For Good SEO, Forget About SEO

You may read this title and be thinking “wait, what is this guy talking about?” For some, it might not be a totally new concept, but in order to really increase your search rank standings, you need to forget about over optimization and explicit link building campaigns. Instead, you need to start focusing on quality content that will get traffic up, and get your site ranked based off of what you provide versus where you put links.

This is especially pertinent for guest bloggers, as they still wish to use this avenue to increase SEO. A lot of this comes from the recent interview with Matt Cutts, who spoke about whether Google will start penalizing guest blogging. Basically it comes down to a few things. Make sure that you are writing quality content, forget about extensive link building campaigns, and make sure you are putting out substantive articles. No matter what you write about, and what you are building for, this will enable you to get good rankings.

Focus On Content

This is not a new idea, but it is one that should be taken into consideration with every single post. What will really get your posts noticed is your content and how interesting it is. With more visits and social shares, your rankings will really go up. Also, the more relevant an article is to a site you’re on, the better rankings you will get. The fact is, while guest posting and other activities help SEO, Google is trying to phase out certain things. One of those is explicit links that don’t have to do with an article. Dropping in a link about cars on a pet blog won’t fly anymore. But if you make sure that your article is on point, then a link won’t matter because you’ve demonstrated your content is on point with the blog. So in this way, forget about SEO, and worry about what you’re trying to say.

Substantive Content

This is something that most people cover in the guest post guidelines, but you need t make sure your article and posts are of a good link. The old rule of thumb used to be around 400 words, and most blogs have moved that to around 500. Regardless, the fact is when you are writing more, the better your article will look. So unless someone is wanting a 750+ word article, try to go above and beyond the required limit. The longer you can make a piece, and the more you can write about, the better. This helps for a few reasons. One, you are getting more relevant material out there, and secondly, you are giving more reasons for a discussion to spark. When people are commenting and sharing your material, as discussed above, you will get great rankings for your site and guest post. This does not mean that you should ramble for the sake of getting your word count up, but it does mean that you should try to exhaust a topic as much as you can.

SEO is still important, but the way we go about it might need to change. It’s great when you can fill a post with body links, but it is not the most important part. We need to somewhat change our mentality when it comes to guest posting and other SEO tactics. They are still good baselines for the work we do, but we need to focus on putting out stuff that people want to read, and things that Google will read as good quality content. SEO isn’t dead, but the way we used to think about sure might be. Like everything else in life, we need to learn to adapt, and to put the concrete concepts to work.


About the guest author: Peter Margolis is an SEO blogger, and content creator for Aspire Direct.. His main focus is on the importance of content, and he always stays up to date with the latest in SEO news.

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