High PR Dofollow Backlinks – Your Dream Links Are EASY to Find

Have you ever focused on SEO so hard that you have dreams about link building? I’ve had entire slumbers spent in the SERPs for my keywords. Pretty lame dream I guess, but it brings me to a point: what is your dream backlink? If you could have the perfect backlink what qualities would it have?

For starters, you’d want it to be “dofollow” so that it passes the link juice. You would also want it to have as much PR as possible and be relevant to your keyword, and what the hell, how about some traffic from the link as well? The question is, does such a link exist and is it within our means of acquiring? The answer is a resounding yes, and believe it or not, I’m talking about blog comments.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1) Find KeywordLuv Blogs

We are targeting KeywordLuv Blogs because they are almost always dofollow and they often allow you to link to your most recent blog post – 2 links for the price of 1! To find them, enter this search string into Google:

Your Keyword “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” –intitle:”Enter YourName@YourKeywords”

This will find blogs related to your keyword that use KeywordLuv, and it will also remove any pages with the phrase in the title of the page (this means it removes non-KeywordLuv blogs telling you to comment on KeywordLuv blogs – very annoying). We already know that these are going to be dofollow blogs, and we also know that these results are relevant because Google has just sorted them in order of relevance for us – pretty cool right? The only part missing here is the PR, so…

Step 2) Sort results by PR

The best way to do this is to download SEO Quake which will display the PR and many other SEO related factors below each result in the SERPs. There is a “Sort” bar above the results on the page that you can use to sort the first 10 results by PR.

Step 3) Comment!

At this point, you’re looking at a list of dofollow, relevant pages and more likely than not, you’ve got some decent PageRank pages to comment on. You can find tons of PR 1-3 like this, and on occasion a PR 4 or 5 will show up and liven things up. There’s also a huge amount of pages to sort through, just take it one page of results at a time and keep commenting until the results begin to lose relevancy.

How to get your comments to stick:

It’s important to make it clear that you read or at least skimmed the page you’re commenting on. Basically, if your comment doesn’t get approved then you don’t get the link and it was all a waste of time. You need to be sure that your comment will be approved, and there are a few tricks you can use to ensure this.

1) Reference the page

A quote from the post or mention of the topic will get the webmasters attention. When I’m approving comments on my blog (mostly clicking ‘spam’), I quickly dismiss any comments that don’t reference the text and use vague language:

“great post, I really like what you share. Bookmarked!”

^This doesn’t add value and I won’t publish it. It is very clear if you did not visit the page, so make sure it’s obvious that you actually DID read (or skimmed) and leave a comment that is specific and adds value on some level.

2) Reply to another comment

Replying to another comment instantly reveals that you visited the page. You cannot reply to a comment using automation software so it counts heavily in your favor. Once again, make sure you have at least an idea of what the discussion is about and make a reasonably well thought out comment.

Now, there’s one more benefit I mentioned with these backlinks and that’s traffic. Blog comments are never a really great source of traffic, but they will send you a trickle of targeted traffic if you comment in the right way. What I mean is making authoritative comments that someone actually will find value in, so much in fact that they decide to visit YOUR site. You can get by making pretty basic, positive comments, but you won’t really get the traffic unless you take the time to make a more powerful comment that really adds value.

Powerful backlinks are all over the internet, you just need to know how to find them. The above approach is very actionable and extremely effective for increasing your desired rankings. It’s also entirely free, so stop dreaming about these links and start building them today!


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