Does Your Blog Really Need Banner Ads

When browsing different blogs available, one thing you find common in many blogs is that they are using 125 x 125 size banner ads placed on their blogs. Usually it is placed on the top right side of the blog in a side bar format.

Are these banners paid for by the company advertising on them?

Many bloggers have a tie up with the companies paying then a fixed amount of money for placing their banner in the sidebar of their blog. But the majority of the bloggers run affiliate programs on their blog or work on play per click system.

Tying up with a company for placing their banner ads on your blog and getting a fixed monthly fee for that is the best way to make money with your blog. If your blog is already a popular one, then attracting such offers is an easy and effective way to earn big money from your blog.

No clicks Also Increase The Brand Awareness

ComScore has done a study on blog visitors in which they have stated that the bloggers who try to monetize their blogs with banner advertisement are doing more good for the advertisers instead of themselves. Despite having clicks or not, they have positive effect on advertisers’ brand awareness.

  • Banner Ads provide at least 46% traffic to the advertiser’s site.
  • The possibility of consumers performing a search query using the advertiser’s branded terms increases by at least 38%.
  • Online sales of the advertised brand increase by at least 27%.

It states that banner advertising may not result effectively in bringing immediate clicks, but it impressively increases the brand awareness of the advertiser.

This means that you act as a medium in providing the awareness to the brand. But it is the brand which gets the popularity.

If there are benefits of using banners on your blog, then there are benefits in not using them also. Like not outing up banner ads on your blog gives it a more cleaner look, and the visitors also find it more user friendly to navigate here and there.

Once you start getting money through your ad spots, don’t let all your focus go towards this way of making money only, neglecting other hundreds of method to earn money from your blog, such as writing sponsored reviews or selling PLR products (eBooks for example).

How about affiliate marketing?

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate, you should also write reviews and recommendations of the products or services. Let’s try the following suggestions:

  • Endorse the brand by using it itself and recommend it in your blog posts. Let your readers know about it.
  • In your posts let your readers know about the brand in detail. Tell them how the and why they should use it.
  • Write reviews about it highlighting its positive features.
  • Write post guiding the readers in order to get the results from the brand what they want.


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