Comprehensive Guide for Using StumbleUpon

What is StumbleUpon? It is a dual-purpose site which serves as a social networking and rating site. People can ‘stumble’ upon their favorite pages, share content with their followers and write reviews. The site offers an improved social networking platform and highly efficient sharing functionalities. It is an excellent site to manage all your bookmarked pages. Launched in November 2001, StumbleUpon has more than 25 million registered members as of April 2012.

The blueprint of StumbleUpon:

First, you would be required to register with the website either with your email address or your existing Facebook profile. Once your account is registered and activated, you can customize your profile and choose all the topics of your interest. When you want to receive information relating to the topics of your interest, all you have to do is tap the ‘Stumble’ button. The site pulls up all the pages relating to your chosen topics. You get to rate the page. However, there are only two options. You can either choose ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. When the ‘thumbs up’ rating goes up, the chances of the site to come on top of other users’ profile is high.

Set a profile:

When you sign up, it will ask for your areas of your interest. When you are setting up an account to use it for your business, try not selecting your personal choices and go for interests relating to the field of your business. Try picking up as many categories as possible that are related to your business, so you can cover more people with similar interests. Another way to increase your friends is by inviting them from other social networking websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. The site will automatically run through the friends list and see the ones who are already members.

Install their badge:

When you wish to link your blog or your website to StumbleUpon, you have to add their badge to the website you wish to link. You don’t have to worry about the steps you have to follow as the instructions to insert the badge are given on the website. It offers guidance on how to copy and paste the code for the button onto your page. Once you have the badge installed, you will be the first one to introduce it to your users. It will ask a few details on your website to be categorized and channelized to other users who have similar interests.

Become an active member:

You are all set-up to start actively using the site. Once you have stumbled on your site by linking it through a badge, it is now on the database and will be pulled on other users’ pages. It is not a site solely for marketing, it should be two-way. If you want more popularity to your web page, you have to get there and start rating and bookmarking other pages.

StumbleUpon is yet another media stream where you will be able to find valuable information. The working of the site is like the process of Search Engine Optimization, you have to create back-links for the search engine to rank your web page higher. Similarly, when you attach the badge to your site and more people start giving ‘thumbs up’, the chances of your site coming on top is high. The only difference is on this social media site you tend to get quality content as people have to rate it. This is also an excellent platform to promote your business and build your customer base. When people have interest in your product or service, they naturally tend to stumble on your page.


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