Don’t DIY When It Comes To SEO

Small businesses commonly make many of the same mistakes when it comes to their online presence. When you are working with minimal dollars it’s easy to think do-it-yourself (DIY). However, when it comes to your brand, DIY is not always the way to go.

Having an online presence is extremely important in today’s business world. However, having a website or a social media account means little if you are not optimizing every opportunity they present.

How do you optimize opportunities online? By optimizing your presence itself.

Who and Where Are You?

What is your websites Google ranking? If you have a page rank of “1” or less (Gasp!), you have a problem. A website or profile is no good if no one can find it! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just the latest catch-phrase, it’s the Holy Grail for online success and if you are not embracing it, then you are harming – yes harming, your business.

But wait! Don’t jump up and think you can fix the problem lickety-split. Do you even know what SEO is and how to achieve it?

“I have a friend who…”

If you have a friend or family member that is willing to help you out with some nerd tech, great, but are they really skilled at what you need? Do you even know what you need? Will they do it in a timely manner? And, will they maintain and update it as needed or do you have to? Do you have the time to?

These are all important questions. What you think you are saving by having a freebie done may cost you exposure, reputation, business, and yes, even dollars in the end.

“The sales rep said…”

Web designers are business people. It doesn’t matter how much they love what they do, they are still out to make a buck just like you. Don’t fall into the complacency trap. Take an active role in the foundation of your Internet success.

Learn about page rank and optimization. Learn about your unique client or customer, learn more about your industry and your locale. All of these things will help you better direct and manage your web designer or host when it comes to increasing your SEO.

“I put offers on my FaceBook page, but…”

You gave up after putting a “two-for-one” offer on FaceBook right? And when you Tweeted news of your “3-Day Sale” no one showed up. It happens. Actually, it happens all of the time because people who do not know how to use social media — through engagement in lieu of advertising, will never impact their connection or follower.

Your FaceBook wall is not the place to run a coupon. It’s a place for constant contact; constant engagement that requires constant (or at least consistent) attention.

You cannot play “hit or miss” with social media. You have to own it.

“I know it’s important, but I just don’t have the time…”

Face it, you need a good Search Engine Optimization company to take you to the next level. It’s OK. You are far from being alone.

Laying the foundation for SEO takes a lot of time as does its upkeep. SEO is not something you can do once and walk away. It is something that takes a constant application of time, skills, and creativity in addition to some little media savvy. An SEO expert can have you ranking at least a “2” in no time!


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Cheapest Domain Name Registration

On the road to success, there may be some steps that can be skipped, but creating an online presence is not one of them. An online presence is vital to reaching customers. It is vital to selling a product or creating a positive image.

For those with online stores, it can be the missing link between failure and success. Getting the cheapest domain name registration or the most cost-efficient website is possible at Register Your Domain allows site visitors to search for the best domain names for free. With help, site visitors can find premium domains that have come back onto the market.

Domain names are, in and of themselves, vital tools. If the name is catchy, consumers will remember it. If the name is complicated or boring, customers won’t remember it. If the name is accidentally misleading, the wrong customers may wind up on the site expecting a completely different product.

Fortunately the Register Your Domain website offers guidance to those who are seeking an online presence and to those who are trying to improve their online traffic. The Learning Center offers sensible advice on a range of subjects. Seasoned business managers and new entrepreneurs can learn side-by-side from articles on SEO optimization, website management, eCommerce, security certification and other important subjects. Trustworthy advice, free domain searches, the cheapest domain name registration, online store start-up information, and website development are just a few of the ways that serves the business community.

PaydayMansion Affiliate Program

All those who generate fair amounts of payday traffic and consider joining a payday loan affiliate program are certainly looking for flexible conditions of cooperation as well as extraordinary commissions. In today’s highly competitive world everyone seeks only the best offers entailing maximum profit and minimum risk. These are precisely the features which make PaydayMansion stand out.

PaydayMansion is an affiliate program offering a place to sell payday loan leads. It is one of pay per lead programs in which affiliates generate outstanding commissions.

The PaydayMansion team boasts an impressive track record in the field of affiliate programs and Internet marketing and is always willing to share their knowledge with the experienced webmasters invited to the program.

Competitive commission

It is only natural that the webmasters choose affiliate programs that offer them the highest commission rates and PaydayMansion does exactly this. The commission here can even reach 99.9%, which makes it a unique offer on the affiliate market.

PaydayMansion calculates and pays commission for leads that the webmasters generate after successful traffic verification and traffic monetization. Commission is paid on every 1st and 16th day of the month. However, those webmasters who generate outstanding traffic may receive payments more frequently.

The webmasters can also get additional commission for leads that their friends and relatives invited to our program generate. The standard commission for referrals is 5%. The top webmasters earn from 2k-4k USD daily.

Promotion tools

PaydayMansion is powered by the unique software, created and developed by the service authors themselves. It ensures the appropriate optimization of lead distribution as well as maximum profit for the affiliates.

PaydayMansion owes its success to excellent relationships with the affiliates. The entire program was developed in close cooperation with the webmasters who are perceived as long-term business partners.

The platform provides its affiliates with an impressive inventory of promotion tools which include landing pages, banners, as well as a wide variety of SEO tools: articles, blogs and more. The top performing webmasters are offered some extra solutions that will help them achieve even better results. Another form of support provided by the platform are newsletters distributed among partners, in which PaydayMansion shares the latest news from the market.

Promotion – Dashboard

Members Area

The program is intended for invited webmasters only. New members would have good skills in digital and internet marketing as well as be able to generate good-quality traffic on dedicated landing pages, that will later be monetized and changed into commission.

Before receiving the invitation code, an applicant undergoes a two-stage selection procedure, after which they are invited to join the program. PaydayMansion also relies on the recommendations provided by the already enlisted affiliates.

In the registration procedure the new affiliate fills in a short form with personal details including name, address, phone number, website URL, and the marketing methods they plan to use. Within 24 hours the account is approved and an access to the dashboard is provided.

The dashboard’s layout is very clear and the dashboard itself intuitive and easy to navigate. It features a menu bar from which an affiliate is able to access the main functionalities of the platform. Also, the information about their current balance and earnings is displayed on top.

Affiliate platform

PaydayMansion platform also offers its affiliates the module with various types of reports to be generated and reviewed. In this way the partners can constantly monitor their results as well as see whether to implement any changes.

Summary report

Landing Pages

PaydayMansion ensures its affiliate webmasters have access to a great inventory of tools that will support their work. These include: banners, mobile, pop-ups, pop-unders as well as specially optimized landing pages which attract customers and increase the number of leads that are later monetized and converted into the affiliate’s profits.

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

Sample landing page


The PaydayMansion platform also offers the module of Private Sites as one of its promotional tools. These sites are managed by the affiliates who can create and install them on the indicated domains and servers. Each generated site has its own independent subdomain. It is also possible to generate bulk number of sites.

Bulk site generator



The affiliates of PaydayMansion have a constant access to various statistics in the form of reports divided into 5 categories: Global Reports, Performance, Errors, Mobile Apps and Other. The reports contain real-time data.

The information in the report can be grouped by keywords, campaign, subaccount and domain.

Reports – Dashboard


Mobile applications

The platform also offers mobile applications for IPhone or Android so that the affiliates can generate new mobile links to promote PaydayMansion mobile application. Owing to the unique tracking system implemented, every time a person installs the mobile application from the affiliate’s tracking link and generates a lead, it will be counted on this affiliate. The affiliates can promote the mobile application among their friends and distribute further, so they can generate traffic also using mobile devices.

Generating new mobile app links


Summing up, PaydayMansion stands out from other payday affiliate programs in that it offers unparalleled flexibility and support as well as extraordinary commission. What’s more, it keeps abreast of what’s the latest on the affiliate market and constantly shares the latest ideas and news with its webmasters.

So, if you are one of those webmasters who want to enrich their online marketing portfolio and are considering joining a payday loan affiliate program,  PaydayMansion is the right choice.

Necessary Steps To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Google and other major search engines take content freshness seriously. And part of the freshness score happens to be your website’s age. Since most blogs are updated frequently with relevant content, Google scores this content differently from other static websites that haven’t added new content in a long time. Blogs are just less formal – which means it’s easier to update them frequently, impress the search engines and rank higher.  The question is – how do you do it? How do you effectively optimize your blog for the search engines? Let’s find out in the article below…

Create Keyword Rich Content

There’s a huge debate whether bloggers should work on keywords before writing content or simply focus on providing value. However, leading bloggers and SEO experts have suggested that while content quality and value it offers are the two most significant aspects that Google considers while ranking, making the posts keyword optimized helps you get ranked on a chosen keyword.

Then sprinkling that keyword across the content just compliments the overall ranking procedure. Of course, the keyword shouldn’t be overused and content should have a lot of helpful information for the readers.

Use the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Installing SEO plugins has long been one of the best ways to automate stuff and improve organic search traffic on blogs. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress is a free plugin that allows people to evaluate their content’s ability to rank on Google. The way it evaluates the content is – first we need to enter the “focus keyword” or the ‘main keyword’ that you want the post to be ranked for.

Then it compares the content with common on-page SEO prerequisites such as keyword inclusion in the title, in the URL, in a sub-heading, etc. A lot of bloggers who use this plugin have found significant improvement in their traffic over a period of short time. And it would help you too.

Update Content Regularly

Some people say quality of content matters more than quantity, while others say quantity matters more. The truth is somewhere in between! Regularly updating your blog with highly informative and educational content makes search engine bots visit your website again and again improving the overall page ranking of the website.

Studies have shown that updating at least 2 blog posts per month results in consistent increase in search engine traffic. However, for that the content needs to be:

  • Informative
  • Lengthy (A minimum of 800 words)
  • Must contain internal and external URL’s
  • Relevant images and videos
  • Action oriented information and not just content


Remember, blog optimization for search engines is among the most important steps towards building a successful blog. And in case you do not possess the expertise needed for it, you can always choose a reputed SEO agency like Netmark Reviews to do it for you. It can save you time, efforts and bring better search engine traffic, helping you get the best return on your investment.


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Cloud Based Web Hosting

Many years ago there was this crazy idea to achieve unlimited web hosting for companies by hosting a site not only in one fixed location running on a few dedicated servers but on different servers in different locations. Access to such servers should be easy and amount of access and cost for the same can vary as per demand for it. When this idea was first put on the table some innovative thinkers absolutely loved the concept while most others felt it was utter nonsense. In the present we don’t need to be told that cloud computing has and will continue to change the face of many companies in this present economy. Names like Google Drive, dropbox, Mega, SkyDrive, icloud and such others dominate the cloud market in terms of popularity.

What is cloud hosting?

Hosting a website on many different interconnected servers which will share the load the website takes on a daily basis is called cloud hosting. Unlike traditional hosting there is no interaction with the actual hardware used in hosting. Complete control of hosting activities can be achieved through the use of a user friendly interface installed as a software on a personal computer. A simple domain name search followed by a click of a button will get you up and running on many good quality hosting sites.


1. Speed and Flexibility

Cloud hosting is free from the traditional difficulties of dedicated hosting such as server overload due to high traffic. In cloud hosting you have the freedom to assign more power to handle higher traffic and can revert to the original amount when traffic slows down. This keeps your customers happy and doesn’t punch a hole in your wallet. Unlike hardware based dedicated hosting, software based cloud hosting revolves around the concept of delivering the best service in the fastest possible way and thus is very attractive around the world.

2. Effective pricing.

Traditional hosting comes with server room costs, costs of buying new servers, and cost of paying for the new server maintenance regardless of your usage. In cloud hosting however the concept of pricing is similar to that of paying your electric bill, or phone bill. You pay for what you use when you use it.

3. Accessibility

Cloud computing has its roots deep into the internet and branches which extend into virtually every network and internet based resource on the planet.  Accessibility is increased further with internet based devices such as smartphones and notebooks. Services of memory, processing, storage and email are all available on cloud hosting simply through a simple internet connection. This will make it unnecessary to purchase, store and maintain personal hardware in the future as long as there is access to a strong and stable internet connection.


Cloud computing is still a relatively new market and a few hosting companies provide the service of cloud hosting. One such service provider is a company called Optimal Hosting. They have a wide variety of services ranging from the best joomla hosting to GBs of storage to PayPal support. The prices of their services are perfect for the great features they offer. Cloud computing and hosting is without doubt the future of all tech and services offered and will only get better over time along with access to fast broadband speeds.

Adopting the 80-20 Marketing System This Year

Understanding and adopting the 80-20 rule for your business can change things drastically. This rule, when properly applied, can cut your marketing budget significantly without costing you any new leads or customers. Before you adopt this rule, you will need to understand what it is and how it works.

What is the 80-20 Rule?

The 80-20 rule was first developed by Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that about 80% of the income was received by 20% of the people. This is just one way to apply the rule and in short, the rule states, 80% of any output comes from 20% input.

Applying this rule to marketing changes the definition a little, but not much. In the marketing world, the 80-20 rule states, 20% of the marketing strategies you use will be responsible for 80% of your overall results. For example, if you invest in print, TV, radio, billboard and online marketing strategies, maybe one of these strategies is responsible for the majority of your new customers.

How Will the 80-20 Rule Change your Marketing Strategy?

Adopting the 80-20 rule will help you invest more in the strategies that work. Of course, this won’t work if you don’t have a good tracking system set up for all your marketing efforts. With the 80-20 rule in mind and good tracking, you will know where the majority of your targeted lead generation is coming from, how well those leads are converting and where you should invest the majority of your advertising dollars.

This rule applies quite well to internet marketing because usually there are one or two large strategies that account for most of your traffic. For example, a website may use SEO (search engine optimization) as their main marketing strategy. They may find their website listed on the first page for a targeted keyword in Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. However, Google is probably responsible for about 80% of their overall traffic from this strategy.

Properly Applying this Marketing Principle

Does the 80-20 rule mean you should dump advertising that doesn’t create huge results? No. It means you shouldn’t expect more from the strategies only producing 10% or less of your overall results. As long as a marketing strategy proves profitable, it’s worth the continual investment. However, with the 80-20 rule in mind, you may want to adjust the way you spend your advertising dollars.

Keep in mind, it may not just be that one strategy creates more lead than another does. It could be that a specific marketing method converts leads at a much higher percentage than any other. This is another part of looking at the overall picture when using the 80-20 rule as it applies to marketing.


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Why do you Need Web Design?

Let’s say you have a great brick and mortar business in Long Island and now want to expand into a website based business model as well. You know that search engines dominate the commercial part of the net and thus take effort to make sure your site stays search engine friendly. However when it comes to the website design, you and many like you often tend to underplay its importance. When in reality custom website design and SEO should go hand in hand at all times.

New website owners often opt for a web design which is a template used by many. They do not take into consideration the perceptions and perspectives of their targeted customers. The customer’s approximate age, gender, location, likes and dislikes all play a very crucial part in making a successful website design. Apart from these, factors such as the theme of the site, the features of the site and its user interface play a huge part in forming the basic idea and initial stages of a customized website design.

For good companies in Website Design Long Island has become an upcoming hub for talent and networking. These good firms often know exactly what type of design your customers are expecting even before your customer visits the site. The logic behind a customized website design is simple: You may love a restaurant for its food, but it is not well maintained and looks poor. Won’t you want to bring your friends and family here if only they refurbish the place and upgrade its design? Ambience makes and effect on everything in your physical life, it’s just common sense that web design should be very important in the virtual world as well.


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Create an Online Store with Network Solutions

With the development of the internet and easy to use, friendly devices the world of online retail has skyrocketed and it doesn’t look like the trend will slow down anytime soon. No matter what your business is, it is always good for business if there is an actively managed online counterpart to your brick and mortar establishment. Infact there are many highly profitable businesses popping up all over the world which are solely based on online services. There is a great company which helps you get your online store front up and running. They are Network Solutions LLC, and are experts in helping others setup, manage, and market their online presence.

The interface is extremely easy to use and operate. The design of a website plays a very important part in shaping a website’s future and the perception of it in the minds of customers across the globe. A website design should be targeted to a company’s customer base and colors, usability and interface of the site should suit the needs of the targeted audience. Network solutions take a giant load off your shoulders with the large number of site designs they have suited to a variety of themes and customers. This easy to use interface and access to such a large number of high quality templates is all given to us customers free of cost with any package you take in the company. In the package we get a 24/7 customer support, a free domain name, a large number of useful web applications for your site, a personalized email account, a discount on online marketing services and many other brilliant benefits.

The ecommerce aspect of Network Solutions is great too. They have three basic and easy to understand packages when it comes to setting up an online storefront. A starter, a standard and a premium package, with the premium package giving you the facility to make 100,000 product sales every month. Other features include complete customization of the ecommerce page and extensive social media integration. A very simply approach to order placement and payment processing is also a key area. The company can boast about its highly secured encryption and security system in its shopping cart or order processing segment. There is no need to hesitate as they come with a thirty day money back guarantee. With a minimum of 2 GBs of storage space and extendible indefinitely you can rest assured that the online counterpart of your store will be efficient and secure in the hands of Network Solutions.


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Monumental Marketing Lessons from McDonald’s

Reputation is the most valuable asset for every brand. McDonalds, the global fast food giant, has managed to maintain positive reputation despite a series of incidents that threaten to create big losses for the company.

SuperSize Me by Morgan Spurlock in 2004, the documentary that was nominated for multiple Oscars, was the biggest hit on the company. SuperSize Me suggested that eating only food from McDonald’s for a single month can bring death closer. However, this wasn’t the end of their problems. In 2011, they faced severe criticism because of ‘pink slime’, a paste made up of beef scraps. Shrek drinking glasses were also given a recall after being tainted with a toxic metal, leading to a $15 billon return.

Being in the light of selling food with low nutrition for several years, McDonald’s decided to take the social media route with they bought hashtags from Twitter to promote the use of fresh ingredients. The campaign was going to run for 24 hours under the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers. It worked initially before they decided to change it to #McDStories. Changing the hashtag turned out to be a disaster when a group of angry customers took over the hashtag and posted comments such as having food poisoning and finding fingernail in a BigMac.

Despite all these instances, McDonalds didn’t complain, and instead focused on marketing and reputation management. They re- branded themselves, gave out answers to each negative feedback one by one, added more nutritious choices to their menu, updated their ambience, included facilities like LCD’s and Wi-Fi, re-advertised on social media and told the world about the changes they’ve made. They even hired mom bloggers to create positive content for the company. Due to these efforts, their revenue has continued to rise by 13 percent per year. Here are some marketing take aways from McDonald’s success.


1. Control social media

By changing the hashtag, McDonalds gave an invitation to the angry customers to post anything beyond the current topic. However, they kept their heads cool and responded. This shows that answering negative feedback with a positive tone can reduce the extent of the damage.

2. Maintain your reputation

None of these negative PR events got attention for long. McDonalds was able to maintain its reputation by advertising on social media channels and hiring popular bloggers with a good community to create positive content that appeared at first pages of search engine results. Company Overview of, Inc. explains how reputation management works and how companies smaller than McDonalds can maintain their reputation online.

3. Revision

McDonalds revised their marketing and advertising strategy, and promoted their products and services again, which worked. There’s always room for revision after a strategy has been created. The best thing to do is keep analysing the results to find out what’s working. This will give a chance to identify any loop holes and whether any changes or additions are required.

McDonalds continues to expand their current operations, and their success will keep on providing valuable lessons for modern marketers.


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