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Google Plus 1 and SEO

Does the Google +1 one button affect rankings?


In the beginning the Google plus one button was seen as a way to track the value of content that websites for providing to their viewers. Many bloggers and other website content creators always recommended the people hit the plus one button to help them out. The truth of the matter is that all of Google’s efforts in social media have not panned out for them. Google that it might help you social media site didn’t take off at all in the plus one-button really is not something that most people talk about. So it leads us to believe that the importance of the Google plus one button has diminished over time. We are sure if your site does get tons of +1 that it might help you out but it is nothing to spend a time of time worrying about.

Some people do worry about these matters but there isn’t a lot of data on the subject there’s only the reality that very few people use the Google plus one button and very few people use Google social media assets outside of YouTube. But Google does have a love affair with themselves and if you use Google properties correctly you can improve your rank but there more important things that you can do to make the algorithms look at you a lot more favorably. This typically inbox doing standard high-quality search engine optimization. We all know that the nature of search engine optimization has changed over the years.

What the plus one Google button represented was a social signal that Google could track and that people could share with other people. Today, we know that there are much better social signals healthier. Google confirmed that Plus button affects ranking of website that is connected to that account. We also know that Google actively monitors social media and the social signals that you create from the more popular social media websites will have a much bigger effect on your ranking then worrying about +1 clicks.

So what is our conclusion? Our conclusion is that you should focus on standard search engine optimization, you should really build a strong presence on social media and you should hit the Internet with the strongest content in your industry. If you do those things you will dominate your industry and the Internet

So focus on all the things that you know will work, the time-tested things, the things that Google has in their best practices, all the Google legal search engine optimization techniques that can easily improve your rank.

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