Discount coupons and blogging – How these are interrelated?

After reading the title, you must be wondering how a coupon can help you in starting your blogging career? Well, these certainly help. How? Ask me.

About 5 years ago, when I decided to quit my fulltime job and start a blogging career, there was none to help me out. I bought some courses set by so-called Gurus, only to realize that they don’t teach anything amazing. If we use some simple common sense, we can implement those all by ourselves.

So, I just forgot whatever those gurus taught me, I just wanted to go by my instinct. I understood that I need to set up a site. Well, just like a house needs bricks and space, a website needs hosting and a domain name. Most importantly, neither of these comes for free. I was ready to pay, but didn’t have a back-up support as I left my full-time job. So, what? I decided to pay, but at the same time, pay as little as possible. So, I decided to search and use some discount coupons.

Adding domains and hosting

There are plenty of forums and sites that will help you in finding a coupon that can save you a lot while buying hosting and domain names. How to find those coupons? You just need to Google it and you will find plenty of those. Make sure to add the company name while searching for these. Suppose, you are going to buy a domain or hosting through Godaddy, then search Godaddy coupon codes, you will find many.

Getting content for your site

If you plan to hire an individual ghostwriter or write the content yourself for your blog, then this may not happen. However, if you outsource the entire content responsibilities to a content writing company, you may get discounts. How? Such companies often give certain discounts at particular occasions and you should just jump to the occasion. Well, it is understandable that you won’t get discounts all the time, so it is advised to get most of your content written during such promotional campaigns. Believe me; you will save up a lot of money.

Starting a blog on discount coupons

I agree with those who say that blog on something that you personally like. However, unless your blog is entirely non-profit in its nature, you will like to earn good bucks from it. At least, you must want to get enough return to bear the domain and hosting costs. So, choosing a theme that is on high demand is pretty important. I can however help you with a niche, you can easily start a blog providing your readers discount coupons. Every human being loves to have discounts and if you do SEO a bit properly, you will rule SERPs. Take my blog as an example; I supply psprint discount codes, wewood discount code and many other coupon codes in my blog; readers just love those and keep coming back to my website.

However, you should only try out a coupon blog if you can update it regularly, at least a few times in a day. Coupon codes expire pretty fast and no reader will like to visit your site for already expired coupons. In case you don’t have that much of time, I would suggest you to go for other high-paid niches such as Finance, Law, Health or Life-Style. Internet Marketing can also be a good niche provided you have excellent articles to back it up.

I hope this article will help you all in starting a career out of blogging. I just shared my personal thoughts over here and I wish you find similar success.


About the guest author: Costea often writes for websites that provide discount coupons on various products such as psprint or wewood. He currently is working as a full time contributor for a coupon site that shares wewood discount code and psprint discount codes.

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