Common Mistakes Made When Optimizing Landing Pages

Optimizing a landing page is a lot tougher than people believe. It is a shame to notice that many just copy what they see on a site or they use pre-made templates that are said to be “guaranteed” to increase conversion rates. The professional internet marketers understand that they need to keep making tests and changes so that they can finally have a formula that is suitable for what they are promoting at the moment. There are differences in what brings in conversions from one product to the next. However, the mistakes that will be mentioned below are common and will surely help you out.

1. Using Too Much Text

While in the past we saw thousands of landing pages with a lot of text, nowadays we know that simplicity is one of the most important of all factors that have to be considered when building a page that converts well. It is understandable that you want to add a lot of information so that you can highlight why people would want to buy your products but when you do that, your conversion rates can be negatively affected.

The average internet user loses attention in the landing page in under 10 seconds so that is how much time you have available. Skimming is very common online so make sure that you use:

  • Images
  • Bolded text
  • Bullet points
  • Headings

2. Not Using Images

You need to use at least one clear image that is relevant to what you sell. That image should communicate content, be appealing and stand out while not being too contrasting. A suitable image can easily communicate ideas and elicit responses for the visitors of a landing page.

Some ideas of images that you can use:

  • Fireworks or something that is similar so that the unique selling proposition (USP – more on that below) instantly stands out
  • An image that shows the product in action
  • A lovely woman that is smiling and that highlights the USP

Instead of an image, you can also use a small video of a person with authority in your company that introduces the business or the product.

3. Lack Of Value Proposition Or Unique Selling Proposition

The landing page visitor needs to see what sales points you make. It is a good idea to use just one main sales point (remember the too much text mistake) and make it as unique as possible. If you can show that the product stands out and that it is better than the competition’s, you have a much better chance of making a sale.

The unique selling proposition can be a promotion or can be specific to what you currently promote. You can even make it a statistic of the tests done or the business that was generated with the product.

4. Improper Call To Action (CTA)

This is highly important. There are many different variables that you have to take into account. Out of them, the three that are mentioned below can be fixed fast and better conversion can be achieved. Learn how to create good call to actions as this is vital for the success of a landing page.

Nobody Sees Your CTA

You need to make sure that there is a contrast between your button and the landing page. The CTA should be eye-catching as this is what will make the visitor notice the button in a really short period of time.

Bad CTA Positioning

The CTA should be visible. Whenever possible, put it above-the-fold. There are too many situations in which the button is put on the bottom of the page. Many have this common belief that visitors will read everything on the page and then click the button. That is not how things go. The visitor should see that CTA button in a really short period of time after the page is loaded.

Your Are Not “Selling” The CTA

This might be a little confusing but it actually means that you need to tell people what they will receive when they sign up or buy instead of highlighting what the people should do. For instance, instead of saying “Buy Now!” say “Click Here To Get Your Guide And Learn How To Increase Conversion Rates”.

5. Improper Web Hosting

While this is usually not a problem, you can end up losing many conversions because of the fact that your hosting package is not what you actually need. You do not need something special like the hybrid hosting deal but you have to be sure that the hosting package you have is suitable based on how much traffic you expect. If you opt for shared hosting, which is the really common option, make sure that you regularly monitor your pages in terms of loading time and how much traffic is supported.

6. Benefits Are Not Highlighted

There are various situations in which people need to be convinced to buy something. It is important to use a suitable USP in a headline and others all around the text with the purpose of clearly highlighting the advantages and benefits associated with a purchase.

7. Lack Of Customer Testimonials Or Symbols Of Trust

Symbols of trust are very difficult to highlight completely. We basically need to include them in the text that is used and various badges of authenticity or maybe awards will help out a lot. Combining this with a promise that you keep (example: money back guarantee) and a nice list of customer testimonials gives your page an extra push. Learn more about trust symbols here.

8. Complicated Entry Form

There are many situations in which you need to add entry forms in landing pages. If that is your case, you should make sure that the form is not complicated. You should only try to obtain the information that is very important for the business and the action that you want the people to make. For instance, if you just need their name and email address so that they subscribe to your newsletter, the form should only have 2 fields (name and email address) and the subscribe button.


Landing page optimization is not as easy as you might believe and after going through the mistakes above, we are sure that you already figured that out. Make sure that you constantly make small changes and that you measure conversion rates. That will help you out a lot.

If you know other mistakes, comment and let everyone know. As we already highlighted above, many other things can be highlighted and sharing our knowledge is something that we can all do to help.

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One thought on “Common Mistakes Made When Optimizing Landing Pages”

  1. I have to agree with these points, especially the first one. Too many people try to use a lot of text to boost their SEO. However, most studies have shown that 200 word landing pages tend to convert the best. You will just need to make due with less text and it shouldn’t hurt your SEO too badly.

    The other points are very true as well. You definitely need to highlight the benefits and have a clear call to action.

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