Facebook Camera App – How does it help in Sharing Photos?

To keep its users glued, Facebook always comes up with ideas that are innovative and catchy. The new camera app from Facebook is definitely an example of that. Sharing photos in Facebook is now as easy as you can think – thanks to this app. First things first, this app is not a challenger to the other two supreme camera apps – Hipstamatic and Instagram (Facebook actually bought Instagram for a whopping $1 billion a few months back). Rather, this new Facebook camera app is kind of a complement to these two.

Before we get into the details of this new camera app from Facebook, let me tell you something, it is absolutely free to use (So, you don’t need to search through Google frantically and find some discount coupons). That’s definitely good news. However, the bad part is that the app is only available for Apple devices, not tablet computers or Android enabled devices (At least, till now, it is not, in future updates, I hope Facebook developers will take care of it).

Let us get into some details now:

  • The app will show you a collaborative feed of all the photos shared by your friends. You can filter the pictures to be displayed in this feed as well as change the color, contrast (The background color and contrast of the feed) and other attributes. If you are looking forward to use it with swipes or intuitive tapes, things can be very easy for you.
  • On the app feed itself, if you tap on a particular picture, you will see a larger version of the same (Similar to the photo viewing functionality of Facebook itself, however, the image size will be optimized for your phone screen). You can like a photo or comment on the same by taping over it. If you change your mind, just swipe away the comment box and you can look into other pictures.
  • There is a bar in the app, through which, you can easily see the images you have stored in your phone’s library. Now, you can swipe it down and share it on Facebook easily. If you intend to take an image and share it on Facebook immediately, just tap on the camera icon present in the app.
  • Well, the application lacks the amazing photo-adjustment capabilities or film-like options of other reigning apps. But, it has actually got some editing options which are better than what we have in Facebook. There are 14 filters on total and you can crop an image to any dimension possible. You can also straighten the image to some level before posting it on Facebook. Posting multiple photos using this app is actually easier than it is on the Facebook’s actual website.
  • The best part for me is the ease to use. Though it lacks the advanced image editing controls, a regular Facebook user generally does not need the same before sharing an image on Facebook (At least, I don’t edit images thoroughly before posting them on Facebook, it’s a social networking site after all, things should be more natural).
  • With the previous version, you could not create an album through this camera app. To do that, you would have to log in to the main site of Facebook. This was kind of a letdown for me. The app is so easy to use that people would hardly use the main site for uploading pictures (Unless you have all those gorgeous pictures that you saved, received, captured or bought from sites like Mixbook, Snapfish etc. stored in your desktop or laptop only) anymore. However, going back and forth from main site to the camera app for creating an album and then uploading pictures would certainly not create a good user experience. Thanks to the latest update, this is solved now and you can create albums right from the app. The other major change done during the update was introduction of news tab with all photo related notifications. This definitely sounds a cool feature to me.

Overall, the app deserves a thumbs app, mainly for being so simple. I am sure Facebook will bring lot more changes to this app, therefore, making it more desirable to potential users. What do you think?


About the guest author: Costea Lestoc, an internet marketer by profession, often reviews different apps, websites and wordpress themes in his blog. He has written a Snapfish review on his blog. He publishes latest mixbook code to save on photo books on his blog as well. If you have anything to share on the Facebook camera app, please do so using the comment feature available below. That will only enhance the quality of this article and people will get to see some real user views as well, apart from what Costea shared over here.

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  1. I’m amazed with the different innovation in Facebook. As time goes by, it becomes easier and easier to interact with other people and at the same time it becomes very interesting too. Good job!

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