How can you Attain Social Success by Blogging?

Today, blog writing is one of the most effective networking tools. It is easy, casual, free of cost, impressionable and can also be quite fun! A blog is successful when its content is informative and inspirational to readers. A blog can be informal and straightforward on one hand and serious and information-based on the other.

No matter what kind of blogging you are into, following the below-mentioned tips will help you attain success in it:

Catchy Title

It is a catchy headline that compels you to go through a news article in the newspaper. It works similarly in the case of blog writing. It is a fascinating title that arouses the curiosity of a reader. It induces him to scan through it. A reader will rarely notice your blog if it does not have a striking title. For example, a title that says “Lose weight without gym and diet” will definitely make a weight watcher curious about its content. A good title is one that either arouses the curiosity of a reader or promises a reward or benefit.

Have Social Sharing Buttons

People, who have liked your blog, might like to share it with their friends on social networking sites. This enables you to build natural links for your blog and website, creating credibility and finally ensuring good ranks on search engines. Moreover, when people share your blogs, it gets read by more and more people, creating a wider reader base and adding to the popularity of your site.

Attractive Look

The very look of your blog, its design and feel spell its credibility and authority. Get an attractive design and try to eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant ads and irritating pop-ups, which may be cluttering your website.

The very look of your site should speak about its content. Like, if it is about finance, it should have a business-like feel to it; if is about food, it should have pictures of delicious dishes etc.

Color scheme is another aspect that you need to take care of. Avoid using shocking colors that may make a visitor turn away his eyes from the screen. Avoid negative color schemes and light colored text if your blogging site is heavy on text. For instance, a site about photography should have a plain background to enhance the images. Try to select colors that represent and complement the content of your blog.

You must also keep your blog organized with all the topics and pages properly arranged. It must have separate tabs for tags and categories based on content, topics etc. Try to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Using images in your website makes it interesting as opposed to the all-text ones which look boring.

Having SEO Best Practices

Having static URLs, Meta descriptions, image alt tags etc. helps on-page optimization of your website. It enables you to tell Google what your blog is all about.

A thorough research on keywords also needs to be done. It enables you to know the language used by your readers for searching a particular topic. If these keywords are incorporated in your content, it increases the possibility of gaining better ranks.

Compelling Content

You must not forget that blog writing is actually about content. No matter how well you make your site look, if its content is trash, it will never be read.

Once you have given a good title, the next step is to write an equally catchy first paragraph. The rest of the content should provide the reader what had been promised in the title and first paragraph. You should write as if you are narrating a story. Start with an issue; proceed by answering it and backing it by proofs and finally concluding it with a reaffirming solution.

Adding bullet points is very important. It helps in summarizing the points that you have presented in the blog. Most of the times, readers do not read a content thoroughly but just go through the points. It helps them get the entire information in short and is also easy for them to grasp.

Finally, do not use bombastic language. Instead, use lucid yet compelling language that can be understood by all and sundry.

Incorporating each and every point into your site at a single time can be baffling. You can work on each point at a time, like one point a week and see it grow in popularity.


About the guest author: Aditi Datta is a Professional Blogging Enthusiast who has got keen passion on blogging. She encompasses a lot of interesting and unique contents on her blog. She also highlights some of the interactive posts highlighting the essential tips and tricks for writers through her write-ups.

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  1. With proper knowledge and consistency in what you are doing, it is never impossible to achieve social success through blogging.

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