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The SEO industry today relies heavily on several different SEO tools to accomplish a range of tasks, such as keyword research, monitoring page rankings or even tracking backlinks. Today, there is a tool for everything. These tools not only save your time but also make sure that your job gets done in the smoothest and the most efficient manner. Getting your hands on the right SEO tools can make a huge difference as far as perfectly optimized web pages are concerned. At the same time, SEO tools and software come with a hefty price tag.

Today there is a big craze in the SEO industry to buy the fanciest of the tools available in the market. While this at times can really make a difference but at other times but you need not always spend a fortune to get perfectly optimized web pages. In fact you can actually get yourself perfectly optimized pages for free. The internet is full of underestimated free SEO tools that when used alone might not be as much effective. But collectively, they can put to shame any of the fancy SEO tools.

Here’s a peak into the world of free SEO tools that can make a difference:

Google and its tools

The search engine giant Google is the major focus of any SEO effort. It’s massive reach and user base have made it the number one priority when it comes to optimizing any site for search. Google in return has provided all the webmasters with a number of tools to help them optimize their sites.

Google’s SEO arsenal consists of several tools ranging from Google AdWords, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Insights and Google Webmaster Tool. A combination of these tools can get your site fully optimized and for free. You get all the information from getting the right kind of keywords to finding search trends and detailed analysis of visitor data. These tools can satisfy all you SEO needs and when used to their maximum potential, you could even get that elusive top spot on any search engine.


The web is driven by content and high quality content gives your site a status of authority and so do the search engines. On the other hand any duplicate content is bad for your site. Plagiarism has plagued websites for a very long time but not anymore. You can make sure that all the content on your website is 100% plagiarism free and that too for free. Copyscape is one such tool that lets you check if the content on your site is original. This can be extremely beneficial especially if you are accepting guest posts.

SEO Quake

Another aspect that is important to SEO is link building. Getting yourself featured on an authoritative website can boost your page rank quickly. The problem is to find these sites that are authoritative. SEO Quake is a free analytic tool for web browsers. This tools helps you to obtain all the useful information about any website such as it’s page rank, alexa index and many more such parameters. You can use this tools coupled with Google advanced search to get in touch with authoritative sites and get yourself featured.


Once you have these tools in your arsenal and if you use them fully, you can get yourself those perfectly optimized pages in no time at all. There is a great deal to SEO than just expensive applications.


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