Home Office Essentials for Internet Marketing Professionals

When it comes to running a business from home, you’ve probably figured out the basic equipment needed to complete your home office so you can get to work. You know you’ll need a computer to get connected and a desk to put it on. But when you’re an internet marketing professional, you no doubt spend a lot of your day online, not to mention taking calls or meeting with clients. For this reason you likely have a few extra needs that the average work-at-home professional doesn’t when it comes to the home office environment. Here are just a few items that you might want to consider adding in order to make your home-based business run a little more smoothly.

  1. Wireless router. Sitting in your home office all day can get a little dull, so you might want to move around the house. In this case, having a wireless router is a must since it allows you to take your laptop or tablet anywhere within range and stay connected. Whether you want to enjoy the nice weather by working on the patio or keep an eye on your email while you make lunch or hit the treadmill, a wireless router is a must. As a bonus, it connects to all of your wireless devices, including your printer, a feature that is not only handy, but also aesthetically pleasing as it helps to cut back on visible hardwires and declutter your office.
  2. Ergonomic options. When you spend the vast majority of your time stuck in a chair, hunched over a keyboard, craning your neck towards a monitor, it won’t be long before people start to wonder if you’re related to Quasimodo. Luckily, ergonomic solutions like keyboards, chairs, and even desks are designed to give you better posture and reduce the aches and pains that result from sitting in front of a monitor all day. P.S. You can write off the purchase!
  3. Guest seating. You might not host a lot of clients, but if you bring any into your home you’ll definitely want to provide an office environment that is organized, professional, and conducive to conducting business. So adding some guest seating, whether with a couple of chairs opposite your desk or a seating area complete with a couch, chairs, and a coffee table (depending on available space), is probably a good plan.
  4. Drafting table. Although the vast majority of your mockups and final designs are likely done digitally, you may find that some jobs require you to create real-world graphics. But it can be hard to go back to the drawing board if you haven’t created a physical space that lends itself to drawing. This is where a drafting table can come in handy. And whether you use a simple, tilting tabletop or you’ve got a backlit beauty of a setup, you’ll be glad you have this dinosaur of the drawing world handy when your Wacom tablet just isn’t cutting it.
  5. Myriad modes of communication. Although you likely have a computer and a smartphone for your business, you might want modes of communication other than calling, texting, or emailing. Suppose you need to send a contract to a client for signature – having a fax machine handy might be nice (although you could also skip the extra hardware and go all digital with services fromĀ www.onlinefaxservice.com, just for example). Whatever you need, be it webcam or tablet, having multiple ways to communicate can make your job a lot easier.


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