Consider this before choosing web hosting services

These days is a seemingly endless array of choices when it comes to choosing web hosting services.  Although that is a great in terms of there being a package available for just about anyone’s needs, it also means that finding the right one can be a pretty daunting proposition.  So, how do you go about finding the right option for you?  There are a few things you should consider that will help you narrow your search.

Storage requirements

The amount of storage you require for your website is a big determinant when selecting a web host.  If your site does not include the kind of features that require lots of storage space – lots of pictures, video, etc. – you won’t require much space and a basic web hosting service will do very nicely.  If your site is an eCommerce site, for example, with pictures of your products and other “extras” you are going to need more storage space.  Consider, too, your plan for your site in the future.  You don’t want to outgrow your storage space too quickly, so choose a web hosting service that provides adequate storage for your needs today and extra for tomorrow.

Bandwidth allowance

A site’s bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data that are allowed to pass from your site and the internet at large, and vice versa.  If your site is dedicated to commerce and you expect a lot of interaction between your site and your customers – downloading images if your products, streaming videos, etc. – you are going to need substantial bandwidth allowances.  This is important because once you start to exceed the allotted bandwidth you could be charged a pretty heavy fine.

Customer support

This is so important.  When you sign on with a web hosting service, it’s absolutely crucial that you find one that offers good customer support.  Always test out a service’s customer support system before you sign on to a long-term contract.  Things to look for are friendly service, quick response time, and effective problem resolution.  They should work hard to resolve issues you are having with your website as soon as possible, with an understanding that the longer your site is down the more money your company is losing.  Generally, look for a host that has an “uptime” of at least 97 percent.  This means that the sites they host are up and running as they should be at least 97 percent of the time.  Any less than this and it is very easy for potential customers to become frustrated and click away from your site.  If the host company appears to have a less-than-stellar sense of urgency during the trial run, that’s probably not going to change once you sign on for real.

Know your neighbours

You should also find out what kinds of sites also share the host.  If the service hosts adult websites, for example, this could be a red flag.  Why?  Because adult websites use up a lot of bandwidth and you could end up fighting with them to get the bandwidth your site needs.  That can result in a slow-loading site and, ultimately, the loss of business.

Switch or Stay – What to Do When Your Current Web Hosting Plan Runs Out

First sign up to a new web hosting company, and you’ll likely be impressed by just how much the leading providers pack into their plans, and how little they charge for them.

Over the years, the increasingly stiff competition among leading web hosting providers has created something of an industry standard practice for offering rock bottom rates to new customers. As such, when you first come to launch your website, you’ll likely find that you can get a full year’s hosting for about the same price as you’d pay for a few cups of coffee.

Not bad, right? Of course it isn’t. As a result of these cheap deals on quality web hosting plans, more and more people are taking to the web to start their own business or simply share something their passion about.

Yet then comes the bad news. Once that first term is over, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy the same dirt cheap rates, as most of the leading web hosting companies then begin to follow another standard industry practice: Increasing their prices once you come to renew your hosting plan.

When this happens, you’re left to take one of two routes: Pay up and stay with the current provider, or start looking around at switching to another web hosting provider by comparing the best web hosting deals, we suggest you use a site like this one.

Which option you take will largely depend on a number of factors. If you’re coming to the end of your current plan and find yourself at fork in the road, with one direction marked ‘stay’ and the other ‘switch,’ here’s an argument for both that we hope will go someway towards helping you make up your mind.

Stick with your current provider

The argument for staying with your existing web hosting plan even after the discount first term isn’t all that complicated: It’s absolutely the easiest way to keep your website up and running.

When it comes time to renew, you’ll need to do little more than head to your dashboard, click a button and, if you’re paying with the same method you used for that first term, just confirm that you’re happy to pay again.

In some cases, it’s easier than that. Most hosting companies like to trigger automatic renewals, so providing you’ve got the money in your account, you don’t even need to remember to renew.

This is the ideal route if you’re happy with everything you’re currently getting from your plan. Yes, it costs you more than it once did, but even if you switch over to a new host, the same thing is only going to happen again somewhere down the line, and do you really have it in you to keep dragging your website around to different hosts every time the first term runs out?

Stick with your current host, and you get everything you need to run a successful website, with none of the headaches of time-consuming chores of singing up to a new provider and migrating your site across.

Switch to a new host

As easy as it is to stay where you are, there’s of course plenty of valid reasons for packing up and moving on.

It may be that the renewal rates your existing host is planning to charge are far too big when compared with how you actually use your hosting space. It may be that you’ve outgrown the plan you first paid for, and that moving into a bigger solution, such as VPS or dedicated hosting, is going to cost you far more with your current host than it will elsewhere, or it may well be that your company hasn’t really lived up their end of the bargain.

If you’ve been experiencing lots of downtime with your current site, if the customer support leaves a lot to be desired, or if you’ve generally been feeling that you’re not getting what you’re paying for even at a discount rate, it may well be time to switch and move on.

The Importance of Using a Complete Web Hosting Service

Many website owners use multiple providers for their services such as the shopping cart, hosting and development. This makes fixing issues confusing and takes more time. Consumers must have access to your online shopping cart and general information at all times in order to maintain a positive online reputation. When features are not available due to maintenance or general system issues, those consumers seek other options. This causes your business to lose revenue.

All Services with One Company

Working with one single provider helps maintain a cohesive website with few technical problems. One phone call or email to tech support helps solve your issues. Most all-inclusive providers have 24-hour tech support and dedicated servers. Isolating issues and fixing them right away is one important benefit from bundling all of your website needs with a single company.

Complete Design that Matches

When visiting some websites, consumers often notice that the website shopping cart does not match the rest of the website’s design. This is because the products came from multiple sources. Using a single service that provides a website development or building tool along with matching cart templates maintains the theme and cohesive end product that website owners want and consumers prefer.

Easy Editing Tools

It is a necessity that online shopping carts and integrated websites are easy to update and edit as company needs change. The ability to use the tools to make the changes yourself saves time and money. As new or enhanced features become available for merchants, adding them or changing the layout of the existing shopping cart or entire website takes only a few steps.

Better Security

Online shopping security is still an issue and many consumers find themselves as victims of identity theft, fraudulent purchases and stolen account information. Impenetrable networks and programs are a must when you sell goods and services online. The safety of your customers’ information should be a priority. Always select a shopping cart solution that has intrusion detection software built into it.

Save some confusion and frustration by combining website development with a shopping cart from the same provider. When changes need to be made, contacting multiple sources is not an issue. You’ll be able to manage the appearance of the website and shopping cart from one back office and the changes implement immediately without the need to republish the website and shopping cart separately.

Website builders make quality sites accessible to all

Taking this route to getting a site of your own isn’t just about making things quick and easy, it could also save you a sizable amount of money. Far from spending a large figure on hiring a designer, you’ll find that the best website builders offer a completely free service.

Free options often come with a select number of pre-designed templates for you base your new site design on, along with a good choice of tools that you can put to work in customising said templates to get a finished product you’re truly happy with.

Beyond that, you may find that you’ll need to lay down a small amount of money to access a greater number of tools, templates and additional extras.

In this day and age, most of us are pretty tech savvy to some degree. We log on, check our emails, post our Facebook updates and even use our high powered smartphones and tablets to interact with our favourite websites.

Yet when it comes to building a website of our own, many of us are still put of by the idea that doing so involves learning some over-complicated coding language and spending countless hours staring at a computer.

The only other option, or so it seems, is to spend a lot of money on paying a professional web developer to create a brand new site for us. Sure, we’d get an impressive looking site, but then even the best designer in the world couldn’t understand our business and our customers as well as we do. What we really need is a way that we can create a website ourselves whilst still retaining all the quality and flawless functionality of one designed by the pros.

For those of us with neither the time and enthusiasm for learning web design code, nor the cash to pay someone who does, there is a better way to build an attractive looking website that could easily stand tall against any created by the experts.

Making web design easy

Website builders have been around for just about as long as people have needed an affordable way to get their business online. Over the years, they’ve evolved from clunky, cumbersome programs that ate up space on our computer’s hard drives to powerful and dynamic online platforms that allow us to create rich, highly functional sites with just a few clicks of a mouse.

This means nothing to download, and the ability to manage and maintain our websites anywhere from any device with an Internet connection.

More than just web pages

We’re living in an interactive world, and as such, customers expect more from our business than just a few static web pages with words and pictures. Though this might be fine in some circumstances, for others, we need to add extra levels of functionality to our sites.

Visitors expect contact forms, online storefronts, blogs and more.

A good website builder makes including these in our new online presence as simple as clicking a few buttons, dragging and dropping things into place and customising them to suit our needs.

Again, some platforms may require you to pay more for things like eCommerce support, but even this costs far less time and money than either going it alone or outsourcing the job to a professional.

Combined with online tutorials helping us to make the most out of our site builder of choice, access to customer support and simple user interfaces. online website builders have come a long way in making quality website design accessible to all.

What You Don’t Know About Web Hosting Could Cost You

Making a decision on web hosting plans and companies can be challenging. There are a number of important aspects to consider in order to make an informed choice. Below are some issues to be aware of that can determine the success of any website.

1. Programming Language – Programming languages need to support site goals. Because programming code scripts will be the building blocks upon which the website is built, only the most effective programming languages will do. Many programs are tied specifically to different web applications, so it is important to understand how these technical aspects will work with what is planned to be on the site.

2. Downtime – Server downtime can greatly hurt SEO rankings and thus, the online business. In order to avoid this, the site needs to support the highest load times possible. If visitors are not able to quickly access the information they are seeking, there is a strong chance that they will leave the site. Therefore, no site can benefit from host servers that regularly experience significant downtime.

3. Technical Aspects – In order to make the best decisions, business owners need to fully determine what the purpose of the site will be and how much bandwidth is needed. For instance, a blog has very different requirements than an e-commerce site. Rich content with videos requires a more comprehensive hosting plan along with managed hosting to ensure that all technical aspects are met.

4. Control Panel – It is important to ensure that all of the features required will be available. For instance, cPanel web hosting includes all of the main aspects that web business owners need in order to have an effective web presence, such as:

CGI scripts

The cPanel solution can also create http redirects, custom error pages and spam filters. It also includes more than enough disk space capacity with affordable and reliable hosting management. Also, if you don’t like your host’s control panel, companies like allow you to purchase your own cPanel license.

5. IP Address – The host’s IP address can have an impact on search engine optimization (SEO). This is something that few new and even seasoned website owners consider. Due to Global Positioning Systems (GPS), web businesses now have the ability to estimate geographical locations. This makes it possible for companies to reach out to customers looking for their products and services, based upon their location. This is why a host’s location can have an impact in terms of local and mobile marketing.

6. Shared Hosting – Many small businesses choose to start out on a shared hosting network to save on costs. Site owners should understand that some shared plans could require that growing sites migrate to larger plans. Depending upon the web host, this can involve a relatively easy process or one that requires a whole new website. In that case, the business could lose a great deal of the web traffic it has been attracting in its existing form.

The bottom line when it comes to choosing a web host is that proposed site owners need to conduct thorough due diligence. That is the only way that they will fully understand what comes with each hosting plan, what the capacities are and whether the hosting provider can accommodate all of the most important aspects required for the business.


About the guest author: Shelby Warden is a researcher who shares this information to help business owners create a solid online presence. As an authorized cPanel distributor, provides businesses with their own cPanel license at better prices than the manufacturer offers directly. cPanel (and the WebHostManager backend) continues to be the leading web hosting server control panel.

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Cheapest Domain Name Registration

On the road to success, there may be some steps that can be skipped, but creating an online presence is not one of them. An online presence is vital to reaching customers. It is vital to selling a product or creating a positive image.

For those with online stores, it can be the missing link between failure and success. Getting the cheapest domain name registration or the most cost-efficient website is possible at Register Your Domain allows site visitors to search for the best domain names for free. With help, site visitors can find premium domains that have come back onto the market.

Domain names are, in and of themselves, vital tools. If the name is catchy, consumers will remember it. If the name is complicated or boring, customers won’t remember it. If the name is accidentally misleading, the wrong customers may wind up on the site expecting a completely different product.

Fortunately the Register Your Domain website offers guidance to those who are seeking an online presence and to those who are trying to improve their online traffic. The Learning Center offers sensible advice on a range of subjects. Seasoned business managers and new entrepreneurs can learn side-by-side from articles on SEO optimization, website management, eCommerce, security certification and other important subjects. Trustworthy advice, free domain searches, the cheapest domain name registration, online store start-up information, and website development are just a few of the ways that serves the business community.

Should You Use Cloud Storage for Your Business Data?

How do you store your business data? Do you have to remember to manually have to backup important files? If you are looking for a better solution, you may be wondering if cloud storage will be right for your business needs. Read on to learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of online backup so that you can make a more informed decision.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is simply a remote location for storing your files that you will have the ability to access anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Easy Accessibility – The biggest advantage of cloud storage is the ability to access files from any location as long as you can connect to the Internet. This will be helpful if your business requires you to be on the move frequently and you may need to access your files while you are away from your office. It can also come in handy if you are working on documents and need to leave your office while editing is in progress. You can travel to another location and access your file while away to still be able to work on it.

Ability to Share Files – Cloud storage allows you to easily share your files with others, which can be invaluable if you need to get information to employees who are on the road. This can be accomplished either through providing the link or by having the info accessed directly. Others can easily help you with editing and upgrading your material.

Secure Backup – What happens to your backup files if they are on your PC and your computer crashes due to a virus or power surge? You lose all of your valuable information. With cloud storage, your backup files will remain safe due to being stored in a remote location not affected by your computer crash. It is also a safe way to save documents you are currently working on as the file can be lost if just saved to your PC, but you are protected with cloud storage.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Slow Downloads – If you are downloading large amounts of information and are using a slow Internet connection, it will take you a considerable amount of time in which to accomplish a download.

Limited Storage Space – Cloud storage provides you with limited storage space. This works out fine if your files do not contain a huge amount of material but will definitely be a hindrance if you require a large quantity of space.

Limited Security – Malware can be spread more easily through the use of cloud storage. If your files are being accessed by others, they could be downloading malware along with your material. The same applies if you are downloading information someone else has sent to you, only you will be on the receiving end of the malware.

Cloud storage has its pros and cons. Whether you decide to use it for your business needs will depend on what type of business you have, how much information you need to store, and if you and your employees are on the move a great deal.


About the guest author: Lucy Matthews thinks it is important for businesses to make the best use of new technology such as cloud storage. She writes for a website that compares the services offered by different online backup companies.

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Web hosting – understanding the basics

The first very important business relationship for every websites owner is the one with the web hosting company. You pay such a company to take care of your website. Therefore, choosing carefully is of great importance for anyone who relies on their website for their business or any other purpose. The way the web host you have chosen manages their server reflects on you and your website. It makes a statement about you as a website owner. In case the servers of the hosting company are unreliable and your website is often down this will give your visitors the impression that you have no idea what you are actually doing because of your poor choice. Not being able to see the website if it is a business one leads directly to revenue loss. Hobby and personal websites can also suffer losses of revenue because of the site being unavailable even though the losses might not be that big. Even sites that do not get profits can get really bad reputation if they are often down.

Loss of revenue is only the first reason to want to choose a reliable web host. If the host is not good then other services related with the domain might also be affected such as the FTP or the e-mail. Another thing that can happen is for messages to get sent back to their senders and your visitors might start thinking that your website is no longer existent.

Guarantees of the level of service

If you get a good web hosting company to maintain your website you will surely have a lot less problems to worry about. A reliable host should let you know about scheduled downtime beforehand through an e-mail. There is no way unscheduled downtime can be predicted, but good hosts offer uptime guarantees to their customers and they usually offer better terms even when it comes to downtime. When you purchase a web hosting plan, it is very important that you keep your documentation so that you can refer to the Terms of Service in case it is needed. In case you cannot check on your website often enough it can cause a lot of problems, but there are also services that are designed to check if your site is live. Even if your has been down a lot more than promised by the web hosting company, you should read the contract extremely carefully in order to make sure that there is nothing you have skipped in the small print.

There are different kinds of hosting companies to suit the needs of the different clients. Some servers might be too slow for one client, but comfortable for another. It is important to find the right service for you and get the best possible speed for the money you can afford to pay. If you do not get the right host for your website, this can actually ruin your reputation entirely, so you should make the choice with extreme care.


About the guest author: Boris Dzhingarov writes for several Internet related websites online.

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What you need to know about domain administrators

The domain administrator looks after domains, making sure access is protected from attacks and that associated websites match with their addresses. Any issues with location on the internet are cleared up and they make sure user accounts work smoothly, so when you come to access your  website  for editing purposes, you are able to do so without a hitch. Managing domain settings and folders are a key part of the administrator function.

When you set up a website you decide who can access it as a user, and this is managed by the administrator. The statistics associated with individual domain names are also managed and made easy to view by the website owner so they can make business decisions related to how much traffic is coming through the site.

A key factor is deciding which domain administrator to use should be speed, since you don’t want to be waiting around for days while they sort out the domain for you. Many providers offer instant set up, and you can buy a domain name at any time of day or night in the knowledge that it will be processed within a few minutes.

Excellent customer support is an important issue, since plenty of providers will sell you a domain name but provide no back up, so check out what customer care is on offer before going with a particular company. There is so much competition out there that as a customer you are entitled to demand outstanding service, or else you can go elsewhere.

Many administrators will automatically renew your domain name, which is a bonus, as the last thing you want is to be happily trading then lose control of your domain name because your administrator hasn’t bothered to let you know it is up for renewal. This situation would be disastrous for the business and leave it vulnerable.

Not having to be concerned with renewals and checking the time left on a domain means one less task when there are more important issues like dealing with your own customers and boosting sales. Check whether your administrator does automatic renewals, or at the very least will write or email you in good time.

Depending on our trading area, you may wish to differentiate your domain names by the country or countries you trade in. Domain administrators should provide you with a country choice when you are making naming decisions. The best DNS are located in different countries to make your website accessible as quickly as possible by viewers. It’s so irritating for a customer to have to wait forever for a website to load because the server is located too far away to do its job promptly. Chances are they will simply use their back button and go back to their search results for a quicker access website and then you have lost a customer.

Finally your domain administrator service should have a facility for letting you know when a certain domain name comes up for purchase, so you don’t lose out; this should be offered for absolutely no charge.


About the guest author: Boris Dzhingarov graduated economic university. He writes for several websites online.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

Cloud Based Web Hosting

Many years ago there was this crazy idea to achieve unlimited web hosting for companies by hosting a site not only in one fixed location running on a few dedicated servers but on different servers in different locations. Access to such servers should be easy and amount of access and cost for the same can vary as per demand for it. When this idea was first put on the table some innovative thinkers absolutely loved the concept while most others felt it was utter nonsense. In the present we don’t need to be told that cloud computing has and will continue to change the face of many companies in this present economy. Names like Google Drive, dropbox, Mega, SkyDrive, icloud and such others dominate the cloud market in terms of popularity.

What is cloud hosting?

Hosting a website on many different interconnected servers which will share the load the website takes on a daily basis is called cloud hosting. Unlike traditional hosting there is no interaction with the actual hardware used in hosting. Complete control of hosting activities can be achieved through the use of a user friendly interface installed as a software on a personal computer. A simple domain name search followed by a click of a button will get you up and running on many good quality hosting sites.


1. Speed and Flexibility

Cloud hosting is free from the traditional difficulties of dedicated hosting such as server overload due to high traffic. In cloud hosting you have the freedom to assign more power to handle higher traffic and can revert to the original amount when traffic slows down. This keeps your customers happy and doesn’t punch a hole in your wallet. Unlike hardware based dedicated hosting, software based cloud hosting revolves around the concept of delivering the best service in the fastest possible way and thus is very attractive around the world.

2. Effective pricing.

Traditional hosting comes with server room costs, costs of buying new servers, and cost of paying for the new server maintenance regardless of your usage. In cloud hosting however the concept of pricing is similar to that of paying your electric bill, or phone bill. You pay for what you use when you use it.

3. Accessibility

Cloud computing has its roots deep into the internet and branches which extend into virtually every network and internet based resource on the planet.  Accessibility is increased further with internet based devices such as smartphones and notebooks. Services of memory, processing, storage and email are all available on cloud hosting simply through a simple internet connection. This will make it unnecessary to purchase, store and maintain personal hardware in the future as long as there is access to a strong and stable internet connection.


Cloud computing is still a relatively new market and a few hosting companies provide the service of cloud hosting. One such service provider is a company called Optimal Hosting. They have a wide variety of services ranging from the best joomla hosting to GBs of storage to PayPal support. The prices of their services are perfect for the great features they offer. Cloud computing and hosting is without doubt the future of all tech and services offered and will only get better over time along with access to fast broadband speeds.