Getting to Know How Social Media Influences SEO

In the world of SEO, search engines rank the content based on three important factors: Authority, Relevancy and Quality. Relevancy is how well you use your keywords in your anchor texts, headings and sub-headings. Authority is determined by the type of site where your backlinks are pointing to and quality is defined by how informative and presentable your content is. All right! Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of what is social media search and how it influences SEO.

What is Social Search?

Basically, the term ‘Social Search’ points to the way by which the search engines recognize the social media space. The hard fact is that, any content you post on the social media sites are being noted by all major search engines including the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN. Some even prioritize the social media content – this however depends on how the search engine managers have fine-tuned their algorithms.

Examples of Social Search

Facebook Social Search

As we all are well aware of, Mark Zuckerberg has hinted that he is planning to launch a search engine very soon. Note that the search engine will be more social media friendly, more Facebook friendly rather – and it should give more weightage to any update that you do on Facebook. That’s a huge bonus for Facebook users. And it will be a big boon for business owners who are using the paid service to promote their brands and services on the world famous social networking site. This is just one way how social media is going to influence the SEO world in the future.

Google Plus

Last year, the Big ‘G’ released a service called Google Plus Your World – it’s actually a nice integration of the activities on the social network with the Google search engine. We have heard a lot about how Google gives more weightage to the top activities happening on Google Plus – the most beneficial being the ones with the ‘+1’ ranking. However, not all updates on Google Plus will be able to make it in the top search rankings. As mentioned earlier, the main factors that are going to determine the placement of a Google Plus post are: authority, relevancy, and quality. Add likes and shares to it!

Bing Social Search

In 2012, Bing released an enhanced version of its search engine. The modified version came with a new-look layout and has integrated social networking sites onto the displayed results. Bing says that the search engine will directly check the updates on Facebook – perhaps, this is to complement the one million user base and the growing popularity of Facebook worldwide. Bing doesn’t restrict its search results only to Facebook though. It has also integrated Twitter, Foursquare, Quora and the likes in its search results. Bing has signed a deal with a popular service called Klout which intends to bring out the overall social media influence numbers on the search engine results.

Social Search and Inbound Marketing

One of the main advantages for online marketers from the integration of the social media sites onto the search engine results is that, we can just look ahead and plan our SEO and social media marketing strategies accordingly to make the most out of social media’s influence on SEO. Here are some useful tips for you:

Tip #1

Ensure that your social media tools and SEO tools are correlated to one another:

One of the best things you can do as an online marketing expert is that, you can design a fully integrated social media friendly website loaded with SEO rich features. This will help your website get a nice upward push in the search engine rankings.

It all boils down to working to your strengths. Take some time to analyze your top competitors’ strengths. See if a top ranked keyword is shared more commonly on the social media platforms. If so, don’t think for a second – just integrate it in your website and link the hyperlink to the top social media sites.

Tip #2

Go social on Facebook, Twitter, and the likes

When I say, go social it obviously means you need to make more friends, fans and followers in the social media space. More social media influencers can get you to the top in no time. Why can’t it be when your content is liked and shared by tens and thousands of people on the social media sites? According to a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, it was reported that 92% of online shoppers and researchers trust social media sites. This is where you can leverage the complete benefits of social media marketing. Follow the basic etiquettes like being courteous to customers, responding to their queries on time and thanking them for their valuable feedbacks and implementing the same.

There you have it! We have seen how social media influences SEO and how we can leverage the maximum benefits of the same. Hope you liked the information. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.


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