Discussion on SEO with Reference to Latest Trends in 2013

The need for SEO is already established and almost all business entrepreneurs are quite abreast of its advantages. In this article we will discuss the latest trends in SEO and how one can improve their online presence effectively. Before proceeding with the discussion let me provide a brief information on the basics of SEO so that those who are still not aware of its benefits will come on the same platform as the rest of us are.

SEO simplified

Search engine optimization is a method of boosting the online presence of your website and bringing it to the forefront of the search engines results. In business, providing good service or products is not the only criterion that can ensure success. You need to be discreet enough to steer ahead of your competitors. SEO offer the much needed platform on which your business will be able to get the best online exposure.

There are various techniques that are used by SEO professionals to come up with the much needed results. Services such as Guest blogging, article submission, press release submission, directory submission, social bookmarking and social media optimization are some of the common yet effective SEO techniques.

Vital Statistics

According to experts, 2013 is going to see a much stiffer competition on the online platform. There are going to be further competition on every industry and the competition is going to go up by a minimum of 10%. However, that is not going to be a deterrent after you go through the following statistics:

  1. 90% of the new visitors access a website via search engines.
  2. Almost 50% new visitors access a site via a search engine.
  3. Near about 430-460 million internet users perform as much as 10 billion searches every month.
  4. Almost 45% of those who purchased things online accessed the sites via the search engines.

Latest trends

  • There will be a surge in the importance of press releases. The prime reason is, they can easily target visitors to potential customers and can also appeal to a wide database of media channels.
  • There will be an added importance of Google+ as it will attract the importance of new businesses.
  • There will be an added importance of organic search marketing as the majority of sales will come from organic search results.
  • There will be more attention given to contents and the quality of it. Better content will definitely draw more traffic.
  • The word count for blogs is all set to improve. You will have to write almost 700 words for a blog. There should be more detailed information given. Discussion on generalized topics should be avoided. You need to be specific.

These are some of the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind. In order to get an incessant flow of traffic to your website you need to focus more on web design and content quality as well. Without these two aspects in place you will never be able to gain the desired web presence.


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