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I’ve been recently away from posting on this blog and that’s a bad thing. A blog don’t grow if left alone.

Look at your blog as a seed and then a plant. It needs to be planted in good soil (profitable niche) and near a good stream of water (traffic sources).

Please use your imagination with me for a bit.

Good soil – Profitable niches

Lets talk about the soil. I’m referring to the soil as being the profitable niche you may be interested in. Imagine that there is a sea and there are islands that you can see. There are hundreds of islands and some of the islands are big and have small islands that connect to them.

Let’s look at a big island. Internet marketing is a big island and there are many islands that connect to this island. There are boats and fairies full of people going to this island.

The main part of the island is already built up and to build on the island is way to expensive or could take years. There are lots of people on this island and they are all having a good time. A huge amount of the people are spending money and a few are happily pocketing that money being spent. It’s like Disney Land on spring break.

We decide that building on this island will kill our plants. They will be so small that all the people will trample us out or we could never get water to out plants because of the enormous crowds.

So we look for another island that is a little smaller and we see that some of the vacationers (traffic) is stopping for directions and fueling up there sail boats with wind. Imagination please! We will call this island sub-niche island. As we look at it better the opportunity for our growth is here and we may be able to build bridges to the main island.

You get the point

We can use imagery through this whole post, but I don’t want to annoy you. The whole idea is to get a small slice of the big pie and to get there as quick as possible. It is possible to get into a niche that some say is saturated.

Have you ever heard this “the internet marketing niche is way to saturated and it’s dumb to even start there” or ” you have to find a micro niche to even rank.” Do you know why you have been told this? It is true. Try to rank for “make money online”, it’s not going to happen. They are talking about dumping you off on the small islands were no one goes and your blog audience will be the fish.

There are hundreds of islands surrounding the big island and you can get in one keyword at a time and eventually get some good traffic. With every post that is well thought out will get you traffic to and from the main island.

Pick your passion

I know this from experience. I have a blog in a niche that is competitive. The problem I had was I did’t know the subject and I’m totally bored of it. If I knew the subject it would be a success. I get traffic and yet I can’t nurture that traffic. So it’s dying.

The reason I didn’t go into internet marketing niche is because I listened to the lie mentioned above. Just think, I would have traffic by now and a good income… or at least better. So if your interest is in weight loss. Go for it, but just go at it at an angle no one else is.

This is my Angle

I’ve been passionate about IM for a while now and I’ve seen the scams that come out. “One click software’s” and push button this and that.” It’s a search to find the real products that work. So I felt there is a need to do the searching for the new folks that are trying to succeed and give them the real world approach about these scams and guide them into real success. There are tons of products released that can kill a newbies trust and their dreams. So the amount of content to be discussed is endless. What is your angle?

Find the void and fill it…

When you search, do you run into dead ends? Is it hard to find answers? This is where there is opportunity… if it seems to fill a big need. Can you solve people’s problems in your niche? Can you answer there questions? If you can, this alone is the best traffic you can get. Simply because you can develop a long term relationship with them and build trust.

Don’t blog for money…at first

This is a huge mistake newbies make. They want traffic now and sales now. The building of relationships is out the window and their blog is short lived.

I raise my hand, I’ve done this.

Give killer content time and time again. Build a subscribers list that listens and wants to open you e-mail. Then when you do find a product that you yourself can not resist (because it does something worth while). Then and only then recommend it to your trusting subscribers. This will increase your conversions tremendously.

Don’t stop there. Prove to them that you are using this product. Give them some tutorials and some proof of success with it. Get them evolved and they will keep the product and the trust with you.

Find the best products

Here is a checklist when it comes to products:

  • Find a few good products that you can mention in your content in numerous posts.
  • Don’t go for products that are cheap and you get very low commissions. Example: kindle e-books. You will have to sell a lot of them to get some good money.
  • I would recommend Clickbank, but you have to sort through the products to get a good one. Remember that your subscribers are worth a lot more then 1-2 sales.

Go with what you already use. What hosting do you use or what e-book has allowed you to train your dog properly (if you have a dog blog.)

Stick to a few. Don’t send out e-mail after e-mail of the latest junk. Don’t even send back to back e-mails of good products. It’s kind of like eating out, it’s only fun if it’s spaced out enough to enjoy it.

If you can create your own products then do so.

There are probably dozens of products in your niche… if not hundreds. If there isn’t at least a half dozen products in your niche, then I would suggest re-thinking your niche perhaps. Unless you are the first to be looking into a niche that is growing. Then that would be a good thing.

I would even suggest recommending products that don’t have an affiliate program if they will help your readers out.

Be the first…

Be the first to review a product or at least one of the first. That is why joining subscribers list and buying every so often is good. Build relationships with Jv’s and product launchers… or any one that is an authority in your niche.

Follow the news

If you go over to you will be able to enter a keyword and you will get the latest news/articles for that keyword. You can gain a lot of traffic if you follow a specific topic that is hot in your niche at the time. You can also curate that content also or put your swing on it.

So there you have it and cheers to your success in 2012.


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  1. The comparison between big and little islands is quite apt. I don’t know that any book from Amazon provide enough commissions. But private affiliate marketers, such as Clickbank, do have enough high-commission products to make them worthwhile.

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