High PR Dofollow Backlinks – Your Dream Links Are EASY to Find

Have you ever focused on SEO so hard that you have dreams about link building? I’ve had entire slumbers spent in the SERPs for my keywords. Pretty lame dream I guess, but it brings me to a point: what is your dream backlink? If you could have the perfect backlink what qualities would it have?

For starters, you’d want it to be “dofollow” so that it passes the link juice. You would also want it to have as much PR as possible and be relevant to your keyword, and what the hell, how about some traffic from the link as well? The question is, does such a link exist and is it within our means of acquiring? The answer is a resounding yes, and believe it or not, I’m talking about blog comments.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1) Find KeywordLuv Blogs

We are targeting KeywordLuv Blogs because they are almost always dofollow and they often allow you to link to your most recent blog post – 2 links for the price of 1! To find them, enter this search string into Google:

Your Keyword “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” –intitle:”Enter YourName@YourKeywords”

This will find blogs related to your keyword that use KeywordLuv, and it will also remove any pages with the phrase in the title of the page (this means it removes non-KeywordLuv blogs telling you to comment on KeywordLuv blogs – very annoying). We already know that these are going to be dofollow blogs, and we also know that these results are relevant because Google has just sorted them in order of relevance for us – pretty cool right? The only part missing here is the PR, so…

Step 2) Sort results by PR

The best way to do this is to download SEO Quake which will display the PR and many other SEO related factors below each result in the SERPs. There is a “Sort” bar above the results on the page that you can use to sort the first 10 results by PR.

Step 3) Comment!

At this point, you’re looking at a list of dofollow, relevant pages and more likely than not, you’ve got some decent PageRank pages to comment on. You can find tons of PR 1-3 like this, and on occasion a PR 4 or 5 will show up and liven things up. There’s also a huge amount of pages to sort through, just take it one page of results at a time and keep commenting until the results begin to lose relevancy.

How to get your comments to stick:

It’s important to make it clear that you read or at least skimmed the page you’re commenting on. Basically, if your comment doesn’t get approved then you don’t get the link and it was all a waste of time. You need to be sure that your comment will be approved, and there are a few tricks you can use to ensure this.

1) Reference the page

A quote from the post or mention of the topic will get the webmasters attention. When I’m approving comments on my blog (mostly clicking ‘spam’), I quickly dismiss any comments that don’t reference the text and use vague language:

“great post, I really like what you share. Bookmarked!”

^This doesn’t add value and I won’t publish it. It is very clear if you did not visit the page, so make sure it’s obvious that you actually DID read (or skimmed) and leave a comment that is specific and adds value on some level.

2) Reply to another comment

Replying to another comment instantly reveals that you visited the page. You cannot reply to a comment using automation software so it counts heavily in your favor. Once again, make sure you have at least an idea of what the discussion is about and make a reasonably well thought out comment.

Now, there’s one more benefit I mentioned with these backlinks and that’s traffic. Blog comments are never a really great source of traffic, but they will send you a trickle of targeted traffic if you comment in the right way. What I mean is making authoritative comments that someone actually will find value in, so much in fact that they decide to visit YOUR site. You can get by making pretty basic, positive comments, but you won’t really get the traffic unless you take the time to make a more powerful comment that really adds value.

Powerful backlinks are all over the internet, you just need to know how to find them. The above approach is very actionable and extremely effective for increasing your desired rankings. It’s also entirely free, so stop dreaming about these links and start building them today!


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This is a unique article written by Ben Jackson and published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

132 thoughts on “High PR Dofollow Backlinks – Your Dream Links Are EASY to Find”

  1. Hmm, my dream backlink is one where backlinks don’t exist. Backlinking is such a tedious, boring process. But if Google wants them, then backlinks they get….

    1. Yes that is quite true, but then us SEOs would be out of a job 😛

      Google doesn’t actually want anyone building links, but we do and must continue to do so if we want to rank highly in the SERPs.

    2. @Mari

      I am totally agree with you that building back liks is boring task but still google gives priority to those websites with quality back links.


      Amelie Wakelin

    1. Hello,

      I just clarified it above for Haley, but to add upon that…

      If you only get a few results for “dog collars” you can start using related keywords like “best dog collars” or “cheap dog collars”. The beauty of this system is that you are finding dofollow blogs that often have some PR AND the pages themselves are relevant to your keyword.

  2. I found your post whilst trying to find some sites to blog comment on. Being new to all this world of seo, I find blog commenting the hardest, as I spend time reading the post then feel I can’t comment on it so move on. It must take me around 30 minutes to make 1 comment, then days later when I check if it has gone on the post it has either gone or is stll waiting approval..ahhhhhh. I tried as above Your Keyword “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” –intitle:”Enter YourName@YourKeywords”
    but am not sure what you put in your name@your keyword as it didn’t seem to work in google. Any help would be welcome.

    1. Hi Haley,

      Let me clarify how the search string works…

      If your keyword is “dog collars”, your search string would look like this:

      Dog collars “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” -intitle:”Enter YourName@YourKeywords”

      You add your keyword first so google searches for this keyword, and then it also searches for a page with the phrase “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” in it. We want to search for pages with that phrase because they will be keywordluv blogs. I could have made that clearer, sorry about that.

      1. Now it became quite clear! Thank you very much for the extra explanation. It would be nice to add this into the article. In my opinion, it will only gain

        1. Lol, I think I’m still confused. I’ll mess with it some more when I’m not on my cell phone. You have a nice website with useful tips. I’m new to seo but I’m trying. The comments above are true, it’s long and tedious but has to be done :-(

  3. Comments suppose to add value to the readers who are visting your web site. Great tips on make your comments stick.

  4. Great post, I had problems installing keywordluv and it was not compatiable with the latest wordpress verision I was using. I went to word press site and the plugin has not been updated in a while.

  5. Ben,
    I find I have the same problem as Hayley, it seems to take me forever to find something relevant to contribute to some blogs.
    Hopefully this can help your readers. I have been using a site called dropmylink.com. Personally I think this is awesome, but I will admit I am new to back linking so it might not be all that.
    Anyhow, just input keyword and what you want to search for, it has keywordluvblogs, .edu, .gov etc.
    Then hey presto I am at your site… Top of the search by the way.

  6. I am here on your blog with the help of dropmylink tool its grate tool to building relevant comments any way your blog post also to useful for web user or new seo guys…

  7. Backlinks are still a pain to find. I just installed a new backlinks search engine on my site to cut down on the time it takes to find them. My program actually puts similar search strings in google automatically so you don’t have to type them in manually. It works like a charm. Then I use the seo quake plugin as you suggested to sort the pr of the results. Good article.

  8. I installed Comment Luv on one of my blogs thinking that would do a better job of attracting legitimate posters (people with blogs of their own) rather than spammers (pick any old URL to promote), but really haven’t had too much luck. This is a good reminder to try out Keyword Luv, too.

  9. I also came to this site with the help of Drop My Link. I tried blog commenting many times but had the problem some times not to get approved although my comments were not spam and did have good information on them. I now hope when I am commenting on blogs with the Keyword Luv Plugin that it will help me to build some quality backlinks.
    You said that Google doesn’t love if you build backlinks to your site. But if that is the case how anyone will be able to find your site if no one is able to see your site. The people at Google are pretty crazy in this sense. And how do they have the right to punish sites if backlinks are coming a little faster to these sites ?

  10. Ben, thank you very much for the great info. I have a couple questions. When leaving my name, would I use my business name or use keywords as I did here after @?

    When commenting would I ever want to put a link to my site in the comment area using anchor text or is that considered spamming?

    Thank you again!

    Simper Fi,


  11. Now the trick to eliminate the pages with this phrase in the title was a nifty one and ended the troubles, I was having in finding the do-follow blogs. The tips to make your comments stick are also good and functional.

  12. I love keyword luv blogs. I’ve noticed that more and more of them have installed a warning pop-up now that warns spammers. I don’t really consider myself a spammer, just trying to get some links! Thanks for a great post.

  13. Keywordluv blogs are great—they actually really help both the blogger as well as commenter–they provide a high quality anchor text SEO link and they also increase conversations on the blog which usually means more traffic for the blogger–win win situation as long as people don’t spam the comments.

  14. Keyword Luv blogs are the best!
    Thanx for putting out this informative post!
    Now I know how to find them.

  15. Great post! Bookmarked! …just kidding. I hear you on comments that mean something. If a comment on my blog looks like some autoresponder I don’t approve either. The whole ‘you really covered this topic well’ is a giveaway! :)

  16. Building links is fun when you don’t know the techniques but once you have all the experience and the right tools, it becomes boring. The fact that you know all the ins and outs, you will ask for more.. I remember, a guest speaker from an SEO firm told ” SEO is knowing what the search engines want and giving it to them… so hard they f* bleed”..
    Ha.. Ha.. True enough, right?

  17. While I’m fairly new to SEO, Keyword Optimization and the PageRank system… this is the first time I’ve come across the concept of searching for KeywordLuv Blogs! In addition I was also not very clear as to the difference between do follow and no follow links! Thanks for teaching me something new as I start my journey into the land of SEO and Serp rankings and backlinks!

  18. hello,
    thank you for sharing the techniques on how to find related keywordluv sites. it is now important that bloggers know how to find the best backlinks available to promote their sites without spending a lot of money. sometimes it is difficult to write comments especially with unusual topics. reading it thoroughly will make it easy.

  19. Nice tutorial. I have read a few others that talk about the same type of blog finding but your search parameter:

    Your Keyword “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” –intitle:”Enter YourName@YourKeywords”

    Is the only unique one I found. The other ones do not remove the blogs that explain how to find these blogs. This has been bookmarked and query saved to my excel sheet. Thanks!

  20. I am also from seo field and i think you share a outstanding information about do follow blogs.The main key is that if the blogs have high pr and do follow comment then after the moderation of your comment got definitely benefit.

  21. m here on your blog with the help of dropmylink tool its grate tool to building relevant comments any way your blog post also to useful for web user or new seo guys…

  22. I’m also new to the arena of backlinking and SEO but am learning quickly. There’s a ton of resources available, but it takes time and will to keep moving forward. Many SEO companies charge so much and honestly it’s not worth it.

    1. Same, i do not see how you can manually build so many backlinks in order to beat your competitors. I am always thinking of buying backlinks but i have heard these are often low quality and do not seem natural to google.

        1. Steve,

          I could not agree more!! Wasting your time and money with low quality links is just a big waste of money and efforts that could be used in more valuable ways! Thanks for the informative post Ben!


  23. Ben, great tips. What is your take on how important relevancy is to backlinking? I’ve had some SEO people tell me that blog commenting on blogs that are completely irrelevant to your own site is just as good as commenting on related blogs — does that make sense?

  24. Hello Ben, I saw your post on Pro Blogger about link bait. It was really nice and guess what I tried right away for finding blog links and I landed here. I have one questions how do we sort the results by Page Rank in Google? is there any Firefox plugins required?


  25. I honestly don’t know what my dream backlink would be since I am new to this, though I have learned that a PR9 site would be likely a great place for it. I have been reading about keyword luv, and decided to add it to my blog, it’s a great concept!

  26. Great article. I am trying out dropmylink and it is working well. What other resources would you recommend?

  27. Hi Ben, just discovered your blog post – great tip thanks.

    Do you think it matters how old the blog posts that this type of search returns matters? For example, would it be preferable to comment on more current blog posts rather than something that is 1/2 years old?

  28. I have actually uses keywordluv as well in finding dofollow blogs to comment. Yes, its pretty cool since it provides lot of results mostly relevant. But lately I found out that some of sites that uses this plugin have put rel=’nofollow’ attributes to external links which confuses me. So when I search and uses keywordluv I check the blog first by viewing the page source to make sure it is dofollow.

  29. This is indeed very helpful. Backlinks are really important and what you just explained makes it much easier for people who want to grow online will find this very helpful.

    Thanks again for the wonderful advice.

  30. Hi Ben, thank you for this great post. Thank you also for rewarding your readers with a backlink. I like to think of backlinks as votes of confidence for your site in the eyes of Google. The more high value links, the better. The stress being on quality backlinks. People need to know that Google is getting better and better at sifting through links that bring little to no value.

    Thanks again Ben!

  31. Ben,
    I just noticed that commentlu v has now launched a premium plugin that does a lot more than the free one. Is this by the same people as keyword luv? Anyhow thanks for the advice, downloaded sep quake and onwards and upwards.

  32. Nice post…you r crct without getting do-follow back links from high page ranks sites not easy to get top ranking. link exchanges,commentlvv and keywordluv are good option for finding do-follow blogs.
    i use dropmylink to find dofollow blogs.
    thank you

  33. Thanks for the strategy on finding keyword luv blogs. I love the fact that these blogs will also tell other readers about the name of the latest blog post you published. It’s a really cool way to do SEO while hanging out with others in the community. Thx again.

  34. I’m pretty new to all this, just like a few others that have posted here, but though I’m still learning, I love all of the different strategies on SEO and seeing the results of my efforts.

    I was naive thinking that all I had to do was put up a website and buyers and sellers would be visiting in droves. Now I know better, and though I’ve got a long way to go I am starting to see some results for my target keywords.

    You have so much helpful information here I’ll have to come back and read through it at least a few more times.


  35. I find blog commenting the hardest, as I spend time reading the post then feel I can’t comment on it so move on. It must take me around 30 minutes to make 1 comment, then days later when I check if it has gone on the post it has either gone or is still waiting approval. I tried as above Your Keyword “Enter YourName@YourKeywords” –in title:”Enter YourName@YourKeywords”
    but am not sure what you put in your name@your keyword as it didn’t seem to work in Google.

    Huge list of Free online classified sites

  36. A great tool is available from Simple SEO Stuff that allows you to find WordPress, Keyword Luv, Comment Luv etc blogs. Best of all, it’s free.

    Thanks for the article!


  37. Hey, we have another querry to find do follow blogs this might also help you in finding relevent blogs
    +blog “Notify me of follow-up comments”

  38. Hi Ben,

    I used to be able to use SEO quake to sort the PR in descending order (or other way) but since a few days ago the sort function no longer work.

    Not sure if that’s caused by the upgrade of FF to 7.0.1. Do you encounter any issues?


  39. This is a great post, with lots of practical information. I think another strategy is slow but sure i.e. systematicall contribute and comment on relevant blogs. I also like the idea of replying to other posts, a great way to interact and genuinely show that you read the post in the first place!

  40. So when looking for blogs to leave comments to, I need to check the PR number, right? So how low can I go…I mean do I comment on blogs with (-) negative PR#? Can that still help me in regards to my backlinking? I hope this is clear. Thanks!

  41. This method is so much better than paying for some stupid spam software that defaults to “nice website” on 1000s of blogs, its much better to build quality backlinks

  42. The object when leaving a blog comment should always be to leave the post better than you found it. Add to the conversation, disagree if you like, but be fair and complimentary of the writer’s effort. It shouldn’t matter whether you are looking to score backlinks or not. Thanks for an insightful post!

  43. Thanks for a great article, but i admit i’m a little lost when i hear talk of ‘back links’ and ‘dofollow’ blogs??

    Can anyone link me to an ‘absolute beginners guide’…. preferably with diagrams/ charts etc….. i like pictures :)

  44. I uploaded SEOQuake and followed the steps accordingly. But I am not able to find the sort bar near SEOquake toolbar option.

    So could you please help me by sharing a screenshot of the sort bar – I need to see where it is located.

  45. “We are targeting KeywordLuv Blogs because they are almost always dofollow”

    But not on here apparently…

  46. Try getting involved in the community and have their sites link to you. .edu and .gov sits are great for this. Get other relevant sites to link back and from their home page or close to it.

  47. It really amazing because I found this post by searching keywordluv string on Google…
    that’s really great use of keywordluv for making good PR and back links…..
    thanks for your article..

  48. Haha, it’s funny that I find this article when doing just what you’re telling people to do! Well, I’m not taking the phrase out of the title, but I’ll get on doing that too. Thanks for the advice, it has been working so far.

  49. WOW..this is some great information and advice. Do follow or no follow..just when I think I have figured some of this stuff out.

  50. Hi great blog… must say I have been working on my WordPress website SEO for a year now..but over the last 2 month have been spending more time on seo and have found…a heap of ways to improve my Page rank with Alexa and all free…you are right you don’t have to spend a heap of money on seo..an happy to share with any one my Alexa page rank went from 9+ million and 6 back links to 700.000 and 26 back links and all from relevant sites in just over 2 months and I can prove it and all for FREE. There is not fast track it just takes time.

  51. your website is so great that i love it very much. thank you for sharing it with us.please post more informational article

  52. Thank you very much for this great tip and tutorial. I’m really new to this blogging and internet marketing field, these type incredible posts can help me alot

  53. CommentLuv is a great tool for finding backlinks. Some website owners just don’t seem to want to give out any link juice, but with CommentLuv you know you at least have a shot!

  54. Yes. This was a great post and I liked it very much. I also use SeoQuake as well. It is very useful. and there is a mozilla app called NoDoFollow to see if the comments are do-follow. This site is not follow but you have to remember that you have to mix it up because google does not like people engaging in only Do-Follow links!! Great post already knew all this info but it was a great recap.

  55. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article posted at this web site is genuinely nice.

  56. I was looking for crucial information on this subject. The information was important as I am about to research my project. Thanks for providing a missing link in my business.

  57. Very nice article, lots of details. I agree with the first comment though, in a perfect world backlinks wouldn’t exist or matter. But that’s not the reality so we are stuck looking for new ways to find and get backlinks.

  58. I love this tip you gave (YourName@YourKeywords)! I only wish I knew about it sooner. It would have made my life a lot easier, lol. Also, you gave some good tips about commenting too. Thank you very much for these tips.


  59. Hi Ben

    Over the last few months, ive developed a kind of obsession for backlinking! If I don’t get my daily dose I find myself shaking!

    Weird I know as some people find the process both laborious and very boring.

    Some great tips on your post, I think alot of people struggle to get blog comments accepted for the reason they don’t add value. Spending hours posting blog comments that get rejected is a massive waste of time and resource and can be overcome very simply. I personally like to ask the webmaster a question during my comment, find it works well.

    Using a tool like scrapebox to find high PR blogs to manually comment on, can save loads of time and help find some great blogs.


  60. A very good insight into some brilliant SEO tips. Especially for beginners. Keywordluv is a great plug in.

  61. Thanks for providing that very useful information. Back links a re very important in getting more traffic to our sites.

  62. Backlinks are still more heavily valued by search engines than reciprocal links. The ranking of the site you are linking to also plays a factor for your pagerank. Always aim high, and try to get a link on a site with an equal or better rank.

  63. Great article,i am trying to start to create some backlinks,still need some help i am still new at this,there is very nice advice here i have to start somehow still a lot to learn.i have to find that right tool,thanks

  64. i was problem getting backlinks ,your post helped me.can you show how to get backlinks in general?

  65. I’m new to link building and i still don’t know why google needs them, surely they know that people are are building links by doing exacly what you have described, the blogg did not realy give you a vote for your site, you just leave a comment and you get a link from them, you can even buy them. still if google wants them then we will have to get them

  66. @Phil Google needs to use backlinks as a guideline of importance. Image a backlink as a “vote”. Other than spamming, backlinks show the popularity of a site, because people will link to sites they like, share them with friends, add them in blog digests etc etc.

    Nice article.

  67. Powerful back links are on the net i agree but i think content is first once you have lots of content then go find loads of links.

  68. What about SERP i have done 500 comments on Commentluv blogs, with high PR, but no changes on SERp. Maybe it is because my main concurents are PR4 and i am just PR1?

  69. Awesome post. I use mozilla firefox with seo quake as well. Its seems to be a great tool with keyword luv. Thanks for the great advice, I had also never thought of replying to other posts, obviously you are not a spam bot if you are replying.

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