Content Marketing: An Overview on How to Use This Method

Internet marketing has come a long way since its inception, and today it has become an essential part of a company’s or an entrepreneur’s marketing and promotional strategy. In this era, where getting heard and noticed is a critical factor to success, the Internet has become an indispensable medium to reach out to thousands of people every day.

Content and the Internet

Why has the Internet become such a dominant source of information? It is because people keep contributing and putting their content on the Internet. Humans, by nature, are curious beings who are constantly trying to find out answers to the different questions and problems that they encounter. This is where the Internet marketing technique — content marketing — is being relied on.

What Is This Technique?

It is one of the most popular and effective ways to reach out to people both online and offline. Content marketing is getting people informed about the different aspects of a business, product, or service that are connected to their way of life, and to life in general. This is what makes content marketing a particularly good strategy for both online and offline marketing.

Due to the fact that content marketing focuses on educating people, a company that utilises it will undoubtedly have its own set of loyal followers, and its customer turnover will surely increase.

What to Do

For those who are interested in this strategy, here are a few points to ensure that you will have a successful content marketing campaign:

  • Plan and Decide. One of the most important things to do is plan ahead. What kind of content will be developed? Who is going to be the target audience? Which Internet platform will be used? For those who are going to ask the help of experts, it is beneficial to meet the experts to voice out what is needed. Deciding on “who,” “what,” and “where” will direct the whole project.
  • Create Content. Once the plan has been established, the next step in a good content marketing strategy is creating the content. It can be a series of videos, audio, or write-ups that is well researched and will attract the audience. During the process of creating content for a specific campaign, it is crucial that the creator uses captivating lines, creative concepts, enticing stories, and innovative features.
  • Promote the Content Online. Once the content is ready, the next step is to finally promote the content online. There are a lot of platforms online that can cater to a company’s or entrepreneur’s content, but remember to choose only those that will promote the brand, service, or product well.
  • Flexible. In order to ensure that the strategy works, it is essential that the advertiser is ready for changes and opinions. He or she should be able to connect with consumers and audiences.

It is critical for a company or an entrepreneur understand what to do before moving forward and establishing an online content marketing campaign. Getting people informed and wanting more is one of the best strategies in online marketing.


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Understand Your Audience To Improve Affiliate Marketing Results

Knowing your audience means that you can create the content that they want to seem encourage them back to the pages of your site more frequently, and enjoy improved sales figures. It also means that you can target the affiliate program that you choose to the visitors that you have on your page rather than the other way around. Once you know your audience you will know what they want to read, what will keep their interest, and how to convert them from an audience of avid readers into a collection of loyal customers.

Visitor Paths

Consider the path that visitors use to arrive on your website. Very few will actually type your website address into their browser bar. For most websites, the majority of traffic will come from organic search results although depending on your marketing and community driven advertising techniques you may experience high traffic percentages from social networks and other social media websites, PPC or sponsored listing ads, and directly from individual websites and blogs.

Gearing Content To Visitors

By learning where your visitors are coming from you can develop content that is geared specifically to them. Look at the ad and the page that directed your visitors and consider exactly what they are expecting and what they are looking for when they do arrive on your web page. Now consider the content that is found on that page and any creative ad copy or links that direct to your affiliate partners. Ensure that you have the best possible content, including text, images, video, and other forms of media that are relevant and then ensure that the link directs to a good quality and relevant affiliate page.

Considering Your Own Links

Treat your pages individually. This means that some of the pages that lead visitors to your website will be your own pages. If a particular page has a high exit rate then you should look at improving the quality of the page and ensuring that there is nothing else that may be leading to website visitors quitting that page of your website and moving on.

Become An Authority And Make Conversions

The more targeted your copy, the longer visitors will stay on your site and the more they will treat you as an authority and a trustworthy provider of information. Eventually this means that they will be more inclined to trust the links, reviews, and endorsements that you provide but do remember that every link out to another website, including an affiliate program page, that you provide will be considered an endorsement by your visitors. As such, you must have faith in the products that you affiliate with.

Crowdsourcing From Your Own Website

You can even consider other ways in which to learn about your audience. For example, if you open up blog posts or a forum to discussion this can provide you with details of what your visitors are looking for. Crowdsourcing information in this way can prove an inexpensive and highly valuable method of canvasing the people that are most important to your online campaign. If you data capture forms, for example to collect name and email addresses in order to supply a newsletter, you can ask one or two simple questions here. Your email newsletter is also an ideal opportunity to garner information from your readers.

Improve Affiliate Marketing By Understanding Your Audience

Knowing as much as possible about your readers is critical not only to the performance of your affiliate marketing but to your website and online experience also. The more targeted your website and its content, the more likely that your readers and visitors will convert to paying customers and turn you a profit. Be sure to target your content to readers and your affiliate programs and creative ads to your content, though, and not the other way around.


About the guest author: You should also ensure that you use a leading and relevant Affiliate network that offers access to the most appropriate advertisers, reasonable payments, and high quality tools and creatives; networks like

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Why Marketers Opt for Guest Blogging and How To Go About It

Guest blogging is considered to be one of the most effective tactics available out there. It is simply defined as creating a blog content wherein it is published on another’s person’s blog. Why do marketers choose such option? There are a lot of options that marketers could choose from in terms of gaining inbound links to advance the performance of their site in search engines but guest blogging is a prominent one and there are several reasons why marketers opt to do so.

It is presented with Cleverness

Guest blogging may be a convenient way to gain inbound links from other sites but this can only be done when you as a contributor produce something that appeals to other individuals. That is why for those that cater to guest blogging, they make sure that they are able to create something that is new and interesting for others to be persuaded to accept your content. Guest blogging is achieved successfully when it is done correctly and one factor for making it effective is to have the valuable contents.

Compose what’s significant – Why is it important to create a content that is relevant? As a contributor, it is your job to make sure that you compose something that is worthy to be accepted. You have to make it a point that your topic tackles something that is significant and beneficial both for the blog host and for its viewers and most importantly, that it supports your activity focus.

Progress in Results

In guest blogging, you can produce valuable results for a good span of time, taking into consideration the efforts you exerted; it could be for months, years or for what’s to come.  Furthermore, by effectively optimizing your guest posts for searches, it can even give you more outstanding results in just a quick period of time. It could cause your search engine traffic to increase for a good number of weeks, continually. One way of having a progressive result is having effective inbound links and this is supplied when you have relevant anchor links.

Use relevant anchor links – The last thing you want to happen as a marketer is to lose your credibility to your readers. Your aim is to gain more potential visitors and fooling them to visit sites that are not pertinent is not a classy thing to do. Anchor links are helpful tools when it comes to search engine ranking and using it in the right way can boost up your progress. That is why, you should use anchor text that are significant to that of your keyword you desire to rank for.

Knows what it’s aiming for

There may be numerous reasons why people opt for guest blogging; it may be for referral traffic or for inbound links. Both of these assertions display different effects. When you guest blog for the main purpose of referral traffic, there is only a small amount of percentage of people who’ll gone through your guest post who’ll actually be appealed with your content.  Guest blogging for the purpose of gaining inbound links is seen to be fit for the reason that the traffic that is produced through search is much more aimed at. The pages that you optimized for in search engines are actually being visited by people because these are what they are looking for. They gain interest with these pages because of the reason that it provides solutions to their problems.

Makes up for it

As established, guest blogging can present you with exceptional results in terms of progress of your site. Indeed, aiming for smaller blogs may be easier than targeting the more established ones. It may not have the similar results as when you target smaller blogs for those effects that are given by more popular and established ones. Nonetheless, smaller blogs can provide you with more possibilities in regards to publishing your posts. In targeting the smaller blogs, you have more chances of having your contents distributed which simultaneously means having to gain more inbound links. The point is, although higher ranking blogs may give you more valuable inbound links, guest blogging for smaller blogs can make up for it. Because having to guest blog for small scale ones means having more chances to acquire inbound links. An important thing to consider when you guest blog, whether it may be for a big scale or small scale blog, is to look for the suitable ones; those ones that ties up to your niche.

Look for appropriate ones – There are numerous tools that are available out there that can help you look for appropriate blogs that you can write for. Few of them are Alltop, Technorati, Google, MyBlogGuest. These tools can assist you in your needs of finding the right blogs. Target blogs that you can make a significant content about and that it would be useful for viewers of that blog at the same time associated with your field of focus. This way, you are able to successfully carry out the purpose.

Evaluate the potentials- The task of looking for potential blogs does not stop after you have acquired a list of it. For it to turn out even better, you need to evaluate the potential ones. It is important for you to perform further inquiry to which blogs are commendable; those that are able to provide you with powerful inbound links. Evaluating these potential blogs is now made easy by numerous reliable metrics that cater to this process. Some of the steadfast metrics that are committed in the SEO world are Alexa Rank, Google PageRank, MozRank & CustomRank.  

Don’t Stop Promoting

The task of guest blogging does not end after it has been successfully accepted and posted on blogs.  Remember, the more realizations your guest posts acquire, the more powerful the inbound links enclosed in it will turn out. That is why, never stop promoting. There are numerous ways to do this, distribute it to social media sites or link it to other articles of yours. By doing this, it will get more attention and the possibility for success will be huge. By creating relevant content, targeting appropriate blogs and continually promoting it, you are able to effectively perform the task.


Ces Bio PhotoAbout the guest author: Ces is the Social Media Manager of , responsible for anything related to community engagement. Friendly, soft-spoken & fun-loving. Loves fashion & shopping & #social media. You can follow her on Twitter Ces_DTO and Google +.

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How to Maximize Press Release Syndication for SEO Purposes?

Press release and its syndication is procedure to make the content useful and available for other websites all over the internet. This kind of syndication generally refers to the creation of feeds from a website, which will make the content reachable for other end users on the internet. This will be arranged through a summary of the press release or through an update about the added content of the website. This kind of syndication can keep the press release a greatest knowledge for other news sites and relevant sites to use the same quite easily.

This kind of press release syndication is an instant boost for websites and successful to obtain good SERP rankings too. Targeted traffic is easy to obtain through this approach. Quality back-links are another added advantage through this practice for the SEO campaign too. Major search engine crawlers will pay utmost attention towards the website through this approach besides obtaining increased sales and product awareness for the business.

Let us see some of the valuable tips that are effective to syndicate a press release for a business:

  • Create a press release and arrange online and offline press coverage. This will helps well to spread the press release all over the internet and local newspapers at once successfully.
  • You have to take a further more step in this regard after the press release. Submit your press release to all the popular Press Release websites, including Google news, Yahoo news and some more.
  • Publish the link of your press release through social bookmarking too. This will create more mileage and audience for your news.
  • There is SMNR, which represents Social Media News Releases and helps well to distribute the press release to all the social networking sites at once successfully. It will keep the news reachable for all the targeted audience that is regular at popular social networking sites.
  • There are many plugins, free tools and paid tools are available to syndicate a press release more effectively. There is one popular tool known as PR WEB, which is an effective social media tool. This is a paid tool, but offers enormous returns for the press release through proper syndication. This tool comes with a built-in keyword-optimization feature too.
  • Press releases syndication for the SEO purpose is more effective through RSS. This is more powerful to syndicate a press release besides building effective inbound links for the websites. This is going to be a popular mainstream approach for the press release syndication and helps well to improve the SERP rankings to a great extent too.

Press releases are definitely more advantageous for the SEO campaign. Here, syndication will result into more added advantage for the SEO campaign through improved quality inbound links. This is a better practice to improve the quality and quantity of inbound links for a website too. Many popular SEO companies can’t afford ignoring this effective approach for their clients too. It is definitely a good time to add press release syndication to your SEO campaign and to improve the SERP rankings successfully.


This guest post is contributed by Gem Franco on behalf of, a web & domain hosting company that focuses on servicing the small to medium sized business market. Gem is a freelance writer whose articles appear on various Technology and Internet Marketing blogs.

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How to Start Your SEO Content Marketing Strategy on the Right Foot

More and more, content marketing has been getting just the right amount of attention and its vast importance has been emphasized by search engine optimization professionals. Contracting freelance writers and instituting a blog, for instance, are just a couple of ways to create great content on your site. There are other strategies, some of them overlooked, which can also beef up your content marketing campaign.

As is the case with any SEO company, half the battle in content marketing is targeting the right keywords. Google provides a free keyword tool through which you can look up the keyword you want to use and check out its competitiveness and effectiveness.

When the keyword tool lists the keywords you wish to target, you may want to look at top keyword, which has the most query volume. However, this technique may not be worth your time, as there is a lot of competition around the top keyword and it may take a long time to see the desired results. Instead, look for low-traffic, long-tail keywords. Also make sure, when looking up keywords, that you select “Exact” in the Google match type option, as SEO tends to require exact matches for keywords.

Another keyword trick you can use to create your content marketing campaign is to use Google’s Autocomplete. Look up common keywords by beginning to type your keyword in the Google search field. A list of other keyword options will drop down, giving you an insight at what other users commonly search for.

Before you start your content marketing ventures, you need ideas to write about. You can find ideas in lots of different ways, not excluding social media. Listen to conversations on all the main social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, and see if you can mine some relevant content out of these conversations. You can also use social listening platforms to better filter out irrelevant conversations, such as

Another fun way to distribute content is by live blogging for events. Live blogging a special event while also involving yourself in lively discussions as its happening is a great method of getting yourself out there. You can also use live blogging tools such as TopRank Marketing to assist your ventures. Be sure the events you’re blogging about are relevant to your industry. After all, none of your customers are going to care if you’re live blogging a bowling competition if you’re creating content for a gardening website.

Contact experts in your industry and see if you can get interview from them, which will be published on your website or blog. Experts will likely reply in the positive, as interviews tend to be mutually beneficial, especially if the expert has a book to promote. You can also do a live interview with Google+ Hangouts or Skype.

These are just a few ways of creating great content out of your own resources. Creating content involves a lot of time, patience and creativity, and if you use your creative juices enough, you may just find your own innovative ways to get your good name out there.


About the guest author: Carolyn Johnson is a staff writer for Sticky Web Media, a Los Angeles SEO and web marketing firm.

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4 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is the Best Solution for a Weight Loss Blog

I have been a contributing member to a team that manages and promotes a brand new weight loss blog. The owners are seasoned online marketers and as such they decided at the outset to be affiliates to well establish brands rather than create and market their own products. However, the decision is not as simple for other weight loss bloggers who lack the experience.

New weight loss blogs begin daily with many aspiring to make an online income.  While there are numerous possibilities for the new internet marketer to implement, affiliate marketing is a good opportunity to test the waters online. In my opinion, it is the best choice to monetize your weight loss venture initially. In this article, I will outline four reasons:

No Capital Required

Normally when beginning a new business, both online and off, a start-up investment is required. Often quite a substantial outlay is required if you have to research, design, develop and build a new product. With affiliate marketing that has been taken care of by the vendor whose products you will promote. The only investment required in affiliate marketing is your time and effort, which you will be committed to doing for your blog anyway.

No Website Required

It is beneficial to own a weight loss blog or website to promote your choice of affiliate products, where you can give an honest review of weight loss products and services, but you can begin without this.  You can avail of numerous options to drive traffic to the vendor’s sales page. You can choose article marketing and place your affiliate links in the article resource box or within the article itself. Choose from any of the following: classified ads, press releases, or internet forum to drive traffic to the merchants’ sites.  It is advisable to invest in your own weight loss domain name and hosting account once you start earning from affiliate sales.

No Obligation to Merchant

A huge benefit of affiliate marketing is being a sole trader without responsibilities to work specific hours, attend meetings, write reports or answer in any way to the merchants.  You decide what hours you want to work, what holidays you want to enjoy and how much time and effort you want to invest; no one is going to be monitoring your work performance. You are your own boss, promoting diet and weight loss products on behalf of the vendors. You are in charge of just your blog, which topics you write about and what services and products you choose to promote.

No Customer Service or Product Distribution Required

What I love about affiliate marketing is that it eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming shipping and packaging of products. You do not have to handle unhappy customers or deal with unsatisfactory refund issues. All the administrative tasks- delivery, customer service etc.-are the responsibility of the merchant. Your only task is to drive customers and leads to their sales pages and get commissions for the sales they made.


About the guest author: Sarah Lamb is an expert in internet marketing, affiliate marketing and blogging. If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing visit her website for more information.

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Marketing with Content: Quantity + Quality = Success

Many businesses are cutting back on traditional marketing mediums in favor of distributing content online.  Transitioning to this type of marketing isn’t foolproof, though. Without a solid strategy and content, you could potentially put in a lot of work for little reward.

However, done well, content marketing is an excellent way to engage potential and current customers. It can help shape your brand, assert your expertise, generate leads, and improve customer retention. Effectively marketing with content is a great foundation for achieving business goals.

If you want to market with content well, what do you have to do? What should your content look like, and how often should it be published? Here are some important elements for content designed to promote profitable customer action.


In order to foster consumer engagement, you have to provide something that is related to their lives and that, ideally, can enhance them. If you can provide something of value to readers, you are more likely to develop a wide readership than if your contributions aren’t personally valuable. Out of that appreciative readership, some are likely to become customers.

Sticking to content that is relevant to your business and general industry also contributes to your credibility. In order to appear like a knowledgeable voice on key industry issues, you should publish content that remains in line with the themes about which you’re trying to cultivate an image of expertise.

High quality

Publishing only high-quality content is another way to establish credibility. If you post poorly-written, inaccurate information, it can reflect badly on your business. Content that is well composed and researched, on the other hand, reinforces professionalism, competence, and trustworthiness.

Search engines prefer high quality, too. Algorithm updates usually happen, in part, to make search engines weed out weak web pages in favor of high-quality, unique content that readers actually want to read. Google, in particular, created quite a splash when they rolled out updates that dropped the rank of websites with low-quality, duplicated content. Make sure that what you publish is high quality and original – that makes it more likely consumers will encounter your web presence through a search engine.

Published often

Many search engines also prioritize fresh content. You increase your chances of landing a good rank if you update frequently – at least daily, perhaps even more. Also, the more content you publish, the more likely people are to see it. This is not only because of rankings, but because of sheer numbers – the more that is available online the more there is for people to see.

Not only do search engines privilege websites that update frequently, but people do, too. If you are regularly providing quality content on matters that pertain to your business and industry, it can contribute to people holding the perception that you’re invested in providing good information. In many people’s eyes, consistency is one sign of credibility.


In order to publish frequently, it’s not always feasible to post very long, involved articles. Aim for content with topics that are elaborated on enough to provide quality, but that can also be produced in a relatively short period of time.

Shorter content has its own benefits from a marketing perspective. By breaking down information into smaller segments, each written piece tends to carry a concentrated idea. These succinct and unique ideas can then be efficiently exposed to target demographics.

In the era of social media, marketing and content often go hand in hand. To get the most return, be sure that your content is done well and published often.


Guest post contributed by Carla Gregson, on behalf of Hannapin Marketing – a results-driven, service-orientated PPC management company.

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Content Marketing – Top Five Ways To Make It Work For Small Business

What is Content Marketing?

Also known as inbound marketing, content marketing is about creating a website that is a click and link magnet. It’s about generating high quality content that draws in users and inspires them to share, once they do, the results tend to snowball. So how does small business create great content marketing materials?

1. Great Content Marketing is Specific

The internet is jam packed with information; your goal is to draw in traffic by answering very specific questions very, very well. If your website is about work from home job opportunities, don’t just optimise a static page for “work from home jobs”, create a series of blog articles targeting specific questions that your potential buyers may have – answer them succinctly and with plenty of original information:

  • How do I know if a work from home job is legitimate?
  • What can I claim back on tax if I work from home?
  • What do I need to do to start a work from home accounting business?
  • What insurance do I need to work from home?

2. Great Content Marketing is Relevant

Find out what your potential customers like to read and write for them. It’s not always about marketing your business, it’s about connecting with the audience. If your work from home site has a high percentage of young mothers, consider their interests and build a bridge to your marketing message:

  • Top 5 ways to distract young kids when you’ve got deadlines to complete
  • Work/life balance when you work from home with pre-school aged children
  • “Why mummy is always in the office” – How to explain your work from home business to young children

3. Use long tail keywords and share buttons

SEO is not dead, it just makes a catchy title so everyone is using it. SEO will never be dead because Google will always be a computer. Although search engines upgrade the way they see content, they will always need to “see content” so be sure to use common sense, standard SEO tactics when writing for search engines. This includes a highly relevant long tail keyword for every piece of content, proper meta tag optimisation and on page SEO and solid interlinking between articles for easy navigation and to ensure long term indexing.

Make sure it is simple to share your content through social channels by not only embedding all social media buttons but also by giving clear, simple instructions to readers to use them: Did you find this content useful? We’d love your share or +1 – click here now. Something so simple can now make a huge impact on search results.

4. Be your brand

Do your clients like to read funny content? Informative content? Persuasive content? Whatever it is that they want is the foundation of your branding. If you’re trying to be an authoritative and trusted source of information – and that’s why your users want – choose a “voice” to reflect that. Highly professional brands should write in third person, brands based on service should write in first. Informative articles should be completely free of colloquial language, sales information and of course, spelling and grammatical errors. Informal, friendly, empathetic articles can be in first person and have blatant branding information wrapped in a warm and fuzzy personal story.

5. Content Marketing Says it Right

Content marketing is about creating the best piece of content for the job. In most cases, this takes the form of articles, white papers, ebooks and web copywriting, but sometimes infographics, video content, web seminars, games and social media apps says it better than the same old article. Create richer media sources when:

  • There are already ample articles on the topic
  • There are complex concepts to communicate
  • There are complex numbers or statistics to communicate
  • The concept has a series of instructions to communicate
  • The audience prefers to watch than to read
  • Your product is visually exciting
  • You are attempting to brand yourself

Content marketing will change the way we see the internet, will lift our expectations of websites and make webmasters work harder for our likes and links. The beauty of content marketing for small business is, anyone who knows their stuff can do it well.


About the guest author: Dana Flannery is a professional writer and content marketer at Talk About Creative, an Australian based Website Marketing firm. She believes Content Marketing is the new small business SEO – and yet some small business owners aren’t even sure what it is.

How to Schedule Guest Posts and Improve Your SEO

Every blogger and business owner needs to increase search engine visibility and attract new readers online. With limited time and resources, how can a blogger or marketing manager accomplish this in a reasonable time frame?

One of the time-tested tools of increasing visibility for a blog is scheduling guest posts. Whether writing for a blog with more traffic or hosting a talented writer on your own site, scheduling guest posts are simple and effective ways to increase your reach.

Why Use Guest Posts?

Nick Stamoulis, the President and Founder of Brick Marketing, suggests that there are six key benefits for SEO that come directly from organizing guest posts:

  • More content for the search spiders
  • More content for your readers
  • More content for your social media marketing campaign
  • Target different keywords
  • Attract new visitors
  • Generate more inbound links.

When you write guest posts at popular blogs, they will drive more traffic your way and increase your SEO. If you host guest posts, you’ll gain fresh, excellent content and bring new readers to your site. In fact, there are other benefits according to Daily SEO Tips: “Not only will this encourage people to write great content for the site but they will let all of their friends know once their finished article has been published.”

Either way you go, guest posts are an excellent way to grow your audience and influence. And if all of that wasn’t enough, a guest post on a popular blog will also add to your credibility in your field.

Get Credit for Your Guest Posts

Guest posting is all about introducing yourself and your work to a new audience of readers. However, just listing your name isn’t enough for a guest post on someone else’s site.

Brian Clark at Copy blogger writes, “Just make it very clear to the blog owner that you require a very brief byline at the end of the post, with a link back to your site.” A solid biography with a link will add to your credibility and provide a way for readers to keep in touch at your blog or through social media.

Reap the SEO Benefits of Guest Posts

When you’re writing a guest post for someone else’s blog, it is critically important that you ensure you get backlinks to your site. While a general link to your site is good, why not include some backlinks to related posts you’ve written? In addition, make sure readers know where to find you on Twitter so you can get involved in the conversation about your guest post.

Jonathan Morrow of shares, “To make SEO work, you need links from trusted sites. To make twitter work, you need to get retweets from people who have a lot of followers. To make social bookmarking work, you need connections with social media power users who can bring you dozens or even hundreds of votes.”

Don’t forget to target specific keywords for your site as well in order to maximize the SEO impact. Marketing firm Grow Map suggests the following: “Writing a guest post targeting a specific keyword phrase in the anchor text that links to a post or page targeting the same phrase on your own blog can get you to page one in the search engines.”

Set Up Guidelines When Hosting Guest Posts

Some link-hunters will offer to write a guest post for your site, but it’s up to you to make sure that every guest post you include on your site fits your niche and meets the expectations of your readers. Create a guest post page that explains the focus on your site and the ideal word count for a guest post.

Consider adding guidelines to your guest post page like those found at the Big Red Tomato Company’s page:

  • Add an image illustrating the post at the top and centralise it (no offensive images please!)
  • Add any hyperlinks to other sites to open in a new page (please no affiliate links)
  • Add your bio details to the bottom of the post (including a link to your website / about / services page)
  • Read it through and spellcheck it!

These guidelines provide a good bare minimum for bloggers, though you’ll also need to carefully read guest posts in order to ensure they’re appropriate for your site.

As you write more guest posts and accept them from your readers, you’ll expand your network of contacts and influencers, gaining more credibility and connections. With guest posts you’ll be positioned for growth by regularly drawing in new readers and potential customers to your website.


This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for the ma in security program at the Tel Aviv University and, who also consults for a css company.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

Reasons Why Webmasters should Emphasis on Quality Rather than Quantity of Articles

Out of all the ways of driving traffic towards your website, article writing is the most effective method of doing so. There is no debate among webmasters, about the importance of the article writing, it’s the quantity and quality of the content that raises discussion. Some marketers give importance to quality, and by conducting a simple keyword search, start targeting their keywords with full throttle, whereas, there are some, who believe in quality of the article.

There was a time when you could build a content farm by producing mediocre quality articles. This is no more the case; now low quality articles frustrate the visitor and make the authenticity of a website questionable; whereas, quality articles create value in the eyes of reader.

Constituents of Quality Article:

A quality article has the following characteristics:

  • It is written by keeping the reader in mind.
  • The content of the article is unique.
  • The article is well written, supported by background research.

The lines below will give you four reasons, why quality article writing is preferred over quantity writing.

1. Value:

Every web marketing firm knows that the online world is all about creating value. A value driven article is one that offers following to the reader:

  • Usefulness
  • Is Interesting
  • Thought provoking
  • Entertaining

These features provided by quality article create a good well in the reader, and make one a regular follower of yours. The benefits provided by quality article in terms of value are:

  • A quality article generates links.
  • People share a quality content, which gives you an increase in your back links.
  • A quality article when shared on social media generates more links compared to other sources; all this helps you in achieving a better search engine ranking.

2. Trust:

The other reason for writing a quality article is the trust it builds with the reader. However, trust is not an overnight thing, it requires constant hard work, you will need to write quality article on daily basis, to build trust with the user. The benefits trust can bring you are:

  • The obvious benefit of reader trusting you is the back links and frequent visits you receive from the reader.
  • When trust is build, the reader will be more inclined to listening to your recommendations.
  • Your trustees are more inclined to buy your product or click on an affiliate link.

3. Longevity:

The other reason why you should write quality article is their long life. Quality articles have more long life on web compared to mediocre articles. If you write a guide about something, the article will go on appearing in search and keep on living, until the topic lives. The advantages of a long lasting article are:

  • The long lasting article sticks in the search engine for a longer period of time, meaning your ranking can be sustained by writing quality articles.
  • A quality article by living long has the ability to generate more back links over the period of time.
  • In case you avail the services of any social media marketing firm, if it is backed by quality articles, then the results will be substantially beneficial compared to a quantity based campaign.

4. Google Not Rewarding Content Farms:

With Panda update, Google has made itself clear that it won’t reward any kind of content farms, and only quality content will be rewarded. If Google pays such importance to quality, then the message is obvious.


In a nutshell, quality is what creates value for a reader, lives long, builds trust, and is rewarded. Therefore, whenever you write article, emphasis on the quality aspect, rather than just going for quantity.


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