Easy Tips to Master Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a boon for businesses with online presence. An advertising and marketing tool, AdWords is fast, almost instantaneous and effective.  You create your own advertisements, keeping in mind your unique needs, the message appears on Google, giving you access to an unprecedented number of potential customers. Because your ad shows up next to the search result, you’re dealing with a captive audience. This means your chances of expanding your business are much better.

Google AdWords lets you fit your advertisement within your budget needs, giving you creative freedom by letting you edit the ad, offering you a wide range of formats, locations and languages to choose from. You get billed when people click on your ad, so there’s no time or budget spend. Thus, there’s a lot of freedom and opportunities. Here are a few easy tips to master Google AdWords.

1. Plan your goal

What is your ad meant to do for your business? An understanding of this fundamental question will give your marketing plan much needed clarity. So think about what you want AdWords to do for you. Is it to better your visibility? Attract new customers? Create new markets? Think about this question before you proceed.

2. Think about the budget

The budget is a consideration in any business and you should think about it on Google AdWords too. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Work with small numbers and learn from each step. Don’t do too much, too soon. Think about your budget and then plan your advertisement.

3. Keywords are important

A keyword list is a great guide to help you along the way. They could be general or specific, depending on your use, but this is a crucial element of your entire strategy. Remember to use an intelligent combination of words to attract serious customers who are interested in your business. While you’re looking at keywords, think about negative keywords too- these are words that people looking for information should not see. Keywords are essential and the trick is to use them sparingly.

4. Location, location, location

Google AdWords allows you to use geo-targeting, letting you position your advertisement by capitalizing on your region. So use it in your business strategy. This will help you cut down on the number of times you are billed for clicks on the ad. If the customer is not from your business area, she will not click, keeping the number down. This will help you focus on a specific audience and garner loyalty as well.

5. Capitalize on the Keyword Tool

You need metrics to measure the success of your marketing campaign. You can start with the use of Keyword Tool that will throw up some interesting ideas that you can surely use. You can find out how popular keywords are and how effectively they fit into your budgetary considerations.

6. Create a campaign

Use different ad groups and create as many campaigns as you want. Your campaigns can be based on topics and keywords and can consist of ads that can be rotated, based on conversion rates or clicks. Your online campaign could be set to show up on all devices or only on search networks. Your ads could be placed in such a way that they show up on spaces such as Shopping, Images, AOL and Google Maps. 

7. Optimize your campaign

However good your campaign might be, you need to tweak it from time to time. Use your metrics to measure your strategy and then make changes accordingly. This will help you keep in touch with your audience and further your business even more.

A note you need to remember is that Google gives ads importance based on their quality. To ensure that you have visibility, you have to stay on the top of the game.


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