a strong customer base but also very strong natural listings. This has proven time and time again to be an effective marketing and advertisement tool but can bring about disastrous results if the campaign is handled by a novice. PPC advertisement uses keywords in very effective advertisement places to rake in the maximum number of clicks per day. One must also take into consideration the fact that rules and regulations on the internet change frequently without much warning. In such a situation it is always better to have a professional looking after the PPC campaign as they would have to keep themselves very infused in the subject and updated with the latest news which changes the game. In-house marketers who focus on several different aspects of their job and who often bear the brunt of a heavy work load will make many mistakes unknowingly especially if and when a certain practice gets deemed illegal or black hat in nature.

Professional PPC firms provide the tools of the trade to keep yourself updated twenty four hours a day with everything being done with your campaign. It gives you the ability to customize the number of ads, the content of the ads and allows you to easily analysis the charts to test what the differences in consumer behavior have been over a period of time. This helps you get organic listings and a search page rank in no time. Brand recognition is the best outcome of any PPC campaign as only the best of the best professional advertisers can make a consumer remember a brand though advertising.


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Tips for Better Banner Ads

Banner advertisements are form of ads on the World Wide Web through an ad server. Ads that generate higher sales and are successful are aplenty on the internet. These ads from essential marketing tips and suggestions can increase viewership. In this article, we would discuss the 10 tips for making better banner ads.

Shorter text

The use of shorter text would allow a stronger response from higher call to action. The use of shorter text is recommended as then the ad would gain on more prospective customers and leads generation. Thus the click-through-rate effectively depends on shorter text. Most important is the fact that the ad should be able to attract more customers easily and without much hassles.

Legible fonts

As the area for banner ads are small these ads should be using legible text. A prospective lead would be able to read the message while customer may not be able to act from the ad unless carrying a good font. Therefore necessity of the font size and type essentially Verdana and Arial are likely to attract more customers.


Since the websites change frequently in their content and probably design it is important that the banners be updated. Most of the relevant files should be updated with the banner ads whenever a change is expected and so there is necessity of these updations to be more continuous.

Exclamation marks

Ad banners that are using exclamation marks tend to fail most of the times with the customer. Multiple exclamation marks increase the likelihood of the user or customer to not click ad. A full stop or question mark is that much better.

Include interactivity

By allowing the banner ad to include surveys, questions or poll invitations there could be more responses and click through rates from customers. Simple and complex banner ads are both possible to be having similar designs while also including interactivity (polls, surveys).

Color palette

By using a distinguishing and relevant pattern of colors the ad banner could be sufficiently interactive with customers. Depending upon the ad designs, graphics, width and styling to the ad an important addition to the colors palette of the ad is designed with these aspects.

Lighter ads

For a banner ad to be successful it should get straight to point. The ad should include straight aspects of the theme and cannot waiver or redirect customers to other links. The banner ad should be manageable and not more than few kbs.


The branding of the banner ad is essential to be within the message of the ad. With the banner ad having the branding clear or clarified with the customers or audience is easily a big benefit. Customers click through rate for the ads would be that much better and higher in number with the help of banner ads including brand message.

Be specific

With the branding and inclusion of colors apart the ads must also be specific and to the point. These banner ads must definitely be specifying the nature and type of ad message and ad content should be able to reflect this overall. Banner ads providing a correct and short message that is specific is that much more relevant for the brand or service.

Multiple banner ads

Banner ads must include overall numerous ads. Including these banner ads in a multiple design set and launching ads simultaneously increases ad visibility and click through rate. This is a good and easy method for creating better ads for reaching out to targeted audience.


The suggestions for successful banner ads rely more on product features and message communication in the ad. In this article, we have discussed 10 tips for better banner ads. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.


About the guest author: Ajeet Yadav is a seasoned Technical Writer with XhtmlJunction. He specializes in Social Media, Content Management and SEO is what he deals with, while sharing information and insights on PHP-based CMSs like WordPress and Joomla. XhtmlJunction is known for providing effective PSD to HTML Conversion transformation at reasonable prices.

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Facebook Will Put Advertisements on the Non-Fan Pages, Google+ Happy with the Testimony

It is obvious that the Facebook’s announcement to put advertisements in everyone’s news feed has provided Google+ a valid reason to rejoice. The reason for having such a reaction towards this testimony is its perception, which sees its great growth in the number of online visitors visiting and joining Google + at the same time. This decision has specially been taken by this social media giant to boost its total profits and increase the area of operations in social media world. It is targeting to become a profitable purveyor of the advertisement universe. Till now, this idea has only been implemented on the temporal basis and the final decision for applying it on the non-fan pages is yet to be taken. This social media site just wants to check the overall response it is going to get on the small scale installations of video advertisements on the Facebook profiles.

Due to the announcement made by the Facebook, it is predicted that the users may get irritated after observing the regular pop ups with these advertisements. This social media site, while putting these advertisements in the sign up, will also take care that excessive stuffing of video or image advertisements is not done and users’ precious time should be given complete importance. In this connection, the advertisements of a few seconds will be run before the sign up and viewers will be able to get a glimpse of services or products which may or may not interest them. But at last, this few seconds advertisement clipping will somewhere hit the psychology of the viewers and it will surely give brand recognition to the services and products.

The most common trend is that every service ranging from radio to YouTube is running advertisements on their network and if Facebook will run similar type of video advertisements on its network – then situation may come that it may avert the users from enjoying the social media channel. According to various online analysts, ‘this common man’s media desires to tread to the next level of socialization on the online world and wants to make promotions as well as people to people contact more happening.  In fact, if Facebook is taking these types of initiatives then most certainly it is right on its stance. Being so famous all over the world, it has the full right to earn revenues. If you are being provided an opportunity to access Facebook at free of cost then somewhere this global giant would have to come up with innovative ways to earn profits and bear the expenses for running its operations on the world wide web’.

How It Will Work?

Some business magnets have welcomed this initiative but very few of them resisted the move because it will give their competitors a chance to show up their advertisements to followers of other emerging or well-known brand. You as the online visitor just have to induce cash through online gateways for purchasing an advertisement space on the Facebook. Once the space is purchased on this social media platform, your advertisements will start running on millions of fan pages.

All together, these non-fan new feed advertisements will only act as valuable assets, only up to a point when it doesn’t lose any members or get vulnerable to any major risks or losses.


About the guest author: Amy  Patrix is a social media manager who has gained expertize in doing promotional campaigns and developing internet strategy for the in house and client base projects. Now a days he is working in a website development company named Xicom technologies. In this company he is also managing the tasks related to the .net development outsourcing.

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Four Ways How To Find Your Target Audience in Google

Context Advertising becoming more popular every day. Many businesses can not even imagine themselves without advertising in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. But how from millions of peoples, who use search engines every day find your target audience?

Knowing this secret you can minimize cost of advertising and have more customers or users for your business.

1. Clearly define the goal of your advertising campaign. If the goal is branding – use broad keywords with a common value. This way you can reach the maximum number of users and inform them about your offers.

If the purpose of the context advertising is sales – use “selling” keywords with words “buy”,”order”, “booking” etc. As a result your advertise will be shown only to users who already decided to buy or order something.

For example, if you’re offering sciatica treatment with leeches your primary goal is to inform users about your service. That’s why you use keywords “sciatica treatment”, “how to treat sciatica” etc.

If you are owner of online store which sell laptops you may be interested in such keywords as “buy a laptop” “order laptop” “laptop online shop”. You’re not interested in users who are looking for review or characteristic of laptops. They are not already decided to buy a laptop and just looking for information.

The easiest way to decide which queries to use – is to imagine that you are the customer who is looking for your product or service – how would you looking for it?

2. Use negative words. They will help you to exclude your non-target audience and save your money. For example, if you offer car rental you are not interested in users who want to buy cars. In this case you have to add words such as “buy”, “purchase ” etc to the negative words list.

3. Strictly adjust Geo-targeting. With a help of this function you can choose territory inhabited by your target audience. For example, if your Internet-shop has delivery services only in Toronto, you shouldn’t show your advertising in Dublin.

4. Use Google Analytics or any other service which will help you to make deep analysis of your traffic and the results of context advertising. By using this service you can see which keywords actually lead to you an effective traffic and which are totally useless for your business.

There are main advices how to find target audience in search engines and save your money, for example, for summer vocation.

Good luck.


Author: EssayWritingServices.com/

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How to Choose the Best PPC Advertising Networks for Your Online Business

Anyone starting a business online or creating a website will quickly realize that the floods of traffic promised to anyone with a website actually take work to create. It isn’t easy to attract attention, let alone targeted clicks from a relevant audience interested in buying. At the same time, if you’re trying to monetize your site, you need to come up with an easy way to make your site pay off.

A PPC network seems like the ideal solution, as advertisers can get in front of exactly as many people as they want for a specified amount, while website owners get paid for attracting traffic. But how do you choose the best one? Many business owners leave this crucial decision up to chance and choose the first one they find, but this isn’t a good idea.

What is a PPC network?
PPC stands for pay-per-click, which means the advertiser pays the network for every click through their ad to their website. In turn, the network pays the website owner who displayed the ads. It’s a simple enough process that minimizes risk and interactions while allowing you to access performance data more easily than working directly with sites or advertisers.

How do you choose the best PPC network?
The same process applies whether you’re looking to display ads or place them. There are a few factors you should look for when you’re trying to choose the best PPC network for your business. These include:

*Ease of use
You don’t want to struggle with a complicated process every day. It should be an easy, intuitive process with instructions for beginners and a way of seeking help if you get stuck or confused. The more documentation available on the PPC network interface, the better.

*Variety of advertisers
For website owners, a number of advertisers should be on the network so they can get targeted ads for their website even if it’s in an obscure niche. Meanwhile, businesses looking to buy PPC ads will want to see a variety of advertisers to make sure it’s a legitimate PPC network with a history of success.

*How much control does it provide?
If you’re placing PPC ads, make sure you can control the types of sites your ads display on, how many ad impressions you want, the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click, the display format, and so on. If you’re displaying them, you’ll want to be able to make sure the ads displayed match your site theme, and you’ll probably want some control over how the ads appear.

*Tracking system
Both website and business owners will want to be able to track the clicks they receive so they can maximum revenue and stop any ad campaigns that aren’t paying off. There’s no excuse for not having a PPC tracking system!

*Can you change ads?
If your ads aren’t performing as well as you’d like, make sure you can change the ad color, font, or display style to maximize click-throughs. You don’t want to be stuck with an ineffective ad for an entire campaign.

These are just a few of the most important factors when you’re choosing a PPC network provider. Whether you’re a small business looking to get more direct, targeted traffic to your website without the hassle of finding backlinks and traffic sources or a website owner creating a business around displaying PPC ads, it’s a great business strategy. Just make sure you choose the right network from the start.


About the guest author: David Kendall contributed this guest post on behalf of WhoIsHostingThis.com – Click here to read the review left by users on various webhosts. David is a freelance technology writer whose articles appear on various technology blogs.

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How to Promote your SEO Services on Craigslist and Stand Out

Search engine optimization companies are constantly looking for new ways to promote their services. As an online company, it can be very difficult to locate new clients and attract business without offering something substantially different from your competitors. The truth is, businesses are contacted by SEO company’s day in and day out and they have to listen to constant sales pitches. In order to stand out on craigslist and other advertising websites, you have to present something unique and credible to the businesses that are searching for SEO services.

If you were to do a basic search for a search engine optimization company right now on Craigslist, you would probably find an endless amount of ads that are all promising the same thing. However, if you spend a little bit longer to analyze each ad you might find one or two that particularly stand out to you. This is exactly what your customers are going to do, they are not going to just fall for the first SEO ad that they come upon on craigslist. More than likely, they’re going to spend some time to compare ads to one another and decide to contact a few that are of interest. By spending some time perfecting your ad copy and making it perfect for Craigslist, you can improve the amount of contact requests you receive on a daily basis significantly.

Pay for Quality Ad Copy

The quality of your ad copy says a lot about your services and it speaks to the professionalism of your business. Paying for a high quality copywriter is very important when you’re developing ad copy for Craigslist. These types of websites are where your ad copy matters most because it is what the businesses depend on to judge your services. Your ad copy can make the difference between being contacted by a business that is interested in your SEO services or them moving on to the next ad that actually caught their attention. Ad copy on Craigslist is usually a decent sales pitch that is compelling and engaging to the user. Remember, businesses are constantly contacted by SEO companies so you have to give them something that others are not.

Use Simple Everyday Language That Businesses Can Relate To

Using simple everyday language that the average person can understand is very important to selling your products or services. Nobody wants to read a sales pitch about things that they don’t even understand. As an SEO company, you need to advertise your search engine optimization services in a way that businesses can relate to. Keep in mind, every business is just looking for a return on investment and your services are only valuable if they can produce a profit. Start by supplying them with numbers and evaluating their website correctly and showing them what they are currently doing right and wrong and how you’re going to change things. Businesses want to deal with an SEO company that is relatable and honest.


About the guest author: WL Marketing – a reliable and affordable SEM submission company offering need-based solutions and services pertaining to search engine optimization and online marketing for businesses and professionals. Cheap link building services by WL Marketing can help businesses find potential consumers online in quick time.

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