Feasible Autoresponder Usage Tips to Keep your Customers Happy

Today, more people are turning to the web to fulfill all their needs. This has thrown up unlimited opportunities for online marketing companies that are popping out like mushrooms. However, every online marketing company, blog site, and online business needs to remember the importance of the autoresponder in your site that automatically communicates with your customers. The autoresponder helps you to stay in touch with your customer and give them a sense of being noticed and responded to instead of feeling they have been ignored.  However, you need to take enough care to ensure the automated emails do not sound too impersonal, which can only annoy most people and work negatively. Here are a few tips to remember about the correct autoresponder usage for maximum benefits.

The first thing to remember is to have the basic courtesy of acknowledging a query. When a person has taken the trouble to spend time to subscribe to your newsletters or promotions the least that is expected from you is an immediate thank you mail, acknowledging the interest shown. The first impression you make will last throughout the relationship, which counts a lot. Most automated responses will sound as if they are dealing with another automated system, instead of a live human being. Hence, give due importance to the person you are responding to and make him or her feel important. For starters, you can start using the first names of the customers and sign the emails with your name, to give it a personal touch.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the importance of maintaining a good rapport with the customer. Just because the person has revealed personal information like email address and name, it does not mean that you can straightaway jump into promotion mode and bombard the person with promotional mails and offers. This will surely scare them away, instead, try to warm up to the person slowly and gain the confidence. Once the feel-good factor has been taken care of, you will have enough time to start using your selling tactics, which will at least gain a cursory glance, instead of an outright dismissal.

Remember that there are always two sides to any deal. Just as you would like to gain some profit from your customer, the person willing to spend money to buy your product or service is also entitled to a fair deal. Hence, even if you are not asked, it is your duty to inform the customers about the ongoing offers, bonuses, gifts and coupons. This increases the level of trust the customers are willing to place in you and wins their loyalty. Once you have gained the loyalty of your customers, business will follow automatically.

One final thing that may sound insignificant, but is very important is the need to include an unsubscribe option in your newsletter. This is to know that the letters are being read and not trashed on receipt, and more importantly to make the customer realize that you are serious about your business and do not have any time to waste. The customer on the other hand will be happy if the emails stop, provided he or she is finding them very annoying.


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One thought on “Feasible Autoresponder Usage Tips to Keep your Customers Happy”

  1. Some people don’t appreciate the importance of including the unsubscribe link. It is important because people who don’t want to continue receiving your messages (but cannot unsubscribe) will have NO other option but to start clicking your messages as spam. The hurts your delivery rate for subscribers who are still interested in hearing from you.

    This is because email services apply filters across accounts and once your address that’s showing up a lot in spam, they’ll likely flag you as spam more.

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