Effective SEO with Legitimate PR Can Guarantee Success Online

If you own a website or a self hosted blog, there are chances that your inbox will be flooded by companies that offer search engine optimization services. The question is, is it effective and is it legitimate? Google uses an in-house algorithm called PageRank or PR, to assign a numerical vale to websites. The algorithm is a closely guarded secret and although Google encourages web masters to optimize their sites, there are certain strict DOs and DON’Ts. The moment you cross the line, Google penalizes you by removing the site from the index. Here are a few SEO strategies that will increase your PageRank in a legitimate manner and improve your online business.

Generating Backlinks

One of the most effective ways to increase your PR is by backlink generation. Backlinks are nothing but URLs of your page posted on another website or blog. Higher the number of backlinks, higher is the PR of your website. So, you need to work on strategies that will help you generate backlinks. Another aspect that you should not forget is the PageRank of websites that backlink to your site. If the backlink is from a website that has a high PR, then higher will the PR of your website be. Backlink generation legitimately increases the PageRank of your website.

Creating unique content

Having content that is unique will help you increase the PR of your website. Rather than rephrasing content that is already available on the Internet, it is wise to create original content that is well researched. When you post articles on your website, see that it is visible to search engine crawlers.

Having a dynamic website

A dynamic website is one that changes very often. The changes can be addition of new articles and even images. When you constantly add new content to your website, the search engine crawlers will often leech your site and there is a good chance that the PR will go up. Similarly, new content will attract visitors and the traffic on your website directly influences the PR.

Use of Images and Videos

It is a well know fact that majority of search queries pull up videos and images in the first page and sometimes, they top the list. So, using videos and images on your website not only improves the aesthetic quality, it is a legitimate way to improve your PR too. Since images and videos don’t have keywords, you need to carefully embed meta data. Starting from the file name, you need to use a phrase that will best describe it.

Do not spam or resort to black hat SEO techniques

Google and search engines have certain guidelines that you have to follow. If you try to trick the search engine crawlers to increase your PR, you might be successful in the short run. But when Google strikes down, the consequences are going to be adverse and there are even chances that your site will be blacklisted from the index.

These are some of the effective SEO techniques that will help you gain legitimate PageRanks and guarantee success online.


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