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Today the information which matters the most is the most recent info. Little pieces of news and gossip are constantly shared over the internet on social networking and news sites 24 hours a day. Some of which will never reach websites and blogs.

Google has always been a search engine that wants to constantly improve. Indexing and storing information on all the possible sites out there wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to step into the “social” realm. Google has accomplished this by launching their “real time search”. The real time search gives you results from social sites like Facebook and twitter, the latest updates on these social sites which have your search word in them will be displayed as your results on the real time search.

Let us take the example of searching for the word “Ferrari”; any mention of Ferrari in an update on a social site will be displayed in the real time search. (Image below)

Google Real Time Search

Anything relevant to your search word, let it be a blog post, an eyewitness update or breaking news headline, will be displayed on the realtime search. This can enable you to stay updated with the latest info any social news which has taken place only seconds ago. Also launched along with real time is the “hot topics” feature. This feature shows the topics which have had the most hits and are talked about the most.

Google’s real time search is made possible due to its partnership with the social sites like twitter, facebook, friendfeed, Jaiku, and MySpace.

The real time search can be a very effective marketing tool for for users. On facebook and twitter many people market various things, but those tweets or updates can only be seen by people in your “followers” or “friends” list. But on google real time, when a search word is entered and that word is in your recent tweet, regardless of who the person is, your tweet or update will be visible to them.

Companies and businesses find real time very effective as they will get the latest info about their products and services and thus can improve on mistakes if any, and also plan advertising and marketing startegies. The most effecitive tool for this which real time has is the “conversation” feature, which allows you to see the back and forth converstaion people are having on the your search word.

You can filter your search by date, by relevance to your search word, by loaction and by images.

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