Latest Trends In Making Money Online 2013

The market is changing every day, what used to be true about online income a few years back, is now evolved, the reason is that  technology itself, the tools one uses to perform day to day tasks are evolving, and so are the needs of job providers.

There is however still room for established practices which one can follow to generate a good and strong income online.

Online Income – Two Schools of Thought

When one talks about online income, one must know there are many online platforms that one can go to, to communicate with providers and offer services, but if in case providing services is not your cup of tea, you can certainly go ahead and build a passive income model, both situations it totally depends on you, generally as a rule of thumb once you decide on being an Entrepreneur in the digital world, the first freedom you get is for your time, and the second the amount of energy you invest and the returns you reap are totally your own.

You can build Income in Two Modes

  • Active Income ( Service oriented )
  • Passive Income ( Platform Oriented )

When we talk about active income we are talking about a service providing system, you offer deliverable services to clients and generate income, it’s the traditional way of making money online, which has been time tested and has been the foundation for success for many Individuals and companies.

Following are some forms of Active Income

  • Web Designing
  • Software Development
  • Content Writing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Virtual Assistant Services

Here are some websites where one can go to find jobs for Active Income

The list goes on, as there are many platforms to choose from but the one’s mentioned here are the best and most secure when it comes to securing jobs online.

Passive Income

Passive income is the emerging trend of 2013; most people are interested in developing passive income systems which are client independent and generate constant income without a lot of investment of time and effort other than setting it up.

There have been many scams perpetrated in the name of passive income, in the past people have fallen prey to preachers and coaches who claimed they had a “solution” to develop online income, gradually though with the bulk of people interested in creating passive income, a lot of people stumbled onto the process through trial and error, eventually the right knowledge was shared and now it’s not a secret anymore.

The key is simple. Passive income is not just a single activity, it involves working around a complete plan, it takes effort to set up but in the end the income streams only need a little bit of managing and offer long term revenue much higher than the investment of time and effort and money it takes to set up these passive income systems.

Passive income systems generally revolve around the following key elements

  • Blogging
  • E-Books
  • Podcasts
  • Mass Communication
  • SEO

How it works is that you first you understand what you are really good at, say for example your own hobby or an idea you know can add value to the common man, the next step is developing the niche. Building a blog, and implementing best SEO practices to get the targeted traffic on your website, and developing products such as EBooks, and Manuals, or linking to Affiliate products, advertisements through Google Adwords or other channels.

Once a portal is set up and optimized, traffic will naturally fall into line, and over time, from the steady stream of directed, niche, interested traffic, you will encounter buyers who will be interested in your product and will buy.

You can set up such a system from the comfort of your home, but be warned, these kinds of projects are not developed in a day, so be sure to keep your day job when planning on developing a project.


About the guest author: Maria Bennett is a guest blogger for NextDayFlyers , an online printing company where you can order custom postcards, brochures, flyers and more for your small business. Their prices are great and quality is top-notch.

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Tips to Make Money with AdSense PPC

Nowadays, making money online is not a big of a deal. AdSense PPC helps you to generate revenue out of your blog or website. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of online advertising and many advertisers prefer using Google AdSense PPC to monetize their website. Google AdSense is one of the easiest and effective ways to bring targeted traffic to a website.

Eager to know how Google AdSense works? Google allows you to host their advertisements on your website based on your content, target audience, location etc. And you will be paid by Google each time a visitor from your website clicks on those ads. So, your income will increase based on the number of clicks you get. Google AdSense is of different types and you can use any of the following ways to make money:

  • AdSense for feeds– You have to place your ads in appropriate feeds. Google will look at your content’s originality and relevancy to the advertisements placed on your website.
  • AdSense for search– You can place a custom Google search box on your website. And when a visitor from your website searches using the search box, he will be taken to a page that hosts various PPC ads.
  • AdSense for mobile content– You can use your mobile website for advertising and earn money.
  • AdSense for video– You can place video contents from Google on your website, including YouTube videos.

To make AdSense PPC advertising successful, website owners have to involve competent strategies to attract more visitors to their site. Here are some great tips to help you improve your AdSense income:

  • Write compelling content: To attract more people to your blog, you have to write interesting content. The content must be genuine and up-to-date. When readers find useful information on your blog, they will start visiting your blog regularly.
  • Focus on the products you promote: Don’t promote too many products which will tighten the competition and also prove to be expensive. Instead promote limited products that will get targeted traffic from interested consumers. Ensure that every time a reader clicks on your ad, he gets access to the information he is looking for.
  • Have good keyword density: Your choice of keywords will determine the traffic flow. A content that has a good keyword density is bound to drive more readers.
  • Place relevant ads: See to it that the products you advertise on your site, is in some way related to your content. You can’t be writing about health or politics and sell cameras. Also, you have to be very careful when selecting the right niche for your blog. Your niche will depend upon the topic you choose to write.
  • Optimize your website: Website optimization plays a key role when it comes to user engagement. You have to make your website look attractive with good font and image format. Your website should be easily accessible for the mobile, laptop and desktop PC users. You can also have videos to make your readers stay on your page and be attracted to browse longer.
  • Use Competitive Ad Filter and Ad Review Center: You will find both these tools in Google AdSense. Using Ad Review Center, you can learn about the ad categories that are not paying you much and block them. For instance if ads for religion and politics are not generating revenue, you can block those categories. With Competitive Ad Filter, you can block specific ads pertaining to a particular website or entire domain. So you can confine your competitor’s ads from showing up on your website.
  • Try to improve your Google Page Rank: If you have a good page rank, then you may be paid more for PPC ads on your website.

If you implement these online marketing strategies and take consistent efforts to improve, you will start getting a steady flow of visitors to your blog or website. Your AdSense income will gradually increase and your website will start yielding optimum results.


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How to make money with Blogger after The Penguin Update?

After the Google Penguin Update, many people has started to think that they can not monetize their sites anymore. Actually, do you know any Google Update that haven’t scared people? That is absolutely normal. Every update will change the game, but there always will be things that work. In this post I’m going to explain to you one that works after The Penguin update. Believe it or not, is is easy. I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to get ranked fast on Google with Blogger.

How it works in brief ?

1. Create blogger with 5 posts
2. Bookmark it
3. Done

I know you think it sounds too good to be true, but it works. Actually there are more “advanced techniques” that we will discuss here. I’m going to give you a step by step tutorial. Let’s get started.

First and probably one of the most important things is to understand how Google ranks sites. Google does not rank sites, but pages. And in our case we will rank not pages, but posts. The best formula is to ranks blog posts for long tails keywords, and your main blog url for your main keyword. If you are in SEO you probably know that it is not easy to get ranked for your main keyword. The easiest and fastest way to start making money from Google is to rank your posts for long tail keywords. In this example I’m going to give you an example with one blogs that I’ve created. The blog topic is paid surveys. Go to Google and see that my blog ranks for legitimate survey for money at top 10. But notice that this is not my main blog url, this is one of my blog posts. This post also ranks for similar keywords like:legitimate surveys, legitimate survey sites, surveys for money and more. And I make several leads per day. You may say . . . not too much. Yes, it is not too much, but imagine if you have 10 or more similar blogs. Imagine if you spend more hours on SEO and rank higher. You will be making much more.

How it works step by step:

Step 1:

Pick your niche. Let’s say for example – paid surveys. Paid surveys will be my main keyword, so I will put it into my blog title tag. Probably I won’t be number one, because it is too competitive. But I may try to be in top 10 after time. To be honest with you, I DON’T care . . . The most important thing for me is to ranked for my long tail keywords.

Now go to your Adwords Suggestion tool and pick 5 niches about surveys. In my case one of the niche is legitimate surveys. You can rank easy for that keyword. But you also have to try to find similar keywords like legitimate surveys for money, legitimate paid surveys and more. Your Adwords Suggestion Tool will help you for that. Write one article and include your keyword in your title, also mentions it several times in the text. You can hire someone to write it for you. Then choose next long tail keyword. This may be: how to avoid scams for example. You can choose more keywords like: how to avoid scams surveys, avoid scams survey sites or similar. Again write an article and include your keywords in the title and in the text.

Tip:Many people still think on page optimization is so important. Some think that their sites will get ranked higher if their keyword density is with 1% higher for example, or if they start or finish the text with their keyword. After The Google Penguin Update, I can guarantee you, that is not right. I can not say on page optimization is not important. I know very well, op page optimization is important, but believe me Google knows very well what is your page about. There will NOT be significant difference, if you repeat your keywords several times more. The point is quality content.

Step 2:

Choose what you will promote on your blog. In my blog, I’ve placed several affiliate links from my favorite CPA Network – Maxbounty. I just offer people to make money from free survey sites.

Important:Unfortunately Google does not like affiliate links. If you think you can hide your affiliate links with nofollow, Javascript or Flash, you’re wrong. These days Google read everything.

Solution:Use Adsense or create an opt in list. If you use Adsense you won’t get hurt by Google. If you use an opt in list, there won’t be links on your blog, so everything will be OK.

Just upload your posts to Blogger. I would suggest you to upload one post per day. After several days you’re done.

Step 3:

Believe it or not you will get ranked in several weeks at top 10, 20 or 30 for your long tail keywords, even without any links. Google just loves Blogger. If you want to increase your ranking, you can bookmark your blog. That is exactly what I’ve done to start making several leads per day. I just bookmarked it to 20-30 social bookmarking sites and after several week I was at top 10 for “legitimate surveys for money” and also other similar keywords.

Tip:Bookmark your blog posts, NOT main blog url. That way you will rank your blog posts higher.

That is. . .

After that you have several options.

1. Wait and start making several dollars per day.

2. Continue building links to your blogger. That way you will increase your ranking for your long tail keywords and someday even for your main kayword.

3. Choose another niche and repeat the same steps with another blog at blogger.

It is up to you. No matter what other people think about Google Penguin Update, I can guarantee you that still works. And I think that will works for a long time. The point is – take action. Believe me, many people fail in SEO not because it is too hard, but just because they don’t take actions.


About the guest author: Mae Moreno is addicted to all making money online topics.She started with paid surveys. After time she learned more things about making money online like blogging, SEO, Adwords. She loves her work.

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How to Choose the Best PPC Advertising Networks for Your Online Business

Anyone starting a business online or creating a website will quickly realize that the floods of traffic promised to anyone with a website actually take work to create. It isn’t easy to attract attention, let alone targeted clicks from a relevant audience interested in buying. At the same time, if you’re trying to monetize your site, you need to come up with an easy way to make your site pay off.

A PPC network seems like the ideal solution, as advertisers can get in front of exactly as many people as they want for a specified amount, while website owners get paid for attracting traffic. But how do you choose the best one? Many business owners leave this crucial decision up to chance and choose the first one they find, but this isn’t a good idea.

What is a PPC network?
PPC stands for pay-per-click, which means the advertiser pays the network for every click through their ad to their website. In turn, the network pays the website owner who displayed the ads. It’s a simple enough process that minimizes risk and interactions while allowing you to access performance data more easily than working directly with sites or advertisers.

How do you choose the best PPC network?
The same process applies whether you’re looking to display ads or place them. There are a few factors you should look for when you’re trying to choose the best PPC network for your business. These include:

*Ease of use
You don’t want to struggle with a complicated process every day. It should be an easy, intuitive process with instructions for beginners and a way of seeking help if you get stuck or confused. The more documentation available on the PPC network interface, the better.

*Variety of advertisers
For website owners, a number of advertisers should be on the network so they can get targeted ads for their website even if it’s in an obscure niche. Meanwhile, businesses looking to buy PPC ads will want to see a variety of advertisers to make sure it’s a legitimate PPC network with a history of success.

*How much control does it provide?
If you’re placing PPC ads, make sure you can control the types of sites your ads display on, how many ad impressions you want, the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click, the display format, and so on. If you’re displaying them, you’ll want to be able to make sure the ads displayed match your site theme, and you’ll probably want some control over how the ads appear.

*Tracking system
Both website and business owners will want to be able to track the clicks they receive so they can maximum revenue and stop any ad campaigns that aren’t paying off. There’s no excuse for not having a PPC tracking system!

*Can you change ads?
If your ads aren’t performing as well as you’d like, make sure you can change the ad color, font, or display style to maximize click-throughs. You don’t want to be stuck with an ineffective ad for an entire campaign.

These are just a few of the most important factors when you’re choosing a PPC network provider. Whether you’re a small business looking to get more direct, targeted traffic to your website without the hassle of finding backlinks and traffic sources or a website owner creating a business around displaying PPC ads, it’s a great business strategy. Just make sure you choose the right network from the start.


About the guest author: David Kendall contributed this guest post on behalf of – Click here to read the review left by users on various webhosts. David is a freelance technology writer whose articles appear on various technology blogs.

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9 Great Ways to Make Money From Home

Those who work from home can have the best of both worlds; a flexible schedule that allows for more family time, plus the adult interaction and income of a working parent. There are a lot of opportunities available, but there are also a lot of scams. Choose carefully, and you’ll find a job that suits your abilities and your life. Here are nine of the best ways to make money from home:

  1. Sell advertising via telecommute: Ad space on top sites costs a pretty penny; get in on the action! Choose an advertising area that interests you, and start making contacts. Some temp agencies can provide training on Internet advertising basics, and B2B jobs usually run on regular office hours- but you’ll have the flexibility to choose which days you work.
  2. Become a distributor for health and wellness products. If fitness and nutrition are already part of your life, this will be a natural fit for you. Most companies provide sales training, and you can work as much or as little as you choose.
  3. Become a journalist or a writer. Good writers are ALWAYS in demand, especially if they can write competently on a variety of topics. Good grammar and spelling are a must, as is an enthusiasm for your subject matter. You’ll need to be able to meet deadlines, so only take on as much work as you can handle.
  4. Become a paid reviewer or blogger. If you like to shop, you probably know that most people search for product reviews online before making a purchase. There’s extensive information available online on how to build and maintain a blog; you’ll have your work cut out for you as you’re building your audience, but once you have a following, your blog will just about write itself.
  5. Get web development training. If you’re technically inclined and have a good eye, becoming a web dev is a high-paying option. Most online and local colleges can give you the basic knowledge you need; you will need to be able to meet deadlines, but you’ll have some flexibility to set your own hours.
  6. Sell on eBay. There is real money to be made in online selling; you can make a nice side income just by selling items found at garage sales and in thrift stores. You’ll need the ability to find things that sell well, but it’s best that you start with things you’re well versed in. You can sell as much or as little as you wish, but be prepared to make a lot of runs to the post office.
  7. Be a translator. If you are fluent in two or three languages, the sales and clerical markets are always looking for people like you. You can also make money translating instruction manuals and other literature.
  8. Become a personal assistant.Are you well-organized? Do you know your way around an office? There are plentiful opportunities for PAs to manage email and other matters for busy executives. You’ll need knowledge of office equipment, as well as a good phone speaking voice and typing skills.
  9. Try your hand at IM (internet marketing). Do you know the difference between PPC and SEO, and how search engines work? If so, then you can build a nice career as an internet marketer. There are companies looking to boost their ranking in search engine results, and agencies are looking for freelancers to do just that. Not much is needed, except a willingness to learn (an affiliate forum is a great source of information) and an internet connection.

Working from home will allow you to spend more time with your family, while still contributing financially to the household. Don’t fall for a scam- use any of these tried and true ways to boost your bank account without spending hours upon hours at the office.


This guest post was contributed by Amy Fowler for affiliate forum, Twist Forum. Find out more by ‘liking’ them on Facebook.

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4 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is the Best Solution for a Weight Loss Blog

I have been a contributing member to a team that manages and promotes a brand new weight loss blog. The owners are seasoned online marketers and as such they decided at the outset to be affiliates to well establish brands rather than create and market their own products. However, the decision is not as simple for other weight loss bloggers who lack the experience.

New weight loss blogs begin daily with many aspiring to make an online income.  While there are numerous possibilities for the new internet marketer to implement, affiliate marketing is a good opportunity to test the waters online. In my opinion, it is the best choice to monetize your weight loss venture initially. In this article, I will outline four reasons:

No Capital Required

Normally when beginning a new business, both online and off, a start-up investment is required. Often quite a substantial outlay is required if you have to research, design, develop and build a new product. With affiliate marketing that has been taken care of by the vendor whose products you will promote. The only investment required in affiliate marketing is your time and effort, which you will be committed to doing for your blog anyway.

No Website Required

It is beneficial to own a weight loss blog or website to promote your choice of affiliate products, where you can give an honest review of weight loss products and services, but you can begin without this.  You can avail of numerous options to drive traffic to the vendor’s sales page. You can choose article marketing and place your affiliate links in the article resource box or within the article itself. Choose from any of the following: classified ads, press releases, or internet forum to drive traffic to the merchants’ sites.  It is advisable to invest in your own weight loss domain name and hosting account once you start earning from affiliate sales.

No Obligation to Merchant

A huge benefit of affiliate marketing is being a sole trader without responsibilities to work specific hours, attend meetings, write reports or answer in any way to the merchants.  You decide what hours you want to work, what holidays you want to enjoy and how much time and effort you want to invest; no one is going to be monitoring your work performance. You are your own boss, promoting diet and weight loss products on behalf of the vendors. You are in charge of just your blog, which topics you write about and what services and products you choose to promote.

No Customer Service or Product Distribution Required

What I love about affiliate marketing is that it eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming shipping and packaging of products. You do not have to handle unhappy customers or deal with unsatisfactory refund issues. All the administrative tasks- delivery, customer service etc.-are the responsibility of the merchant. Your only task is to drive customers and leads to their sales pages and get commissions for the sales they made.


About the guest author: Sarah Lamb is an expert in internet marketing, affiliate marketing and blogging. If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing visit her website for more information.

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Get Your Blog Growing

I’ve been recently away from posting on this blog and that’s a bad thing. A blog don’t grow if left alone.

Look at your blog as a seed and then a plant. It needs to be planted in good soil (profitable niche) and near a good stream of water (traffic sources).

Please use your imagination with me for a bit.

Good soil – Profitable niches

Lets talk about the soil. I’m referring to the soil as being the profitable niche you may be interested in. Imagine that there is a sea and there are islands that you can see. There are hundreds of islands and some of the islands are big and have small islands that connect to them.

Let’s look at a big island. Internet marketing is a big island and there are many islands that connect to this island. There are boats and fairies full of people going to this island.

The main part of the island is already built up and to build on the island is way to expensive or could take years. There are lots of people on this island and they are all having a good time. A huge amount of the people are spending money and a few are happily pocketing that money being spent. It’s like Disney Land on spring break.

We decide that building on this island will kill our plants. They will be so small that all the people will trample us out or we could never get water to out plants because of the enormous crowds.

So we look for another island that is a little smaller and we see that some of the vacationers (traffic) is stopping for directions and fueling up there sail boats with wind. Imagination please! We will call this island sub-niche island. As we look at it better the opportunity for our growth is here and we may be able to build bridges to the main island.

You get the point

We can use imagery through this whole post, but I don’t want to annoy you. The whole idea is to get a small slice of the big pie and to get there as quick as possible. It is possible to get into a niche that some say is saturated.

Have you ever heard this “the internet marketing niche is way to saturated and it’s dumb to even start there” or ” you have to find a micro niche to even rank.” Do you know why you have been told this? It is true. Try to rank for “make money online”, it’s not going to happen. They are talking about dumping you off on the small islands were no one goes and your blog audience will be the fish.

There are hundreds of islands surrounding the big island and you can get in one keyword at a time and eventually get some good traffic. With every post that is well thought out will get you traffic to and from the main island.

Pick your passion

I know this from experience. I have a blog in a niche that is competitive. The problem I had was I did’t know the subject and I’m totally bored of it. If I knew the subject it would be a success. I get traffic and yet I can’t nurture that traffic. So it’s dying.

The reason I didn’t go into internet marketing niche is because I listened to the lie mentioned above. Just think, I would have traffic by now and a good income… or at least better. So if your interest is in weight loss. Go for it, but just go at it at an angle no one else is.

This is my Angle

I’ve been passionate about IM for a while now and I’ve seen the scams that come out. “One click software’s” and push button this and that.” It’s a search to find the real products that work. So I felt there is a need to do the searching for the new folks that are trying to succeed and give them the real world approach about these scams and guide them into real success. There are tons of products released that can kill a newbies trust and their dreams. So the amount of content to be discussed is endless. What is your angle?

Find the void and fill it…

When you search, do you run into dead ends? Is it hard to find answers? This is where there is opportunity… if it seems to fill a big need. Can you solve people’s problems in your niche? Can you answer there questions? If you can, this alone is the best traffic you can get. Simply because you can develop a long term relationship with them and build trust.

Don’t blog for money…at first

This is a huge mistake newbies make. They want traffic now and sales now. The building of relationships is out the window and their blog is short lived.

I raise my hand, I’ve done this.

Give killer content time and time again. Build a subscribers list that listens and wants to open you e-mail. Then when you do find a product that you yourself can not resist (because it does something worth while). Then and only then recommend it to your trusting subscribers. This will increase your conversions tremendously.

Don’t stop there. Prove to them that you are using this product. Give them some tutorials and some proof of success with it. Get them evolved and they will keep the product and the trust with you.

Find the best products

Here is a checklist when it comes to products:

  • Find a few good products that you can mention in your content in numerous posts.
  • Don’t go for products that are cheap and you get very low commissions. Example: kindle e-books. You will have to sell a lot of them to get some good money.
  • I would recommend Clickbank, but you have to sort through the products to get a good one. Remember that your subscribers are worth a lot more then 1-2 sales.

Go with what you already use. What hosting do you use or what e-book has allowed you to train your dog properly (if you have a dog blog.)

Stick to a few. Don’t send out e-mail after e-mail of the latest junk. Don’t even send back to back e-mails of good products. It’s kind of like eating out, it’s only fun if it’s spaced out enough to enjoy it.

If you can create your own products then do so.

There are probably dozens of products in your niche… if not hundreds. If there isn’t at least a half dozen products in your niche, then I would suggest re-thinking your niche perhaps. Unless you are the first to be looking into a niche that is growing. Then that would be a good thing.

I would even suggest recommending products that don’t have an affiliate program if they will help your readers out.

Be the first…

Be the first to review a product or at least one of the first. That is why joining subscribers list and buying every so often is good. Build relationships with Jv’s and product launchers… or any one that is an authority in your niche.

Follow the news

If you go over to you will be able to enter a keyword and you will get the latest news/articles for that keyword. You can gain a lot of traffic if you follow a specific topic that is hot in your niche at the time. You can also curate that content also or put your swing on it.

So there you have it and cheers to your success in 2012.


About the guest author: To get the latest updates about “push button software’s ” that are sucking your money and keeping you from real success visit

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What Is Data Mining in SEO and How It Applied Successfully on a Weight Loss Website?

For quite a while now, I’ve been trying to increase traffic to a new weight loss blog. SEO is all I do now; you might even call it my new obsession. But with how critical knowledge of SEO is to generating traffic, you can’t fault me for doing this. And traffic is the lifeblood of any blog; zero traffic means your work as a blogger is all but labor in vain.

Quantity is not the only measure of a successful blog; you need to have the right kind of traffic. In the quest for traffic I tried myriads of tactics without really getting the results I wanted. But at least I came to a valid conclusion; SEO is the access pass to the traffic treasure trove. It was the only way to breathe life into my floundering weight loss blog.

Why Not Any Kind of Traffic Is Good For Your Blog?

I’ll tell you this for free from my vast experience in generating traffic for blogs; quantity and quality are not the same when it comes to traffic. Contrary to popular belief, not just any traffic will be beneficial to your blog. What is really important is if the people visiting your site are people actually interested in the content posted there; people drawn to your blog by relevant keywords. Ok, I’ve got it, you say, but how exactly do I generate the right kind of traffic without having to overstretch myself?

How Do You Create Traffic From Non-Competitive Keywords?

So you need a long tail. Not the one kangaroos or monkeys have, we’re talking about long tail keywords. If you didn’t know, there are two kinds of keywords: ordinary keywords and long tail keywords. An example of an ordinary is ‘weight loss diets’ or ‘weight loss plans’ while long tail keywords would resemble ‘weight loss diets for women over 35’. Looking at the three examples given above, it is easy to see the difference; the first two are more general in nature while the long tail keyword is specific to not just women, but women in the age bracket mentioned looking to lose weight.

  1. Getting an appropriate long tail keyword to use to boost your traffic is not as simple as it appears. A prudent approach to keyword construction is required.
  2. The first thing you need to do is come up with a short tail keyword containing not more than 3 words. This can be the main keyword of your website or the main keyword of your money page. When you’ve settled on one, observe how your site ranks for it.
  3. From Google Analytics, take note of other keywords visitors used to land on your page and see where you rank for them.

When you have done this exercise, you can now take the plunge into data mining.

How Data Mining Helps You Generate Keywords – Focusing on Non-Primary Keywords

Data mining is simply the process of “establishing patterns” among keywords by studying the Google Analytics of your blog. In SEO terms, it means extracting long tail keywords from short tail keywords. This is how it happens; after you’ve come up with short tail keywords and placed them in the most important page of your blog; monitor the kind of traffic they are drawing in, also observing the traffic being generated by other keywords.

Example 1

Let us make an example of a keyword I am presently trying to rank for: ‘weight loss diets for women’. After conducting a traffic analysis of my blog, it came to my attention that I was getting traffic not only from the above phrase, but also from related keywords such as the ones listed below:

Example 2

Another very competitive keyword I am trying to rank a website for is “Diettogo coupon”. After conducting a traffic analysis I realized that the website was getting hits from searchers using keywords I have never thought of, such as:

  • Discount coupons for Diettogo
  • Promotional coupons for Diettogo 2012
  • Valid Diettogo coupons online
  • Diet to Go coupon codes

The fact that such keywords are easier to rank for is a plus for the site I am promoting. Since I am already getting traffic from them, all I would need to do now is focus on increasing my rankings for these low-competition, long-tail keywords that my competitors have not yet figured out. In other words, I focus my SEO campaign now on these keywords, instead of my primary keywords.

Your blog may not appear yet on the first page of Google for your primary keyword, but the fact is that you are already generating traffic from related keywords you did not even think of. This means your task is simply to strive to get to number 1 for these secondary keywords. Not so hard to do now, is it?

What Is The Process Of Data Mining In SEO?

In a nutshell, data mining is a simple 3-step process:

  • Come up with short tail keywords – your primary keywords
  • Analyze your blog for traffic from other long tail keywords
  • Focus your SEO on these long tail keywords

Did you know that intelligent use of long tail keywords can see your blog receive thousands of hits annually? Seeing how simple the process of employing long tail keywords is, you may be tempted to think this is too good to be true. Well the fact is that if you use only one or two variations of your keyword, the results will be dismal as we saw earlier that these long tail keywords will only generate a fraction the traffic the original keyword will bring you. However, if you combine the power of 20 or 40 of these keywords generated by data mining, you can increase traffic to a page by up to 3 times. This besides the targeted traffic you will get from the original keyword. You could be looking at thousands of dollars of revenue as visitors flock to your blog!


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WordPress Plugins To Increase Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense is the latest fuss to the internet marketing industry. In addition, it is a boon to the publishers to earn money from their website through advertisements. Adsense is an ad network that enables users to earn a decent commission when any one clicks the advertisement posted. Despite the various attributes and a wide range of ad networking referrals, Adsense continues to top the list for the very fact that it’s simple, easy to use, and also helps in the generation of a wide range of leads and profits.

Many websites come preinstalled with Adsense optimization allowing you to earn much more profit through Adsense. WordPress does not come preinstalled with Adsense, but there are various plugins to perform the job. Optimizing your WordPress for Adsense is the key to earn more money from advertisements and make more profits. There are various plugins available in WordPress market in order to maximize revenue from your ads by banner management and Adsense. Listed below are some of our picks.


AdRotate offers a one-stop control panel to manage and organize your banners with ease. It features easy-to-use interface and provides various options to customize it. You just have to paste the code in the Code Box, and then choose a title name. It also allows you to specify campaign starting and ending dates. Besides that, it also features the options of maximum clicks and impressions, thereby allowing you to have total control of the banner displayed. It tracks each clicks and shows it as the stats. Its extensive banner management, effective reports and simple user interface makes it one of the powerful WordPress Adsense plugin.

Ad Injection

Ad Injection allows you to insert any ad code including Adsense, Clickbank, TradeDoubler, and other such ads into your WordPress posts or Widgets. Ad Injection gives you more control with your ads. It allows you to restrict access to a particular user or user-group by post length/age/IP. It provides you with check boxes to specify where the ad will appear. For example, you can block the ad in a particular page, say home page. It also allows for test mode where only you can see the ad and perform analysis for the best optimization.

It also provides widget and normal ads. One can also enable ads based on pages older than a particular day. There are options that allow you to define how many ads appear on the post and were they appear. Its precise ad management and bug-free version makes it ideal for internet monetization through Adsense.

Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is a simple ad management plugin. As the name suggests, it is quick, easy, and flexible. It allows for more advanced ad placement options. Quick Adsense can place ads randomly anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting. This randomization allows you to experiment with various ad formats and ad placements in order to achieve maximum profit from Adsense. Quick Adsense allows a maximum of 10 Ads to be placed in a blog. It supports not only Adsense but also similar ones. Tick and select options will allow you to configure almost every option and the plugin will perform the rest of the job for you.


Advertwhirl is another flexible and ultimate WordPress plugin allowing you to specify precise options on your advertisement campaigns for your site. The main feature of Advertwhirl Advertising manager is that it not only allows you to control the placement of ads, but it also enables you to serve advertisements though external sites and through smartphone apps. With this Advertwhirl, you can encourage your users to posts and get their share of cut from the profit.

Advertwhirl is constantly being updated and is now bug-free. However, even if you find a bug, you can report it through Bug reporting and technical support panel. Advertwhirl is one of the complete ad manager and rotator available in the WordPress market with tons of new features and still new features are being implemented. It also allows advertising through keywords. You can also Export and import Advertwhirl Configurations. Its extensive features and plentiful options mark it as a major WordPress Adsense plugin.

WhyDoWork Adsense

WhyDoWork Adsense is another WordPress plugin, which helps you to insert ads into your post without changing the template of your website. It is a Simple plugin, packed with function and options just needed to get the job done. It enables you to show articles on posts older than X days, where X is the number of days you specify. It allows placement of ads at place where it does not interfere with your users viewing. It is a simple plugin with not many features, but a good plugin to help you with Adsense.

Google Adsense Dashboard

Google Adsense dashboard allows you to view your earning in Google Adsense in your WordPress dashboard. In other words, it implements Google Adsense dashboard into your WordPress dashboard. This however, displays Today’s Earnings only. At early stages, it presented some bugs, but some of those are fixed now. Google Adsense Dashboard is a very minimalistic plugin and does not offer complex customization features.

Adsense Deluxe

Adsense Deluxe is yet another complete WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you for insertion of Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network on your WordPress posts. It allows you to create a banner area and it gives a tag, which you will have to paste it in your template depending on where you want your ads to appear.

This also has advanced options like enabling ads on home page, other pages, and archive directory. In addition, ads are excluded from RSS Feeds in Adsense deluxe. It also has an integrated Adsense previewer that allows you to view how ads appear in pages. However, it is limited to three ads a page. In spite of this, it is one of the best Adsense plugin for WordPress out there.


It is indeed the dream of every blogger to make money by means of their Blog; and Google Adsense is the answer. But the trick to earning money through Adsense is a good and relevant placement of ads on your website. Apparently, Google Adsense has now become the most popular online contextual advertising program. Now with these WordPress plugins, you could optimize and tweak your blog for revenue earning through Adsense with ease.


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5 Ways to Use Internet Marketing To Your Advantage

Internet marketing means displaying your products and services on the World Wide Web to maximize the exposure of what you have to offer to potential customers.

The vastness of the internet is a golden chance waiting to be exploited, and with the right tools and ideas, you can tap this arena that is bursting with potential and see your products being marketed in unthinkable ways.

Begin with Affiliate Marketing

Let’s jump right into it! Start as an affiliate and work on selling the products of any kind of producer or company. This is good before you are an established seller. Pick a seller and product, and blog about it. You may need to create your own specific blog, even if you own one; the purpose being that you want maximum traffic to your website and irrelevant content will only hurt, not benefit.

Update Regularly

On your blog, post new and original content regularly and extensively. The more you blog specifically about the product you are marketing, the greater chances it will be picked up by customers and viewers. Obtain SEO services, or learn about them and apply them to your reviewing! Search Engine Optimization is a huge help in being featured prominently in search engines, and requires research and hard work since it is a constantly evolving process.

Web Design is of Utmost Importance

The design and layout of your blog is also important. Make it eye-catching and user-friendly, but also within professional boundaries – coming off as too casual will discourage customers and they won’t take you seriously.

Take Risks with New Ideas

As an affiliate, play around with new and fresh ideas to get customers wanting to cash in on the appeal you’re generating, and the product/service seller seeing you as a good asset, especially if you are starting to pull in good money through your methods. Your aim is to produce something different that will convince a buyer to buy from you. Study email marketing and employ it if it seems feasible and advantageous.


Have ads posted on third-party websites that will ensure viewers click and are redirected back to your site, increasing website traffic for your blog, and hence, increasing the number of potential customers! Have ads on your own blog, for returning the favor or just to generate some extra revenue on the side.

Once you start getting a stronger response and receiving affiliate commission, have your own products or services that you can sell, and get started on marketing them! Experience is always good before you start something of your own.

Here are all the tips you need to begin with, outside of any course on this topic you may be paying for. Like Simple SEO Group , internet marketing facilities are available that can help you sell your product. If you want to learn about internet marketing and the best ways to do it, or employ such an organization that can assist you with this, you can try Simple SEO Group or some other to reap the benefits of internet marketing.


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