PaydayMansion Affiliate Program

All those who generate fair amounts of payday traffic and consider joining a payday loan affiliate program are certainly looking for flexible conditions of cooperation as well as extraordinary commissions. In today’s highly competitive world everyone seeks only the best offers entailing maximum profit and minimum risk. These are precisely the features which make PaydayMansion stand out.

PaydayMansion is an affiliate program offering a place to sell payday loan leads. It is one of pay per lead programs in which affiliates generate outstanding commissions.

The PaydayMansion team boasts an impressive track record in the field of affiliate programs and Internet marketing and is always willing to share their knowledge with the experienced webmasters invited to the program.

Competitive commission

It is only natural that the webmasters choose affiliate programs that offer them the highest commission rates and PaydayMansion does exactly this. The commission here can even reach 99.9%, which makes it a unique offer on the affiliate market.

PaydayMansion calculates and pays commission for leads that the webmasters generate after successful traffic verification and traffic monetization. Commission is paid on every 1st and 16th day of the month. However, those webmasters who generate outstanding traffic may receive payments more frequently.

The webmasters can also get additional commission for leads that their friends and relatives invited to our program generate. The standard commission for referrals is 5%. The top webmasters earn from 2k-4k USD daily.

Promotion tools

PaydayMansion is powered by the unique software, created and developed by the service authors themselves. It ensures the appropriate optimization of lead distribution as well as maximum profit for the affiliates.

PaydayMansion owes its success to excellent relationships with the affiliates. The entire program was developed in close cooperation with the webmasters who are perceived as long-term business partners.

The platform provides its affiliates with an impressive inventory of promotion tools which include landing pages, banners, as well as a wide variety of SEO tools: articles, blogs and more. The top performing webmasters are offered some extra solutions that will help them achieve even better results. Another form of support provided by the platform are newsletters distributed among partners, in which PaydayMansion shares the latest news from the market.

Promotion – Dashboard

Members Area

The program is intended for invited webmasters only. New members would have good skills in digital and internet marketing as well as be able to generate good-quality traffic on dedicated landing pages, that will later be monetized and changed into commission.

Before receiving the invitation code, an applicant undergoes a two-stage selection procedure, after which they are invited to join the program. PaydayMansion also relies on the recommendations provided by the already enlisted affiliates.

In the registration procedure the new affiliate fills in a short form with personal details including name, address, phone number, website URL, and the marketing methods they plan to use. Within 24 hours the account is approved and an access to the dashboard is provided.

The dashboard’s layout is very clear and the dashboard itself intuitive and easy to navigate. It features a menu bar from which an affiliate is able to access the main functionalities of the platform. Also, the information about their current balance and earnings is displayed on top.

Affiliate platform

PaydayMansion platform also offers its affiliates the module with various types of reports to be generated and reviewed. In this way the partners can constantly monitor their results as well as see whether to implement any changes.

Summary report

Landing Pages

PaydayMansion ensures its affiliate webmasters have access to a great inventory of tools that will support their work. These include: banners, mobile, pop-ups, pop-unders as well as specially optimized landing pages which attract customers and increase the number of leads that are later monetized and converted into the affiliate’s profits.

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

Sample landing page


The PaydayMansion platform also offers the module of Private Sites as one of its promotional tools. These sites are managed by the affiliates who can create and install them on the indicated domains and servers. Each generated site has its own independent subdomain. It is also possible to generate bulk number of sites.

Bulk site generator



The affiliates of PaydayMansion have a constant access to various statistics in the form of reports divided into 5 categories: Global Reports, Performance, Errors, Mobile Apps and Other. The reports contain real-time data.

The information in the report can be grouped by keywords, campaign, subaccount and domain.

Reports – Dashboard


Mobile applications

The platform also offers mobile applications for IPhone or Android so that the affiliates can generate new mobile links to promote PaydayMansion mobile application. Owing to the unique tracking system implemented, every time a person installs the mobile application from the affiliate’s tracking link and generates a lead, it will be counted on this affiliate. The affiliates can promote the mobile application among their friends and distribute further, so they can generate traffic also using mobile devices.

Generating new mobile app links


Summing up, PaydayMansion stands out from other payday affiliate programs in that it offers unparalleled flexibility and support as well as extraordinary commission. What’s more, it keeps abreast of what’s the latest on the affiliate market and constantly shares the latest ideas and news with its webmasters.

So, if you are one of those webmasters who want to enrich their online marketing portfolio and are considering joining a payday loan affiliate program,  PaydayMansion is the right choice.

T3leads Review

Getting a good customer base is a herculean task in the present environment. The present situation among internet companies, businesses, manufactures etc is cut throat in nature. High competition is a daily hazard which if not dealt with can create major problems. The advent of widespread technology has lead to consumers constantly being bombarded with advertisements and media. This makes it very difficult for a new comer to have his or her voice heard among the mayhem of everyday life.

A company that has proven to be helpful in the fields of lead generation is T3Leads who specialize in marketing and leads generation. They have several exiting services on offer for their customers and make sure to keep them informed about all changes in the field. A company’s online identity is shown via its website, but with millions of similar websites out there, the task gets increasingly daunting. T3leads will help you spread your word and provide a high quality of services to get you a preferred customer base.

Both affiliates and merchants get their work done through T3leads. T3leads helps affiliates get their affiliate program up and running from scratch. Throughout the process they provide the tools and guidance required to get the job done well and on time. Affiliates are then given a chance to browse through the collection of designs for the website where he or she can go on to pick the one most suited to the business concerned. To top it off these sites are completely customizable and easy to change with changing trends and styles. The website when ready can be published within a few minutes and will shortly start generating revenue. They guide website traffic to merchants and thus generate a good amount of commission.

Merchants need new customer’s everyday and would prefer if the potential customers are serious about what they want. Through programs such as the T3leads payday affiliate program only niche specific customers are sent to merchants via high quality affiliates. Guaranteed customers along with fairly priced adverting costs make T3leads a good place to invest in. Their highly skilled teams of executives are experts in managing all parts of the affiliate program. The glue of the system is a very strong worldwide network of both affiliates and merchants who desire a common goal.

T3leads undertake everything from geo-targeting, affiliate authority etc to psychological design of pages to draw out the most clicks in order to give their customers the services they are promised and help them achieve their final goal of sustained success.


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SEO Article Marketing Mistakes

Though it is a common practice, perfecting the art of SEO article marketing is an acquired skill that will take some diligence and work. If you are just starting out in the world of SEO be assured you will make mistakes. But don’t be discouraged. There isn’t one person in the virtual world that explored SEO and didn’t make a mistake along the way. One thing they all eventually realize (and you will, too) is that the benefits of SEO marketing will far outweigh the frustration in the long run. So hang in there!

Remember, the simplest errors will be the most common mistakes.

Quality content is at the very top of the list. There is nothing worse than visiting a site that is lacking useful information, has a number of spelling and grammar mistakes, or is overloaded with affiliate links instead of quality content. There is no reason that these types of errors should occur in the day and age of available information and spell check.

Broken links and links to sites that have nothing to do with your topic are pointless and a sure way to lose recurring traffic. No one will take your product or service seriously if you are directing your traffic to numerous affiliate links, for example. Your site will begin to look like advertisement versus legitimate information and customers will begin to wonder if you are in business for your product/service or to make money off ads.

Articles that are under 300 words or over 1000 aren’t going to do you any favors. Your site won’t seem credible if readers are getting short answers to their questions, and one paragraph isn’t going to satisfy your visitors when they expect you to be the professional. On the other hand, viewers will have a harder time staying on a site that consistently posts long-winded articles that go and on. Be succinct and thorough.

Along those same lines, make sure you are writing content that is tailored to your customers. They will appreciate relevant, interesting information. Don’t think of your content as lectures. Instead, think of them as conversations. Think of some talking points and think of ways you can encourage a response. Show how enthusiastic you are about your product or service while letting your customers know what it will do for them.

Don’t forget to analyze your target market through surveys, social networking sites and management software. Keep track of your current customers while marketing to new ones. Not knowing your market can be extremely detrimental. Customers will change their ordering habits and their tastes, so it will be up to you to stay abreast of those changes.

Finally, remember that article writing software is available online and can always assist you in developing your SEO article marketing campaign if you need some help. Take advantage of anything you can get your hands on.


About the guest author: Ryan Franklin is an SEO expert and small business owner who writes on behalf of

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5 Ways to Use Internet Marketing To Your Advantage

Internet marketing means displaying your products and services on the World Wide Web to maximize the exposure of what you have to offer to potential customers.

The vastness of the internet is a golden chance waiting to be exploited, and with the right tools and ideas, you can tap this arena that is bursting with potential and see your products being marketed in unthinkable ways.

Begin with Affiliate Marketing

Let’s jump right into it! Start as an affiliate and work on selling the products of any kind of producer or company. This is good before you are an established seller. Pick a seller and product, and blog about it. You may need to create your own specific blog, even if you own one; the purpose being that you want maximum traffic to your website and irrelevant content will only hurt, not benefit.

Update Regularly

On your blog, post new and original content regularly and extensively. The more you blog specifically about the product you are marketing, the greater chances it will be picked up by customers and viewers. Obtain SEO services, or learn about them and apply them to your reviewing! Search Engine Optimization is a huge help in being featured prominently in search engines, and requires research and hard work since it is a constantly evolving process.

Web Design is of Utmost Importance

The design and layout of your blog is also important. Make it eye-catching and user-friendly, but also within professional boundaries – coming off as too casual will discourage customers and they won’t take you seriously.

Take Risks with New Ideas

As an affiliate, play around with new and fresh ideas to get customers wanting to cash in on the appeal you’re generating, and the product/service seller seeing you as a good asset, especially if you are starting to pull in good money through your methods. Your aim is to produce something different that will convince a buyer to buy from you. Study email marketing and employ it if it seems feasible and advantageous.


Have ads posted on third-party websites that will ensure viewers click and are redirected back to your site, increasing website traffic for your blog, and hence, increasing the number of potential customers! Have ads on your own blog, for returning the favor or just to generate some extra revenue on the side.

Once you start getting a stronger response and receiving affiliate commission, have your own products or services that you can sell, and get started on marketing them! Experience is always good before you start something of your own.

Here are all the tips you need to begin with, outside of any course on this topic you may be paying for. Like Simple SEO Group , internet marketing facilities are available that can help you sell your product. If you want to learn about internet marketing and the best ways to do it, or employ such an organization that can assist you with this, you can try Simple SEO Group or some other to reap the benefits of internet marketing.


About the guest author: Brendan Egan is the CEO of Simple SEO Group that aims to provide web design and e-marketing services to small online businesses. To contact Brendan, visit him at

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Tools For Affiliates To Track Their Marketing Efforts

If you are not tracking the activities in your website, then you are losing a lot of money as you read. A number of website developers do not track their web statistics; it appears to them as more work . The truth is, with the available programs, it’s possible to track the progress of your website with almost no effort. In addition, when you track your website, you are able to save yourself money and even help lost visitors.

To start you off, tracking is already available for almost every affiliate program out there. This is because everyone would be glad to know that their efforts are paying off. To add to this, there is no difference when it comes to your website. Look at your visitors the same way you look at money, this is because without them, you have no profits.



For instance, you can use InMotion Hosting’s QuickTagger tool to assess who is landing on your pages via links that you post via social media. It’s very simple, all you have to do is categorize where you make your links public and QuickTagger will handle all the coding for you and show the extended link that Google will interpret and tally up traffic for you in Google Analytics. It is also able to produce a shortened link from Tweetburner. If you have a Tweetburner account, take advantage of it because you are able to get the audience geodemographics. This is an absorbing system that will indeed show if you are engaging your audience and where they are coming from. You might even be surprised with locating your most valuable source of traffic as the results start to pool together.

Another tool is the StatCounter; if you are just getting started you should begin with StatCounter. It’s a free tracking tool that will not only give you the number of visitors but also their geodemographics, how long they were there and which keywords they entered to locate you. The benefit of tracking your daily visitors is that you are able to see if a specific ad is actually worth it.

The other way of tracking is through Split Testing. This tool is the most effective concept in establishing whether changes on your website will double the amount of conversions. The main reason a number of online marketers are successful is because they test each and every activity that they undertake online. You can follow suit by using a good Split Test script any time you want to change something. This software allows you to clone a web page and then place the change in your cloned page, therefore, enabling you to compare the two and go with the one that has the most conversion.

To conclude, tracking tools are the best solution for affiliates to ensure that their customers are constantly engaged on the web page.


About the guest author:  Juliana is a Marketing Specialist for a Virtual Private Server Provider based in Los Angeles @InMotionHosting. You can follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson.

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Tips to Start Affiliate Marketing and Build a Profit

The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your own products to sell to be successful, and when you do start making money online you will realise that online marketing is not a scam despite many ‘get rich quick’ schemes making it appear so. It is a fact that money can be made online as long as you go about it the right way right from the beginning. Some of the don’ts when starting out to take note of are;

  • You don’t have to create and sell a product of your own.
  • You don’t necessarily have to own your own website.
  • You don’t have to have a large email list to start from.

The main difference from those who go on to make money from affiliate marketing and those who make absolutely nothing is that you have to find a product that people want. From there on in it is really quite easy.

Do Your Research

The first thing to do is a bit of research. Don’t go near a product that you haven’t researched or you will be wasting your time. There has to be a ready market for the product, people must want to buy it and it must be a product in a market where buyers are already spending money.

Stay With the Trend or What is Currently Fashionable

You must also keep on the look out for the latest trend. If Frisbee is the going trend at the moment it could be that a Frisbee would be a successful marketing ploy to get involved with. Try to stay with the latest ‘trend’ products where possible as these will be receiving mainstream promotion that you would most likely never be able to compete with, but you can ride the wave. There are sites online that will point you in the right direction with regards to the latest hot trend. You are also able to find the best selling products from the affiliate networks such as Linkshare, ClickBank, ShareaSale and Commission Junction. From here you are able to sign up for the programs you have chosen, receive your specific affiliate code and go about sending traffic.

The Two Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are two different types of affiliate marketing

  • The promotion of products or services.
  • When you receive commissions from getting people to click on an icon known as cost per action or CPA.

The latter is when you basically buy traffic and then spend your time fiddling with the conversion rate on both the landing page and the ad campaign itself. The first one involving the promoting of products is more in the fashion of creating a website that is filled with information regarding a certain topic, then linking it to social media and organic search engine traffic. This all means:

  • Buying a domain.
  • Arranging the web site hosting.
  • Designing your own logo.
  • Setting up the site itself.
  • Exercising search engine optimisation.

It is also advisable to have at least five sites all catering to a different subject. This could be anything you know something about such as; your favourite hobby; car; piece of technology; sport; or recreation. Anything at all that you are familiar with.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Now you have your site set up –  you have to make money out of it. This means it must be interesting enough to have people want to visit it. Once they go to the trouble of visiting your site they will hopefully click on your affiliate’s logo and when they do you are on your way to collecting a commission. Rather than have a website set up many affiliate marketers use a regularly updated blog. The blog page of course will contain content links, widgets and banners, all advertising affiliate products for which you will receive a commission if your visitor can be encouraged to seek further information via that link. If you are knowledgeable enough and your blog becomes popular you can build up quite a following and you will be on your way to great riches.

Article marketing is another way to get people reading your sales page. Your articles are submitted to large traffic directories and when the reader finishes reading your article they are encouraged to go to your sales page. In this way you can take advantage of your good writing skills by converting your reader into a client from whom you can earn a commission through your affiliate.

You will find there are numerous ways for you to get traffic to your blog or website sales page from where your visitor moves on to your affiliate where you will generate a commission for yourself. There is Pay per Click for instance. You have to purchase Pay per Click which involves you bidding on certain keywords that generate advertisements. When the advert results in a purchase you get a commission.

There is also the growing social media phenomenon that can’t be ignored as a traffic generator these days. There is email marketing and content development where you simply place ‘buy now’ buttons in strategic places directing traffic to a landing page that turns your traffic into customers. You can build a virtual store in which you don’t need to build up any stock of your own, you simply pass the sale on to your affiliate for packaging, posting and collecting the money. In other words your products are all drop-shipped to your customers.

There are many wondrous ways to make money online but all require hard work and determination. Once you get rolling you will reap the benefits but until you get there remain determined to succeed, do everything right and you will eventually come out on top.


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Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn some extra income for your website – and who doesn’t want to do that? We live in a world where making money online is one of those perfect career paths that almost everyone is interested in pursuing – you can work from home, you can work as much or as little as you’d like, and people make it look seemingly effortless to make a lot of money online. Unfortunately it can also be rather difficult to determine if something is a legitimate business opportunity or if it’s actually a carefully crafted scam. So how can you spot affiliate marketing scams before it’s too late?

1. You have to pay to sign up
You should never have to pay someone else to make money. If a website tries to lure you in with the promise of making millions if you just pay a one-time fee of $49.99 that should immediately set off warning bells in your head that something is not right and that you’re at serious risk of losing money instead of making it. Also beware of the infamous pyramid schemes, while this is an old tactic it’s still very much in use!

2. There’s no contact information
Whoever you’re partnering with should be easily accessible – if there’s no contact information to get in touch with someone they probably aren’t someone you want to do business with – scam or not. If there is an email address provided is it through the company or is it set up through Yahoo or Hotmail? If it’s a free email address that should make you a little more wary of whom you’re potentially doing business with.

3. You can’t get off the website
Any website that doesn’t let you leave when you want should raise a red flag. If you click the ‘x’ and something pops up asking if you’re sure you want to leave or offering you a discount if you stay, get out as fast as you can! This is a tactic that not many legit websites employ and usually points directly to a scam site.

4. There are no disclaimers
There’s no one-size-fits-all with affiliate marketing, and any reputable company knows this. Is there a disclaimer on their site outlining that their product isn’t for everyone? If they claim to work perfectly for every single person who’s ever tried their marketing, they’re lying. And no one wants to do business with liars.

5. Do your homework
Google the company and see what comes up – if you try to do a search and Google tries to auto-fill the rest of your search with the word “scam”, hightail it away from that company and find a company that isn’t associated with a scam.

While the web is full of scammers who are great at covering their tracks and there’s no way to be 100% sure that an opportunity is legitimate, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you don’t get played the fool. It all comes down to doing your homework ahead of time – the extra effort will pay off.


About the guest author: This Guest post is by Christine Kane from internet service providers, she is a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @

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The Power of Social Media for Referral Marketing

Don’t underestimate the capabilities of your customers–they can help increase your sales exponentially.

The following examples help illustrate the potential your customers possess, and how you might harness that potential to bring in more sales.


It would not be over exaggerating the point to say that Roku effectively facilitated the next generation of in home entertainment, the bringing of online movies into the living rooms of families in the US. What may come as a surprise though to many is that it was only about three years ago that Roku, which hails from California, actually began manufacturing these devices which allowed movies to be streamed from an online service such as Netflix, for example, to a compatible television set.

The rapid take-up rate witnessed of the devices produced by Roku inevitably led to many competitors creating rival products. What was interesting about this period of competition however was that, although there were the likes of Apple with their Apple TV product and the countless numbers of other similar devices available on the market, no company had quite the following that Roku had managed to establish in the short amount of time which they had been in existence. A press release by Roku’s marketing team revealed that in excess of 250,000 Roku customers had actually acted as salespeople in effect, recommending the purchase of a Roku device to their friends or colleagues–statistics which Apple and Microsoft could only dream of achieving.

As one might expect, Roku took the opportunity to capitalize on this existing customer loyalty and implemented a refer-a-friend marketing campaign whereby customers were rewarded for spreading the word about Roku throughout their social circle of friends, a form of affiliate marketing in essence, carried out not by marketers, but normal people.

Indeed, with the advent of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and the many others out there currently, marketing through customers on these sites has fast become one of the most popular forms of advertising. The key to the success of this marketing medium is that friends obviously trust their friends, and will therefore be far more inclined to purchase a product recommended by a friend than by a company television advert. This has allowed companies to turn existing customers using these sites into subliminal salespeople, establishing sometimes global trust in their products and a strong brand identity at minimal cost.

The results Roku presented to the media with regards to their own social network marketing campaign were outstanding. Lomit Patel, the director of marketing within the firm, stated how their campaign had been more cost effective than traditional forms of internet advertising such as Pay per Click or banner adverts. Patel also noted that those referred to Roku’s products via their friends were up to three times more likely to purchase a product from their range than those who had simply clicked through on standard adverts. This obviously supports the idea that when someone is referred to a product by someone they know, they’re more likely to trust the referral, and thus, more likely to purchase the product. Yet perhaps this is also signalling a growing apathy by consumers towards traditional internet advertising techniques. Roku further calculated that for every $10 they spent on advertising, they acquired a customer who would spend in excess of $100–a great return on advertising expenditure for any company.

Abe’s Market

Another case study which reports similar results to Roku’s is Abe’s Market, a company based in Chicago which sells food and clothing, amongst many other products, through their site. Abe’s Market went further than Roku in their social networking promotion strategy. Whilst the Roku campaign required those spreading the message about the company to have purchased prior to this, Abe’s Market rewarded customers with a 10% discount on products if they submit the email addresses of 3 friends who may be interested in purchasing from the company. Abe’s Market termed the concept “Share It” and is, like Roku, currently experiencing great results through the implementation of this advertising strategy.

By way of a short conclusion then, as a company of whatever size, you should be seriously considering the use of social networking to spread the word about the products you offer. Social networking has the potential to deliver a significantly greater return on investment than what you can expect to achieve through using traditional forms of print media, for example, and often the costs can be substantially less. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ represent the future of advertising: they facilitate the transformation of social circles into subliminal salespeople; the “like” is extremely powerful and there’s no time like the present to capitalize on that trend…while it exists.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sera Filson is an Asst. SEO Project Manager, writer, entrepreneur and professional student who’s currently pursuing a B.A. in Business Management. She manages her busy life by staying organized with Outlook, which uses Intermedia’s Exchange Hosting.

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Monetizing Your Website thru Affiliate Programs

This guest post is authored by Michael Bracy at FindTheBest, Inc.

Beginning in 1994, just after the creation of the World Wide Web, the notion of revenue sharing, paying a commission for referred business, began to make its way into the e-commerce marketplace. Everybody from the traditional stay-at-home parent to the enthusiastic blogger began to view internet marketing as a potential form of revenue generation. One of the easiest ways to transform your website into a money-making machine is through affiliate programs.

Upon entering the affiliate program arena there are a few strategies each website owner should consider. While the income potential from affiliate deals may theoretically be unlimited, you must be willing to provide up-to-date, unique content that drives significant traffic through your site. After all, if nobody is visiting your site, how do you expect any potential affiliate ads to receive a high volume of click-thrus?

Here are a few general tips for those individuals looking to monetize their website through the use of affiliate programs.

Be sure to target product-specific forms of traffic

From a pure analytical standpoint, any type of traffic is generally considered good traffic. But, when it comes to internet marketing via affiliate programs this surely is not the case. It doesn’t make much sense to target 10-12 year olds if you are an affiliate for local investment advisors. How many kids out there are planning for retirement while they are still in elementary school? The goal is to draw a strong correlation between those who are consistently attracted to your site and the products or services you are advocating. The more you can pique the interest of your readers, the probability of receiving repeat visitors will steadily increase; thus, resulting in higher conversion rates. This can be accomplished through posting new articles on your blog, linking your site to other reputable sites, and producing articles for online magazines, guides, and e-reports.

Offer free reviews of the products you are an affiliate for

For the most part, consumers come to a website looking for more than a simple “Buy Now” button. They come looking for sound advice on the product or service they are interested in. By incorporating product reviews and user testimonials into the design of your website you give your readers a reason to stay on your website. If all you have is the simple “Buy Now” button in the top corner of your homepage, yet no information pertaining to the product, the chances of them clicking through to complete the transaction are slim. Product reviews are a great way to introduce your readers to the products available and how they can add value if purchased. Another tactic which seems to work well is creating a separate webpage for each individual product you are marketing. If you think you are being savvy and saving money by cramming everything onto one webpage, the potential loss of future revenue far outweighs the immediate cost reduction of web hosting. No matter what you do, always include a call to action on each page to help ensure a click-thru the moment your readers realize they are ready to facilitate a purchase.

Do your research – take the time to find the most equitable programs available

Currently, there is a wide range of affiliate programs being offered, and almost all of them come with varying terms and conditions. One of the big mistakes website owners typically make is settling for the big name affiliates (i.e. Amazon and Google). When choosing the proper affiliate program for your website, always be sure to consider price, revenue split, and whether or not cookies are enabled on the affiliate link. If you are looking to maximize your potential revenue you’re going to want to find affiliate programs that offer the highest possible percentage of revenue (i.e. commission rate) and/or offer higher priced products. For example, 30% of $19.99 is much better than 30% of $10.99, and anything below 30% would be inferior for any marketed product. Moreover, you also want to make sure that cookies are enabled for all your affiliate links, the longer the cookie the better. Implementing a longer cookie means that the window for closing the purchase remains open even if someone clicks your link, leaves, then returns at a later date to make the final purchase. If this situation occurs, and you have cookies enabled, the website you are referring customers to will know that you were the one who sent them.

So there you have it, a few general principals to follow when you begin to monetize your website. It is important to understand that affiliate deals don’t just appear on your site, you have to spend some time researching and locating the optimal programs for your specific purpose. Once you feel you have found the best ones available, let the cash flow begin!


About the guest author: Michael Bracy is a Business Development Associate for FindTheBest, Inc., a comparative search engine designed to help consumers make quicker, more informed decisions. Find and compare products from web design software to web hosting services.

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Referral Marketing: Your Natural Referrer

When some people hear referral marketing, they automatically think of it as something ‘spammy’ and useless, or something that is connected to fake and cheap products. Well, we can’t blame them for that. Over the years, Internet Marketers have blatantly abused referral marketing for the sake of getting consumers. They started it with emails, and now, with social networking sites and blogs. It has now earned a negative connotation to Internet users, to the point that marketers are ignoring and overlooking their capability to produce solid purchasing customers.

Referral marketing definitely has power. If properly planned and executed, this could establish customer loyalty between business owner and customer.

We all know that this advertising method is only an adaptation of the traditional word-of-mouth promotion. During the early 40’s, when TV and Radio had not reached the masses yet, storeowners advertised their products and services by literally announcing it to the public while riding on some kind of public transportation. From that, the receiver will pass the message to the people. Yet the traditional act of referral has not really changed at all. Today, people still follow the same method through referral marketing. The Internet has helped people directly refer and promote a service to their friends through email and social media connections. 

The physicality involved in referral marketing is what makes it engaging and persuasive. It is more intimate and personal. Hearing about a product directly from a trusted friend is more enticing and believable compared to seeing it on TV and print. 

Focus on your products and services firsts

Nothing beats honesty and reality. Focus more on improving your products and services than on establishing a buying market. Logically, you have to understand the needs and wants of your market so you will know what to improve on. Your goal is to satisfy your customers, to give them what they need, and to offer them something that is new and worth referring. Once you are done with it, let your initial customers refer your products upon experiencing it. At this stage, you do not have to do anything. You just have to let them promote your service to their friends. Your first-hand customers are your natural referrers. On the other hand, social networking sites, blogs, and emails are only referral drivers. Referring your business through this will only serve as a support system for your main referral strategies. Focus on your products and services first, and then rely on your natural referrers.


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