How Can Promotional Gifts Win You Business

Marketing Ideas for a Start-Up Companies

The greatest endeavour faced by start-up businesses is to promote products and brand. Those first tentative steps into the world of marketing are always the most uncertain, purely because you do not know whether your advertising strategy will work. The smart businessperson should therefore turn to an effective marketing strategy that is proven to work – promotional gifts.

Promotional products present new businesses with a great opportunity to make their presence felt in the market. Because of the range of promotional gifts available, start-up business can be very flexible and selective with which product they choose to gift their prospects. The use of promotional products is so successful that a staggering 84% of UK businesses use them.

Promotional products raise brand awareness

One of the most important factors for start-up businesses is to band their brand name about and using promotional gifts such as mugs, headphones, pens and mouse mats offer ideal solutions. Promotional items that are used on a regular basis serve more purpose to the recipient, thus give you more exposure.

You may also want to consider gifts that people take outside with them such as umbrellas, bags and jackets. This type of promotional gift ensures that your brand is exposed to a wider audience rather than the just the office of your existing clients. The more people that recognise your brand the more sustainable business you will get over the long-term.

Promoting Online

Since the huge rise of Twitter and Facebook Business Pages, the opportunity to create brand awareness is massive. Every time you send out a product to an organisation, simply let them know via social media and once they receive the product (assuming they like it) they are more likely to give you and your product a mention. Not only does this give the product a glowing reputation, it also creates brand awareness.

Promotional gifts people want

When you offer somebody something for free they are more inclined to accept – even if they would not ordinarily find the item of use. But people are resourceful, and when they receive a gift, be it promotional or otherwise, they invariably find a use for it. By branding promotional items with your logo, your company name becomes familiar to people and because of the recognition they are more likely to approach you than your competitors when they come to search for products you sell.

The key to giving promotional gifts to employees, prospects and loyal customers is giving them something useful. When a recipient receives a gift they need and will use on a regular basis, it evokes gratitude and positive emotions that are instantly associated with your brand. In doing so you can expect the recipient to show loyalty towards your company.

Registering some early customers should be the main focus for a start-up company and offering promotional products is a cost-effective solution that is proven to get results. If you want some early wins a free promotional gift will cover you in glory.


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