Effective Strategies That Should Be Part of your Social Media Marketing Campaign

With so many marketing opportunities available today, it is not going to work out if you have a website and expect people to throng your site. With social media gaining so much popularity, it has become necessary to stay in the online marketing game by becoming a part of social media. It not only helps build your business, but also helps you in interacting directly with your consumers. Here are a few strategies you can consider your social media marketing campaign:

Set calculative goals:

Before planning on the strategy, set some calculative goals that will help take your marketing campaign in the right track. For example, decide on the number of followers you wish to achieve, the number of likes you wish to get, website referrals, etc. It’s good to set goals so that you calculate your marketing activities once in a while.

Sign-up with leading social media sites:

Social networking platforms have become one of the most effective resources to reach people. I am sure you have a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Plus for your company. However, there are so many other platforms available today like Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, etc. where the number of sign-ups is increasing every day. If you want a wider reach, check the leading platforms and sign-up for all those.

Take into account your present social media status:

Once you decide the various platforms you are going to use for your campaign, analyze your weaknesses and strengths of your current status. For example, if you have a Facebook page, see if it looks attractive. Take note of the number of ‘Likes’ or ‘Subscriptions’ you have got. Similarly, check if your Twitter account has a custom background. Compare your page with your competitors and see if you can bring in any difference.

Get to know your target audience:

Who are you marketing your business for? It is for the targeted audience. When you are planning online marketing, get to know the people you are about to target. What kind of people are going to buy your product? Are they going to be kids, teens, adults or the older generation? Find out your target circle so that you can market accordingly. For example, if your target audiences are teens and adults you will get a better reach on these sites. However, if you are targeting the older generation, you might have to re-consider your marketing strategy.

Anticipate set-backs:

However effective social networking is it is not one of the consistent platforms. Today, a network will be popular and tomorrow it might go out-of-fashion. For example, if you rewind your memory, you will remember a social networking site called Orkut (!) It was instantly popular when social networking was a novelty. However, today, hardly people visit the site. How will you handle it if a customer leaves continuous negative messages? You have to anticipate these pitfalls and plan accordingly.


Before you go full-blown with your social media marketing, put some thought before you plan the campaign. Can you be active on these platforms in the long-run? Will you be able to answer queries and enter discussions consistently? Ask yourself these questions. Also, plan on the number of people you are going to take for this or if you are going to do it all by yourself.

These are few strategies and things to consider before you start with your social media marketing campaign.


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